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  1. Radirgy is actually available from Play Asia. I know as my friend showed me his copy, which makes it even more of a mickey take.
  2. I'm still waiting for my Game Paradise from City Connection. Ordered that in August 2019.
  3. I'd imagine so. They've released the games either as Game Boy releases to use on physical systems or the Switch, but all five games (I think it's five) were released separately.
  4. I need a box for my N64 Mystical Ninja 2. On the one hand it will drastically increase my game’s price but it means spending close to £200 on a box. I bought a fake of Etsy instead. Generally I have a weird mentality with carts. I have been picking up Game Boy carts as boxed games are now too expensive but I can’t pick up gba carts loose as all my other games are boxed. I’m weird.
  5. The only thing worse than the publishers who sell them are the idiots that buy them.
  6. I think the reasoning behind those is due to the new carbon engine so a lot of work was done. You're right though, they could easily all fit on a single cartridge. Same with those split Space Invaders, Darius and Turrican compilations.
  7. It's not a case of it being a proper release, I just like having the physical thing in my hands. If I could use your reasoning I'd save a fortune as the games in question are often heavily reduced by the time they get physical releases
  8. Yup the worst part about collecting for the Switch now is that if you don't buy the game in the month-long window it's available for odds are you're going to pay a hell of a lot more for it a little time down the line. Windows at least give you more time to make a decision, but it's not going to be suitable for everyone. I forgot to get Chostblade HD on release for example when it was £35 and now you won't find it for under £135.
  9. In the case of limited run I bought them because I did want to collect every one that came out as I thought they might make a good investment. I went for all the switch shmups initially because I love shmups and I think it’s the best modern system for them and thought it would be cool to have them all. I eventually realised both decisions were pointless so abandoned them. As I said, I get an idea in my head and pursue it. I’ve largely stopped doing that nowadays (aside from switch of course). I’m just as prone to anyone else to making bad gaming decisions.
  10. In all fairness, it's very rare that I miss playing a game I've got rid of. I certainly miss the price I would have got for it now if I still had it, but that's obviously very different
  11. I agree @Corrangaeveryone should feel free to collect how they want to. I have a stop start mentality to collecting where I'll typically dive into something, buy loads of stuff and then never touch it due to lack of time. Granted, there's always the possibility that I'll go back to it some time down the road, but it's more likely I'll find something else to fixate. I'm happy being like this, but I'm also aware that it has limits so something has to give. If I keep on picking up everything that takes my fancy on the basis I'll eventually play it I'll run out of space. Transferring everything to the app has allowed me to really look at stuff and say, "Come on Darran, when are you ever going to play that?" If there wasn't a pandemic on I'd have gone to the London Gaming Market again this year to sell off a load of stuff as it's actually quite cathartic when you start letting stuff go (for me anyway).
  12. Yeah this is an interesting debate as well. If you're buying old games then the developers aren't getting your money. Of course that changes once they make stuff available, but just because it's available it doesn't necessarily mean it will be good (N64 emulation recently).
  13. I think that's a really good idea. I've gone down the ODE route for a few systems I have little love for and I'd love to get a PC Engine now but prices are quite prohibitive, so If I did want to go down that route and don't want to spend new money then something has to give
  14. I always buy everything now with the intention of playing it but I inevitably never do. I decided to start this year with an attempt to stop spending cash on buying more games so my plan now is to sell stuff in order to fund new retro items. I find myself with very little time nowadays so I'm looking at moving back towards focusing on shmups as they fit into my life better. I was recently going to go for every Switch shmup, but after hating Aces of the Luftwaffe I realised that was a waste of money so that's now been put on hold. I've also only got a finite amount of space (even with a moderately sized retro shed) so I'm planning to clear stuff so I don't have to start buying extra shelves etc.
  15. Don’t get me wrong, I love my collection but I’ve got a lot of stuff. I just like the idea of it being more manageable.
  16. I knew I had a lot of games but I’ve just installed Gameye and logged all my stuff (including new systems). I’ve got just over 1,137 games which feels ridiculous (and doesn’t include the 90 odd limited run vita games in my loft). I’ve been planning to give my collection a good sort out and this seems like the perfect time to do it as I’m never going to have time to play all this. Des anyone else get overwhelmed by all the stuff they have or feel the need for a clearout?
  17. I really want to see this but I thought Scream 4 was shit. The fact it’s by the Ready Or Not directors is convincing me to give it a watch, mind.
  18. strider


    Earth Atlantis is getting a US release soon and it's around 45 Canadian dollars. I'm quite tempted by it personally.
  19. strider


    Excellent. I can wait a few more months rather than paying the £55-odd quid it will cost to import from Play Asia. Cheers for the heads up.
  20. strider


    I've changed my mind about collecting every Switch physical release. I've just stopped playing Aces Of The Luftwaffe and it's completely terrible. It has interesting ideas, but its craft are sluggish and some of the bosses are impossibly unfair. Turns out it started off life as an iPad game with a focus on grinding. Sod that. It's gone on the sell pile with Super Epic.
  21. But we did do this. We pointed out every time a special chip was used and what it was used for. We mentioned it in Star Fox, Doom, Yoshi's Island, Street Fighter Alpha 2 etc and stressed when a game was doing this without any added chips. I'm not really sure what article you've read. Having said that, I do agree that a feature looking at games on a stock SNES would make for interesting reading.
  22. We'll just have to agree to disagree. I'll stand by the list and plenty of readers seem to be enjoying it. The great thing about lists is they drive debate and that's exactly what this is doing.
  23. Well it was a discussion we had, that's all. We talk about all sorts of elements when we put a feature together and we had the discussion about what did and didn't qualify. Ultimately we came to exactly the same conclusion you did. Most people have no idea there can be special chips inside their NES games, let alone titles like Pilotwings. Like you said, they're just games to them.
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