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  1. An announcement here - my real life friend and pal, DFRNT, has got a 15 minute mix of all new material playing on Mary Anne Hobbs' show next week. I assume he means the Breezeblock. So... Monday night to hear all new DFRNT material, for those who enjoyed his extremely recent Metafiction album. He's killing it!

    Respect to him!

  2. Loving Joker all over again. Got tickets to see Modeselektor on Thursday night, only to be told Joker's doing a set. I kept telling my girlfriend "We're going to see Joker. Do you realise that?", "This is so good", "Pinch me".

    I see live stuff every few months, so it's a bit of a thing for me :lol:.

    Just got Stuck In The System going - strings are so good.

  3. Are people aware that Benn Jordan has a new album out called Louisiana Mourning?


    He's released it under his real name (like he did with Pale Blue Dot last year), but it's not a sprawling ambient affair like his tribute to Carl Sagan definitely was - it's a much more folky, acoustic sounding record with some minor ambient flourishes and washes going on throughout.

    Heartily recommended.

    EDIT: [whisper] Oh; it's also on permanent free leach over on Waffles. [/whisper]

    WICKED FIND! That album cover alone is getting me excited ;)! Liked what I heard of Pale Blue Dot.

  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lPT_3PEjnsE

    So, my brother was playing this the other night, and it's appeared in my head randomly over the last few days. So, we've had a smoke, and I've just popped it on, and I actually think it could be one of the best guitar based pop anthems of the late thirty years. It's so fucking good, the range on the acappella, the backing vocals, especially on the chorus. The catchy guitar work, and there's such a load of different sounds. I'll be honest, I don't even know the significance of the lyrics, it's just a fucking badman track. Alie?

  5. I downloaded a couple of mixes which were full of, apparently, 'neo-classical'... is this just new classical music? It's very good for reading books too.

    Badness. I love it. Any particular artists you're into?

    Classical music is the tits. I listened to Vivaldi's Winter when I was baked a month or so ago - the strings are so intense! I tend to stick for to the modern classical stuff - Satie is primo for chilled out piano sounds.

  6. I came across a game on another forum, and thought it'd be a great idea for us to all hear something new.

    Basically, we'll choose words or scenarios and pick the music for the subject matter, and see who comes up with what, and hopefully we can get a good look at some new music from each other, maybe expand our tastes a bit, and praise each other stupid.

    If all goes well, maybe we could all put forth a subject matter and we'll see how we do. I'm expecting this to die on its arse.

    I'll start with the words from the original poster of the game, and my submission. Looking forward to seeing some of yours.







    My Plastlist:







  7. Not quite dubstep but finally got Where were u in 92 by Zomby. Raw badness.

    Yeah, it's a cracker. Very dub-like. Get his Zomby EP aswell - RAW!

    Made this mashup of Tempa T and Skream, because, y'know, there's hardly any Tempa T mash ups. Sounds a bit out in some places, and towards the end it sounds wank, but I think the combo works alright:

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