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  1. monsly

    Amazon Prime Video

    It’s a good list but some movies have already been removed (mad max and rats from what I’ve found). I really like Prime but it doesn’t do a great job of tellimg you what’s going; I’m annoyed I didn’t buy The Hidden when it was on there. Just been removed and I had no clue that was on the cards.
  2. monsly

    Say what you see - a videogame picture quiz

    Kizuna encounter
  3. monsly

    Say what you see - a videogame picture quiz

    8 - grand theft auto
  4. monsly

    Say what you see - a videogame picture quiz

    3 - flashback 5 - project Gotham racing
  5. monsly

    Say what you see - a videogame picture quiz

    1 - animal crossing 4 - chase HQ
  6. monsly

    Fire Pro World

    Yeah, seems to be only possible at certain times from playing it more. I’ll look into the timer battle royal option; so many things to take in and fiddle with in this. I definitely need to get some sort of beginners guide.
  7. monsly

    Fire Pro World

    This game is rather good, isn’t it? Shame there’s no royal rumble mode that I can see on the PS4. I also can’t figure out what button to press to help a team mate out during a tag match - I.e. cheat and enter the ring to beat people up from out on the apron. Computer keeps doing it to me so must be possible!
  8. monsly

    Fire Pro World

    Thanks, I’ll order it then. Any tips from when your experiences of updating it?
  9. monsly

    Fire Pro World

    This all easy to do then? I’m getting it on the PS4 if that makes a difference. Loved it on the PS2 but all the classic wrestlers was what made it.
  10. monsly

    Fire Pro World

    Is this game easy to update with all the old wrestlers? I’ve only played the ps2 version and I think I just needed to download 1 save to do it.
  11. monsly

    Films that are good for the soul

    Laputa, Castle in the Sky Planes, Trains and Automobiles Brewster’s Millions Midnight Run The Goonies Sneakers
  12. monsly

    Gaming things you regret selling...

    I gave a friend a copy of Panzer Dragoon Saga for free and gave another copy to a friend at the price it cost me from Cash Convertors. Both were bought for £6. I think I’d rather have kept them in hindsight.
  13. monsly

    No Man's Sky

    I was nearing the centre of the galaxy when I last played (before even the base building update). Will I still be in the same place when I restart? Really loved the game and want to get into it again but I don’t want to lose all that progress.
  14. monsly

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    I don’t think there’s any online trophies for the platinum are there? You can do the diamond throwing trophy in split screen and the subsequent trophy packs with online multi don’t count towards platinum I thought.

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