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  1. I've opened my gates now for anyone that wants to grab stars. I have my Switch plugged in so can leave it on all night.
  2. Thanks but had to edit my post. I don't know my arse from my elbow and already have it. I'm old.....that's my excuse!!!
  3. Could I possibly get that Valiant Statue please? Cheers edit: I'm an arse....I already have it (In my little statue area)
  4. Just to give anyone a heads up that collects stars. There is a heavy meteor shower tonight on my island. I don't know if Celeste will be there though. I'll open my gates around 6:30pm and leave my island open all night. I might pop in and out myself but I'm busy catching up with Cobra Kai in the evenings I'll post again later just as a reminder.
  5. If you want wireless I believe you have to go with Xbox Specific headphones. But if they can be used wired then you can plug any old set into the controller and use them that way.
  6. @womble9 I meant to post this reply yesterday in response to your noisy HDD woes. Now, this may sound nuts, but if my little polystyrene feet hadn't helped in my case then I was going to do the following. I was going to get a 3D printer and print a frame with hooks so that I could attach several elastic bands and suspend my HDD on them to deaden vibration. I was also going to buy some sound proofing stuff that people stick on walls and use double sided sticky tape to stick some to the outside of the HDD to see if that stuff worked "in reverse" so to speak. It might sound a little crackers but
  7. Watch Dogs has an audio bug which has been noted on their own forums and also has been talked about a lot on Reddit. Apparently UbiSoft are working on a fix, but since they still haven't fixed the stuttering problems with Ghost Recon on the Series consoles, I'm not holding my breath.
  8. I put my external HDD on some little polystyrene feet that I made from some old packing. Works like a charm for soaking up the annoying vibration.
  9. I went on Nookazon the other day after seeing @StumpyJohnmention it here. I wanted the DIY recipe for the present stack. Are people insane on there? 499,999 bells for a friggin recipe? Someone wanted 50 Nook miles ticket thingies. Jesus! And to think we all send each other stuff here for freebies now we are all bellionaires!
  10. Redd is on my island. For the first time ever with all fakes if memory serves: Jolly Painting - Fake Serene Painting - Fake Mystic Statue - Fake Solemn Painting - Fake Will open up if any of you fellow tyrants fancy of them
  11. As a chatpad owner I really hope they include support for it. I think it would be a good compromise.
  12. Finally managed to get that weather site to suss my weather seed. I swear I could have trained how to be a meteorologist for real in the bloody time it has taken!!
  13. Some spare recipes, which I'll be amazed if anyone is missing them! Also Able's has Reindeer Jumpers for sale which I haven't seen before at my store. Available in 3 fetching wintery colours. Ideal for the tyrant running a desert island during the winter. Cherry Hat Ski-slope Flooring Gold Armour Log Stakes Kettle Bathtub Natural Garden Chair Steel-frame Wall Snowflake Wreath Kettlebell Ornament Mobile x 2 Bamboo Stool Ironwood Table Rustic-stone Wall Illuminated Reindeer Gold Bars Log Decor
  14. The very same issue occurred at times with the Xbox One as well. I had it happen quite a few times.
  15. @DaleyCould I get the Ukulele please? Cheers
  16. @StumpyJohnCould I get the Golden Dung Beetle recipe please? Cheers
  17. Perhaps a better name for you would be Sneakball?
  18. And as if to prove what an old man I am, I have just realised I need to actually open the gates to allow visitors! You know what still gets me? That split second when Orville freezes when you say you want to invite all your friends and he just stares for that moment before opening the gates. Tickles me every time.
  19. Redd is in town. Only fakes left though: Serene Painting - fake Wistful Painting - fake Graceful Painting - fake I'll leave my island open for the next few hours in case anybody wants anything. There's also a White Upright Piano in Nooks (53,000 bells) if anyone fancies it.
  20. That's strange because I went through a period of switching between that game and Cyberpunk and QR worked fine with both.
  21. So is @Meatball's new name Cheeseball seeing as he gets so stuffy where fishing is concerned?
  22. Usually the dung beetles on my island (as they did with New Leaf) roll them into the bloody water! Does anyone here ever find their islanders in the museum? I used to have a right old time in New Leaf sometimes, trying to find some of them and they would be in the museum tucked away in a corner somewhere. But in this game, other than the shops and very rarely in someone else's home, I haven't ever seen them in the museum.
  23. Wasn't it the case that the main Avalanche team made JC2 then went on to make Mad Max amongst other things, whilst a U.S team of theirs made JC3 and 4. Which would explain the dip in quality as they don't seem to have a grasp on what made 2 so great.
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