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  1. @Davros sock drawer seeing as you (rightfully) say it's a great game, you may be interested to hear that the Steam rerelease of Psychonauts made Meat Circus more forgiving, I'd go so far as to describe it as fixed.
  2. So what do we think will happen, guys, or rather, what do we want? When it was announced there'd by 5 DLC fighters I had mixed feelings when the penny dropped that they'd all be third party characters, but the later announcement that there'd be more DLC characters down the road was interesting. Would you like more third party chars in the next five, or would you like to see more Nintendo additions?
  3. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Please Nintendo, just get it done! I'll even take a PowerA offering at this point.
  4. Broker's the most consistent rllmuker for ending up arguing with himself by the end of each judgement deliverance. I think George Lucas had it and is now past it, and yes, other people contributed to the success of the films. So did he. This Redlettermedia 'it was all an accident, he was always terrible' direction is amusing but goes far too far to dismiss his contributions because he made crap stuff later. It's gossip mag territory/ level of critical thinking, in my opinion. Yes, ideas are worthless without action - as we've all known since we were 20 etc etc - but Lucas did act and he ended up making Star Wars. It's alright.
  5. Yeah, if Kevvy Metal played 1+2 just before 3 and found 3 worse that's a thing in itself. I'm surprised, as I found 1+2 quite unforgiving and later games that cribbed QTEs quick made the margin for error larger, I'd assumed Shenmue 3 would work off these natural refinements. Maybe hard is just valued more by the director.
  6. Black & White Version 2 get a pass from me, given it was set two years later with a new storyline, five new towns, tons of new characters and features. Ultra Sun was slim as in its differences.
  7. You gifted me Shenmue in November and it became one of my best gaming times of the last half decade - played, completed and loved. <3
  8. That's the tradition of Pokemon Yellow, Crystal, Emerald allllll the way up to Ultra Sun done, I guess. This might be better? Mixed feelings, but I do know that the dual release of Ultra Sun and Moon rather than a third 'ultimate' game (Eclipse?) felt a bit rubbish.
  9. I noticed that too, and have a theory that it's a happy accident. The PS1's trademark polygonal judder seems to be ameliorated to a large degree by the fixed camera perspective combined with the game's high speed, resulting in the judder looking for all the world like a shaky cam filming this small RC world. The replay chase cam breaks the illusion and it's back to classic PS1 unsolid, shaky tracks but yeah, whether intentional or not (or even just noticed subconsciously by the devs as feeling 'right') it's a great result. The graphically conservative PS1 games, like the ones with fixed cams or lavish 2d graphics, have naturally aged the best.
  10. This arrived the other day: one of the sweetest boxarts ever. Although I'm grateful such a unique game came to the West, the boxart for the localisation is pretty damn awful.
  11. Dexter ended brilliantly, at the show's height.
  12. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Looking forward to the Pokemon Not A Direct.
  13. Take a shot for every flop and say that again, I dare you.
  14. This is what happens when you don't unbox.
  15. Genuine question: why? Complete collections seem like one of the most depressing, wasteful and expensive endeavours in gaming. A bunch of crap titles hiding the gems? The reality that it's usually the worst titles that are the priciest because they didn't sell at the time? No thanks.
  16. Ah yeah, that's it. Lovely GLFW.
  17. What was it missing? It released on PC, after all.
  18. My one line mention of her acting (the first time ever, btw) comes in a 300 word post that explains, summarises then decries the bullying she's received - trying to be a bit more useful than a 'grow up' or 'fuck off'. It was a reply to someone posting "Funny, I don’t recall hearing of any backlash against Ridley or Boyega." It's a reply careful not to immediately attack, tell off or inform someone that they're effectively labelled as and are akin to a 4-chan MRA - it's well proven that's how extremists are made and only serves to make the right-minded and well-meaning person fan the flames from Day 1 and make the problem bigger. Rllmuk is entirely the place to post some nuance and it's only in less considered conversation in public where I've not said that I don't rate Rose because being in a victim's corner has come first. But fucking hell, a few inflammatory dim-bulbs aside, rllmuk clearly isn't about to struggle with a post that says the merits of her acting becomes irrelevant the moment the abuse starts. Have you mistaken me for twitter, or rllmuk for a bunch of fascists eager to lap up any Kelly Marie Tran bashing? If so, please remember I'm talking to my peer group that regularly demonstrate this sentiment: https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/262506-gender-diversity-politics-in-games-was-tropes-vs-women/ Edit: missed that this was Broker, ffs. Disregard.
  19. Possible you're not fully exposed to/informed on the topic. Points. There are lots of strange Star Wars fans. If you've not encountered the darker online gatherings of them there's no reason to know that. There's a crossover with a lovely group forged in the current-day trend of edgy, angry (usually young) internet boys with a huge amount of vitriol toward women that didn't exist in or at least weren't as organised in the days of... Ripley. It's Ripley! John Boyega did receive racist harassment and talked about it publicly. Rose's actor received death threats and a torrent of racial slurs because she acted poorly and played a rubbish character. This reaction is obviously disproportionate. Acting ability quickly becomes irrelevant when that bigger stuff rears its head. She just did a bad job. Even if Kelly Marie Tran got the same amount of abuse as Mark Hamill, Laura Dern and Rian Johnson she's still allowed to be more affected by it and delete her social media accounts. In reality she became a plaything for a lot of people so got more. Some peoples' minds seem to go first to pushing aside the serious elements of the criticism like the death threats and abuse or imply that the target is making it up (while it's available for reading on twitter, youtube, 4chan etc) and revise it to 'she got criticised and couldn't handle it and blamed it on racism and sexism'. Obviously these peoples' personal revisionism isn't anyone's else's concern and I think it sometimes comes because they can't really fathom the severity of the abuse because they wouldn't deliver it themselves in a million years. If you suspect that someone's re-contextualising their abuse and your suspicion is strong enough to state it in conversation, though... a bit of reading is a good idea to make sure you're not inadvertently joining in on bullying.
  20. Update for Christmas: http://oniongames.jp/diary/as-2019-ends-lets-talk-about-the-moon
  21. I've checked his diary, Dig Dug walks among the dead now.
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