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  1. I was going to grab it, but got tied up with stuff and missed out And Amazon have it but want £50 more than other retailers, which isn't like them at all.
  2. I've sent you one You don't need to destroy one of your outdoor displays though, its cool. I'll treat you to the bed
  3. I bought a neat Green Racing Car Bed from Nooks today. Give me a holler if anybody wants one
  4. I'm still after a Brachio Tail if anybody can help me out?
  5. I don't need it, but I want it!
  6. Sure..sorry, I didn't get a notification when you posted. Will open now edit: in case you pop back, I sent you a friend request and opened the gates. I'm feeling a bit rough and am going to get my head down for a bit, but I'll leave my Switch on until the battery goes flat. It's just after 8pm and I reckon there are a couple of hours of battery life left
  7. Just opened them. I'm AFK but help yourself to recipes etc
  8. If anybody here missed out on Tetmon's, I have 435 on my island. Give me a holler and I'll open my gates up for you.
  9. Thanks again @Tetmon I had a fair few turnips this week, but just did the one trip to give others a chance before time runs out. Got a good enough price at mine to sell the rest. I left a tip behind you
  10. Yeah I had something similar, and also had a mid 500 but it fell at the end of the week when everyone had already sold their nips. You'll probably have a ridiculously high price in the 600's soon
  11. Cheers for this @Tetmon got 435 at mine, but as I still have a ton of work to do on my island, I'm selling at yours
  12. Leif's in town selling Windflowers and Mums if anybody is after them.
  13. Bought this snazzy composers wig from Able's today, but it insists on matching my actual hair colour rather than staying white. Can I fix that without changing my characters hair colour? Cheers
  14. Well, I'm supposedly heading for mid 500's tomorrow afternoon....we shall see! The last time it predicted a high price for me, it was actually almost bang on.
  15. Dropped your stuff off. Your island is just amazing! I always feel like I'm travelling back to the slums after visiting other people islands.
  16. Got a mini wrestling figure and flowery design surfboard for sale in Nook's today if anybody wants them @StumpyJohnLet me know when your island is next open as I have 3 items here for you ...save me posting them over a couple of days
  17. Games where you click through the intros for the umpteenth time to continue playing, but the default cursor position is "new game"
  18. I've sent two across, but need to wait until the next day rolls around. I had no idea you were limited to two letters!
  19. Pudge on my island is currently crafting Medium Cardboard Boxes....no idea for how much longer. Gates are open but I'm AFK if anyone is interested. His house is to the right of the town hall.
  20. Sold (gifted) to the Lady in the fancy hat. edit: just posted it
  21. I've got Archelon Skull, Diplo chest and Spino Tail. I have put a little sticker on them with your name on
  22. Thought I'd list my spare recipes again for anybody perhaps new and looking for the more common ones that others already have. Bamboo Grove Wall Cardboard Chair Garden Rock Green Leaf Pile x 2 Hanging Terrarium Knitted Grass Backpack x 2 Leaf Leaf Umbrella x 2 Orange wall-mounted Clock Pan Flute Peach Umbrella Tree Standee Wooden-mosaic Wall And a pile of fossils but it takes way too long to type them out!
  23. Yeah I tried arguing that I was asking for a refund the same day of purchase, and that I had barely played it, but they just won't listen. And now the game is marked in my purchase history as "request denied" so further attempts now just have them sending back that standard reply below. This is exactly what they kept sending me in emails I understand you're requesting a refund. Here's what I found after looking into your request: Our refund policy doesn't allow refunds for digital game products that have been played or consumed. Thanks for understanding.
  24. Yep they refused me a refund a couple of weeks back as well. I had bought the Mafia Trilogy not realising you got a discount if you bought it through Mafia 3's menu screens. I tried explaining that I wanted a refund so that I could purchase it again "the correct way" and they were having none of it. I'd played the Mafia 2 remake for half an hour or so, and they used that as an excuse. I tried again several times but kept being knocked back.
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