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  1. I’ve picked up lazyace’s hrap hori switch stick. Can’t wait to use it on my switch shooters and possibly games like Dead Cells.
  2. It does feel like it’s finally hitting its stride now. I can’t remember a year where we’ve had this many catalogue releases for example. Normally I can pick up every older film I’m interested in but this year I’ve struggled to keep up and still missing plenty of big hitters.
  3. Man, I was really looking forward to that. It looked fantastic.
  4. Reversible cover so I reversed it
  5. Black Bird only just turned up. I've been enjoying Rolling Gunner a lot. The game you asked about is Quad Fighter
  6. Doing another Magic draft tonight at 8 if anyone is interested in the new set.
  7. I have a few Switch shmups
  8. I liked it. I didn't like spending £40 on it.
  9. HMV have a 20% sale off on a load of gear. I just got the Game Of Thrones Box Set and Indiana Jones Box sets
  10. Technically it's not Youtube but I'm streaming the 2014 Strider tonight at 8pm. https://www.twitch.tv/retrogamer_daz And here's the video. Will play it a bit more next weekend. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1090742688
  11. I watched the 4K remaster of Basic Instinct. It's trashy as fuck but I still found it enjoyable. 3/5
  12. That's how I feel. I don't like the idea of constantly heading over to the post office so I might find a collector to pick up all the lower-cost items I've started to amass and don't want.
  13. My wife was impressed by how good Basic Instinct.
  14. I'd never get rid of my Saturn, but these things are far nicer when they don't just look like a list of ROMS. Need to install that thing Iain mentioned.
  15. Thanks. I think Arena works a lot better now due to all the cool animations and stuff that appear. Sadly I'm not the greatest of players, but oh well. I'll make sure I follow in turn
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