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  1. I wish I could get my hands on whoever delivered one to my place just a few minutes ago. I was in the bathroom and by the time I got to the door he was driving off. The guy had decided to leave it on the doorstep No driveway here, no footpath...just the door directly on the street with a high flow of people that walk past. What a twat.
  2. Ah cheers. I did have a quick search but missed it somehow.
  3. Is there an idiots guide to getting Scud Race working? I have seen a few videos on YouTube but no one ever explains how they installed the bloody thing in the first place Cheers
  4. My young cousin contacted me last night asking if he can have his delivered here. He moved to Australia a few years back and apparently Valve can't add extra postage options, so he has to go through the rigamarole of having it fly a few thousand miles here and there, which seems crazy.
  5. It's worth playing just to see the areas where it snows and it actually sticks to the ground and builds up. The only game I have ever seen that in.
  6. This Pico 4 looks like it could be a nice alternative to the Quest. Hopefully they can really grow the software library. Nice design for the headset itself though.
  7. Turtle Beach have rudder pedals and a stand coming out for their Velocity One flight stick at the end of October. They look pretty sweet, especially the rudder pedals, but at £249.99 for the pedals and £179.99 for the stand, it is starting to get quite pricey this flight sim lark!
  8. This is pretty sweet. It's going to be a playable demo released in November.
  9. @StevoI've sent you those two farming machines. If there is anything else farm related that you need, I have some other bits and bobs that would suit In the planning stages of doing my own farm as it happens (late planning stages as I've been putting it off for weeks)
  10. @Stevo @Mr Do 71 Sent you both the greenhouse box And yeah, I now realise I mis-read Mr Do's message!
  11. I guess I'm in a minority then as when possible, I always choose a female character. No idea why, other than I just prefer it. As for these leaks, I haven't ever really seen dev footage or those kind of tools before. That car chase in particular with all the weird tracking boxes and lines, makes me impressed that these things ever become one whole piece and get released. It's mind boggling to my tiny brain.
  12. It's coming next year, already announced Though I do prefer the first one myself.
  13. Apparently the same guy that hacked Uber. I hope he has a great hiding place!
  14. SteveH

    Moto GP

    Sadly after doing some more research, it does indeed seem to be a reskin which I guess explains the pricing. Oh well, bit of a shame as apparently it has been 10 years since the last WSBK game. Ride 4 is excellent as well by the way.
  15. Cheers for the heads up. I'd been meaning to give this another playthrough and it does indeed run beautifully so far. Absolute steal at that price as well.
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