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  1. Man, it seems a shame to hear Nas spitting his hard street style but rolling round in a Rolls and dressed up like the shit - like a complete contradiction.
  2. I kicked back with a mate after town last night, she told me I needed to get my shit together so we put Ultra Thizz on. I literally just reached the post-sex zen state and the beats started dropping on this. I couldn't believe how good this shit was, so bad ass. And this one fellas, oof. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SzwriYymlFM For those of you that digged the Jamie Vex'd T-Bar mix that was essential listening last year, this came up on the album.
  3. Okay bitches, I've gone speculation crazy. I read speculation there'll be multiple characters... Well, what if there's multiple cities? 5 different cities, and you're doing a heist on every main bank of each city? Okay bitches, I've gone speculation crazy. I read speculation there'll be multiple characters... Well, what if there's multiple cities? 5 different cities, and you're doing a heist on every main bank of each city? That'd be epic.
  4. I can't find the post, but I thought the exact same thing: Los Santos (due to the text), playing as a cholo gang member in the heart of the vario!
  5. I reckon Machida is more of a threat to Jones that Rampage ever could have been. From what I can deduct, he's got far more versatility to throw at Jones. He adapts well in the ring, he can take punches, and is far more disciplined than Rampage. I know a lot of people like Rampage, but to me, he seems like a big dude that just likes explode and bang opponents out. He didn't look confident at all going into the fight with Jones.
  6. Cheers to those that had something to contribute.
  7. They're fucking everywhere. Upon joining a FUCK HOLLYWOOD group on Facebook having watched The Hitcher (of 2007, obv.) and deciding that it was generic tripe, I'm just of the opinion that many of us are at a loss for a sense of originality. Is it because the human race is exhausted of any inspirational creative notions? Is it because finances are fucked and it's cheaper to variate around an old concept, with consumer predictability and comfort, rather than have something fresh developed? I'm not a film buff, far from it, but where video games are concerned, sure, I can see the attraction from
  8. Cung Le's exciting to watch! Well happy to hear he's on!
  9. I started writing this as a prologue to my life the other day... That's as far a I got. It's really just a mentally obscured rant on why I think I've sucked, thus far.
  10. Loving the shit out of a few tracks on Thursday. This guy is really dope. The production is fucking beautiful. It takes the dick of modern R&B and rapes every interpretation I've had of it with a unforced beauty.
  11. You're right, it's an ignorant comment, but I don't here anyone mention anything else... But then I did forget entirely about Blood On The Motorway and where that came from. I need to hear that song NOW.
  12. Yawn. I've never listened to anything outside of Endtroducing, and I've never wanted to, going on what I've been told. This guy's a fucking has been - I feel as if he's been riding a wave of success off the back of Endtroducing.
  13. i'll never listen to another next hype remix as long as i live. there's far, far too many, understandably. shit, i did one to silkie the other day.
  14. My most listened to song, ever. The fucking synths, the strings against this mad energy. I fucking love. this:
  15. are you serious? that's fucking shit compared to the originak. it's like someone decided to take the flesh off a body. sounds like an empty corridor in a mental asylum. save it for a live lounge cd.
  16. anyone would've thought old was some way of stigmatising quality of music.
  17. I find production of this level rare.
  18. But then it would suck for artists that don't breakthrough on their first album, a la Burial. They should just stop this bullshit.
  19. The abscence of Radiohead begs the question, do they really need a sticker on their album to move their material? plus, they should be making space for new artists.
  20. Streets_Disciple

    New M83!

    Wicked vibe, not sure I'm feeling the saxaphone on the outro; reminds me of my mum's Steely Dan CDs.
  21. ZOMBLE! Smashing up the 4x4!
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