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  1. I also did the Herrera liga nos sbc as he strong links to telles and looks a good midfielder. He had a good couple of games. He has 99 pace so just doesn't tire and he's a pretty good cm. The svc doesn't even cost that much after packs. Sub 50k. Given that he's a taller naingolan at sub 50k it's a good price.
  2. I have never played fifa with a wired connection. Does it genuinely help?
  3. I'd sell him bud. I have him untradeable so play him and he's alright but not worth the coins tbh.
  4. I uninstalled this last night. I had a bit of a moment when someone banged in 2 consecutive 35 yard back to goal ridiculousnesses. I just can't believe that's the intended way to play this game as you can't really defend that as it felt closer to the halfway line than my goal. It's just not that fun this game.
  5. I'm not brilliant and I have played far better players than me but for me I find I play best when I slow down, take my finger of the sprint trigger and use some timed finessing I hated kroos when I played how I used to play but as I've slowed the play down and started to timed finess from the edge hes grown on me. I'm about 1500 skill points btw so not brilliant. Take my advice with a handful of salt.
  6. I bring koke on as a midfield sub. I found him okay as a left mid but any further forward I found his finishing awful.
  7. Well gotze I would say is good. It's hard to say if he's worth 120k untradeable. Tradeable yes. I wasn't happy with some players and my defending so I paid out the 140k for van dijk. It's hard to look at a 85 rated defender and say he should be worth the outlay but in the couple of games he's been in he has totally been worth the outlay. He has won everything; Get van dijk
  8. I also have kroos and ucl boateng untradeable so he fits in with those players so it was worth getting him. I'll get reus as well and they'll all link.
  9. I did gotze. Hopefully he's decent although he'll be a cam in my squad rather than a cf. Not the cheapest if you get awful packs.
  10. I just sold on neuer as i drew a game 3 all where he made zero saves and ederaon made 10 or so. I can't see the point in tying 70k up in a guy who is no better than 750 coin fahrmann.
  11. Took packs. Got nought. My untradeable pack return has been pretty awful. 2 mega packs and 2 rare players packs didn't even net me an 84. Bad times.
  12. Aye, I won't be playing weekend league this week. I stopped at 20 games last weekend as well. It's such a slog.
  13. I sub kroos on about 70 mins and id say he's better as that because he's got more impact when the other team is run down.
  14. It's funny how different people like different players. I just cannot get on with kroos but I like kimpembe buffoon and lala. I had to put stay back while attacking on lala though or he was playing as a winger, half the time he was higher up than firmino who I play up front.

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