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  1. Many thanks for more Mario items this morning I've sent out a Thwomp and Green Pipe to the usual suspects this morning
  2. Managed to improve slightly after chasing @footle's ghost for what seemed like an eternity. MrBungle06 1:03.787 - I reckon I could get that down to the 1:02's if I could get that first corner right.
  3. They remind me of Manchester museum. You must have been there and seen that huge spider crab they have on display there??
  4. Most of the PGR stuff was amazing, thanks to being based around real world locations. I particularly liked Sunset Peninsula in Forza 4. And El Capitan from Gran Turismo. I also always really loved racing Royal Raceway in MarioKart 64, but I know a lot of people think it's boring and too long.
  5. Something I'd probably leave until last, like the rugs for example That would be fine thanks. I've sent out Mario's shoes to everyone as well. I've got some plans now to tear down my petrol station and build my Mario world there.
  6. @TetThanks for the gift I've sent out a Mario outfit to everybody. There are so many items, and the limit on what you can order is annoying so figured I'd speed up collecting a little bit
  7. Same. I assume playing with actual controller settings is ok, as I need to mess around with braking sensitivity. It snatches far too easily for me at the moment and that's losing me time as well.
  8. MrBungle06 - 1:04:265 What's the semi circle showing for me under auto? Is that because I'm using automatic clutch as I'm using manual gears. And can we bring back the neg button just for @Meatball please
  9. I'd be up for it provided there is a nice mix of classes? I'm not keen on past time trials for racing games where it's always the fastest cars available
  10. Yeah, but thanks to everyone sending me one as a thanks for the red step thingy, I have a good start on putting a lantern outside islanders homes And amazingly, in no time at all I have Rizzo's photo! Got the miserable old bugger Croque moving in tomorrow (I actually like him so bought the card thingy to scan him in ) so got to start the whole bribing thing again for his picture!
  11. When @Meatballmentioned he had a different item to me, I decided to send mine out to everyone in case there were lots of different things out there. But it seems maybe not?
  12. No not a piss take at all I can open later if need be, no worries
  13. Are you sure you don't want to use the Turnip Exchange? Price on my island is 104 so not great. I've opened up my island just in case. I'm AFK but help yourself to anything lying around if you do visit
  14. No you don't! You have two of them now! I had no idea how many different items there might be. Would send @Mike S one but if I don't recognise the name, or you don't have your code in your sig, I forget who people are
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