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  1. I'm afraid the GameCube startup jingle(s) is essential, and as such I've reported your insensitive post for a ban.
  2. I always pay attention to the @ShoesSeal of Approval. Should I be playing this?
  3. One 3DS game above all. Short and very, very sweet.
  4. A Panasonic Q. Working or broken; either's fine. They've become this tedious collector status symbol (like Earthbound) so go for all sorts of unpleasant prices but I've wanted one since I was a kid.
  5. It popped up yesterday that a lightning strike fried everything in his house - including his entire arcade. Halfway through he explains that nothing has been insured because he 'doesn't believe in insurance'.
  6. In the very first version of Harvest Moon: Back to Nature commited to PAL discs, the game froze upon getting married, meaning your life was done if you'd saved just before it. It was either a bug or commentary.
  7. They seem to have made that RC car have the weight of five cars on the suspension of a Reliant Robin, there.
  8. Yeah, why not. Although come on, I don't think it surprising that the forum is interested in a character that writes fanciful and critical articles about the forum as well as shoehorning further criticisms into articles on unrelated subjects - it's funny. Nine times out of ten the interest only flairs up when the latest tirade is written. Also, not 2005: lots of alt accounts, plenty recent. This thread started as one of those hilarious celebrations of a militant videogames warmonger personality (Stu Campbell! Cacky! Others!) but I think now he's 50 or thereabouts it's got a bit sadder, and less amusing. We're not responsible for our more... 'invested' members, of course. Time for them to stopp.
  9. If you've ever been a chef (or just a dishpig) it immediately strikes you how much Overcooked mirrors the fury of the ki- WHERE ARE THE PLATES? I NEED THAT SALAD IN ONE MINUTE, NOW!
  10. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Wii U

    It is criminal, but at least the past has been backed up. I wonder if an app for the WiiU will ever be made to plug it back in, even if it can't be reactivated in the games themselves. https://archiverse.guide/
  11. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Wii U

    Much faster and more comprehensive/reliable to Google search 'softmod WiiU'.
  12. Wtf, Pac-Man Vs. came to the Switch?!
  13. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Wii U

    A hacked WiiU is an excellent Nintendo all-in-one console. Fully compatible with the GameCube and Wii (as well as those retro titles that came to the Wii and WiiU Virtual console), you can play allsorts of stuff on the Gamepad while lazing on the sofa. Like many earlier 3D titles that have come to the Switch, a smaller screen is kind to those older games. The GC controller adapter is also a bit of a gift; you only really miss out on the GC microphone games and memory cards as there's no port for that. But given the WiiU has an inbuilt mic and accepts external ones for stuff like U-Sing I think it's only a matter of time until you can play Odama halfway across your living room (and absolutely no further).
  14. I'll try and keep it to the very best, as this area of games is one of my (gaming) passions so we play a fair whack. Competitive: Nidhogg Tricky Towers Mashed Clusterpuck 99 Hidden In Plain Sight Worms (any of the better 2D games) Smash Bros Ultimate Mount Your Friends Mario Kart 8 Ultimate Chicken Horse NintendoLand GangBeasts Starwhal Runners up: Wand Wars Lethal League Golf With Friends/Golf It Toybox Turbos Micro Machines V3 SuperGrav StickFight: The Game Party Jousting SpeedRunners
  15. This was a discussion six months or so ago; I followed the excellent dekay guide to the letter but transfers have still sometimes gone wrong. The 3DS is famously finicky regardless, your guide just greatly reduces the risk.
  16. They've made Animal Crossing saves exceptions across most installments, so it wouldn't be too surprising even if the Switch handled AC different from the norm. You couldn't duplicate your GameCube or Wii AC file and there was the save data transfer tool gubbins for the 3DS that required a digi copy on the receiving end. They sure do take virtual furniture seriously.
  17. The loot isn't fucked, rather it's different by design. The overworld is loot poor, with the catacombs being purposefully high loot, MK14s spawning alongside a ton of mili vests, DMRs and a hospital's worth of meds. You can survivalist above ground like the old alpha PUBG - making the most with what you've scraped together - or put yourself in the firing line going for the good stuff. The overworld loot is also much more plentiful on its extremities, if you go to the centre snake compounds you'll not get much and will need to run to the nearest red flag round building as soon as you get a sticky. A lot of streamers and players jumped into the game without reading the patch notes, which is fair enough, and then being surprised when it isn't business as usual. The loot and map design here seems pretty deep and I'll be interested to see what the meta play ends up being once everyone's got to grips with Karakin. It's really not clear. Personally I love the new pace, it's like a legitimately Sanhok, i.e. actually fast. In 9 solo games I've had one 0 kill, averaging at 4 per match. It also seems to facilitate greater kill consistency if you know what you're doing. Likewise, Benny, NathanWind and I squadded roughshod across Karakin aggressing for the full 18 minutes match time and got a 10 kill chicken. The terrain is also fantastic, like a mini, condensed Erangel/Miramar, where you can perform those old rotations and landscape plays that Sanhok doesn't really allow. Naturally, Erangel and Miramar remain the best maps but this is something special.
  18. Yeah, one of the best.
  19. I kept you in mind, @geldra; here he is. In stock on the 26th and you can buy it now. https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01HTAYMWU/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_apa_i_PjThEbPPAZF5Z?fbclid=IwAR1QfcGR6c7Nw4dFBGNoveuOtZJ6GxoFyMLdBn8pfKIQfVplHxiywVvTDC0
  20. Crossed wires here. Bar Hero, they're not anime! (But I see your wider point about characters demanded from online hoards. I guess they're the majority audience, though.)
  21. I don't know how much that's actually happening (is it?). Did Terry come from a ResetEra campaign? Banjo? I thought the internet was clamouring for a good mix of characters. Sora and Lloyd are up there, but it seems quite diverse as a whole. Genuinely I think Crash Bandicoot would be a good stylistic fit for Smash - and is certainly iconic enough - although I know he's about as popular as ham and pineapple pizza across the Brooker-lites of rllmuk.
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