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  1. I've been playing through Doom 64 and I'm really enjoying it. The level design is really solid so far, not a patch on the first two games of course, but still very good, while the pacing has been excellent. Just got to level nine. Only downside is that the game is stupidly dark meaning you have to whack the brightness up on the TV in addition to the display on the options. Also saving doesn't actually save your control settings which seems utterly insane.
  2. My daughter made me a power point presentation on why I should buy her the new Animal Crossing Switch and it's gone crazy on Twitter
  3. Hoping to pick up a 29 inch PVM at the weekend. Getting quite excited about it.
  4. Funnily enough I started watching this for a fourth time this weekend and am a few episodes into season 2. I like Tom, but I can't stand Jean Ralphio). I find Leslie very much like Andy Samburg's character in Brooklyn Nine Nine in that they quickly toned them down in the first few episodes to make them more likeable, goofbally.
  5. 9 and a half hours into Goemon now and it feels like I'm on the final stretch. I've got Yae's mermaid transformation, infiltrated a submarine and just had my second impact fight with a giant fish robot. Should have this finished by the end of the week with any luck
  6. Four hours into Mystical Ninja now and I'm really enjoying it. Jumping is clunky and the camera is not the greatest, but it's soooooo much fun. The characters all have genuinely useful abilities and you're always doing something new, whether it's shrinking down to enter new areas, or using a camera to snap at ghosts so they become physical. It's not as funny as it thinks it is, but I'm having such a laugh it doesn't matter. Just finished the ghost house so I'm back to exploring the overworld.
  7. The great thing about buying expensive games is you typically get your cash back if you dont like it.
  8. No, but that's only because I've now been banned from doing it as I've damaged a significant part of our Mexican Pine table when I was ironing a few other boxes. Melanie is not happy with me at all.
  9. Just had Resident Evil 2 turn up. Box is a little dented on one side but as it was half the price of a mint version I'm completely happy with it.
  10. I've moved away from Turok and have started playing Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. So far it's superb wacky fun and there's a lot of variety to it. The levels are quite sparse as was common for 3D games of the time, but the impact fight was excellent and it has the same absurd sense of humour that made the SNES game so much fun. The soundtrack is fantastic too. Just rescued the dragon so now I can warp to any location I've been to.
  11. I'm pretty sure a NTSC version of this goes for around £400 boxed, so I might stick with the slightly cheaper ISS 98. The Japanese versions are going to be cheaper still, but I can't imagine the RPG side of it is accessible.
  12. Yeah that's how I've always seen it. That's why I don't have an issue about the caricaturing of Lee that people were complaining about when the film came out, because it's Cliff's personal impression of him and he clearly saw him as a bit of a hot shot ass.
  13. A few people have mentioned that so it's a possibility. I'm sure there's some good racing games I'm missing too. So far I've completed Banjo-Kazooie Castlevania Gauntlet Legends GoldenEye Super Smash Bros So I'm going to knuckle down now and get a few more out of the way before I do anything else. Just started Mystical Ninja and it's great so far.
  14. I made a list of games I'd like to own at the beginning of the year and I'm pretty sure it didn't reach 60 at the time (it's there now). Here's my list I wrote out at the beginning of the year. 1080 Snowboarding * Banjo-Kazooie * Banjo-Tooie * Beetle Adventure Racing Blast Corps * Castlevania * Castlevania Legacy Of Darkness Chopper Command - Conker's Bad Fur Day * Diddy Kong Racing * Donkey Kong 64 * Doom 64 * Excitebike * F-Zero X * Fighter's Destiny * Gauntlet Legends * Glover Goemon's Great Adventure Goldeneye * Harvest Moon 64 (*) Hydro Thunder Indiana Jones And The Infernal Machine ISS 98 Jet Force Gemini * Kirby 64 * Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time * Mario Golf * Mario Kart 64 * Mario Party 2 * Mario Tennis Mischief Makers * Mission Impossible * Mystical Ninja * Ogre Battle * Paper Mario (*) Perfect Dark * Pilot Wings 64 Pokemon Puzzle League Pokemon Snap * Quake 64 Quake II Resident Evil (*) ridge Racer 64 Road Rash 64 Rocket: Robot On Wheels Shadowman Sin & Punishment * Snowboard Kids Space Station Silicon Valley * Starfox 64 * Star Soldier Star Wars: Episode 1 Racer * Star Wars: Rogue Squadron * Super Mario 64 * Super Smash Bros * Turok * Turok 2 * Waverace 64 * Yoshi's Story * is stuff I own (*) is stuff on the way - is things I picked up based on recommendation
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