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  1. I kicked back with a mate after town last night, she told me I needed to get my shit together so we put Ultra Thizz on. I literally just reached the post-sex zen state and the beats started dropping on this. I couldn't believe how good this shit was, so bad ass.

    And this one fellas, oof.


    For those of you that digged the Jamie Vex'd T-Bar mix that was essential listening last year, this came up on the album.

  2. Okay bitches, I've gone speculation crazy.

    I read speculation there'll be multiple characters... Well, what if there's multiple cities? 5 different cities, and you're doing a heist on every main bank of each city?

    Okay bitches, I've gone speculation crazy.

    I read speculation there'll be multiple characters... Well, what if there's multiple cities? 5 different cities, and you're doing a heist on every main bank of each city? That'd be epic.

  3. I reckon Machida is more of a threat to Jones that Rampage ever could have been. From what I can deduct, he's got far more versatility to throw at Jones. He adapts well in the ring, he can take punches, and is far more disciplined than Rampage.

    I know a lot of people like Rampage, but to me, he seems like a big dude that just likes explode and bang opponents out. He didn't look confident at all going into the fight with Jones.

  4. They're fucking everywhere. Upon joining a FUCK HOLLYWOOD group on Facebook having watched The Hitcher (of 2007, obv.) and deciding that it was generic tripe, I'm just of the opinion that many of us are at a loss for a sense of originality.

    Is it because the human race is exhausted of any inspirational creative notions? Is it because finances are fucked and it's cheaper to variate around an old concept, with consumer predictability and comfort, rather than have something fresh developed? I'm not a film buff, far from it, but where video games are concerned, sure, I can see the attraction from a standpoint, but, they're not going to keep up forever, surely?

    Bit of a shit opening post - I'm too tired to really contribute more than that at the minute, but I'd like to hear the opinions/speculation as to why/understand of from a forum with a heavy interest and developed taste in video games and movies makes of seeing the same moles popping out the same holes, whacked with the same money that was shelled out for x amount of years ago.

  5. I started writing this as a prologue to my life the other day...

    Right, I’m a 23 years of age, stuck in a market town, the prime, collective social activity of which could only be expressed as asylums for egos washing around in a broth of moronic dependencies of digested and regurgetated perceptions and culturally correct bias. What I’m getting at is, pubs full of wankers.

    I mean, they’re wankers on a level, y’know? From my stance, from an unforgiving, outside stance, it largely constitutes of constructs deeply instigated in lad culture, emulated year after year from the same template of Lyle and Scott, Lacoste, and the occasional Ralph Lauren polo shirt wearing ‘bois’, stemming from the same . And I think, what place is there for me here? I mean, there’s no necessity to actually want to be integrated back in with a niche that across a chronological perspective is a self-perpetuating fractal of nuture, nurture, and nurture. So nurturing, in fact, that in my youth there was some demonic sense of wanting to belong to such a class.

    I suppose that’s fine, really, I mean, everyone wants to belong, right? But when you realise you can’t, you won’t, 23 years on, that you’re a bit more mentally unconditioned towards such a tiresome normality, it almost feels like gift at one end of the spectrum, and a complete social lambast at the other.

    I did manage to apply a contribution to becoming, belonging, but, my mind’s just too far out to place myself in the concentric pit of designer clothes, working in a trade, wanting a nice car, the ideology of the same cyclical wants and desires of producing a life where there’s a big house, nice car, in a nice area, a wife, all that shit. It would be stupid to make the blanket assumption that everyone is driven towards something as such a monolithic self-enterprise, but it just seems that it’s the driving force. I don’t want that shit. But at the same time, I don’t know what I want.

    I’m a convolution of all that has made me the outsider of that same state of same, stale aspirations and boring expectations. Most likely attributed to many factors, which, I’ll probably delve into through some obscure reference points in this writing.

    That's as far a I got. It's really just a mentally obscured rant on why I think I've sucked, thus far.

  6. Loving the shit out of a few tracks on Thursday. This guy is really dope. The production is fucking beautiful. It takes the dick of modern R&B and rapes every interpretation I've had of it with a unforced beauty.

  7. lol, if you've never heard any of his other stuff how can you possibly comment on it? Private Press is great.

    You're right, it's an ignorant comment, but I don't here anyone mention anything else... But then I did forget entirely about Blood On The Motorway and where that came from. I need to hear that song NOW.

  8. Yawn. I've never listened to anything outside of Endtroducing, and I've never wanted to, going on what I've been told.

    This guy's a fucking has been - I feel as if he's been riding a wave of success off the back of Endtroducing.

  9. Finally, a decent recording of the live version of CMYK that he did when I saw him.

    are you serious? that's fucking shit compared to the originak. it's like someone decided to take the flesh off a body. sounds like an empty corridor in a mental asylum. save it for a live lounge cd.

  10. I wish they'd clarify what the criteria is - or, even, better make it an award for debut albums only.

    But then it would suck for artists that don't breakthrough on their first album, a la Burial. They should just stop this bullshit.

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