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  1. I believe they are out of packs and it's a new promo on friday so maybe save packs until friday 6pm?
  2. Have I lost my marbles or is a 20k sbc to get a token worth 15k insanity?
  3. I have to agree that the content has been poor recently. Pedro was debateably overpriced but at least he has finesse shot and 5 star weekfoot, something people could look for. There is literally no reason to do umtiti. The day before. It was 2.5k for a 75 rare player. Those are the laziest sbcs EA can produce.
  4. I have to agree, this was bang average. They should give pugh/yelena her own series as it was the only positive. Such a waste of taskmaster and some of the faux Russian accents were terrible.
  5. I'm sure people will find a way round it but I don't think the endless tinkering is helpful. By long shots being viable it brought defenders out to press allowing space in the box. You remove the need to press, no space in the box etc. It's a collapsing house of cards. I'd rather lose 6-5 than drawn nil nil and win on penalties as at least stuff will have happened I the last 10 minutes. Nil nils are so boring. Its a test of patience.
  6. Ea just need to stop patching things. I'm on pc and post patch it just impossible to score. I understand why people complained about long shots but they been patched so the keeper is better at getting balls going to the top corner from outside the box. So you literally just can't score anymore. It's drop back counter attack fifa 20 all over again...
  7. Similar question. Ive qualified for weekend league, do I still get a point for a rage quit? I might play some games if I don't have to stick around if I go behind.
  8. I can only speak for the PC server but in the champs qualifying the last 3 games I had tonight were literally unbearable. The connection indicator at the top never actually went away. It just went from amber to red, back to amber to red etc. It never went away :(.....
  9. I'm up to div 5 and I'm finding div 5 noticeably harder. I've drawn a lot more as the games are more even. Majority of them at least winnable however I'm finding haaland goes missing more in the higher division as its harder to get him in the game. What you using timmo as I think you're a high division?
  10. I like haaland more than mbappe I think. Haaland is a bit of a beast. 22 goal contributions in 13 games as I go from div 6 to div 5. He's clunky so you're not going to dribble with him but get a pass or a cross to him in the box and it's likely to go in. Can't say that about mbappe.
  11. I was at 7 wins in div 6, got 18k and a pack. That seems way worse than last year. Rewards have definitely been cut back.
  12. I think you'd be worth buying now for the weekend. The thing is Felipe Anderson is used for the advanced sbcs but there will be no more for a week so demand will go up when the standard edition users come on at the weekend. Caveating as per timmo where I could be full of shit.
  13. I kept an eye on the totw predictions and picked up some zakarias, nkunkus and Felipe andersons where I could get them cheap. Looks to have paid of and I should be able to double my coins as they'll only go up while they are out of packs.
  14. I'm up to div 6. I've noticed a lot of better players now. Playing a lot of llorente, rashford, played a couple of ronaldos. I've actually turned on timed finishing though. I've had it off but noticed people scoring some shots i think should have been saved when it's hit green timed.
  15. Mbappe update, he still misses a lot of chances I'd expect him to put in. I think that might just be the fifa 22 effect just now. Keepers are just mental at saving in the box.
  16. I'm going to keep him. I have the 5 game loan and played him in friendlys for the new beginnings. He's the best player I've used and as far as currently attainable to me he is probably the best i could get.
  17. I feel a bit weirdly about the game. I think it's stupid how good long shots are but I also like that a 90 kane is viable because he can do it. If you nerfed keepers in the box you'd just make every one only shoot in the box. It's a fine balance
  18. I was bemoaning my luck but I just packed mbappe so I've no right to. Biggest fifa pull I've ever had.
  19. I've had a few games on this and I'm still liking 5 star skillers although they're not immediately as essential as on 21. Ousmane dembele is the best player I have, he's better than Rashford in my opinion. Although I did play against someone who subbed on mbappe and he's different level, he's lightning quick and so hard to defend. Feels a bit pay to win if you can get to the proper top tier players.
  20. I got a 2080 super locally for a good price so after selling my 2060 it cost 65 quid to upgrade. People must be using some hefty big screens as I'm 1080p everything right up and my fps went from 80/90 to 120 ish which is good as I'm 144hz but tbh it's not that noticeable. Also I though of selling on ebay but put a couple of things up for trial and ebay fees were like 15% so I decided I'd rather sell it for like 20% cheaper than ebay so someone else felt they were getting a deal as well. Ebay is too expensive.
  21. Did the turkey 1 year there to renew my gamepass for another year. 32 pounds for 13 months is a good deal, although i appreciate you can go longer if you want to
  22. After Lithgow died the show was dead, S4 was good but it just plummeted after that. I don't think I watched beyond season 5.
  23. Would they have to be 5th choice though? Liverpool have given first team places to an under 20 in the last 3 seasons in TAA, Jones and Elliot. Firmino and Mane in particular could do with some competition to kick them up the backside. I would have spent money on a younger decent sized attacker. However I don't think they're going to be ringing for my advice any time soon though :).
  24. I don't understand the Henderson deal. He still had 2 years to run until he's 33 and we've signed him up to 4 years until he's 35 when we've no idea what his drop off will be like. A lot of players drop off in their early 30s and to me this seems like a gamble offering a contract like this. It's not like he's Messi or Ronaldo and he brings massive marketing deals unless head and shoulders or nivea are planning on splashing the big bucks only if Henderson fronts the deals. The money should have went elsewhere in my opinion.
  25. I saw this had a budget of 125 million which really baffled me as I don't really know where the money went. There wasn't really a buig obvious set that had to be built. There were only ships at 2 points and they were both mainly cgi. I don't know about the source material but this was I suspect not the adaptation book lovers would have wanted.
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