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  1. Thought I’d post a little update given how much help I’ve been offered through pm’s and these posts. Have played for 20 hours so far with my ranger, made with no regard for class and have had such a different, wonderful time. Memories have been consistently come to mind of my old play throughs, mainly online and with speed for experience points. Given I’m offline only (at the moment) the levels and play have such a different vibe. I unlocked ruins the other day on normal and just enjoyed looking at the rooms, the little art details. It’s been quite the experience. I’m now contemplating a secondary force character and possibly looking to to and ensure it’s a class that drops the spread needle in ruins very hard. That was my legitimately owned weapon of choice back in the day and I do fancy a little trip down memory lane. Still remaining quite on the fence about going online and modding in general. I very much like the idea of save back ups but the online play seems quite closed to people playing with friends etc from my reading. Thanks again for all your various messages and the like. I’m very appreciative
  2. I’m just wondering if I dreamt this but was the unedited climb footage going to released? I’m sure I read this recently but haven’t been able to find any information, anywhere… Dream, right?
  3. Thank you for all your thoughts. Decided to plump for a wii and have that and a pso v2 winging it’s way to me. If anyone can direct me to a reputable place to have a distanced softmod done that would be great ; I don’t have the means to complete it here (or even the tech where with all prob more importantly…) Very much looking forward to hearing that music again and that loading screen….
  4. Hi everyone I’m just looking for any thoughts if possible. I’ve posted here as it seems to be relevant to the target audience but of course, mods, feel free to move to ask the forum if that suits my post better. I’ve been thinking about revisiting this game for sometime after dipping in and out of the forum and thinking about what I use my limited spare time to play games for. The lack of a new official release pushes me to go back here to where my first online experience all started. I’m really looking for any opinions as to the best way to play it. I’ve contemplated buying a Dreamcast but that seems quite expensive and I wonder about the reliability of the memory block things. I then considered the GameCube and pondered whether or not it will be worthwhile me buying a Wii U or a Wii given the cheaper prices and also backwards compatibility? I’m open to any suggestions and welcome any thoughts at all!… Thanks very much ps I don’t own a pc so any home mods etc would be really tricky (unless there are any kind forumites obv !)
  5. I’d grab this kindly if it’s still going? Don’t know if we’re hooked up so you can send it? Can pop across later if not....thank you!
  6. No worries man - will drop you a line when I’m next on and open
  7. Thank you! Can open now if that’s good?
  8. Hey Got a ‘Moody’ painting for trade. Genuine. Bought by mistake from Redds second ever visit when he last came and sold me.... a moody painting. FFS. Would love a trade for anything genuine statue/painting for my museum. Please drop me a PM as I’m out and about all day. Will reply ASAP
  9. KK slider is at my place today. Always thought he was Saturday only?
  10. Thanks so much. Left the que and a nice tip. Really appreciated
  11. I always thought it was 6-10pm but I might be thinking of an older version...
  12. Sorry guys/gals. Didn’t stay there for that long. Honest. Connection was dropping and stuttering. Was very weird. edit : and I didn’t even get to sell my nips lol.
  13. Dropped in. Lovely island there. Took some Dino fossils and some recipes. If you need bells or some specific themed item let me know and I’ll come across with it in a bit. Love seeing indifferent islands for ideas. Also enjoyed seeing you chilling with your cuppa
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