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    I'm loving the soundtrack. It is giving me real Secret of Mana vibes at times. I had come in here to moan about the difficulty, completely forgetting about No Fail mode. Back to that bastard Siege Engine boss!
  2. At first I honestly thought I was being a moron and had missed something simple. It is truly bizarre how they have implemented it.
  3. I wish you could choose the option of vehicle handling from GTA 4. I hate the super sticky, twitchy steering of the cars in this.
  4. Same here actually. Nothing happens when I put it in energy saver mode. Downloads stop and so do updates. I'm in the preview program so definitely have an up to date firmware.
  5. I've been trying to find a quote from someone at Rockstar that was made last year. They were talking about how they didn't want to just put out the same game in a higher resolution, or some such. But wanted to add to the experience in more depth. Something along those lines.
  6. It really is quite the disappointment really. It makes me wonder if it was actually even less of an "upgrade" from this, but then they saw the backlash toward the trilogy remake, hence the delay in releasing it.
  7. I'm sure that roulette thing is fixed if you bought the deluxe edition and started the game with 1.5 million credits. I am up to the cafe guy asking me to widen a car so I've done a lot of races and every single card has given me the lowest prize. Just had a four star one that gave me a measly 30,000 credits. They might as well have put me in the stocks and thrown rotten fruit at me.
  8. I have been in the preview program for ages and completely missed this. Having just had my new energy bill quoting me over double in price I'm looking for ways to save energy. Which also means waving goodbye to my plasma I reckon. That thing is power hungry and a nice OLED is just the ticket.
  9. Just in case anyone has money to throw around (which I doubt considering fuel prices etc at the moment) Bang and Olufsen have now released the Portal headset for the PS5/PC. Rather annoyingly, unlike the Xbox version, this new set allows for two devices to be connected simultaneously and they also come with a soft carry bag. https://www.bang-olufsen.com/en/gb/headphones/beoplay-portal?variant=beoplay-portal-black-anthracite-playstation-pc
  10. Well shit. You'd think if Hello Games can keep updating No Mans Sky on multiple consoles and even bring it to Switch, that Frontier could have done that with this. Had the game with the current expansions sat there patiently waiting for Odyssey. Think it's time to delete it.
  11. Huh! Same quick download for me, but after waiting 15 minutes and the file only being 50% copied, I switched it off.
  12. Stuck the game on earlier for a quick half hour but the patch was up. Why oh why does it take a few seconds to download the patch, then fucking forever to "copy" it? What is all that power and super speed SSD doing exactly?
  13. Eyebrows starting to raise at the fact the store pages don't have a single trailer or screenshot of this. I'm still buying it again because I'm a dickhead, but it is a bit concerning.
  14. It's up for pre-order now on the Xbox store with a 50% discount at £17.49 yet only £8.75 on the PS5. That's for the story mode of course. Cheaper than I was expecting to be honest, even at the Xbox discount price.
  15. I'm playing it and enjoying it. I do wish they would just put that little bit of extra effort into melee combat though. A nicer animation and feeling of weight would do wonders for it. It's early doors yet though and once I get some decent ranged weaponry it obviously won't matter so much. Frame rate can be a touch rough, but I started playing this over Elden Ring, as that was the first game in years to give me motion sickness.
  16. How the hell, after seven iterations, can they still not have a "next licence" option when you finish one of the licences?
  17. @StevoJust sent you a Robust Statue matey
  18. They have posted on Twitter that they released a patch over the weekend that fixed the stuttering on the Series X. They need to get their eyes checked because it's no different. Point to point races are still the worst offenders.
  19. All those rappers. I must be getting old as they all came across as talentless wankers who would rather be gangsters, but really don't have the brains to even do that. Special prize to the moron who gets a contract with Atlantic then gets caught with a gun and back to prison he goes. What a dipshit. The guy wafting his money around. The twat with the tattoos on his face doing a drug deal while wearing a microphone. Mind boggling.
  20. It's very strange on Series X and at times doesn't feel like frame drops, it feels more like watching a video slowing down and speeding up. The performance on one of the point to point races is absolutely diabolical. Shadows popping in, changing detail right in front of your car. As @T Pot says, LOD issues all over the place. Coming off the back of Forza Horizon 5, which shows what the Series X is capable of, this can be downright embarrassing. The night race at Bathurst is the worst offender so far. Racing at night in the rain is really rough. It's a shame because I kinda like it. But it's clear that once Gran Turismo drops, this won't get a look in.
  21. Had a handful of races now and on hard it's a bit too easy. I do like the A.I losing wheels and engines blowing though, and then them trying to get off the racing line. But on Series X at least, they really need to sort out the pad vibration. There's zero vibration when locking wheels and sliding into a corner. So weird to feel cars bump you, to feel rough spots on the road, but feel fuck all about what the car is actually doing. I've seen a few people complaining about bugs so I'm hoping this is something they are already aware of. Otherwise it looks nice enough but all the cars so far, no matter how powerful, are far too sticky. I've driven a few open wheel cars and they can be a handful, but so far the one I have driven in this feel like a Scalextric car, stuck down like glue to the track. I have had a look in the options but didn't notice an option for simulation or arcade handling? Maybe it's there and I missed it. Enjoyable nonsense so far though with those cutscenes. How they keep a straight face I'll never know.
  22. I must admit I can't put it down. But I'm getting sick of looking for side quests only to be greeted with yet another speed challenge.
  23. I played it with a wired 360 pad it was great. Though admittedly they aren't that easy to get hold of now (in decent condition) unless you have one lying around.
  24. My biggest takeaway from that is "why are we still unable to mass delete messages"
  25. You can actually easily switch regions on the rewards page and find that other regions will have different daily quizzes and polls, all of which get added to your same account of course. As to whether MS would eventually catch on and punish you in some way is another story though.
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