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  1.  So the rather surpising that Suzuki are leaving Moto GP at the end of this year. How utterly bizarre to put all that work into getting a bike that is truly competitive and then call it a day. No official announcement yet, but it has been confirmed by some members of the team that they were informed at the testing session this past weekend. 

     By the way, am I the only one here who doesn't really feel any particular excitement watching Quartararo race? Don't know what it is about him, but I just couldn't care less how well he is doing. I find him rather bland to be honest. 

  2.  I could have sworn I had posted in here before now.


     Anyway, still got one tucked away in a cupboard somewhere I think. If I recall correctly, my favourite games on it were Burn Cycle, The 7th Guest and a point and click adventure called Secret Mission. 


     I remember going almost every week, for what felt the better part of a year, to the local hi-fi shop trying to get the FMV cartridge and it always being delayed. Once I received it, I actually got an invite from Philips to test out a web browser. They sent me a modem, which I don't think was even 56k? (still got it somewhere) And the software to get the internet up and running. 


     Oh boy was the browsing slow. You could even send emails but typing using that original wireless controller was a bit of a mare. But I stuck with it because at the time it was my first time accessing the internet and I found all this porn! 😳

     It wouldn't run videos as far as I recall and took bloody ages to even load up jpegs. I think at the time one of the favoured sites was something like "Ahhhhhhh, celebrities missing their panties" 😳 but that isn't quite gaming related. 

  3. 1 hour ago, Quexex said:

    Totally missed this... not doing well at the organising players for GTFriday atm ... just so busy with working :( I'll be on again on Friday, looking to get more than two of us in a room in the hope we can pick up some randos - add me PSN ID Quexex


    A new trick that takes the Tomahawk  down to 500PP.


  4. @FretnoiseCheers for that Tomahawk setup. I was worried they had somehow fixed it at first as once I had changed the power and gears it started showing an exclamation mark for the PP number. No idea what I did in the end other than back out and go back in and mess around and it worked then. Couldn't quite hit the PP figure you did though for whatever reason. But got close enough to blitz it. I just wanted the bloody thing ticked off and completed :) 

  5. 21 hours ago, SeanR said:

    Did that 12 lap Tokyo race again


    835,000 including the clean race bonus.


    now it’s only worth 500,000.


    but there’s 5 Laps on Nurburgring GP worth 110,000, so I’ve set the boy to harvesting. That and deep forest…

     What car are you using as they seem to have nerfed the ones recommended around the internet, since the last update. There are crazy incremental steps in some of the power and ecu settings now that mess with how you can set a car up. Bloody annoying.

  6. @George ClooneyYeah I started this on the Xbox the other day. To be honest I'm surprised it wasn't on Gamepass as it seems perfect for that service. 

     I won't spoil anything, but with regards your first spoiler, I needed to have done the same thing and had the exact same outcome as you but with a completely different scenario. That's a bit disappointing really as it suggests there's only a very small selection of things needed, to finish the game in a multitude of ways. 

  7. 22 minutes ago, moosegrinder said:


    The progress tab on the club says it has 12 achievements.

    How odd. I went into the achievements tab while playing it and it just had that notice saying they weren't supported!

  8. Started playing Route 96 this morning. Interestingly it says it doesn't support achievements, which it seems it did when it was on Steam. I would have thought part of the T&C's of releasing a game on Xbox was that it supported them?

  9. Now I've finished the cafe stuff I'm getting a little bored with it sadly. I don't like the finickyness of having to start going through the track lists looking for races I haven't done. I want a bog standard "Sunday Cup, Japanese Cup" listing like the old games. 

     I'm also missing all the old classic tracks. I would happily pay for a track package that had Grand Valley Speedway, El Capitan, the Special Stages, Seattle etc.

  10. 54 minutes ago, Paulando said:

    I’d recommend listening to one of the newest Back Page Pod episodes, where they talk about the best (and worst) Kirby games. Matthew appears to have lots of experience with them, and for someone like me who has never really clicked with the series, it was super interesting.

    Sounds great! I'll definitely give it a listen thanks :) 

  11.  I've really been enjoying this. I am right near the end of the game now I believe, at around 70 hours. My main gripe is that I don't think the world is anywhere near as interesting to explore as the first game. 

     Combat definitely felt better and I'm sure the difficulty is quite a bit easier as well. I remember grinding at times I the first game, but this has been pretty easy to be honest. There has been one bug I have seen a few times though, where chunks of scenery just disappear when inside certain structures and I can't believe they still haven't patched it. Compared with the PC release, the console patches have taken forever. 

  12. 2 hours ago, Dimahoo said:

    I adored Mercedes-Benz World Racing. Even now it feels quite different. It was like TDU before TDU. And the crashtimes series. 



     I was thinking of posting about this earlier, but figured nobody would know what the hell I was talking about!

    It's my all-time favourite racing game by far. Those areas you got to race in were massive, especially considering the hardware back then. I loved how the difficulty slider went from 0-100% in 1% steps so you could get the A.I perfectly tuned to your ability. I also remember how the A.I was genuinely clever. You could park just around a blind corner and watch the a.i scramble to get around you rather than them all pile up single file behind you. 

    When I heard that OG Xbox games were going to be backward compatible on the Xbox One I bought the disc again for this game thinking all games would work, but sadly not to be. It's the sole reason I have hung onto my CRT TV. I have read that it just might work on an RGH'd 360 but not seen anything concrete one way or the other. 

  13.  I bow down to anyone that managed to do the Quarry and later section playing normally. I died more times trying to get halfway through the Quarry, than I have done in all the Dark Souls games combined. And as for some of the hidden stuff, I'd imagine Stephen Hawking would have been tearing his hair out.

  14. I'm stumped if anyone who has finished this can give me a pointer? 


    I rang two bell towers so far. I have the hookshot style item, the fireball firing weapon and have found and used the first red key. But now I seem to only be able to go to the graveyard area, which I can't activate properly yet so nothing works in there like save spots etc. 

    I think maybe the quarry is next? But it seems like a huge jump in difficulty. Oh and I have found that tall tower with the boss on the roof, but he wasted me with a couple of hits. Cheers


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