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  1. We all have different views on things and clearly my view is the minority here. But I stand by it. I'm not quitting because I lost a couple of games. There are points in the game which I feel shouldn't be used when playing in something like this league. I chose not to use them, because quite frankly to me it feels like cheating. The same goes for the excessive dribbling in the game. It's football. What u see on FIFA does not in any way resemble what u see on the terrace. I totally understand people's comment that I'm the one being a bad sport here, but at the same time, if I had lost points to someone who no longer put in practice time and therefore gave points away to others around me, I'd be pretty damn pissed off. So how can I win in this situation. I'm not going to play it outside of league games so either way it seems I piss someone off. At least I'm being honest here. Maybe I should have made up some bollox about not having time like others have. Everyone knows the commitment it requires in time.
  2. That's my whole point. I've had enough. I don't wanna deal with it anymore
  3. Lol that's not quite why. I had 2 awesome games with tommy. My beef is with the game not tommy. Ea have previously said these features are built into the game in order to create excitement. If I can find the link I'll post it. I just think that if a team loses concentration after scoring a goal, as happens in real life, that it should be because I lost concentration and not because my players become less responsive. I guess it's a feature of realism but it shouldn't be dictated by the game, but by the human player. As said, it's wound me up for a long time, and yes with 3 fixtures to go its a lame time to pull out for which I apologise, but if I cant stand playing the game to the point where I get no practice and therefore gift point away, then that's also not fair on those I have already played and taken points from. Football games are usually the last I get rid of. Especially when it's the current version.
  4. And here's hoping for pro evo to get back to its glory days instead of EA pleasing the masses
  5. No what im saying is after you have scored u lose a slight amount of control over your players compared to any other time in the game. It's how the game is made. 11 did it also. It's wound me up sinse day one, and it's not purely cos of the league. Its more playing randomers really but I've just had enough of the game. I played a game earlier to try and put my mind at rest but got so wound up with it I went straight up game and chopped it in for battlefield 3. So in a moment of rashness I now have no option but to pull out of the league anyway. My apologies to those in league 2. I just couldn't stand the game anymore.
  6. Of course..... In short the ability to run a goal after conceding is programmed into the game. I just don't think it should be a feature exploited by members of a league which is otherwise fantastic to be part of. I'll be honest and admit the the reason I ended up posting was my game with tommy. Although not aimed directly at him, the run in goal came after a goal that I had spent about 10 minutes of game time working up from the back leading to a really nice move up front. Generally the goal kick and keeper kick thing aren't an issue but have had one of these happen once this season
  7. It's not solely aimed at you tommy. Everyone I've played does it. It just winds me up that it's programmed into the game to such an extent that you can basically run it in. Maybe I just have the wrong attitude to playing FIFA cos I've never once tried it, and I've never once tried all the fancy dribbling that's ruined the game too. I just wanna play football play 7 minutes of highlight reels. As for the other bits, I've had it happen once in this season
  8. Tommy, yes u did do it. The problem with it is u can't defend it properly. Considering our different points and positions in the league I think my defending g against u was good. But in this situation no matter what u do u just can't stop it every time. I had 4 players round your guy at one point but he still got through. Saying simply defend better is a cop out when the game is designed to keep the masses happy. They designed in the last minute goal feature that happens most games and they designed I. The stupid ability to run it in after conceding. Quick replies happen in football. But it's possible to do it every time. I'll probably be told to do it myself and stop complaining but in my eyes thats just a waste of time. It's not football
  9. This is not a dig at anyone in particular as I get fed up with this whether I am playing league games or not. It's something that has totally ruined what is a fantastic game for me. I'm talk g about the amazingly wonderful ability to concede a goal, and then from kick off simply run one back into your opponents goal. I expect it from random people, but not from league players. Unfortunately it happens though. Either way, surely this should be considered bad sportsmanship. I dont see how this is much different from the good old trick of watching replays causing your opponent to pass out a goal kick cos they didn't want to watch a replay. Another thing that seems to get done is blocking the keeper from kicking the ball when he is holding it. I used to play I the RLLMUK league many years ago when pro evo was used, and these things didn't happen so why do people do it now? Has half the league been replaced by chavy boys who with their can of beer and a roll up will do anything for a win rather than simply enjoying a good game of football? I have made my point and my rant is over. All I have left to say is these thi gs above have totally ruined both the game and the league for me, and as such I will be stopping both. Admins please remove me from league 2 etc. thanks
  10. have sent u a fr. ill be on about half 8 if ure around
  11. I can do tonight at 10. If ure not around I'm happy for game to be given to you. I've found myself a bit busy this week so not made much effort to get it played
  12. im on this evening playing league games at 5pm. can do after those, or any time over the weekend.
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