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  1. tenrou

    FIFA 19

    I cancelled my pre order as I put 18 back on for a few games and a team full of tots and they just wouldn't move. Like they were stuck in treacle. I just can't give ea the money.
  2. tenrou

    A movie watchers blog

    I watched the bad mom's Christmas on the linkster recommendation and it was excellent. I remembered liking the first one as well. Mila kunis' mum was excellent. Some of her dead pan delivery was gold.
  3. I want to like fifa as I think the sbcs are decent and the surrounding content has a lot to it. It may be geared around packs but at least there's content. The game however is terrible and just continues to get worse. I was trying to play games last week and it would go into a slow down mode only to then rubber band fast a few seconds later, doing this constantly. Then I tried to play on Wednesday Thursday and I counted trying to play 12 games of which 9 just cancelled out as soon as the game started. I wasted nearly an hour doing that trying to get a game. I just can't believe that this was what people intended a game about playing football to be like. It's even frustrating typing this out it's so badly maintained. Every time it's patched there is another game breaking but or just more problems with lag.
  4. I think gambling regulation should be applied and adaptive pack weight made illegal; There should be a guaranteed percentage chance. For the ammount of money going through it for ea to not be required to publish data is just ridiculous.
  5. It means some interesting player choices due to the restricted pool. I have 85 varane as my 7 chem left back as he's pacier, bigger and stronger than most left backs on the game. I'm also switching meunier from rm to cdm in game for the same reasons. Messi I play from the bench as I played a few games with him starting off chem and he had no stamina by 60 mins. He's been better as a second half sub.
  6. Fut non world cup is dead you're likely to be quick selling pack contents in it. Everything is going for discard pretty much beyond a few exceptions.
  7. I'm liking this mode so far as well. Can't see me going back to normal fut this fifa.
  8. Anyone doing the dkt. I hadn’t played the dkt or fifa in months but had a go yesterday. During the day it was nothing but mega squads and i was getting hammered but last night was far easier and did it first try. Looks like the pool of players being larger means your likely to get easier games at night. I played about 10pm. Also tots pope is truly awful he went in the zaha sbc as he was untradeable. 900 coin begovic is miles better.
  9. I really didn’t like this. It felt stupid rather than ridiculous. Ridiculous i can get behind and have a chuckle with where as stupid i want to turn off. tehstu is right that it got worse as it went on as well. The only real racing but was the start.
  10. I really didn’t like Game Over, man. I just didn’t find much funny about it. I did quite like annihilation, worth a watch and some nice visuals but don’t scratch the surface too much.
  11. tenrou

    Santa Clarita Diet - Netflix

    I really like this. It’s got some genuine laughs in it from not originally comedy actors.
  12. tenrou

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    And actually play something on it? I think that’s the worse of the 2 options.
  13. tenrou

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    Another system update?!?! Feels like every time i switch the machine on i end up switching it off again as i wait 30 mins for yet another system update.
  14. tenrou

    Crappy User Interfaces

    I only got an xbox one about a week ago as i was able to pick one up cheap. I have to agree that the xbox one menu is very hard to navigate however It’s not like they haven’t had plenty of chances to fix it if lots of people have been complaining so maybe some people like it.
  15. He just felt too fragile to me. I like my midfielders to have a bit of fight in them. I am not the most graceful player.

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