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  1. I swear (I know I have complained before) that Redd visits my island once for every couple of times the others appear. The fishing bloke has been twice in the last 5 days.
  2. Just seen a post on Reddit where the have stated there is no preload at all. Leading some to speculate (probably quite rightly) that it is being downloaded as a patch for the existing multiplayer portion. Either way, it's going to be slow going at 6pm.
  3. Nobody else playing Evil Genius 2 apart from me? It starts off quite simplistic for this style of game but otherwise I'm enjoying it so far.
  4. Ah ok. I thought we were but I went through my list and couldn't find you.
  5. No worries buddy, anything I leave lying around like that is fair game You really didn't need to leave me a gift though! But it's much appreciated. Hit me up with a friend request on there as I like to send out stuff around Christmas to people.
  6. Sure, I'll open the gates so you can pop over as I don't think you are on my friends list so we haven't met in-game. I'll be AFK but help yourself, they are on the floor to the left as you leave the airport Dodo Code: JVPK6
  7. Got a few recipes. Nothing outstanding but maybe useful to anyone who is fairly new to the game. Windflower Crown Rose Bed Natural Square Table Peach Dress Palm-tree Lamp x 2 Tropical Vista Orange Wall Gold Bars
  8. Ah fair do's. I've been avoiding information where I can but noticed his tweet earlier.
  9. Bit of a disappointing tweet from John Linneman saying that if you've seen the previews, you've basically seen every environment. I was hoping maybe they were holding back some surprises.
  10. Had to put it aside as well. I was moving on with that stunt story and the next one on the list has an invisible wall you hit as you drive to the starting point. The car just stops dead and the wheels spin like crazy. But worse, huge parts of the world were refusing to load, so as you drive over invisible roads you hit more walls. Plus of course, the saving loop if you buy a new car.
  11. Got what I think are a couple of new items today if anyone is after them. First is a fancy archery bow and the second is an electronic til with a big touchscreen, kind of McDonalds etc style.
  12. Call me skeptical, but I can't see how this will run well at all. It chugs like a bastard on my (admittedly slightly old) desktop PC
  13. Yeah I should have done that really. I think it's a new item, but you probably have it already It's a Castle Tower and was an eye watering 250,000 bells! I will just have to be patient now and wait until tommorrow!
  14. God dammit. It really winds me up how you have to wait a day for any items you order to arrive, but if you gift them they arrive straightaway.
  15. I have the Baby Bed and also the Cold Sleep Pod which I believe are both new items. Hit me up if you want either of them https://nookipedia.com/wiki/Item:Baby_Bed_(New_Horizons). https://nookipedia.com/wiki/Item:Cold_Sleep_Pod_(New_Horizons)
  16. I did it a couple of hours ago but almost threw my controller through the window after the initial god knows how many attempts. The difficulty seems all over the place with the story missions.
  17. What's that lotion next to the bed for
  18. How strange. Apart from one instance where it went a bit bonkers loading seasons every few seconds I haven't had it skip a beat using QR since launch day. I am in the skip ahead alpha preview program though, so maybe the later firmware helps with QR stuff. The only game it seems to give me grief with is Far Cry 6.
  19. I was going to say the same thing. Really nice job @StumpyJohnThanks again for offering some art!!
  20. Thanks so much! And yes please to the other two if you don't mind? I think it's safe to say after all this time I'm very unlikely to stumble across them in my own game any time soon! Let me know if you need anything.
  21. @StumpyJohn that's very kind I'm missing quite a few (been trying to hold out for Redd to have them at my island. Pretty shocking that a year and a half later he was still missing a lot of them!) I wouldn't expect many off you, one or two would be amazing Here's what I'm missing: Calm Painting Scenic Painting Amazing Painting Proper Painting Wild Painting Left Half Motherly Statue Robust Statue Gallant Statue Rock-head Statue
  22. I don't think anyone will be missing any artwork now? (apart from me ) but just in case Redd is here with: Perfect Painting - real Beautiful Statue - real He also has a couple of the regular items he sells, an owl clock and high chair.
  23. Oh yes please, if you wouldn't mind old chap
  24. How many crops are there to grow now? I've got carrots, pumpkins, tomatoes, potatoes and sugar cane (?) am I missing any for my small farmland area? Cheers me dears
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