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  1. @Daley I haven't forgotten I need to swap race car beds with you by the way and @Broker could I get the pink and black one please? I can send cask or swap you something? Cheers I've also now realised I vastly over-estimated how many cars I could fit into that room. So I'm going to make an outdoor car dealers instead.
  2. Thanks so much. What can I send you in return?
  3. Oh god....why have they made it like the fishing? I can't be arsed in that case.
  4. I've just read that they are closing all their stores as well, with only New York, London, Sydney and Redmond remaining open and being re-imagined as "experience centres" and no longer selling products So how long before they close as well. I wish I could waste money like they do.
  5. Ah bugger...forgot we have to meet first before we can send stuff. Will sort you out later
  6. Just double checking....Tet from Bester?
  7. Are you collecting throwback stuff? I have the following throwback bits: Container (yellow) Dino Screen Gothic Mirror (red) Hat Table Mitt Chair (camel and red) Skull Radio (red and gray) Wall Clock (green and purple) Wrestling Figure (blue)
  8. The flowery yellowy one
  9. I could have sworn you were on my friends list! That's awesome though....how can I repay you??
  10. I'm after the Throwback Race Car Bed in colours other than green please. I'm trying to create a nice street scene, but need traffic The trouble is, everyone here seems to have everything so I'm not sure what I can offer as a swap other than bells?? Let me know! Here's what I'm working on:
  11. Quick update on the GoquestVR Halo. Really liking it now I have sat and really dialled in the fitting for my head. The optional headphones are naff though. I hoped they would give a bit more bass than the built in speakers, but they aren't any improvement at all. I'm wondering if there is some kind if volume restriction built in like so many things have these days that use headphones? But yeah, happy with my purchase and I really hope with any further updates models, they just rip off the PSVR mounting, as its perfect really.
  12. Are you on my friends list? Hit me up with an invite as my island is open at the minute Switch code is in my sig
  13. Sure I'll open now but I'll be afk. If there is anything you want in Nooks, help yourself as I already have everything that is on sale. Just going to be taking a doctors call any second, so give me 15 minutes
  14. This is why I need to stop adding to my backlog. I bought WRC8 on release and still haven't played it!
  15. I'm guessing after the various high prices here this week that everyone has sold their turnips. But just in case, I have 521 at mine at the moment. I'll open up if you want to sell.
  16. It threw me as well as he's at mine. But I'm guessing it is because the Bug Off is tomorrow? Or was it a fishing tournament?
  17. Sahara is in town at mine as well. Over on the left side of the island. I'm AFK but will leave the gates open as long as the battery lasts.
  18. Just fitted it and it makes quite the difference. I really didn't like where the pressure points hit on my face before, but this takes the weight off nicely. However, with the speakers and extra faceplate surround it came to about £85 which is quite a lot of money really. And also I am not entirely sure the ratchet system for locking it into position on your head is going to be that robust. It feels a bit flimsy as you click it around. Nowhere near the quality of the PSVR mechanism. It does feel nicely locked in place though....I shook my head around etc and it stayed in position. But I'll definitely be able to play for longer sessions now that's for sure, which I guess is all I wanted at the end of the day
  19. Ah bugger. I was hoping that it was maybe not supposed to be possible, but that people had found a way around it. Thanks!
  20. How do I display wall mounted stuff outside? I thought putting up those screens would do the trick, but no luck. I want to display my neon diner clock. Cheers
  21. I'll open up now. I'll be afk...bring a ladder!!
  22. Redd's in town. Everything is fake, but if you want a dodgy Warrior Statue, Serene Painting or Informative Statue for your island, give me a shout and I'll open up. All gone!
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