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  1. I run a series x in the living room on a 4K set and a series s in the bedroom on a 1080p set. Both look awesome to me in that configuration which I’m guessing is what they intended. Being able to switch the yakuza games between the two with cloud saving is awesome.
  2. @Ketchup - They’re pressed but don’t have the wobble required for a Saturn to read them without mod. It’s nothing new, even back in 1994 these were around and often referred to as ‘silvers’. Printers etc have obviously progressed since then which makes the repo element of the case/instructions a lot better than back then. This is the Facebook page of the particular group that supplied that one in the screenshot. Scan back to around feb and you’ll see videos of the production element. https://m.facebook.com/OldSchoolRetroartGames/
  3. I’m sure you won’t be the only one asking When you need that Saturn modifying give me a shout!
  4. Nope the disc is repo too. The ‘old school’ logo on the disc is the company that produce them. You’ll still need a modded machine or pseudo to play them
  5. It’s from jaded memory but I’m pretty sure they’re just Japanese units with HK 240V Power Supplies / packaging. If you check the bottom of the machine after the model number it should say JPN but the power supply say HGK or something similar? Some shipped with RF cables too like pal units did
  6. The Saturn looks like classic VDP2 failure which unfortunately seems to be getting more and more common.
  7. @Len - I’m in Manchester and have a brand new boxed sealed one with your name all over it (well, not literally of course!) Pop me a PM matey
  8. @Len - Not sure if you’ve seen my post over in the sales thread buddy
  9. I've popped it in the Sales Thread but if anyone is still after a Series S I still have a spare sealed one
  10. Well I was loving this on the One Series X until booting up this afternoon and finding I’ve lost about 6 hours of playtime. Literally put me at the point I was at yesterday when I started playing then. A quick turn to Reddit shows various other users having had the same thing happen on the XSX edition. FFS do they not have beta testers anymore.
  11. @Akira - Your Series X has been dispatched this morning by yours truly. Enjoy!
  12. I may be wrong but didn’t they start banning live accounts / 360’s if the incorrect drives were used?
  13. Lets hope none of them are being delivered by this guy https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/13107259/hermes-driver-launching-parcels-into-van/
  14. @reef Sure no problem at all :)
  15. @reef - I’ll be able to sort you one out at cost price if you have no luck. #savedfromscalpers
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