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  1. Thanks so much folks. The positive feedback is everything!
  2. Fantastic! Many thanks. There's around 150,000 words in it so you never know, it might just keep you going until there's a PS5 price drop!
  3. Indeed you can! There are around fifty copies of the first 250 still available, so no real danger of anyone missing out for a while yet.
  4. Quick update everyone: so far I'm managing to get about 10-15 books packed every evening, so all those expecting a copy of Arcade Imperfect can expect theirs to be dispatched in the next week or so (around 40 are in the post already, leaving something like 130 to go).
  5. Okay! Should have the first lot out the door by Wednesday (just need to gather my strength tonight after a busy first day back at school, but I'll be packing like there's no tomorrow, er, tomorrow!)
  6. The cover was originally going to be an adapted version of either the Ghosts 'N Goblins loading screen or the Space Harrier loading screen (both Amstrad CPC versions); I'd already done (as in adapted) all the pixel-style art myself for both versions, but then I inadvertently ended up getting into a bit of a ding-dong with Ste Pickford over wanting to use an adapted version of his GNG loading screen, and I wasn't completely satisfied with how the Space Harrier one looked, so in the end I approached Oliver Frey and asked if he could create a painted version based on Space Harrier instead (with a Gauntlety twist), retaining the spirit of the original (Roger did the lettering actually). Here's the loading screen: https://www.mobygames.com/game/cpc/space-harrier/screenshots/gameShotId,576436/ ... and if you scroll up a few posts to the most recent Twitter link you can see that I've kept the pixellated title for the cover underneath the dust jacket (so it matches The Book of the Game of the Film!)
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