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  1. The Dying Light punchcard finally worked for me today. I had earnt maybe 4-5 achievements since it went up, but it was only after getting one today that it finally recognised it. @rgraveswhenever I have missed out on points like that, I email support explaining that I want to cancel my order as a punch card has gone live. They seem to refund a lot quicker (usually within a day) than if you start trying to get them to add points on for you.
  2. Definitely do report it. They actually pay attention to the reports and in the past have given me bonus Insider points (which do bugger all as far as I know) for some of the feedback I have given.
  3. @MeatballI'm sure a Lego purist will vomit at this, but I want those to put in my Lego builds if they are small enough
  4. Got a spare genuine Robust Statue if anyone wants it?
  5. Mine was 189 this morning. Gamble didn't quite pay off! Will check again at noon.
  6. Yeah I check it daily so I'll post tomorrow if it's higher
  7. Just checked mine and it's 256 so I doubt I'll get higher than that. I'm sure someone here will do better.
  8. Got some recipes going spare: Clothesline Ornament Table Lamp Log Pack Baked Potatoes Garden Bench Rose Crown Acoustic Guitar Gift Pile Festive Wrapping Paper Ironwood Cupboard Shell Fountain Wooden Toolbox Garden Wagon Lucky Gold Cat Apple Tart Birdhouse Log Garden Lounge Orange Wall Mounted Clock Juicy-apple TV Pear Rug
  9. It looks pointless, but boy I wish Forza Horizon had something approaching it instead of the naff replays it currently has.
  10. Finished it and really enjoyed it. I do hope there is a sequel planned.
  11. I get some daft decisions have to be in the story for the sake of keeping the tension. But the end of episode 7, beginning of episode 8
  12. For anyone really into Korean (and Chinese, Japanese TV) I can recommend Viki.com Some subtitles can be a bit odd at times and also have typos, but that's because they use volunteers from the community to do the subtitling jobs. I assume to keep costs down. They have a great selection of stuff to watch though, although it can be ruined by a fair few "this content is not available in your region" messages if you find something you really want to see.
  13. Up to episode 4 and sort of enjoying it, but I'm watching off the back of just watching Vincenzo which I thought was immense and my favourite Korean show so far. My biggest beef is them all being completely aware of just what Zombies are, but then faffing around like fucking idiots when they are locked in a room with one instead of just launching them out of the window. Really driving me crackers.
  14. 400 isn't bad, but it can go into the 600's at times. 400 is still a good return though, especially if you just want to get cracking spending money on stuff. If your own shop is in the 400's it is pretty much guaranteed not to go higher than that this week.
  15. Redd is a piece of shit. Bought a genuine picture off him yesterday (that I didn't need) in the hope of him getting something I didn't have. So today I visit and he has the friggin fake version of the same picture I bought yesterday
  16. I have a spare Genuine Amazing Painting if anyone needs it?
  17. Got a new recipe some of you may be missing? Skateboard Wall Rack
  18. Sent Anyone else wants one just let me know.
  19. Oh yes please! Anything you might want in return? Just got a nice new item in today of a Retro Ice Cream freezer.
  20. Got a heavy meteor shower tonight if anyone wants me to leave my island open?
  21. @SngI've opened up my island now. I have left some fossils near the recipes as well, so help yourself to those. I'll leave my island open the rest of the night so no rush. Of course, not much new to see but everyone else is free to visit as well. There is a small plush Unicorn toy for sale in Nook's that I think is new. It's one of the items you can buy multiples of so enough for everyone
  22. Yeah I found all that so disappointing. Plus, he avoided being caught for years by a whole team of cops he worked with, but some small town cop works it all out from the flimsiest of clues? Nah. Not keen on a spin off with his son. Dexter is basically a sick fucker, but is very very likeable. Can't say the same about his whiney son.
  23. @Sng Sent you a friend request. I'll open my island this evening and just leave it open all night. I'll be afk but that way you can pop over and help yourself to any recipes lying around. They are all on the floor as you exit the airport.
  24. @Sng(are you the forumite previously known as Soong?) I have a lot of starter recipes here as well. Most here already have them but they will be stuff you won't have yet. I'll leave my island open at some point later on and you are welcome to come raid it (or your daughter if she wants?)
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