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  1. 2 hours ago, Number 28 said:

    I found the first shrine that I really didn't like in the central/south area

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    it's on the Great Plateau and I think it was called Transfer of Force. I'm pretty sure I was using the 'correct' solution, it was just that attaching the pole at the exact spot to give enough length to push the platforms, but without causing the gear to get stuck... Things kept getting seized up, the mechanism needed stopping and starting, re-attaching the pole over and over. It was pretty infuriating.


    That dazzlefruit suggestion is brilliant btw, I can't stand bothersome enemies that sprout out of the ground.

    I messed around doing that, then once done decided to watch how others had done it. Never occurred to me to attach the pole to the platform

  2. 8 hours ago, Mike1812 said:

    Late to the party, but this has taken over my life. Anyone still play?

    I still stick it on for a short while every day to dig up fossils (really wish there was an option to stop them appearing once you have collected them all) and to make sure my islanders don't leave. They are my prisoners :) 

  3. On 11/04/2023 at 19:57, bradigor said:

    I got TSW3 and just wondered if anyone knew if there is a way to tell which DLC from the other TSW games are compatible?

    I believe only one track (one of the USA ones) isn't compatible. I had TSW2 and bought pretty much all the track DLC's and they are all working in TSW3. Some were released on a drip feed at first but all came across within a few weeks. 

  4. 10 hours ago, Stanley said:

    Gerard Smith, passed away in 2011 :(

    Oh no! 😢 As you can tell from my reaction, it isn't a band I followed. I believe I heard that song in the first Crew game. Loved it and then found that Letterman video. From there it appeared on Rockband which I was overjoyed about. That's genuinely gutting to hear it just now :( 

  5. Just now, geldra said:

    @SteveHi think plain walls are a no no. 

    I haven’t got Moss (yet) so can’t comment but I have noticed the “shift” a couple of times but it’s relatively infrequent, I usually put it down to lighting. (I sit in front of the TV (turned off) so I think that’s probably a good reference point for the inside out cameras to use for tracking. 

     Funnily enough I have literally just read about someone with plain walls sticking different coloured post-it notes on it to try and help. 

  6. 23 minutes ago, sid said:

    have you found anything that helps ? Lighting maybe 🤷 or sitting back in the room / more reference points for camera 


    any tips much appreciated because that’s quite off putting!

     To be honest it hasn't been too much of an issue for me. But after replying to your post it started me thinking. I tend to play a lot sat down in the bedroom and there's a lot of clutter in here, well not so much clutter as there being lots of odd shapes and colours and I'm wondering if that is a factor.

     Yesterday although it was reasonably bright, GT7 kept pausing because it said it had lost tracking, so I turned on the bedroom lights as well and it sorted it. I am now thinking decent lighting and a more uniform background (maybe sat facing a plain wall or something?) might help?

     Have you tried redoing the room scan?


    edit: just found someone talking about this on Reddit and saying they helped eliminate it by not having things too close to you. I sometimes sit on the bed and as I'm looking around I would definitely be up close to certain objects. 

  7. 38 minutes ago, sid said:

    I had a few issues playing moss2.


    subtle slow movements of the headset sometimes resulted in the whole world shifting back and forth by a few pixels. It was really off putting and my brain was definitely not happy with it ! I can’t remember this happening on vr1 or quest.


    perhaps the cameras not able to detect the subtle movements ?? I was sitting down at the time. 

    but I honestly couldn’t believe what I was seeing with moss2, absolutely stunning to look at. The animation is superb, really helps with immersion. I would love a Zelda in this style….

     I get that subtle shift as well. I also used to get it a lot on the original Oculus Quest, especially when playing Moss 1. I just assumed that inside out tracking wasn't 100% accurate at keeping track of your position? 

  8.  How is SKY still absolute dogshit when it comes to keeping series locked in to the planner? Missed the first race because it didn't start recording it as it should. Yet stuff I have removed from the planner gets added again and again, including repeats 🤬

     Thankfully they have now actually started showing highlights. Why they can't repeat the full race though when half the time the F1 channel isn't broadcasting a bloody thing is a mystery.

  9. 41 minutes ago, Parappa said:

    I am going to try this on GT7 now.  I would be surprised if the update changed anything like the reprojection but I am willing to hope it does. 

    I have just been playing it myself and when you are overtaking a car and look to the side it does look much better. Replays still look a bit rough though.

  10.  Is there a quick option for changing your seat position in GT7? In Star Wars it has a handy option for changing your height (though I still seem to be a giant compared to most of the NPC's) and I was hoping GT7 had the same thing as I feel too far away from the wheel.

     I thought after having a terrible time with Driveclub, that GT7 would make me feel sick as well, but oddly the only time I get queazy is if I look down at my feet.

     Can anyone remember that game on the original Oculus Quest where you played as both a tiny and giant character? You did some platforming and puzzling. I'd like to see a sequel to that.

  11. I'm loving the Star Wars game so far, and apparently I'm still in the early stages, with it getting better when you get to the DLC sections. I have read it's anywhere from 8-10 hours in length so quite meaty for a VR game.

     The only thing I find disappointing is that it can't focus in on distant enemies, so unlike your eyes that adjust and focus, they look a bit of a mess and can be difficult to aim at if only a part of them is visible. 


     My controllers don't seem to last that long though, maybe 3 hours at a push which is a bit rubbish. 

  12. 38 minutes ago, geldra said:

    Anyone else finding the “nose flaps” really tickly!?



    Not tickly, but quite tight against my nose if I get the sweet spot for the lenses right. I also wish the forehead padding was maybe an inch taller as well. On the whole I don't find it as comfortable as the original PSVR.

  13. So one niggle I have, and had on the PSVR 1 as well, is that when just looking at the dashboard/home screen, it is ever so slightly tilted to the left. I know a lot of people had problems with this on the original one as well and all sorts of supposed fixes were posted around the internet, none of which worked for very long. 

     Even holding down the PS button to centre it, still tilts it slightly. Not a major problem but a bit annoying that this happened to me with the first psvr as well. 


     Also, how the heck can I make it so that my character isn't the height of a 2 year old in the Star Wars game? I'm using it sat down at the moment and no matter what settings I change, I can never go beyond puberty. To give you an idea, I can't get my eye line above half the height of the doors. 

  14. 4 hours ago, Pug said:

    I've boxed the headset and the charge station back up and initiated a return.


    Just not a big enough visual improvement for me for the money.


    The tracking was good though, but it should be, and the camera view is a good addition but I just can't ignore the mura effect that reminds me of DSE you can get on LCD TVs and the lack of sharpness further away.


    Maybe I'll try again with the PSVR3.





     It has made me wonder what it would look like if they had used pancake lenses. I don't have any experience with those lenses, it's only what I have read. But I think it may well have been a nice improvement to the headset.

  15.  Not gonna lie, initial impressions as setting up weren't great. It looks so blurry and has that bloody whatsit thing, where colours split? Some games have it as a design choice but I can't recall what it's called.


     Anyway, setting up the eye distance was easy, I was worried it might be a bit difficult as I have a lazy eye, though it does move in sync with my good eye, but it's amazing then looking at the little dots and seeing your eyes look at them perfectly. 

     Moss II, that starting area outside the castle is just wonderful. I am trying it sat on my bed and I'm literally right in the middle of it and it looks lovely. Kayak VR, just starting in the main area is awesome. Then when you see you can use the oar to push yourself away from the sides of the pool....lovely. Shame there is no haptic feedback for that though. 

     GT7....no idea what the hell is going on, as it has updated but it won't pick it up as being a VR game for some reason? But Kayak VR made me feel ever so slightly queazy so I'm nervous to try GT7. 

     I've owned the original Oculus and the PSVR and this is indeed quite the step up, not just in fidelity but of course actual polygon detail as well. Love it so far. 

  16. Are the charging stations and headsets arriving together then? I had despatch notifications for them hours apart and the tracking number for the charging station just links to an error page on the tracking site. Thanks

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