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  1. Morning, I've a PS3 slim that I've upgraded the HDD to a 500gb one and installed rebug on that I'm not using. Just wondered what this would be worth roughly as I'm not using it at all. I also have various sleeve only PS1 and PS2 games. I think only resident evil 3 would be worth any great deal tbh. I've all these consoles and the only 2 games I've played in the last month are outer worlds and apex legends as I've no real time to get into anything else so I'm just going to clear them out I think.
  2. I'm not sure what to say about this. It feels like season 8 of game of thrones again. What were they going for? Half the stuff going on made no real sense. It's like you've told your kid this big long bedtime story, you've put hours into this thing but now you're tired and they still ain't sleeping but you've just had enough. So you start cutting bits out and just spouting stuff to finish so you can go to bed. Doesn't matter if they're sleeping or not. "They just fucking teleported home James, go to fucking sleep, the end". And you storm out.
  3. Long shot This appeared on Netflix and I know it had been out at the cinema to alright reviews so the wife and I thought we'd give in a bash. My god this is awful. It's looked at other films and thought wow, they did all right with gags like that we should use the same gags but dial the stupidity and crassness up to 10. It's not funny, stupid juvenile and it probably makes Freddy got fingered look like a well directed film. 0/5. Don't subject yourself to this and Charlize Theron who has been in some right good films just lowered her stock with this garbage.
  4. Just finished the last episode. I think it's a very good series with only a few drawbacks. The monster CGI is atrocious, I really hope they improve that for series 2. It's not actually went too deep into why stuff is happening yet and I think given an entire season is done they could have fleshed out the enemy motivations a bit more. I'm looking forwards to season 2.
  5. Mary Poppins returns 2.5 out of 5. It's clearly had money spent in it but the acting isn't great apart from blunt, the song are forgettable, strange or just straight up illegible. It feels like a film they went down the wrong path on realised that it wasnt great when they were in too deep and decided to just push it out to try and cut losses. My boy wasn't interested and wanted to watch fireman Sam. I'd agree with him.
  6. Just finished the first episode. I was a bit worried to start off with tbh because the monster CGI was pretty terrible but I thought after the first 5 mins it was really good overall. Cavill was convincing and the backdrop around the city falling really interesting. I didn't like Ciri's actress but she has plenty of time to change my mind. First episode is a solid 8/10
  7. Sorry also meant to say the N64 is standard black pal with grey controller. Has a 4mb ram expansion and official memory card. Box and system and in great condition. I was using an everdrive for game but it looks like it's sold now.
  8. I tried the psp Vs the new 3ds and I preferred the new 3ds as a handheld retro and game system. I think the library is better on the 3ds. Not that the psp isn't also a nice system but I have my preference and hence why the go isn't getting used.
  9. I'm happy to sell to forumites, it's more trying to sell a 29 games SNES bundle tbh isn't likely to appeal to many on here as most people only want a few items here or there. It's a convenience trade off
  10. I'm looking to move of my SNES, N64 and psp go. My boy's at the point where he wants to get into everything and the money would be handy so I'm thinking now's a good time to sell the things I'm not really using. What are fees like now on eBay as I haven't used it for years? I've tried to avoid it as much as possible.
  11. Is mushihime Sama on 360? It's my fav cave shooter. I played it on PS2 with both LCD and CRT, tried it in horizontal and vertical. Tbh I though all of them were fine but tended to just keep the TV the right way up. I think you play specifically on a retro setup? In which case you should be fine. Not sure how it would look now on a 55" TV or that.
  12. I think there's many factors at play. I don't think anyone here would say they haven't experienced bad delay here. It's a case of how much things bother you. The passing AI and game delay REALLY bother me but for example my brother just switches the game of and forgets about it.
  13. I'm with gooner on this. Last year was an interesting one because I wanted to play bit hated the mechanics of the game. I don't know if it's because I felt really burned by 19 but in 20 the servers have just been terrible to the point that I just traded the game in, I just kind of didn't care and didn't try and play. The ultimate scream promo has had some good SBCs to keep people going and I appreciate that but it was a bit damp squib before that and I've really just given up tbh. It's a shame there just isn't a realist competitor to fifa yet. I guess the license cost for getting involved would just put everyone off.
  14. I dunno, I was initially liking FIFA 20 but the servers have been on a steady decline and the delay right now is just ridiculous to the point that there is more than a seconds delay on any button press. I also think it's straight lacking content. Maybe it's because a lot of people, including me jumped on early access but otw felt a bit non starter and those end of season players already look like they wouldn't fit most teams so I'm not sure what we're working towards. Last year I just straight hated the gameplay which is why I didn't play it as much. This year it's more like EA just can't get their management right around what to me at least I think is a better game.
  15. I'd still be happy with a gold one
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