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  1. tenrou

    Best one hit wonder of all time

    Oh superman is great cause it's nuts. As a pure 1 hit wonder ganstas paradise has to be up there. Felt like that song was around for years. Not sure its a great song mind.
  2. I did Keane to try him out before he went towards rivaldo as it was 630k on him or 610k on straight buying an icon. The sbc came with packs although I got nowt. Keane isnt brilliant tbh. He played like fabinho to me. Not particularly quick and hopeless if he goes forwards. Rivaldo I do like. He's big up front and finishes everything which you'd expect. Players like rivaldo are harder to come by for decent money but I felt Keane had plenty of cheaper alternatives. Rivaldo feels like aubameyang if he could finish but his weak foot can be a nuisance occasionally.
  3. I've been impressed with PS3 rebug. I got a couple of games via the PlayStation store thing and impressed me how quickly it worked. I also copied over a couple of PS1 games that I had but they got ripped as bin and cue and it seems to like that less because if there are multiple tracks although they work fine it shows multiple games. In general it's just replaced quite a few other systems I had under the TV which is nice. Not sure what to do with my old PS2 and PS1 though. Think they're worth peanuts now.
  4. I have to say I'm on my longest break. Been a week since I played it and tbh I don't think I'll be back.
  5. It'll be interesting to see if this is the point where ea start to lose the user base. It's 6 patches in 3 months now and there are still a large part of the player base are properly unhappy with the game. I can't think of hearing as many streamers complaining about the state of the game as there are now. The pack weights are now visibly awful. You know with an ultimate pack for example you have a less than 1% change of a special card. It'll be interesting at least and in my opinion no less than they deserve if this is peak FIFA income for them.
  6. The game is absolute garbage. The hasn't been many games that are less fun to play than this. It's no longer a football game as no game is won by each team pinging it around to get to 25 yards and then first time curling it into the top corner, when the back is coming from behind you and you can't be facing the goal to get the best angle. At least the old games resembled football for all it may have been about pace and low drivers by the goal keeper.
  7. I just tried to play some division rivals there, have they just shut more servers off or something, it was soo slow and laggy, i could press a button and it would take 4-5 attempts at pressing before it would register. It's unbelievable how little EAput into this which is as far as I'm aware their flagship title
  8. I have de bruyne. He's good but I can't say I see 400k in him. It's kind of why I haven't bought pogba. I'm not sure I'd see the coins value in him.
  9. I dropped the special tah card and moved Alonso's special card to CB to get a strong link to him
  10. His first game for me was terrible. However he's saved me in a couple since then and his distribution is miles better than UCL otw fahrmann who I was using. The only slight problem is linking him if you're not full prem.
  11. I'm 15 in 13 with sturidge his 2 star isn't too much of an issue within 12 yards where he often is. He's hit the post like a dozen times already as well. If he converted those he'd be amazing.
  12. I spent about 300k on upgrade packs. Got de gea in one of the upgrade packs and Valencia in one totw. I got about 300k of untradeable players for my 300k but they're untradeable so I basically traded 300k I could use for 300k I can only use some of. Like store cards and a good way to suck useful coins out of the market.
  13. I'm forever getting kepa. He really wants to be my keeper.
  14. I'm not high enough up the coin thing unfortunately
  15. I have gone through about 20 league sbc packs and thauvin was my best. Disappointed and thought I was going to get nothing. Then out comes reus 87 and Valencia 84 in the same pack. I can afford Cristiano Ronaldo now. Do I get him? I've never tried him.

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