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  1. I’m not sure how I feel about this. All the characters are incredibly one-dimensional, it ticks off every cliche in the big book of war films and the soundtrack feels massively overbearing at times. There’s no denying it’s an exceptional piece of craftmanship though and it really does hammer home a truly shitty and fucking terrifying period of our history. The set design was astonishing at times but for me it lacks the humanity of war films like Saving Private Ryan. Didn’t help that the cinema screen broke down 40 minutes into the filmand we had to rewatch ten minutes of the movie.
  2. I thought I'd bump this as I recently picked up a bunch of games and have started building up a collection again after foolishly selling off my original. So I've been playing Banjo-Kazooie for the last week and I'm enjoying it a lot. Played it back in the day of course but it's interesting to see how it does and doesn't hold up today. It has a fantastic game world and feels exceptionally solid, particularly when you climb to a level's highpoint and can see it all laid out beneath you. That's something really satisfying about climbing to the top of Spiral Mountain or flying high above Treasure Trove Cove and seeing the entire world spread out below you. A lot of the Jiggie quests still hold up really well and while the worlds are fairly large, they rarely feel like you're aimlessly walking around and doing nothing (a fault with a lot of 3D platformers from the period, N64 and otherwise). That's also one of the issue's I had with Yooka-Laylee, it felt a little too sprawling and too easy to get lost. I've been getting lost in this quite a lot, even though the levels are largely tiny by today's standards. I've been enjoying the animal transformations, but if I'm honest they don't add a huge amount to the game, rather than getting you into smaller, out of the way places. I guess it's pretty decent how some don't have attacks, so it becomes about avoiding enemies, rather than interacting with them, but considering the transformation costs for the later animals it doesn't always feel worth it. One thing I'm not enjoying is the signposting on the latter levels, which I'm finding a little frustrating. My biggest issue so far has been Mad Monster Mansion. While I'm enjoying the structure of the level there's no indication that you need to bash from doors and windows in order to complete many of the quests. I'd have been completely stuck if I hadn't resorted to a guide. While the game does a good job of explaining your abilities, if doesn't really highlight how they can be used in-game and the nature of the graphics mean a lot of the time things look like a texture and not something that can be interacted with. Speaking of the graphics, it does look really impressive even now. Clanker's Cavern, Rusty Bucket Bay and Freezeezy Peaks have impressed me the most, and visually it doesn't feel massively dated. I love how the textures in certain levels look really three dimensional and it's not until you get up close that you realise they're completely flat walls. I've noticed a big difficulty spike on Rusty Bucket Bay (everything seems to want to kill you) and the babbling voices are beginning to grate (I'm at the 10-hour mark) but I'm enjoying my time plugging away at it. Ga huh!
  3. I'm slowly making my way through Banjo-Kazooie after buying some games off @Mr Do 71. I've been trying to get 100% on each world and am now exploring Rusty Bucket Bay. Making really good progress in it, although the difficulty has certainly ramped up on this stage. I'm also not sure if I'd have even found out the way to open the stage if I hadn't gone online.
  4. The new issue is on sale now. Grab it in a shop or get it from https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/retro-gamer-print-back-issues/retro-gamer-issue-202/ Contents The Making Of: Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic Ultimate Guide: Time Crisis Yu Suzuki Golden Joysticks Interview Retro Revival: Shanghai In The Chair: Big Boy Barry The Making: Of Bactron Conversion Kings: Psycho Pigs UXB From The Archives: Arc System Works Retro Revival: RoadBlasters (Lynx) Ultimate Guide: Twin Cobra Digital Destinations The Making: Of Ghost Hunters Ultimate Guide: Street Racer Hardware Heaven: Xbox History Of: Warlords Retro Revival: The Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse Future Classic: Disco Elysium So You Want To Collect: Castlevania Games Peripheral Vision: Fishing Controller Retro Revival: Garou: Mark Of The Wolves
  5. Not having an ultimate game seems a bit bizarre as well, considering how important Rare remains today. Oh well that's what happens when experts like us aren't consulted
  6. Well that last episode went downhill faster than a centipede on rollerskates. The first two episodes worked well for me because they essentially felt like a battle of wills. All the new characters were incredibly weak and the ending was utter bullshit. What a shame.
  7. I quite like the idea of Quest. Is it a significant improvement visually over psvr and do i need a super powerful pc to link it to?
  8. Call of Juarez gunslinger has brilliant narration as the narrator is unreliable as fuck, which often means levels are remade in front of your eyes or retold as others chip in to remind him of what actually happened.
  9. Think you’ve got the wrong thread mate!
  10. Yeah it's pretty shit in all fairness.
  11. Based on Disney's cynical handling of the MCU films on 4K I'd imagine we'll get this first, then three separate trilogies and then single versions so we can all buy Empire. Pretty impressive seeing it was predicted the new film wouldn't get a physical release according to one person here. I've still ordered it.
  12. Shameless plug but there's a history of Falcom in our current issue. https://www.myfavouritemagazines.co.uk/retro-gamer-print-back-issues/retro-gamer-issue-201/
  13. I'm watching it tonight. I've not seen it for a while but I remember it looking incredible the last time I saw it. The throne room sequence in particular makes the blu-ray look garbage in comparison. Will look at it with fresh peepers tonight. You watched it in Dolby Vision right?
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