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  1. just got through, out of stock....
  2. I joined the queue at 9:43. I was literally refreshing the page and my wait time is still more than an hour. Edit: actually just went to estimated 58 minutes. No idea if I'll actually get one.
  3. Okay, from perhaps the worst film in history to what is by far my favorite of recent years and we'll see how it holds up in coming years. The Mitchell's vs the machines. Its fantastic. It has everything, competing story, interesting characters, unique animation. Everyone should watch this. It's debateably better than enter the spider verse because spiderverse has back story to tap into where as someone had to come up with Mitchell's vs the machines from scratch. It's a perfect score film. I can't find a bit I didn't like, it didn't have an ounce of fat in it to eve
  4. Anti-life Wow, this may take the debatable honour of being the worst film I have ever seen. They put Bruce Willis on the splash page but he's not here in body or spirit. The films entire budget must have went on this as cgi/set everything else is total dog shit. The plot could fit on a stamp, the acting would have been better with random off the street and the cgi looks like 90s era the ending, holy fuck I was expecting bad but I chuckled at just how ridiculous it was. This is I think the ever time I would give a film 0 out of 10.
  5. Sounds like another horizon. She got 2 nerfs in a week. The third coming a few weeks later and I think she's been further hit with the nerf hammer in season 9.
  6. It's fucked. Servers aren't responding, all currency is missing, can't pick legends etc. Its a bit of a disaster...
  7. I've played another couple of hours and I think I can kind of see what you mean Stanley. Some things I think are so deep it's to the game detriment. Some city areas are so dense with side streets and bits that it must have taken a long time to create them but it adds so little to the overall game. I can't imagine that many people even look at them. It feels like no-one sat down and tried to manage development time and people just went off and did what they wanted. Maybe just me but I suspect a lot of people play like me and just go from map-point to map-point.
  8. I was holding off on this because of a lot of the bad press but its nothing like as bad as suggested, it feels liked a skinned skyrim/fallout tbh. I'm on pc for reference and it's got some clipping issues but nothing game breaking. Had a few chuckles. One where a doc was working on someone and said 'he'll survive' but he then proceeded to teleport into the wall and I had a proper laugh to myself. The driving is so shit though and the pedestrians are pointless. I'm not sure how you end up with this after so much time and development money.
  9. I am a member of the clan but recently I've been playing on pc but you can only use the clan services on where you join from, which for me is ps4. That a bit annoying tbh. It just says this user is already a member of a clan on pc for me.
  10. I only solo queue and I'm usually 2 -4 kills a game but I was playing last night and I came across a team mate who was really helpful, played well we went 22 kills between us so I asked him if he wanted to party up. We played I think 7 games and I went 40 and 5 with 2 victories. Having good team mates is just so vital to success in this game. If you need to heal, the other can pin a team down to give you time. You just swarm after teams and pick players off from the others where there is any separation. Really enjoyed those games, but its made the game since worse as I'm now ge
  11. I think someone had said before, you're looking for a legend who proactively does something and ideally a movement boost as out flanking teams is important. You don't want to stand in front and blast each other as thats that's recipie for disaster. Octane and horizon are the legends that let you out manouver a team the best I'd say. Wraiths okay but her alt has been hobbled like 3 times. You used to insta phase and it was much more useful then. It was a fight to go wraith :).
  12. When always sunny hits its absolute gold but some episodes just aren't funny. So given its like 17 seasons or something now I'd maybe do a quick Google on what people say is a good selection and see if you like it from there.
  13. You can start it any time tbh. You'll get the odd smurf but usually up until level 10 you only play beginner players. The starter legends and gun skins are all fine, There's very little difference between skin sights. You'll be able to get games and have a little taste. As has been said post your initial dozen games though You'll get put into the higher pool and expect to get melted sometimes. What I have noticed recently is that my ping is all over the place from 30 up to 90ms. I believe that as there are less and less players on its dropping you into further away servers to g
  14. Tbh I think netflix might need to watch ruffling feathers. I don't think it's got the content pull that it thinks it has/did 3 years ago. A lot of its big content deals have ended or are ending and its not getting enough regular good content out there which it makes itself to keep making it harder for people to get on and to up the price every 6 months or so.
  15. As has been said this is a straight 3/5 film its got a few laughs but isn't anything groundbreaking. Snipes gives a good turn and tbh I'd be interested in a snipes film as he just kicks the door in with a ridiculous swagger everytime.
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