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  1. I think you need to dive into the difficulty settings and before anything else make sure steering assist is turned off. You definitely should have great control over the steering. Unskippable cutscenes are a pain in the arse though I agree.
  2. There seems to be a glitch where if you select rubberised grips they show as black but if you disable and enable rubber grips again they then seem to add as the same colour that you choose. edit: there is actually a dedicated thread somewhere here for the Design Lab
  3. A lot of items today in the seasonal section. Seems to be mainly food dishes, so must be new? Only got until the 31st of this month to grab them.
  4. Not strictly correct for this thread, but I treated myself to a "scatter cushion" for Christmas
  5. Have these guys ever seen what a tank can do? Getting stuck on small bushes and fallen logs would likely mean nobody in the military ever wants to be the tank driver. A normal old tank can drive over a car for gods sake. And what's with the aliens drop ships dropping off baddies then simply vanishing into thin air? Riven Gate has been the worst so far, with the ships disappearing as soon as they reach the outside walls of that area. It's really quite sloppy.
  6. I'm delighted to announce that I successfully made a perfect snowman this morning and got the recipe
  7. @meatbinHa! That's the one I watched this morning I even copied his alternate layout for the tiling, but it just failed every time for some reason
  8. Right, fuck you snowmen. I tried for almost 2 hours this morning, following the steps for making the perfect snowman. Thanks to @meatbinI found a video on Youtube showing exactly what he explained so I followed it explicitly and......nothing. Every single snowman saying it was so close. I'm at a loss now as 2 hours is nuts to not have got one the correct size. Eventually the bastard game saved just as one was built so I need to wait until tomorrow now, but I feel like setting fire to my Switch, the devs, and Nintendo HQ.
  9. Just in case anyone is dabbling with turnips, got a price of 545 (might have been 548) here today. Let me know if you want me to open up.
  10. @meatbinNice! Will give that a try tomorrow. I perfected it last year but it's eluding me so far.
  11. God dammit. Back to square one trying to get the proportion of the snowmen just right. 3 failures so far
  12. Why do developers put in day/night cycles but are then too afraid to actually make it dark at night? I don't think I even notice the time changing anymore, apart from when I get sudden flashes of bright sunlight, which I assume is a glitch.
  13. Couple of new items (?) in the seasonal section today.
  14. @spanx still got the following if you need them? I'm AFK but will open my island and leave it open for the next few hours for you. There are a couple of fakes lying there as well, only the ones below are genuine. Dodo code: 370YX Sinking Painting Scary Painting Graceful Painting Quaint Painting
  15. Nothing needed in return Happy to help out.
  16. @spanx got these real ones spare if you need any of them Sinking Painting Scary Painting Graceful Painting Quaint Painting
  17. Got a few recipes going begging again: Gold Armor Kettle Bathtub Key Holder Pull-apart Bread
  18. I guess one consolation is,you do get access to a lot of games on Gamepass, so that extra layout might not sting so much. Certainly less than paying over the odds for a PS5.
  19. Got these floodlights today if anyone has a sport area like me, or possibly industrial area?
  20. After playing through Alan Wake again when the remaster came out the other week, I really hope they switch things up. I loved it at launch, but fuck me playing it now and his pathetic 10 meters of sprinting is an absolute slog.
  21. I honestly thought it was some jiggery-pokery and they were running some FMV or something, with the cars you were shooting overlaid. Then fuck me if you don't start walking and flying around. Then on top of that you can take photos with a photo mode and adjust the traffic etc. Very impressive. Am I being greedy asking for something alone the lines of The Crew 3 to look like that for every city on the U.S? Edit: hang on, that wasn't the real Keanu Reeves at the start?
  22. @Meatballthat is going to make it very difficult to deliver your monthly quota of young Thai boys now! On a separate note, Redd is here and has some originals, but I suspect everyone has these by now: Jolly Painting - Fake Wistful Painting - Real Scary Painting - Real Dynamic Painting - Real
  23. Yeah the solid objects are a pain in the arse for sure. But I got used to where they were and that car is pretty good at not slowing down as much through water and bushes, which helps.
  24. I managed to do the trailblazers in the end by using the Ford Performance Bronco R. Didn't get close to doing them with any other vehicle.
  25. I bought 3 sets of Eneloops when the Xbox One launched however many years ago it was now. I still have the same 3 sets on rotation, always charged and ready to go and they still last for around 15 hours (I would get around 25 hours when they were new). I don't see how anything betters that really.
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