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  1. God damned! For pretty much a whole week (about two weeks back), for lunch I would just buy a whole roast chicked from Sainsbury's, grab some Reggae Reggae sauce and go fingers in on it! Top stuff!

  2. I was actually really impressed with the album, he's done well with it - although it sounds a lot weaker than Boy In Da Corner, I think he's moved some where not quite as grime with it.

    The track with UGK (Where Da G's), Temptation, Sirens, Pussyole, Paranoid and U Can't Tell Me Nothin' are all stand outs for me, and I really like his vocals on Wanna Be. All in all very happy with it!

  3. Yeah, I love the Weetabix Mini's with chocolate chips in.

    I started my day with a grapefruit again, sinse leaving hospital and eating fruit I honestly can't see how I had it so little before. Fruit is love.

  4. Started Hitman: Blood Money again, just to make sure my 360 is being played every now and then. Hopefully I'll get around to finishing it this time - it'd be criminal not to, partly due to the excellent mission settings.

  5. At the minute I can't get enough of Weetabix with milk and sugar! I've had two bowls this morning and may go in for another!

    Another favourite is jam on toast, a traditional kind of guy me!

    And yourselves?

  6. How do you feel about artists using instrumentals and vocals songs that were created a good few years a go in todays music?

    I think it's a great thing, it may not be original, but the fact that producers are willing to bridge a gap between different genres and eras has got me interested in new music. New to me at least, predominantly it's the hip hop scene where this is being done, and it sounds great when pulled off properly

    Yesterday I downloaded Curtis Mayfield's Move On Up, you'll know the instrumentals from Kanye West's Touch The Sky and it sounds absolutely amazing, I may infact download a bit more of Curtis Mayfield's material, purely down to that one song.

    Just wondering what your stance is on it all?

  7. Ah yes, it's that wonderful day of the year again. Pancake Day! Odd, as I made pancakes the night before last and thought to myself "I'm fairly sure it's pretty soon...".

    I like mine with the standard lemon and sugar treatment. Lots of both! Also, apple sauce in them is a sure fire winner.

    So how do you have 'em fellas?

  8. I'd always hoped to revisit the Final Fantasy series on paper, particurly FFVII. I resorted to writing it myself one summer years ago, I ended up with about four A4 ages at the first reactor!

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