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  1. It's a shame they didn't make any effort to increase the detail of the character models. They make the GTA remasters look like a Bluepoint job.
  2. I do recall at the time it was touted as a kind of mature Zelda by a few reviewers/magazines. I'm hoping it had held up well because I splurged on it as soon as I saw it was for sale.
  3. This has just appeared on the Xbox store (£16.99) I remember loving this and the sequel back in the day. I think I played the N64 version first and then played it again on the Dreamcast. Here is the blurb showing the enhancements: Shadow Man: Remastered is a complete overhaul of the classic game with restored, previously cut content! 3 New Levels: "Summer Camp, Florida" (Day and Night) "Salvage Yard, Mojave Desert" (Day and Night) "Asylum Station 2 - Experimentation Rooms" New Audio (from the original games composer, Tim Haywood): Remastered music and SFX New music and SFX for the restored levels Restored cut/unused voice dialog in levels Art Updates: HD Textures for all levels and objects Nvidia Intro Cutscene Textures HD HUD and inventory icons plus a new icon for the Shadow Gun Restored unused animations Restored several cut and censored models from the original levels N64 Gad Icons Gameplay Improvements: New weapon wheel to select weapons faster as time is slowed down Improved controls Improved destructible objects using Bullet Physics Auto targeting Tweaked/improved AI Levels rearranged as originally intended A ton of fixes across the entire game to each level from object to geometry fixes Fixes to the localization for English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian Over 30 achievements New Weapons: A second Violator (Consistent with the N64 version) Sawed-off Shotgun (replaces the second regular shotgun) New model and many sound variations for the Shadow Gun New Enemies: Yort Yort Floater The Seraph Queen Seraph Dead Worm Unused zombie restored in Station 2 One arm Tenement Zombie. Rendering Improvements: Dynamic Per Pixel Lighting Clustered Forward Shadow Mapping Order-independent transparency New Post Processing Effects: Ambient Occlusion Antialiasing Anisotropic Filtering Motion Blur Film Grain Depth of Field Secrets: All the secrets from the N64/Dreamcast/PC included in this remaster Plus many more to be discovered!
  4. Can' stand all the self righteous pricks on this station (and TalkRadio) especially James O'Brien. It's a shame he hosts mystery hour, which for me is the only part of the stations output I like listening to.
  5. This was amazing. I can't believe it was his first major acting gig (along with the movie that I haven't seen) I'll definitely be re-watching it at some point but can't wait to see what he does next.
  6. @Mr Do 71Thanks for the gift Just so as folks know, you don't need to send me something back if I send you anything, though obviously it is much appreciated
  7. Isn't that just another pattern that you can get from Cyrus?
  8. Is it that they haven't popped up for me yet, or is there a distinct lack of kitchen units? Just regular cupboards etc? I hate having to use the diner counter, it looks naff indoors.
  9. This is really odd as Halo and Forza (aside from the odd niggle) work absolutely fine with QR for me.
  10. @Meatball and @Number 28 cheers for the items chaps
  11. This is awesome and I want it!!!
  12. Could I get those young chap? Cheers
  13. That sounds more like it. My old age reactions might actually stand a chance Cheers
  14. @MawdlinHow's the knife fight with whatshisface? I'm embarrassed to say I never finished RE4 because I could never get past that segment.
  15. Unless they have changed it with an update, you used to be able to choose any challenges/races from the menu and it takes you straight where you need to go to get started.
  16. Does anyone else who hasn't used this in a while keep getting sent £8 credit? I've just looked back (as they have just sent me £8 credit yet again) and they have sent me £8 credit seven times this past year.
  17. Has anyone had issues with the 458 Ferrari challenges? Tried the speed zones and also the races but it never registers that I am doing anything in the car. I know you can't fast travel to speed zones so that isn't part of the issue. Cheers
  18. Cheers! I can't believe how many points I have been missing out on.
  19. Well this is bloody great. I was ignoring this thread at first as I thought people were talking about Mr. Corman and wondered why there was a big "watch it now" in the thread name. Old age
  20. How do you access that Quest Completionist page? Thanks
  21. Got a spare Real Warrior Statue if anyone wants it? Oh and since I posted that I had finally managed to make a perfect snowman, I have made precisely none! I think my game must be broken.
  22. Oh man I wish I had waited now. I bought mine on launch day (it's a lovely bit of kit, which I do talk a little about a page or so back) but would have waited if I had known I could have used reward points toward buying one. Actually one thing I didn't mention is the rudder buttons. Although they apparently intend to release separate pedals for that Velocity One, the rudder buttons are analog so you do get nice fine control of the rudders rather than a simple on/off.
  23. I'd avoid the seasonal 2020 Toyota Supra challenge for now. Just finished the final race of the 3 race championship and no winning scenes, just plonked back into the game world, challenge shows as still being available and the secondary race icons for it vanished off the map. I went back to the starting icon (the only one that remains on the map) and it acts as though you haven't done the championship at all sadly.
  24. Still showing in stock at Amazon and has been all day. Bit strange considering it's so close to Christmas?
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