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  1. Got all excited when I got that update email. Then I got to the website and saw it was PC only
  2. SteveH

    EA Access

    Anthem is now up.
  3. I did yeah. Even though I seemed to have filled in the map, have finished the game including all side missions, I still feel like I have missed chunks of it (I don't think I have, but it feels like it)
  4. Chalk me up as another lover of "The Lost Room" ...it was great The final run in this is killing me. I have blown through it all really easily up until this point. I've done every side quest and am upgraded almost completely, but it is relentless with the enemies it throws at you.
  5. I don't know if it was necessary, but I had to look that up as well, and I said to immediately step off the carpet when you activate the roulette table. I did and it worked for me.
  6. SteveH

    Nintendo Switch

    That's a shame. I was looking forward to playing Stunt Race FX smoothly for a change.
  7. On the Xbox it's direct control so I assume it's the same on Switch
  8. Well, the pre-rendered backgrounds look rough as you fancy on the Xbox One. I was hoping they might have found some way to clean them up little. I am sure I saw some screenshots where the borders had static images in, to fill the screen, but I can't find the option anywhere. And oddly, when you start the game it shows the controller layout but once you are playing I can't find it anywhere in the game. But disappointing so far.
  9. Does this need any kind of decent GPU to run on a PC, or could my bog standard i5 Asus run it with it being video based? Otherwise I'll go for the iPad version. I'm a bit of a Logan Marshall-Green fanboy, so have been looking forward to playing this.
  10. What an odd inclusion in the controller presets. I always like to have handbrake on A, with X and B being gears up and down respectively. But if I choose that preset option, it puts gas on the left trigger...wtf!
  11. It was the chatpad stopping it loading for me as it turns out. After fannying around with every suggestion on Twitter, unplugging the chatpad was the fix in my case.
  12. I feel like an idiot, as I find it so hard keeping up with which character is which at their various ages. I almost wish they would put small pictures of them at each age as they are onscreen so I know who the hell it is.
  13. Anybody here with the early access version on Xbox One, and managed to get it to run? Game crashes back to dashboard for me (and lots of others around the internet it seems). I would have gone for a refund and just waited for tomorrow, but even that option isn't available on the Xbox Account page for some reason.
  14. Thought I would check this show out. 8 seasons are available on Amazon Prime, which is all of them?
  15. Maybe I'm misunderstanding, but I have my games I'm currently playing in a group, and those all appear on the main screen simply by pushing down on the stick. It doesn't list every single last one, as I have a lot in the group, but it lists the first twenty or so I think it is. One of my X's that is in the preview program (the one I don't use half as much as my main one!) now has the new dashboard that is all a single screen. Much snappier to use, though I do still instinctively go to use RB to try to flick across to the store etc. Microsoft claim they used some A.I thingy to select which consoles in the preview program would receive the new dash first. Not much of an A.I when it selects the console I use maybe once a month instead of the one I use daily!
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