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  1. No problem I'm just in the middle of something, but I'll open my island and help yourself to the fossils and recipes on the ground as you leave the airport.
  2. K.K Slider likes to put in some serious rehearsals eh? He's been in my town since 6am and isn't due on until 6pm. Still, this will be his first performance here so I expect he wants to put on a good show.
  3. Feel free to add me as a friend (Switch code is SW-6788-0068-9684). I have a dozen or so fossils and a few DIY recipes going spare that will give you a bit of a kickstart on everything
  4. What can I send you in return? A cute music player, cute tea table?
  5. Thank you! You sent the right one! Somebody did kindly drop me one off yesterday though when they came to sell turnips. It turns out I'm missing one other part though. I still need a Brachio Tail
  6. Sure Fire me a friend request if we aren't already!
  7. I wish they had made this a double package and included the Crackdown jumpy around one as well.
  8. If Sladies gets too busy I can open up again, but I'll be AFK so only to people from here rather than randomers from Turnip Exchange. 552 and can open until around 8pm.
  9. SteveH

    Xbox Game Pass

    Yeah but don't forget to use Microsoft Rewards and earn points for browsing and any digital purchases you do make. They nearly always have Ultimate 3 month subs as one of the redemption rewards. It all helps!
  10. I'll open up for you now mate. I'm afk but you are more than welcome
  11. Thanks....I was trying to tell you someone was (still is) crafting a shell arch in case you didn't have it, but you were just leaving @Laine Graeme left me a tip the bugger! I wanted to go back to his last week or whenever it was to leave a tip and he told me not to worry....now I feel bad
  12. sure I can stay open all PM
  13. Only one I'm missing now is Triceratops Torso/body I believe. Otherwise I'm good thanks
  14. No problem Anybody from here is welcome!
  15. Yep...send me a friend request?
  16. Absolutely, he let me in the other week. I did send him a friend request but he didn't respond (which is fine, I know you guys are busy ) edit: just opened. I'm doing some stuff but can leave it open all afternoon
  17. @womblingfreeIf you go to My Games and Apps and go to the Games with Gold section, you should see a tab at the top that says "All Games" and it shows every Games with Gold title you have, and the ones that you haven't downloaded have a red download arrow on them. Alternatively, you can click on "All Games" and select Ready To Install and it will just show the ones you haven't installed.
  18. Awesome! I'll sort out getting it later if that's ok?
  19. Thanks Laine It seems the only fossil I am missing is the Triceratops Torso. Could anybody sort me out with that? I'll find something worthwhile to trade. Cheers
  20. That's disappointing to hear! Mine should be on its way here soon I hope, but I'm slightly annoyed that the company aren't responding to emails at all. I haven't had a single email notification that I have even ordered one. The only proof I have is my PayPal receipt, and because you can't make an account on their site, you can't track the progress of your order. It's all a bit half arsed really. I appreciate its a small operation, and they are busy, but a modicum of customer service wouldn't go amiss.
  21. I might cave and ask you lovely people if you have the fossils I'm missing. I think there are only two left for me to get (and it has been that way for a while now), but is there an easy way to double check? Not sure what I could offer as a swap, as most of you have far more stuff than me, but I'm sure we could work something out
  22. Kicks is on my island today and is selling the boots which I think go with that Tron looking outfit? (edit: Red/burgundy-ish Power Boots.) Also Nooks has the bunkbed/desk as one of the special items. Anyway, I'll leave my island open for a while if anybody wants them
  23. That brings back some good memories And you're all grown up with a toddler! Congrats!
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