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  1. wicked post. i was pretty much thinking at the time of the guy's mention about the hips and the elbow in that second video, that it's a very mechanical sport at its core. almost like chess. dope you posted the Mir - Nog submission to, I remember seeing that during the event and just thinking "what the hell did i just watch?". i'm really stoked! judo seems a good move, too. the physicality, weight distribution. great stuff. thanks a bunch man.

  2. on that note double O, i like that there's a great deal of sportsmanship involved - i've heard it keeps your ass in check. the thought of taking another person's joints to that extreme however :huh: . does seem quite noble in its intimacy, mind.

  3. ah, link to the video Nathan Wind posted - wouldn't embed. it just so great man. i've grown up scrambling out of awkward positions fighting my brothers, just reminds me of that mess and scrambling into a position when you see an opening - i know that's not the half of it, no where near a 1/100th of the fucker but i just remember the quick reaction to the opportunity. i think it looks like a brilliant sport. will check those vids, ta. do you practice it monkichi?

  4. Any fans of Coda in here? Been hearing the name a lot over the last 6 months but these are the first original tracks of theirs I've listened to. Some really cool stuff going on here, the brass adds a really fresh sound to it rather than sounding tacked on and the overall tone is really minimal and vibey. Keep an eye on these guys.

    Free EP on SoundCloud.


    Proper tunes, getting some old school dub vibes and a healthy dose of Foreign Beggars.

    mate's friend's band, saw them in guildford last year and ended up in a party with 'em. bigged em up, they were good - sounded great live, wicked vocal shit and the brass was dope.

  5. Crysis 2 - It's my first endeavor with the series, and the first FPS I've played in a while that wasn't market-concentric to the multiplayer aspect.

    One thing I like about it is the controls - they offer a great approach to combat. The descent after leaping great distances towards a target, precipitating bullets into their comfort zone is quite fun, as is sliding along the ground on your back and shooting upwards as if in some Asian-film inspired gun play. You can choreograph some great pieces which makes it quite rewarding.

    The use of the suit is cool, although sometimes it's quite easy to simply stick the Cloak on and just saunter about - something I've been doing in the later levels where you seem to be aimlessly walking around between blue dots, avoiding any notion of the Tactical prompts, which to me, seem to stifle the Visor's observational capacity into a sort of "Well, y'know what would be a good idea?".

    The storyline couldn't be less interesting - rehashed shit about fighting aliens with marines thrown in.

    At times the AI seems like it's really just about shooting fish in a barrel, except the fish have guns and after they're done running around in the enclosed later levels (which are absolute design hell compared to the more open pristine-street based fighting that allowed for a more free playing feel).

  6. Just to raise a few qualms on the GTA IV front -

    I recently played it, and it felt like nothing more than a shoot-'em-up. It's a damn shame that a game that should have so many options seemingly refines itself to such a boring lack of opportunities.

    Another thing that pissed me off, and this comes as more of a seasoned player of the series, is that it took me about an hour and a half to get past the introductory stages of the run-of-the-mill driving missions. I was doing a taxi mission for Roman an hour and a half into the game - now, it's easy to look, or glare back on something that was fresh nearly 4 years ago, but the pace was ultimately quite shit.

    I want it to be more engaging. I prefer thinking about new aspects of video games than I do playing them now, and I thought, why can't there be a functioning economy in GTA? Why can't you have a direct impact on certain areas based on the actions you take in them? Like killing drug dealers in a certain area might keep it clean for a while, or the amount of havoc caused would ultimately make the area worse for wear, and bring drug dealers and prostitution in. It would be so easy to reflect some such system in a GTA game, down to the character models in the area, the cars being driven, the number of police.

    This, to me, is how video games get intelligent, but it should be done without employing it as a selling gimmick, rather, making it just one aspect of how the game works.

    I think we all have great ideas about how our perfect GTA would go, what would make it so engrossing. Is it that hard for developers to put them into action?

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