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  1. Just finished playing the Cybran campaign mission in the demo and I'm incredibly impressed, the scale of the game is like no other RTS I've experienced before. Yes it's an incredible system hog, but it's worth it for the experience of waging war on this scale. My system specs: Athlon 64 3200+ Geforce 6600 GT 256MB 2 Gigs DDR RAM It ran pretty well at 1024 by 768 on medium detail, that was until the scale of the battle became so immense with such a huge battlefield and a massive number of units on screen that my poor PC was reduced to running it in a slide show. Time for that big upgrade I've been putting off for the last year.
  2. Yeah, I was majorly disappointed when the third race was revealed. I was hoping for either a mutant faction (which would have made more sense due to the continued influence of Tiberium over the Earth's ecology in the C&C universe) or a cyborg faction lead by the NOD AI Cabal who went rogue during the Tib Sun expansion pack Firestorm. But no, we get an alien race that seems like a lazy amalgamation of the aliens from Starship Troopers and War of the Worlds. Yup, seems that way. The release date is set at 30th of March on Play, Gameplay and Amazon.
  3. There's a new trailer up featuring the alien race the "Scrin". Also some wonderfully hammy C&C FMV.
  4. Really looking forward to this. I can only hope my 2-year-old PC setup can take the strain until I can afford a serious upgrade.
  5. Could have been, ironically enough I wasn't wearing my glasses at the time so I'm unsure.
  6. The bit when the mother swung one of the kids helicopter style into the other's face was comedy gold though. Brightened up what was otherwise a depressing insight into the lives of the seriously disabled.
  7. The blind/partially sighted couple were absolutely shocking, they even said at some point during the show that they deliberately had kids so that they would have someone to look after them in old age. What a couple of selfish fuckers. And even after the mother miscarried for the second time they were determined to have another child to add to their army of slave children. Jesus wept.
  8. Baltar gave the pro-cylon terrorists the nuke shortly after reading the letter President Roslin left for him in the event of her death in the episode "Epiphanies". If I remember correctly in the letter Roslin heavily criticizes Baltar's character, mentioning how ultimately self serving he is, or something like that. Anyway, after this Baltar got majorly pissed off and gave the pro-cylon terrorist leader/spokesman/whatever the nuke which he delivered to Pegasus 6.
  9. Read the book. As a stand-alone experience the movie is very confusing sadly. Personally I love the film, but I have the benefit of having read the novel it's based on, which fills in a lot of the blanks.
  10. I very much doubt it. After all she's the product of the Sharon model cylon and Helo getting it on during season 1 on Caprica. As she's not a cylon "model" of any kind there won't be any spare Hera bodies for her consciousness to be resurrected into in the first place.
  11. Preview Clip for Battlestar Galactica Season 3 - Episode 6 - Torn Looks like another cracking episode.
  12. 1) Hellraiser 2) The Thing 3) Halloween
  13. Name: Damon Black Corp/Alliance: Unscoped (UNSCO) / Myriad Alliance (MAD) General Roles: Defending coalition space, Covert Ops pilot Area of Space: Immensea
  14. The group's behaviour towards Shahbaz on yesterday's highlights was infantile in the extreme, they should all know better than to bully and humiliate someone in that way, especially Pete with his own experience of bullying. Shahbaz may have brought most of the abuse he received on himself during his relatively short stay in the house, but I can't help but feel sorry for him. He must have had so many hopes and dreams about what he was going to acheive in the house and it's all blown up in his face by becoming possibly the most hated housemate ever on the show. I can't even begin to imagine just how humiliated and disappointed he must feel right now.
  15. The latest delay has put back the startup of Tranquility until 6am GMT. I'm glad I put some long skill training on.
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