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  1. Shame, maybe a better deal will come along.
  2. Far cry primal as I have been playing it at high settings on 30. Monster Hunter World will be first up. Bet that’s great at 60
  3. Yeah I'm getting quite excited about it turning up. I've been out of the PC game for ages (aside from playing MTG Arena) so loads of great games have already passed me by and I'm interested to see what they look like.
  4. It will definitely take around 2 weeks in that case.
  5. Lucky! I didn't make any changes at all! Even though it says it is in stock that was apparently referring to the parts, according to the person I spoke to last week. t's all currently being built (it's on the memory test bit at the mo) and is being shipped Monday for Tuesday delivery. It's possible that mine has slipped through the cracks as I ordered without being signed in to my account. So did you go for the exact same system as me? Are you saying we're effectively PC brothers now
  6. In all fairness very few have attempted it. The Evercade largely seems to have sold out in most places so that sounds potentially promising.
  7. Yes but everything is competing for our attention so I don't think that works to well either. My Evercade for example isn't getting a look in tonight because I'm watching Fast And Furious: Hobbs & Shaw. My Switch isn't getting any attention any time soon, because I've got a new PC coming. There's always something deserving of our attention because he have so little time. I get the argument that if you've already got a Switch retro titles on that are a bigger draw, but it's on the basis that everyone has dropped money on a £200 plus console, which I don't believe is that true (although it's certainly truer here). Evercade is clearly designed for collectors, you can see that from the identical packaging to the (cynically) numbered spines, but based on talking to Blaze it's also aimed at casual people who remember these games and want an affordable way to play them. In my experience, casual gamers don't care about things like emulation options in the same way some here do.
  8. strider

    Far Cry Primal

    I've just finished that boss fight I was stuck on and I did it really easily. As an aside I've not played a Ubisoft game of any description since Far Cry 3 so it all felt quite fresh to me.
  9. Why are you comparing the Switch to the Evercade? I mean I get why you're doing it, but I don't think it's relevant as they're completely different ends of the market. You may as well compare a Porsche to a Fiat because you can both use them to drive somewhere.
  10. All the games are playable. About 7 are largely messed up by reverse controls. It's a budget device offering a budget experience and a selection of games that simply can't be played legally anywhere else. That's good enough for me and not having 1:1 screen resolution certainly hasn't stopped me from enjoying it. @Sketchalso forgot to mention that he didn't start moaning about the screen quality until it was roughly about 3 inches from his face It's not going to be for everyone and that's fine, but I'm more than happy with what it's currently offering, even if it is far from perfect.
  11. strider

    Far Cry Primal

    Sorry about the mega bump but I've been playing this as I got it in the Steam sale. I've been really enjoying this and am about 15 hours in. I love how alive the world feels and there's plenty of stuff to do in it. The combat is absolutely woeful though, with the same hit and hope system that plagues stuff like Skyrim. I really wish they could marry these sorts of games to Dark Souls or Breath Of The Wild engines, they'd be amazing. Riding around on beasts is good fun, the characters are really interesting for the most part and it looks purty too. It's a shame that all the bosses are largely terrible arrow sponges. I'm currently trying to take out someone who will grant me fire bombs and I'm simply being overwhelmed by constantly respawning enemies. It's absolutely woeful. There's an owl you can control like a mini drone though and that's really cool. I also like how you can slowly upgrade your village to get new items. I certainly don't regret the £11 it's cost me. I was interested to see if anyone else picked it up. Currently playing it on high settings on my 6 year old pc and managing a largely stable 30fps with drops down to 10 when I'm in the village!
  12. Yeah one of my friends pointed the Switch out @gone fishin' For me though they're not really competition. There's also around 70 games which are currently exclusive to Evercade and things like the Lynx are never likely to appear on it. The emulation options are often far better on Switch, but you're paying the price for that in a higher entry cost and a higher cost of games.
  13. I've gone a little made in the sale Got Metal Gear Solid V, Jurassic World Evolution and the Park expansion, Bulletstorm Remastered, Splinter Cell Blacklist, Talisman Ikaruga Raiden III Deus Ex Ori And The Blind Forest Thronebreaker Some Deus Ex Mankind Divided That should help test my new PC when it turns up
  14. No worries, I was hoping it was like PS4 where you can all play the same game on multiple systems.
  15. My understanding of that though is you both can't use steam at the same time.
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