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  1. V poor popup on the temp assets like berry trees, but the Pokemon burrowing up shouldn't be included in that: Dragon Quest XI has a very similar enemy proximity spawn and it's one that gameplay-wise seems to work well across the board, from ToSymphonia to Xenoblade (in the latter giant, unique enemies spawn in further away which is a good balance). I guess you know this game has a dynamic weather system too, I'll be disappointed if the fog isn't from that (this area is shown with normal draw distance in other screens). Time will tell, but this gif could easily boil down from 3 bad things to 1. Is the fog always there and the game has an N64 draw distance level in general, do you know?
  2. None of this conversation is new. Anyone who's familiar with Game Freak know they've kept Pokemon very conservative to the chagrin of many, mostly those who casually observe the series from afar. The GBA games were considered unambitious in their look but it was when the DS had 3D capabilities that their limitations first became really obvious and a source of 'debate'. Pokemon stuck to its presentational roots and Game Freak basically completely ignored the platform's new strengths. Since the mid 2000's almost every review has noted the series' safe, stale looks as a caveat and imagined what could be. I imagine this was rushed and is a bit technically inept and anyone surprised by this is a surprise in itself. Added scrutiny has probably come from the universal attention for the Switch, the first proper move into a big screen 3D world and the fact Pokemon Yellow, a tiny game, was both already half made and slight enough to have detail lavished upon it in its remake. Evoking BotW was a bad move too, from such a firmly un-modern company. TLDR; every generation Game Freak attract astonished commentary for their simple, unambitious, charming and janky series that ignores most of gaming's progress and wins hearts regardless. The background cuts/rush are a step further and a bit of a gift for the guaranteed critics of this generation.
  3. I'm just thinking that once you've played this one it's likely you'll be more tapped into the news for the sequel. I've somehow dodged seeing almost everything too, hopefully we won't meet in a buyer's remorse thread soon.
  4. It's almost out. It's a UK-based (and directed) Pokemon, go in knowing nothing, it might be your only chance to do so!
  5. I gifted them. Seems they make good stick on ornaments. They look great all lined up on their bases. Another loss for the less cultured and sexually desirable boxed collectors out there.
  6. I did; got them on a buy 3 for 2 deal yonks ago. I don't want to be too much of an enabler when I say it's well worth it.
  7. I enjoy vicariously experiencing the game through this thread. I get hit by some serious laziness/disengagement when actually playing a game like Tetris or Puyo as I struggle to care/feel like doing well is an achievement that matters to me. I'm stressing the subjectivity of this because I also really appreciate vids of high level play, the strats conversations and the hi-score community and I wanted to show my appreciation for the thread without seeming like I'm poo-pooing the game itself or peoples' efforts. Pokemon theme!
  8. Shenmue must be taken already, @CovisGod? I really recommend Evergarden to anyone who hasn't played it yet, btw.
  9. Rob Rule

    Gamer or lamer?

    I can't get enough of the writings and sentiments from 'superiority nerds'; it's a real guilty pleasure. Give we're all dorks originally tied together by games we've all known one or two. They're usually in the hobby the deepest and their push to be more unique means they're all the same. To attain the prestigious label of Superiority Nerd the candidate must exhibit a defensive snobbery and deem those that never accepted them as poorly-read plebeians. Candidates are also encouraged to consider specialising in the following roles: pickup artist, people watcher, kendōka, magician, pretend fantasy novelist, MRA or, worse still, aspiring Edge writer. You get the talentless ones like Prankster who's defined by failing an entry retail role and then you get the ones like John Sczepaniak who contributes good, worthwhile work underneath the cacophony of Bono-level cringe. I think the sickness probably starts with the first claim of crying when Aerith died. Or using italics on forums.
  10. I remember the reception to Zero being pretty lukewarm upon its original release, even in the GameCube-centric mags I was glued to.
  11. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I don't think I've jumped on a new release faster; it's got small print run written all over it. Had to get it from Denmark...!
  12. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Physical and digital in Europe, digital only in US.
  13. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    No, apart from Stardew. LDC is a bit like Wada's other game, Hometown Story: nice idea, but barren and basic upon release. Portia is the closest contender as it's rather compulsive with the crafting etc, but the characters are crap and the writing is outsourced half to early access fans, which means nobody is anybody. Last time I looked there was a whole character based around a McDonalds pun. It's also curiously sterile/disparate (for the genre). Doraemon is utterly beautiful in look and is pretty much a return to the old Harvest Moon games in feel and atmosphere. I don't even know what Doraemon as a franchise is so the game really surprised me. Get the free demo played - and note you can turn off the repetitive anime grunts off when farming in the full game.
  14. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Doraemon by a country mile.
  15. The WiiU port of KI that was cancelled due to the console's ailing performance was one of the worst cancellations. I expect it'll come to the big screen one day.
  16. The traumatising Yoshi's Island baby crying given the modern treatment at last.
  17. I've rated them since well before then, as Nintendo did; Mario Smash Football on the GameCube was a polished treasure. I just have a little back and forth injoke going on with Keyboard Koala as historically he's been less generous toward them. Punch Out was quietly brilliant, too.
  18. Your post has reminded me that LM started off as a 3d experimental game for the GC before they used the tech years later for the 3ds, so it is perhaps unsurprising that the GC can render the environments twice.
  19. Here's how it probably works, if I'm being generous. For every bad-faith, 'get-in-her-good-books' white knight that a woman attracts, she'll get another guy slimily implying that she's getting undeserved support because she's a woman. Also, guys telling other guys to 'man up' like thoughtless idiots isn't a woman's responsibility and one probably shouldn't hope for the same disadvantage to befall those famously always-privileged womenfolk.
  20. I played it for an hour over the free weekend and only a few servers were active. Strange, as I would've thought it'd have garnered a strong Red Orchestra community by now, complete with the usual dubious political behaviours.
  21. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    From the Japans? I got them on release of Odyssey for £50 and they're by far the best. Until they make dual orange ones, of course.
  22. Origin Access (the basic one for £10 a year) is obscenely good, of course. A plethora of the top indie titles, loads of nostalgic old Star Wars titles, some AAA stuff like Titanfall 2 and NFS. Pretty impressive for the price.
  23. Keyboard Koala and I were chatting about this in the pub the other night, we both agreed NLG are far better.
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