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  1. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up a Lite because it comes with a free Zelda in Currys. I assumed the cloud saves were automatic like on Xbox but you have to remember to download the save when you want to switch (ho ho) systems. What a faff.
  2. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    You sure. The us version does
  3. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    Does tetris 99 physical come with instructions
  4. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    What if she is playing digital and i am using a cartridge?
  5. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    My daughter is getting a lite today. if she uses my account so she can access my games, Am I right in thinking she won’t be able to play them if she doesnt have internet access? also if i buy a lite in addition to my switch can we all use the account?
  6. They cover games that don’t get a physical release in America. Not everyone imports and it’s certainly a lot more expensive to do so now. They also obviously do different box art, which is a big deal for some collectors.
  7. Will be interesting to see how people pick up on this because I personally think it’s not going to be an issue for most people. It’s not noticeable at all to my ears and we’ve been playing it for weeks and weeks now. Countless people have played ours and again no one has mentioned it. It’s clearly there because tests prove it’s there but my ears can’t detect it.
  8. Do we live in an alternative world where Street Fighter IV didn't come out and reinvigorate the entire VS genre? Someone wake me up please.
  9. Has anyone's Game order changed from unshipped yet? I got an email a couple of days ago saying it was being packaged and so far nothing. I don't buy stuff from them, so am unsure if this is normal.
  10. Completed it. Really enjoyed it in the end. So much so I've ordered the physical version from Limited Run Games.
  11. Hope it works out for you! I've now got an email saying more order is being packed. Only scary thing is it shows the standard box art, but does say Limited Edition. I told @nakamurathat I wasn't getting the LE and I don't have much love for the original and a normal version would be fine, but this thread swept me up
  12. Interestingly, when you go on the preorder it says no stock available, but I was able to order it by going through google shopping instead. I've had confirmation from game that my order is in the bag, so now to wait and see if it gets actually cancelled!
  13. Is that a regular move? I'll have to look at the list again. I do like how diverse the range of attacks is once you start visiting the dojo.
  14. I've picked up a few of the more basic moves now, which seem to combo along with your standard attack, so it's a little easier now. I'm using Kyoko and she doesn't seem to have that attack you've mentioned, so maybe that's why I'm struggling a little more. It is fun but I prefer Double Dragon Neon so far.
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