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  1. It's a tough road to go down. You're not going to get 100+ million for a no name star so you have to look for someone who looks young so maybe can't pass for 16 ish but can be a Paul. Who else could you choose other than maybe Tom Holland? TBH I'm looking forward to this. I really liked arrival and blade runner 2049 so I've high hopes for this and they're all good actors in my eyes.
  2. I've given up now. It's beaten me down. I played maybe 10 games last night, half of them I didn't even get a 3rd player in, already a disadvantage so you're odds on not going to be competitive. Two the other team members DCed before touchdown. So you're at 3 out of 10 games where you're going to get a fair stab at it against other teams. That's like 60 mins of a ninety minute play session spent being annoyed or just plain wasted at a loading screen. Thats just not good enough. The core mechanics of this are a good game when it comes together but respawn have no idea how to make it accessible for casuals.
  3. I opened my 83 and 84 plus packs for ligue 1 because I want a ligue 1 team. I got 0 ligue 1 tots :D.
  4. I expect to see 5 or 6 going out tbh, some will be cheap to release wages but I expect a few 10 million outgoings. I do feel that we need another forward to actually challenge the established 3 so I'd like to see that 30 to 40 million going on a forward. I wonder if 40 million would be enough to get saint maximin. I think he's got great pace and can really push a defence back. With a team like Liverpool about him I think he could be great.
  5. Ligue 1, csl and eridivisie tonight.
  6. I think the disconnect from the game has a lot to do with that. It's a game of 11 vs 11 where you control 1. You're so AI reliant that when the AI makes a mess which in fifa is 90% of the time people people just don't have a good outlet and you feels so detached from what's happening.
  7. I don't think the wijnaldum thing was no contract offered, more that he indicated 150-175k a week and that would put him 3rd in the wage stakes at 30 years old on a minimum 3 year deal. That's big money for a player that's good but clearly not top 3 at the club plus it would be a stuck on deal. I don't think the club felt that money was do-able. I can understand both sides tbh.
  8. Defence a good cheap one is ferland mendy, varane, pope, gomez/bissaka, Kyle walker. All base golds. There is probably 50-60k for all of this and they're still capable of being played with. Once you go up the pitch it's more what you feel suits you. I'd look to use a forward with 5 star skills or a midfielder with 85 pace nowadays but kante is a bit less than 80 pace but is probably the best gold midfielder. Tbh gold valverde and llorente if you're brand new are usable for like 10k for the 2.
  9. The serie a birthday will be bernadeschi or however its pronounced, bonus for him is he has 5 star skills but I'd say the coins would be better spent elsewhere. I'm no fifa guru but I'd focus more on players that are still good to use, the base gold versions where supply is high so prices low. Kante, varane, mendy, rashford are all still decent pretty low cost golds. When you have a few more coins get mbappe and neymar. You could get a competitive team for 300k and by competitive for me at least is win games in div 2 and 3. What I found the biggest click in this fifa at least is that you have to be able to beat a player and throwing in lots of skill moves really helps that, even if it's purely to trick the AI. So I focus on 5 star skillers in attacking positions. Better players could tell you that's nonsense but that's what works for me.
  10. Was sold out for me in game when I finally got on.
  11. just got through, out of stock....
  12. I joined the queue at 9:43. I was literally refreshing the page and my wait time is still more than an hour. Edit: actually just went to estimated 58 minutes. No idea if I'll actually get one.
  13. Okay, from perhaps the worst film in history to what is by far my favorite of recent years and we'll see how it holds up in coming years. The Mitchell's vs the machines. Its fantastic. It has everything, competing story, interesting characters, unique animation. Everyone should watch this. It's debateably better than enter the spider verse because spiderverse has back story to tap into where as someone had to come up with Mitchell's vs the machines from scratch. It's a perfect score film. I can't find a bit I didn't like, it didn't have an ounce of fat in it to even complain about.
  14. Anti-life Wow, this may take the debatable honour of being the worst film I have ever seen. They put Bruce Willis on the splash page but he's not here in body or spirit. The films entire budget must have went on this as cgi/set everything else is total dog shit. The plot could fit on a stamp, the acting would have been better with random off the street and the cgi looks like 90s era the ending, holy fuck I was expecting bad but I chuckled at just how ridiculous it was. This is I think the ever time I would give a film 0 out of 10.
  15. Sounds like another horizon. She got 2 nerfs in a week. The third coming a few weeks later and I think she's been further hit with the nerf hammer in season 9.
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