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  1. Check that the pins aren’t bent on the cable, same connector on them all. Red access light flashing is normal when there isn’t a disc in. Also check there isn’t a broken pin stuck inside the Saturn’s connector. If there is, new connector time
  2. Yes, 1x wire to a 5v supply, most people take them from the PSU line.
  3. Apparently on all base consoles with PS4 Pro & Xbox One X being 60fps - but not confirmed
  4. As normal there's a lot floating about online about how this being locked to 30FPS makes it unbearable and "I'm returning" etc. So what's the score rllmuk'rs? Is this actually an issue or the usual stat crunching monsters talking rubbish? I'm considering the Switch Version btw
  5. Sure is, hope you’ve got a 60hz switch for that Saturn though!
  6. @sandman If you haven’t already you’ll need to set it as extended storage. If you already had no mans sky installed on the internal drive you’ll need to move it over to extended first, then the update will automatically follow. This is should help - https://manuals.playstation.net/document/en/ps4/basic/extendedstorage.html
  7. Correct, switchless mod including 50/60hz so no butchering the case and a phantom universal for good measure
  8. Anytime! The Red LED looks super sexy in a skeleton
  9. Thanks for the first impressions guys, looking forward to hearing an unbiased opinion!
  10. @merrychan - How is the D-Pad? It's looks more like cheap plastic on the videos which is one of the reason's its putting me off.
  11. Pop me a PM and we'll sort something out......I have some spare boards too dependent on which model if we need to go down that route.
  12. If you need a repair and don't feel confident give me a shout.
  13. Shameless plug but I still have a few jap Saturn’s for sale people
  14. It's vaugely from memory but I think 3-3, 3-5's and 3-6's were known for having issues with RGB and having modifications done to rectify. That being said I have the same CRT and only recently it's been displaying RGB signal's incorrectly, unplugging the scart/re-inserting while everything's turned on resolves it but it is quite annoying!
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