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  1. I can’t believe you beat us to 200! Well done, will download now.
  2. Well that's me out. I don't like lag.
  3. Being a retro person means I don't know too much about new technology, but all of this seems too good to be true to me. Can my virgin broadband even handle all this?
  4. If you knew it wouldn't be a surprise
  5. strider

    London Gaming Market

    I didn't have much time to visit the other stalls as it was so busy but I was able to offload my last two trays of stock. I swapped a bunch of import Saturn and Mega Drive games for £170 worth of Saturn stuff, including Astal, Vampire Savior, Marvel Super Heroes, Die Hard Trilogy and Gale Racer and got £40 for the rest. I'd be advised to dump it on a trader and it turned out to be good advice. The big surprises for me on the day was how well my Vita stuff was being received and how much original Xbox stuff was shifting. I heard a few traders moaning about me undercutting their prices, but I was just there to sell my unloved games and it worked out quite well for me. Some of the prices were quite high, which I wasn't expecting, which probably explains why their displays remained exactly the same six hours later. It was way too hot in there, though. Started to feel quite faint around the 1pm mark. Overall though it was great fun and I got a few nice Saturn imports I'd been after.
  6. strider

    London Gaming Market

    You are welcome. I had great fun and got rid of virtually everything.
  7. strider

    London Gaming Market

    I thought that might be the case. Will wait and see what happens.
  8. strider

    London Gaming Market

    Yes, but they are region free so I'll be reminding people of that.
  9. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Gladiator (2001, 4K blu-ray) My name is Russell Crowe. Actor in a roman epic, singer in a rubbish band, loyal servant to Australia. Owner of a bad haircut, possessor of a wobbly accent and I will have my Oscar in this film or the next. 5/5
  10. strider

    London Gaming Market

    Nooooooo maybe I should have. I've got a small selection of Japanese Mega Drive games Pal and Japanese saturn games Lots of DS games A fair few GBA games Gamecube game Loads of Xbox games PS Vita games A few US super nintendo games PSP games Ps2 games Mainly a little bit of everything. Switch games Wii games and so on
  11. strider

    London Gaming Market

    I've priced everything up below CEX and ebay prices and am prepared to haggle.
  12. strider

    London Gaming Market

  13. strider

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition (besides Sekiro)

    Did a couple of games last month. Completed Streets Of Rage 2 on Mega Drive with @nakamura It's still a fantastic brawler, one of the best in fact. I do think that the music isn't a patch on the original game's though. Fighter's Megamix (Saturn) Completed all nine courses and unlocked all the crazy characters including the hornet. It's a great brawler and one of my favourite 3D fighters of the era. Decathlete (Saturn) Completed with all characters. Doesn't take very long but I find the running events (three of them) to be two too many. Completed these so far... Ugh. I've forgotten how to do the spoiler tags
  14. strider

    London Gaming Market

    Is anyone going to this on the 17th? I've got a table there and will be selling around 200 of my games as I need to clear some space. I'll be up there with @nakamura and @Sketchwho has a table next to me, so feel free to stop by and say hello (and buy all my games).
  15. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Captain Marvel (2019, cinema) The trailers suggested this would be another bland Marvel filler movie and it ended up being exactly that. It starts poorly with a muddled first act that rams way too much exposition down your throat and features a band of completely forgettable characters before eventually finding its feet once Captain Marvel/carol Danvers/some name I can’t remember crash lands on Nineties earth. We then have roughly an hour of “hey! Nineties references (they’re the new Eighties references by the way) and a typically bullshit cgi-heavy ending. Brie Larson is surprisingly likeble as the spunky lead and Jackson and Law are good value, but this is another forgettable Marvel adventure that simply tries to do way too much. There is a lovely tribute to Stan Lee, though. 2.5/5

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