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    Yep, someone said it at last..."Ring menu". That would have been the best solution. Playing FF:CC with one other person makes going into your menu far too risky. It's a fiddly menu which commits the cardinal sin of having not sort option. Once you open your menu on the GBA and take your eyes off the screen you are fucked if there's only 2 of you playing. Especially if one of you dies and the other needs to quickly find a pheonix down. He usually ends up getting killed as well. Arse biscuits. Ring menu next time please.
  2. Yep, PC and Xbox only. There's a "version" floating around which I had a chance to try. Anyway, the proper game should be fantastic playing over Live. Can't wait.
  3. It is In fact, after you go through the corkscrew there is a sweeping left hander. It's at this point you can see the whole of the track in front of you. It's incredibly impressive. They cheated in GT3 by putting barriers up so that it hid all the detail from view. In fact Race Driver 2 is a superb game all round. Way better than PGR2.
  4. It's quite amusing how everyone here is getting stressed over the voice acting. Yet, if you head over to Gamespot they have a "hands on" of the game and comment on the "British" voiceover - how it suits the game, and that the localisation team have done a good job. Guess americans really do love a british accent?
  5. Not quite mate. I expect them as well, but judging by this thread we are in the minority. Oh, and I'd say Zelda was more of an adventure game. fwiw
  6. The only gripe I have is that there is ZERO need for the chalice character to walk slower than everyone else. In single player the moogle keeps up quite easilly. I see the need for having the chalice as a way for keeping everyone on screen. But why the fuck do they want you to crawl so slowly through the dungeons? It's annoyed the hell out of the group of us who play many times.
  7. No, I needed to click just to the right and above where the cross was. I knew what to do but couldnt suss out why it wasn't working. had to work all the way around the area where the cross was to hit the sweet spot. all done now thanks for help those who gave it.
  8. That's what I've been trying to do for ages and the bastard won't recognise my click. Thanks for replying.
  9. ok..can someone spell it out please....cos im sick of watching that dancing prick now.
  10. Yeah i am and ...ohhhhh...i'll get it. I know what I should be doing Im sure
  11. give us a clue then? before i smash my machine? please
  12. watched the thing really thoroughly and while i'm 100% sure i know what to do - nothing happens when i do it. i must be thick.
  13. Check the bed thoroughly. I'm stuck after that now edit: ooh just beaten to it.
  14. I was under the impression that the Ace Conbat team over at Namco were coding the new Starfox game. If that's the case, why does that look so sweet and Starfox look so utterly shite?
  15. Carve is a nice enough game. In fact it's very good. It's just that WR:BS is so much better. In fact Carve nicks quite a lot from Waverace in a nod to the fact it's the best out there at the moment. Carve does have lots of course though which is always a plus in my book. It's just like someone said though. It may as well not be on water at all. It makes no difference whether you are racing along canals or by the ocean - the water remains eerily calm. Plus the rider is nowhere near as responsive as in WaveRace. Pulling sharp turns makes the jetski almost stall on the spot. Unlike the CPU riders who seem able to take corners with no discernible lack of speed. Having said that it does have live and is only £20. It's definitely worth a loo at that price.
  16. I do use it to play games yes. But usually in fairly short bursts. Like on the bog for 15 minutes or on a 20 minute bus journey. I think the main problem is that if I'm the elected chalice carrier then I always want my character to move that little bit faster and the little bastard won't. However, I find myself pushing harder and harder on the d-pad in the hope that he will. Rather like using the PS2's face buttons to try and get an extra mile an hour out of my car in GT3. I just find that I don't do that when using an analog stick. It's a psychological thing yes - but nevertheless it makes gaming uncomfortable if I'm playing FF:CC for a couple of hours.
  17. It depends on what it's being used for. I mean Wind Waker uses it quite nicely. It's a neat little bonus as it is with Animal Crossing. The trouble comes when they want it to be used as the main controller a la FF:CC. This ISN'T a whinge about needing GBA's - rather a whinge about the fact that it's fucking uncomfortable using that tiny D-Pad. They need to implement a nice analog stick on the next GBA (whenever that may be) otherwise I'll avoid games that use it as a controller. My fingers ache like a bastard after 30 minutes with FF:CC. It's just too tiny to be used for lengthy periods of time.
  18. It does have that feature but it's hidden away. If I remember rightly you push the start button and a comparison is shown onscreen. Now perhaps you might enjoy it more
  19. You DO mean you are going to have to buy a new dog yes?
  20. Well shit that's a bit wank. I have one GBAsp lying around do bugger all. And I can probably manage to persuade my G/F to join in once in a while. But shit. Thats really pissed me off. Arseholes. Arse biscuits.
  21. One thing I would like clearing up - if someone could please. Do you have more or less responsibilty if you are "player 1" so to speak and use the joypad as opposed to using a GBA? Does the lack of the extra screen mean player 1 has less to do than the others team members? If they all get a screen on the GBA in order to organise their magic etc. where does that leave the main player? Thanks for any help.
  22. The main problem I have with Edges FF:CC review is that they claim they sit down as a group and discuss scores before coming to a conclusion. Now, Margaret Robertson who writes for Edge, wrote the NGC review of the game. NGC awarded it 89%. Edge gave it a 6. Does that mean she sat in the corner in protest at everyone else at Edge thinking the game was nowhere near worth a 9? Just cucrious. She didn't gripe half as much as whoever wrote the Edge review. In fact she gave it a glowing recommendation to be honest.
  23. for whoever was asking, this site>> http://www.ringophone.com/Final%20Fantasy%207-ringtones.html has the FF ascending/descending tone. It;s the only site I could find with a polyphonic version of it. snag is you have to pay. it seems cheap but it's in the U.S and not sure of trustworthyness etc. if you are tempted and it works let me know as I'd like it myself.
  24. Someone mentioned playing it with their girlfriend. I have a question. My girlfrend isn't a huge gamer but she likes them. Would she be OK playing this game? It doesn't get bogged down in stats and crap? Would she be better off using the pad or a GBA controller? Does it make a difference which controller you use? Thanks.
  25. Surely it's this simple: once I own the game, it's mine to do with as I please. Now, I can't stand the crappy techno dancey music that seems to be compulsory in most games these days. So, I will stick on my own custom soundtrack, mix it in with the sound effects of the game (THE main reason for not just sticking a CD on - plus the hassle of course, that the console is already running through the digital amp) and play the game how I like. And you know what? It's no-one elses damn business, so stop moaning, anyone that doesn't "get" custom tracks. Shut up and ignore them. That's why they are an option and not compulsory. It's my game, I'll play it how I like.
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