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  1. Would it be technically possible for them to maybe make a hub for the expansion cards at some point? Or would it not work because of how they work, the speed of them etc? I know you can hot swap them, but I'd rather avoid doing that, just in case.
  2. I wonder if some of it will come but hasn't been mentioned? Do they always spell out every detail of DLC or do they keep some surprises back? (yeah, I'm wishful thinking)
  3. Yeah that's bobbins. Having it still limited to 5 items per day (6 including special event items) is bloody stingy as hell. I was hoping this update would add the ability to easily shop for stuff I am missing and that never seems to appear in my own Nooks.
  4. I was possibly going to go for the expansion online pack. Seeing as it will include this DLC that could well be £25 here and it seems like a no-brainer really. It's a shame that the building of schools and restaurants seems to be limited to those extra islands though. And I'm still really annoyed that you need to go inside the museum to get to the coffee shop.
  5. @Mr Do 71doing a better job than mine
  6. I believe the Animal Crossing Direct that has just aired has mentioned the price of the Nintendo Online Expansion service for the first time? No U.K price but said $49.99 for a years membership or $79.99 for a family membership.
  7. I'm sure in the older games you could shoot through the cockpit glass and take out the pilots, but in this the glass seems bullet proof!
  8. From what I've read on the UBI forums, yeah they have acknowledged as such and are "looking into it". But then UBI "looked into" piss poor headlights in The Crew 2 and never did a damn thing about it.
  9. It's such an odd decision. I actually recorded a clip at the first base where I went into 3rd person because I thought it was a bug So strange you suddenly can't jump and have to navigate walkways instead (where the base is built in a swamp for example) Think I'm setting it to one side for now though until the respawning bug is fixed. It's so off-putting in some places where bad guys are literally spawning as soon as I turn 180 degrees.
  10. I do wish they would actually make night time properly dark. I'm sure Far Cry 4 could get almost pitch black?
  11. Please please please.....delete all letters at once option. That's all I ask.
  12. What a shame This is up there with Fallout 76 as bad decisions go.
  13. I struggle because of the lack of grip in my left hand and cooking is such a pain in the arse because of it. But this jar opening assistant is great for those lids which are tough to open as you use your body weight to hold the jar. https://smile.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00667TPA2/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  14. SteveH


    So, Takuma Sato. How can he win two Indy 500's and do well at some races. Then at others be absolutely nowhere? I like him and am hoping he gets a drive next year, but boy does he seem to blow hot and cold. Shame Grosjean is still being a bit gung ho (though the commentators seem to love him) because I reckon in the right car he could do really well. I'm still not sure Jimmie Johnson should even be in a car though. He was abysmal at the start of the year.
  15. I can't recall myself. But I am hoping it does indeed mean it is a substantial update. However.....as much as I am pleased to see Brewster back, I don't want to have to go inside the fucking museum to get to the coffee shop
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