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  1. Global Communication - 14:31

    Loscil - Strathcona

    Philip Glass - Metamorphosis 2

    Aphex Twin - Rhubarb

    Fuuuucccckk... Erm, Wisp - Picatrix

    Yann Tiersenn - Summer '78

    Nick Cave & Warren Ellis - What Must Be Done

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor - Moya

  2. I'm in the middle of it now; there's not much going on. The Alves - Story fight would've been great if it'd been purely duked out, though Story did control him well through the fight.

    Always peaks my amusement to hear how baked Joe Rogan is when commentating.

  3. Came across this Ginz mix last night:

    Right-click > Save As


    01 Gemmy & Baobinga - Rockfall

    02 The Body Snatchers - Triumph

    03 Guido & Baobinga - Bumba

    04 Hyetal & Baobinga - Anything for Now

    05 Addison Groove - This is It

    06 Guido - Micro x

    07 Hyetal - Diamond Islands - Black Acre

    08 Pinch - Swish

    09 Baobinga - Make Me Feel

    10 Gemmy - Jah Know - W.O.W.

    11 Joker - Bring it Down

    12 L-Wiz - Straightjacket

    13 Gemmy - They Live Under - W.O.W.

    14 Joker - Taste The Rainbow

    15 Gemmy - Too Far

    16 Guido & Baobinga - Ballin

    17 Mensah & Baobinga - N.S.G

    18 Ginz - Chrome

    Not feeling it all that much, but noticed these. The Ginz track is special.



  4. I purchased it in October, but got really put off by the fact that the first chapter just seemed a load of wankery to segrigate readers of the book and watchers of the film. I started Lunar Park, but to be honest, it just read out as most of his other stuff; American Psycho seems to be the most original thing he's ever done.

  5. Dunno how y'all feel about classical music but I found some dubstep tracks played by an orchestra. All I'm gonna say is even if you don't appreciate Skrillex's output there's no denying that Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites as played by an orchestra is actually fucking beautiful...


    Interesting, but I'd rather see someone pull of orchestral music mixed with dubstep. Dubstep can hold its weight in Ableton, but this shit just sounds like it's classical music gone limp.

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