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    Pokemon Go

    I play Pokemon Go every day. I play Pokemon Go.
  2. You’re on a cached version of the site - when it moved to the NY Times site from powerlanguage.co.uk, they changed the word list (which is hard coded into the source code of the webpage).
  3. Wordle 243 6/6 Dangerously close to my first failure there. Had a 1 in 3 chance on my final guess.
  4. Wordle 235 5/6* First. I was like Then I was like
  5. Wordle 233 4/6* I seem to get ️️️️️ for my opener far too often. Might have to switch my strategy of picking a different opener each time, and choose one of the strategically optimal ones instead.
  6. Incidentally, as all the daily words for the next six years or so are stored in the source code of the webpage, it’s possible to save an offline copy and play using that. So when it migrates to the NY Times site, you can still carry on playing.
  7. Wordle 228 4/6* I’ve taken the bold step of switching to hard mode.
  8. Wordle 227 5/6 If I’d actually bothered to include the from guess #2 in my subsequent 2 guesses, I might have done better. Also, not sure what guesses 3 & 4 say about me…
  9. After 3 ️️️️️ openers in a row, I’ve broken to hoodoo. Wordle 224 4/6
  10. Wordle 223 4/6 Third opening ️️️️️ In a row.
  11. They are the most commonly occurring letters, but I think you need to maximise correct positioning as well as occurrance. From diamondgeezer's post:
  12. Diamond Geezer has analyzed all the possible words and come up with the best letters to play in the best positions. https://diamondgeezer.blogspot.com/2022/01/wordle-stats.html
  13. Wordle 220 5/6 Forgot to use one of the yellow letters in the 4th guess, but it probably helped in the end.
  14. Wordle 218 3/6 not bad, considering I’m pissed
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