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  1. I have to ask - do the levels improve graphically? I think it's all a little bland at the moment. I miss levels like the waterfall ones in Final Fantasy Tactics. It seems a shame that a PSone game should look so much better than this. It's kind of like JP was saying. A bunch of levels thrown together with no thought as to how they fit into the story - and so they thought they didn'd need to look very nice either.
  2. For those with a chipped machine - the demo of this game is available as a torrent. It does indeed look the dogs nads. Plus the likeness of Vin Diesel is probably THE best likeness in a game so far. There's bump mapping and fancy lighting effects galore - a real graphic whores dream. Judging by the demo it should be a cracking game.
  3. Yeah because it's Sony showing him a toy and claiming all these things - when they must have shown him pre-rendered graphics or similar (because we know it can't do it) - they wanted a nice soundbite from someone "big" and they got it. By fucking lying. Think about it.
  4. I'm surprised no-one has mentioned the George Lucas thing. Where he said Sony showed him a "toy" that could do in real time what they were doing in the Star Wars film. Proof if it were needed that Sony do indeed talk total bollocks. I have yet to see any game look as good as any effects in Star Wars - and anyone who has is blind.
  5. On the contrary, it makes sense to me - and I'm sober!! Anyway, I get it now and it's bloody obvious really, now I've had it explained. Cheers.
  6. Only started playing this this afternoon - but I'm hooked already. Just one question, why do my characters sometimes do combos and sometimes not? I set them to surround and then attack a single enemy but combo'ing seems random? Oh and the geo mod thing is wayyyyyyy over my head at the moment. But the lovely thing is, you need to know to make any progress.
  7. It's a shame they didn't implement some kind of simple trick whereby the screen lightened as your eyes grew accustomed to the darkness. It is VERY difficult seeing at times.
  8. I missed the final (?) episode of this series. Can anyone tell me what happened? It's not listed for next thrusday and I believe the series was cancelled before the final episodes were filmed. If anyone can tell me what happened and if it was indeed the final episode I'd be grateful. Cheers.
  9. Final Fantasy 3/6 is incredible Plok get's another vote here as well Finally, Secret of Mana - can't believe no-one's mentioned this one yet. There was one piece of music in a cave that featured some kind of whale song. Really beautiful. What's more impressive with the early Square Snes stuff is how much they crammed in. I remember SuperPlay featuring an Action Replay code to access over 100 different music pieces in Secret Of Mana - incredible.
  10. Victor is making me laugh with his little remarks. Kitten is "as shakey as Rik Waller doing riverdance on a 3 legged table - nice. Oh and his whole swiss tony routine - "I'm going to treat this like making love to a beautiful woman - you know what I mean". actually no victor, but fucking hell you might just stir them up a bit.
  11. Interesting that in the repeat of last nights nominations, they cut victors remarks about Kitten being a few cards short. Do they think we haven't already noticed?
  12. Seperated at birth surely? Square headed b movie actor Robert Z'Dar and hideous boxed faced tranny Nadia.
  13. What if Kitten had her male hormone treatent in her suitcase rather than her hand luggage?
  14. All of a sudden I love victor.....class."kitten isn't right mentally"
  15. It's out now on Xbox I think? The full game is available as a torrent so I assume it's either out now or in the next few days.
  16. Surely Nadia isn't the only cut and tuck? Kitten is Federico with his tackle tucked up high? Can she hereby be known as FEMerico?
  17. personally I think it's dreadful. I remember waiting in anticipation of GT2 and then thinking that it looked hideously ulgy compared to GT1. Same applies here. It doesn't seem to look any better than GT3 in fact there is some horrendous pop-up. On one of the test tracks with very little background scenery and 1 car, billboards and other track side detail appear mere feet in front of you. New York is more distracting, with what appears to be buildings and also the reflections and textures on buldings appearing as you near them. It's very noticeable and incredibly off putting. Oh and there is ZERO detail in the rear view mirror other than the actual road and the cars. No buildings, no nothing. it looks pathetic The rally mode is odd with hardly any feeling of contact between the vehicle and the ground. Plus there are invisible barriers right next to the side of the track. There is no freedom to go off road at all. Huge disappointment.
  18. I'm at a loss as to why they bother calling it Need For Speed anymore. If you compare Underground to the 3DO original they are completely different animals. I'd love to see them make a move back to A - B races with traffic etc. Even the first PSone games were better and closer to the spirit of the game.
  19. In a similar vein - does anyone know where I can download the ending to Final Fantasy 8? I got pissed off near the end of that game but i'd like to see how things panned out. Cheers.
  20. It's a shame a "fully fledged" RPG won't come along connected with this game. So many times on the levels I'd love to have wandered off across the hills to see what lay further ahead. It's a beautifully crafted place.
  21. I do believe I'm mixing up "rules" with "objectives" now I think about it
  22. I thought that's what was supposed to happen but the first level seemed identical? I assum then, that it changes after that? In which case i'll be straight back on it tonight.
  23. It looks fantastic I have to say. Pity it has a Dvaid Beckham lookalike as the lead hero though. Oh and I want random battles damnit.
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