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  1. Series 3 of the U.S version has gone up on All4. Is that an indication that it isn't as popular as the Aussie one? Either way, I'd forgotten just how loud it is compared to the Oz one. It's all just so in your face.
  2. That ship on this weeks Oz episode is awesome!
  3. Nice! I am curious to hear those myself. I have the Penrose headset for the Xbox and it's a cracking headset.
  4. Considering they are end of line, it wouldn't surprise me if the PS5 version gets a huge discount soon and that version works just fine with the PC. You might get lucky.
  5. I haven't used it on PC at all. You are right though, everything I've also read suggests that they work horribly on PC (the Xbox version at least) sadly.
  6. I'm not sure if I tempted fate or not posting the price of them, as a couple of days later I started having an issue with my Xbox Portals and now need to send them back to B&O. I've heard that they sometimes send back reconditioned headsets instead of doing a repair, which always annoys me as I look after my stuff and always want it fixed if possible (once it is a fair few months old). So I ended up buying a second pair to ensure I have a working pair for the foreseeable future. I was hesitant as I initially hadn't noticed that they were sold by a third party who don't have the best trust pilot rating. But triple checked that it was actually fulfilled by Amazon, which they are, so knew I was safe. And a brand spanking new pair arrived today
  7. @MikesThat's awesome! I'm extremely jealous
  8. Anyone that had a passing interest in the Bang and Olufsen Xbox headset, it is apparently end of line now, and are up on Amazon for £190 reduced from £449.99! I absolutely love mine. For that price you really should check them out. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/Bang-Olufsen-Beoplay-Portal-Comfortable-Navy/dp/B08W8NS65P/ref=sr_1_5?crid=3T1144LVDNKFY&keywords=bang%2Band%2Bolufsen%2Bheadphones&qid=1674558274&sprefix=bang%2B%2Caps%2C99&sr=8-5&th=1
  9. One of my favourite duos were the Chinese brothers in the U.S one. That dragon they built in episode one was awesome. Sadly, one of them was a bit too arrogant for my liking and they focused far too much on always trying to have a Chinese theme. I do think they were robbed of the overall win though.
  10. Apologies if this has been posted before, but fuck me this is sweet
  11. It was originally an OG Xbox and PC game. It plays really well actually. It does look great on the Steam Deck and runs at maximum settings at 60fps. Any kind of AA is disabled though for some reason. It was known at the time for having huge environments to race in. Though I still think the first game is better. They've updated the graphics though the cars have been slightly remodelled as they don't have the license for them anymore. I seem to remember it integrating custom music really well on the Xbox.
  12. For connoisseurs of the racing genre, the second best racing game of all time, World Racing 2, is back on sale in remastered form (number one racing game is of course the first one ) and a bargain at only £6 odd. Not tried it yet but it has an official Steam control setup so I am guessing the devs must have tested it? Finally got around to putting my skin on as well. It was a right pain in the arse.
  13. @Gotters The gimmicks really piss me off. I reached my limit when the Oz one introduced the platinum brick and the two girls were able to save themselves after their build collapsed. That was bullshit. Thankfully the team eliminated were able to get back on the show.
  14. Aussie series is definitely my favourite. Though thanks @Vespa Alexfor that link as I'll definitely watch the NZ one as well. Even after watching several series, I'm still in awe at what they can build in the time given. I also think Brickman in the aussie one seems like such a great bloke. It's quite sad seeing him getting all teary eyed when he has to eliminate a team.
  15. I grabbed one and it's a lovely piece of kit, bar the ring for accessing menus, which feels a bit cheap. But everything else feels great/ Not had a chance to try it with helicopters yet, but I'll try it later and let you know.
  16. I sat on this for ages as I thought the turn based battle system would make exploring a bit of a chore. It is now up there as probably being my joint favourite Yakuza game ever. Loved every minute of it. Though I REALLY wish they wouldn't put ridiculously long sections at the end of the game, where you can't save at all. It's a hell of a chunk of time to put aside to get to the end.
  17. SteveH

    High on Life

    I must admit that it hooked me in and I'm really enjoying it now. But god that soundtrack. I think it's the worst thing I have ever heard.
  18. SteveH

    High on Life

    It has subtitles but no colour blind options etc. I've just noticed that in the options you can turn down enemy and gun chatter, so that's something I might be using.
  19. As @K says, the handling is great when it clicks (and when you get better, faster cars) but the city is quite disappointing. In fact the more I plat it, the more I keep wanting to go back and finish off NFS: Heat, which I think is a much better city and an overall better game.
  20. SteveH

    High on Life

    Watch this short sequence where you get the knife. I'm sure some will find it hilarious, but it does feel a little bit like it's aimed at an age bracket that isn't legally allowed to buy it. I do like the gameplay so far though. The video clip is definitely NSFW if you have the sound on!
  21. SteveH

    High on Life

    Just had a quick blast on this. It's quite funny in places, but seems to be trying a bit too hard. I can imagine the talking gun getting quite annoying. There is also a LOT of swearing, which seems a bit too forced as well. I swear like there's no tomorrow, but this just feels like they think more swearing equals funnier dialogue. Looks nice enough though, but on Series X the framerate is pretty poor. And the distant artwork that is supposed to look like scenery, looks absolutely piss poor. But I did enjoy what I played of it.
  22. Ah I'm on Xbox just using a controller, but the Dualsense could be set up quite differently.
  23. If nothing else, I'd try it with the deadzone for the steering turned right down if I were you. It's set at something nuts like 20%. The Steeringfeels a lot tighter to me once you turn it down.
  24. Cheers. I did figure out earlier actually. I was just too busy tear arsing around for it to fill in what should be there, so was just seeing circles everywhere. Thanks
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