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  1. When I was in middle school Richard Talboys lived over the road from our school. As a result every lunch time we would go over to his house and play and the Spectrum. That was pretty cool.
  2. Cheers for letting us know. We always try and make sure stuff like this is kept out. After all, if we've spent hours working on an issue we want people to be able to read it
  3. It’s an amazon as it came up when I searched Christmas films. Can’t remember if it was prime, though.
  4. Just a reminder that issue 200 is now on sale. Do pick it up if you haven't yet, it really is a bit special.
  5. I don’t think a poor version of rainbow islands exists on any system does it?
  6. Simple, a lot of them where second-hand or were from a time when I earned a better wage. I recall a harddrive costing over £100 (or more) and I wasn't interested in spending that much money on something that already seemed an overly expensive purchase.
  7. Yeah, but I was working at Tesco and filling shelves in the frozen food section so my wage was well beyond getting something that swanky.
  8. Yup, I had an American SNES with around Seventy games and I traded it all in for an Amiga 1200 and stuff like Eye Of The Beholder, Monkey Island, It Came From The Desert etc. I hated the lengthy loading times and disk swapping (I ended up buying a second drive) because it was all so foreign to me. Ultimately I quickly learned that the things I really loved (shmups and arcade games) simply couldn't compete compared to what I had experienced with the SNES and Mega Drive. I do think the Amiga is an excellent machine (I loved most of the Team 17 stuff, Sensi, Cannon Fodder, the D&D games, point-and-click adventures and so on) but it wasn't right for me and I ended up trading it for a PAL SNES with 10 games, which was an even stupider decision.
  9. This is virtually all my current gen stuff save some xbox one games. I rather like the Switch.
  10. Ah, that makes much more sense Hope you enjoy it.
  11. Just ordered this from Italy as I’m keen to see how this looks in hdr. Should be spectacular.
  12. I have no idea what this means. I typed it into google and I’m assuming it’s not International Federation of Gynecology and Obstetrics.
  13. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    When all you ordered games come at once. Been waiting since January for Celeste.
  14. So is this Crackerjack: The Game? because I like the sound of that.
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