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  1. strider

    Nintendo Switch

    I picked up a physical copy of Penguin Wars the weekend because I love the original Game Boy game. The art style is absolutely atrocious but the gameplay is spot on and just as entertaining as the original.
  2. I've just started the level 3 quests My armour is pretty rubbish and I can't work out where the beolith rock is so I can upgrade my katana to level 3. It's still stupidly baffling and I feel like the focus of a joke that everyone else is laughing about but it's bloody satisfying taking those monsters down. Currently having my ass handed to me by a poisonous bird.
  3. I'm loving this compilation. It's a shame that the D&D games aren't included, particularly as they were re-released recently, but it still works as a good progression of Capcom's output in the genre during the mid Eighties/Nineties. They're also all markedly different to each other in how they play. Sure you're essentially punching and kicking things, but they all have interesting mechanics, particularly Knights, which has a stronger focusing on blocking. Playing it on Switch and being able to play Battle Circuit at my desk is awesome.
  4. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    That's a really good point. I was holding my breath at times or wincing, but looking back you see very little, it's all cleverly implied. I forgot to mention the amazing score as well. Reminded me of There Will Be Blood until I realised it's the Radiohead guy again.
  5. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Yeah, I think that's what was keeping me from giving it full marks. I was just reading on letterboxed how it's an intentional crutch she uses so that you have to stay focused on her characters, which was quite interesting.
  6. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    You Were Never Really There (Blu-Ray, 2017) When a hired gun (Joaquin Phoenix) is asked to rescue a young girl from a sex trafficking ring he soon uncovers a deeper conspiracy that will push him to the edge of his limits. Raw, stylish and uncompromising, You Were Never Really Here is a worthy follow-up to We Need To Talk About Kevin and proves that Lynne Ramsey is one of our most interesting directors. While the tale she tells (based on Jonathan Ames' novella) is a relatively simple one, it's brought to life by some incredibly stylish visuals and a gut-wrenching performance from Phoenix, one of his best in fact. Phoenix’s enforcer bears physical and mental scars and his tragic past is slowly revealed in unsettling, often hard to fathom flashbacks. Clearly suffering from PTSD, he's a mumbling brute of a man, defined and ruined by his childhood and utterly uncompromising in his need to protect his young charge (Ekaterina Samsonov). Whether he’s playfully bantering with his ageing mother, self-asphyxiation or softly holding the hand of a man he’s just killed he’s completely mesmerising, daring you to pull away from his performance as he uses a 17 dollar to dish out his own form of street justice. You Were Never Really Here isn’t just a deep character study of a tortured man’s sole, it also expertly peels away and shows all the shit and degradation that hides beneath an otherwise normal looking city. It’s a beautiful looking film at times, with stylish shots that juxtapose sharply against the sheer violence that expert editing largely keeps just off frame. It’s been six years since between Ramsey’s last two films. Here’s hoping we don’t have to wait just as long for the next.
  7. strider

    The Rllmuk Photography Thread

    Not the greatest quality but at least it's an interesting shot. It's also cropped by around 90%, which is never ideal. Sandwich Tern with fish by Darran Jones, on Flickr
  8. strider

    A movie watchers blog

    Annihilation (2018, 4K Blu-Ray) I still can't decide how I feel about this. It's certainly not what I was expecting and it's as much a body horror movie as it is an intelligent slice of sci-fi. The female cast led by Natalie Portman is refreshing to see and they're relatively well written, but many of them aren't really given an opportunity to shine as things quickly go pear shape once they pass into 'the shimmer' (a strange foreign substance that is slowly growing and could eventually take over the planet). Things pick up considerably once the characters start exploring the shimmer and there are some truly upsetting moments to be found in there, but it feels like everything peters out to quickly and the film rolls to a stop just as things begin to get interesting. It's easy to see why Annihilation failed so spectacularly at the box office, and it's equally obvious why Alex Garland is being billed as one of the UK's most exciting directors around. It's not quite the masterpiece many claim it to be, but I'm still dissecting it and learning new things about it (it's a metaphor for everything from cancer to a human being's ability to self destruct) so it's clearing gotten under my skin. A truly thought-provoking piece of cinema with strong performances and the most terrifying animal attack since Leonardo DiCaprio got mauled by a bear. 4/5
  9. strider


    Exactly. I actually felt
  10. strider

    American Animals

    I've always wanted to read the book that's the focus of the film so I'll be checking this out. Cheers for the heads up.
  11. Fire emblem is my favourite series and I have all the western releases (the special edition of echoes is in the loft). It’s the most consistent games franchise I’ve ever played. I’ll draw the line at buying versions from every region, mind.
  12. strider

    SOLO: A Star Wars Story

    I've seen it and I don't hate it, but I certainly didn't like it. I'm just not a big fan of the gritty style they're taking all the new spin-off movies in, as it just doesn't feel very Star Wars to me. I thought he was very good as Han, though, but the story does nothing you don't already know with the character and it doesn't flesh him out in any meaningful way, so it just feels like a pointless movie. To me it's just another big budget templated Disney movie, which I could quite happily never watch again (just like Rogue One). Nothing more, nothing less.
  13. strider


    It's a shame it's not a new game. I could try and convince myself that the new ship might means it plays differently. But there's a great detailed post on Borderdown about it and it simply doesn't seem worth importing. Which is annoying as birthday money is burning a hole in my pocket
  14. strider


    I'm a lot less excited about it now I've realised it's just a slight update of the PS2 release and not a new game. I like it, but I can't justify the extra £30 so I can play it wherever I want. Or can I?
  15. strider

    Pinball Games - Pinball FX, Pinball Arcade, etc

    I love their tables, so I don't personally see this as an issue. If they're straight ports (which I'd imagine they will be) then you don't have to worry about the design/table flow either. I vastly prefer they way they implement all their online stuff and UI so this is good news for me.

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