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  1. Found this page here (which sadly won't help you) but maybe post there as well and hope for a response? It's EA help forums: https://answers.ea.com/t5/NFS-Hot-Pursuit-Remastered/Game-won-t-launch-on-Xbox/td-p/9722784
  2. The only thing I can think is, do you have a chatpad connected to your controller? I had this same kind of problem with several games on the One X where games wouldn't boot past the start screen with a chatpad connected.
  3. Thanks again for that. I honestly could have sworn you had been to mine and bought some art off Redd before now. Thought I was going nuts when I tried looking for you on my friends list. I'm afraid I landed on a yellow flower when I pole vaulted across a river. I'm guessing you don't mind, but if it was @Meatball's island, I'd be fearing for my life about now
  4. I can't believe we weren't already friends!!
  5. I'd love to get the beautiful statue please
  6. @DaleyNot had that one yet, but have been buying two of anything that has appeared in case I'm expected to give them as Christmas presents to the islanders!
  7. You need to use an HDMI adaptor that has an optical output, but so far I don't believe any are 2.1 compatible.
  8. Some people on Reddit are saying that a restart of the console fixes the HDMI CEC issue.
  9. I can confirm that QR doesn't work with Twin Mirrors that I picked up this morning. It also doesn't seem to work reliably with WRC9. Though I am in the preview alpha program so some of it could be affected by that as well.
  10. Interesting! That is a welcome fix for sure.
  11. I liked NFS Heat. I think it's pretty damned good actually
  12. @DaleyI'd love the scarecrow, unless it's the Spooky Scarecrow? In which case I'm good thanks
  13. A few recipes that I hadn't listed the other day. Rocking Horse Barrel Ironwood Dresser Bamboo Speaker
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