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  1. tenrou

    Gaming grudges

    I absolutely hate EA. I'm not certain that's a grudge in the sense your meaning but it's definitely one to me. This recent stuff with 'surprise mechanic' not loot boxes is icing on the cake. What better than to try and hide gambling in children. Games should be about fun but literally the whole reason for EA to exist is to work out a method to sell more loot boxes/ packs. The game is entirely secondary.
  2. I agree skull,. The more accessible it is the more likely people will get involved so went rtype is it's everywhere.
  3. Shadow of war/Shadow of Mordor for me. There are loads of skills which make the game great as you mow waves of orc fodder down but it takes so many skill points that you're 10 hours in before you have the good stuff and it's 2-3 hours before you can even counter.
  4. I have to say that I like a box. On older games it's quite often down to art style on the boxes as graphics weren't considered a draw enough. I wouldn't spend hundreds just for the box though. I try to keep all purchases under 15 quid because if I decide I don't want to keep it I'm not going to lose a fortune on it.
  5. I just put desert strike on the snes on instead of tidying it up like I was planning to. It's still really good and holds up well. Tbh I prefer the 16 bit era games to the 32 bit ones like Soviet and nuclear strike.
  6. I had to resort to emulation on the 3ds as it's handy to be able to play this on the couch. Anyway it felt pretty basic to me. I understand things being simpler can sometimes good but I felt this was a bit limited. For example if I compare this to Aladdin on the same system Aladdin in my opinion is a far better game. But I'd say the underlying mechanics are pretty similar.
  7. You sure there is a go fast button on sonic 1? I don't remember it until at least 2 or 3.
  8. I may have to resort to emulation as I've watched 2 copies of this on the mega drive go for over 15 quid on eBay. But more than I was looking to pay just to have a quick play of it.
  9. What is this available on in its original version? I.e. do I need a mega drive or a maatersystem? I had toyed with picking up a MD. Is that my best option?
  10. Tbh I just gave up with the objectives. I played one game with the Dutch league players and trying to force assists to league one players and it was everything I hate about FIFA, players not moving, no runs, missed everything. Gave up as I'm not going to play and already frustrating in a manner that I hate. A tots player only save me about 40k anyway.
  11. Yeah online seasons is fine. Only the futswap Dutch needs rivals
  12. It's a funny game this. I was promoted up to div 3 and of the dozen or so games I've played I have won more than I lost so it's probably about my lever however it takes far longer to find games and some then have atrocious lag as the match making is getting laxer. I can see why people just relegate themselves to 5/6 as at least you can play a game that feels somewhat responsive. Also I bought birthday bale as his stats looked great but I just couldn't get him working. Bit of a shame for 1.3 mil.
  13. I have flashback Ibra in the team on 8 chem and he is a beast but not sure 2 ibras upfront would be ideal. Ibra is 5 star 4 star as well. I'm in no rush so I'll have a think.
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