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  1. SteveH

    Neil Peart has died.

    Really sad news. One of the greatest drummers to have ever lived.
  2. I'm a bit puzzled by something in that video. Why is it more difficult making a larger chip than a smaller one? I would have thought going smaller was the challenge?
  3. Really enjoying this, sadly just realised I only have a couple of episodes to go. I had assumed it was a run of ten episodes like most other Netflix shows. I seem to be alone in wishing Geralt would just slice Jaskiers fucking head off though, or at least cut out his tongue. He gets on my tits.
  4. It's a pain in the backside, but if you use the xbox app in Windows 10, you can go to "clubs" then "my clubs" and from there, there is a tab at the top for "following", that lists every game you are following and you can unfollow them one by one. It makes it slightly easier to do it on a PC rather than the Xbox. The only trouble is, that the following tab throws up an error pretty frequently, so you have to keep refreshing it until it populates.
  5. Yeah same here. Even in my bedroom where the connection can sometimes be iffy with my tablet, the Quest stays connected just fine
  6. The Oculus sale has started and previously discounted games are back up, so anybody who missed the likes of "Moss" can grab it Merry Christmas!!
  7. Nice...managed to grab it. I thought I might have missed out because it's past midnight, but thankfully it was still on sale.
  8. I am contemplating making some homemade yogurt. But, I like yogurt when you buy it and it has the dryer parts around the edge of the lid, which is thicker than the main yogurt as well. Can you make thicker dryer yogurt like that? Cheers
  9. From the official website: We also designed Xbox Series X to support both vertical and horizontal orientation
  10. I forgot they were part of Codies now. Yeah you are right!
  11. I ended up with one of these arriving yesterday. I don't recall successfully ordering it either. I think I tried once and it said it was out of stock. And for some reason arrives in a really cheap and nasty box. It isn't quite as ugly as it looks in the picture.
  12. Why didn't they just revert to "Xbox" as the name, if it truly will be backwards compatible with a lot of the back catalogue of Xbox games?
  13. I didn't think they would top "epsorts coach of the year" award for absolute waste of time, but they managed it right near the end with that one. As for the Fast and Furious game, it has the potential to play reasonably well, as I see that Slightly Mad is the developer. Of course, that also means it might handle like an absolute turd as well.
  14. I kinda like it. And if it's designed like that to continue the quiet running like the Xbox One then I'm cool with that.
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