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  1. Redd's in town. Everything is fake, but if you want a dodgy Warrior Statue, Serene Painting or Informative Statue for your island, give me a shout and I'll open up. All gone!
  2. My Go QuestVR head strap arrived yesterday. Not had a chance to fit it yet, but as a shopping experience, I wouldn't recommend it at all. I had zero communication from them when I ordered. No order confirmation, no shipping confirmation, no tracking.... nothing. I emailed them asking if everything was ok with my order, and the same...silence. I've seen people say the guy is busy and to cut him some slack. If he is that busy, then he can afford to hire somebody to answer emails and make sure information goes out to customers. It's safe to say that if anything goes wrong with it, I can kiss my money goodbye.
  3. Xbox One X and yeah, same story.....game is a mess. Framerate doesn't even manage a constant 25fps I don't think. Played it for around 15 minutes and that was enough. Bought digital and have requested a refund. It needs some serious patching. I hadn't played an Assetto Corsa game before, but had a nosy at it on the Xbox store, and it's pretty bloody obvious now that they were using PC footage to show off the game on there. It looks pretty sweet on the video that plays in the store. I can't believe they couldn't even get a nice stable 30fps.
  4. Cheers for that. It makes such a difference when you can have a quick in and out!
  5. Cheers. I've just posted off the black one
  6. I can send you the black telescope. Happy to swap for the grey/silver(?) one that you have listed there.
  7. Yeah this has happened to me as well. Though it did fix itself when I closed the game down completely and then restarted it. Quitting and reloading didn't help in my case, it had to be a full shutdown.
  8. There is a reasonable chance this is a bug, as looking online it seems its a quirk particular to Amazon Prime. Apparently Netflix and YouTube aren't affected and work fine. I've seen some posts on Reddit complaining that it is something that only started recently with Amazon Video stuff so fingers crossed it gets patched.
  9. I'm still after the Brachio Tail if you have it?
  10. Is the huge person sized ice cream cone light part of a set or just a one-off? cheers
  11. Same for me. I have a huge back catalogue of Xbox games still to work through. I still play on my 1080p plasma, and the One X has been a significant enough upgrade that I'm eager to get a 4k TV once the series X is out and carry on playing through my current games, plus whatever stuff will have been added to Gamepass in the meantime. I'll be buying a PS5 at some point for the exclusives of course. But for now I'm locked into Xbox and don't feel any need to change that.
  12. I guess they have implemented it like they did in New Leaf, where more and more holes appear every day if you don't dig them up, until the holes start taking up the spots where trees once stood Really bloody annoying and I'll be less than pleased if this is the same. It should just make a finite amount appear once it realises you don't want to dig.
  13. Tried via the Twitter team and they just sent me a link to their site where it shows that not all Amazon deliveries come boxed up! Will email them as well though.
  14. Well, Amazon amazingly came through for me, and this just arrived. Though as you can see, the warehouse guys decided that just slapping a sticker on the outside of the box was good enough for delivery
  15. Got one here if you want to catalogue it, as otherwise its 72,000 bells.
  16. I'll be playing for a long time to come yet. I'm happy to open my gates, but there isn't much to see.....and the main reason I don't open them all the time, is because I use it in handheld mode when I have the gates open so that I can just leave it sat there. But then the battery life isn't amazing. Also, when I mention the gates are open because x,y or z is on sale, nobody turns up because you all have those items already I've avoided trying to catalogue many items though, because I want a reason to keep switching on every day and seeing what the shops sell, and what other gifts I might receive. It's why I haven't done much with my island yet, because I don't have anywhere near complete sets to make the little areas that I want to. So yeah.....I'll be an every day player for quite some time yet
  17. I can't believe I have had the app all along and didn't know about this!
  18. That is an excellent idea, using a usb keyboard! I keep mixing up the space and delete buttons, which is why it takes me so bloody long to type anything!
  19. Sure I'll open the gate. My island is Banshee.
  20. Got another couple of recipes going spare: Oil Barrel Bathtub Ironwood Dresser And Able's has the spacesuit and ridiculously priced crown for sale.
  21. A villager is currently crafting the Ironwood Dresser. It's Violet in the house to the right of mine. No idea for how much longer but my gates are open.
  22. Some spare recipes going begging that I haven't listed before: Angled Signpost Wooden Chest Gold Bars
  23. Saharah is in town today if anyone wants to buy from her? I'll leave my gates open. She's on the main section of island as you get off the plane
  24. Thanks so much @stoofle, didn't have many to sell but left you 10% And thanks @Mr Do 71 for spotting I was leaving and letting me go before selling
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