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  1. Here's a couple that I took yesterday. The tree shots are growing on me but maybe it's because the more you look the more other-worldly they become. To me anyway.



    Fantastic! Did you get a picture of the root-plate, per chance? If so, can you post it, please? And where was this? There's a lot of potential for some cracking firewood there.

    This page is sick, 'specially Fletch's pic. Beautiful.

  2. Hey fellas/fellettes.

    I've made a topic in Ask The Forum regarding this subject, though I think it will fair better over here. I never use Ask The Forum, I don't know if it's a common trend, but can you read my post and give us your tidbit? Cheers.

  3. I'm the deception of perception,

    An ego infection,

    An inflection upon direction,

    Facing each other, catalyse inception.

    I'm a surface of the marauder,

    I see narcisistics within my border,

    I could see everything from every angle,

    I could make you self-entangle.

    I'm the analysis of your grooming,

    I'm your outer self, in exhuming.

    I'm something in which you partake,

    Of yourself as of me you make.

    I'm the measurement of what makes a man,

    I've taken a beating from a frying pan, (hi Stan)

    I've seen motherfuckers with no tact,

    I make light defract.

    I'm in every home within the nation,

    I'm with you without cessation.

    People see the person they want to see,

    People see the person they want to be,

    People see themselves pre-killing spree,

    People ask themselves, "You talkin' to me?".

    People see someone they despise,

    People hanging in a guise,

    Using their own eyes,

    You'd think they'd aclimatise,

    Motherfucker I define reprise!

    I'm your cause to isolation,

    I'm your self-infatuation,

    I get bitches moanin',

    I synthesise serotonin.

    I put people at a loss,

    Make people feel like a boss.

    Some people couldn't give a toss.

    Effectively it's dross.

    I'm a self-concentric breed causation,

    To affectate on irritation,

    Manifestation of negation,

    Self-prophisised utilisation?

    And at my peak, even for the meek,

    I could make you feel a don,

    Stare right into this 2D mirage and get your game face on.

    I can't be arsed to write anymore, I'm literally just banging this out, but yeah, it's about a mirror.

    I'd love to go back and structure it, clean it up, but, to be fair, I think it's pretty dope for a quick 5 minute bash. I used motherfucker so much because I've been listeneing to rap battles a lot and it's a good swear for getting some syllables out.

  4. Just wanted to post this track. Not a new one, but it just popped up on Songbird - there's so much goodness in it! The way the synth slides into the descending pace against everything. Really wicked track.

  5. Late to the party with this one - stayed up to download 142. First fight's just ended...

    :omg: :OMG: :omg:


    Aldo - crazy! Where the hell did that come from! Amazing!


    That Yamasaki decision was stupid; you could see in the replay he was turning his wrist in to dictate accuracy. The balls on Rogan!

    142's been bloody excellent to watch.

  6. i've posted this before, people didn't like it. those people are fooooools! when it drops.... weeeaarrrgg, weerrrrggh, weeaagh, burrr, burr, buh-buh-buh-buh-buh-buuuuuuhhhhhh!

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