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  1. (Most) art books are pretty good value, really. Dark Horse are pretty uniform and mainstream compared to prettier works from Titan and Udon but the amount of text and dev insight they usually have in them means 2 hours later I'm generally only a fifth of the way in. It still astonishes me such high quality images can be printed so cheaply in today's world. 

  2. I thought the story hurtled along at the same pace as the first game, really, sorry to hear it doesn't work for everyone. The fact it marched forth without any filler (if you chose to main quest the whole way through) was pretty much my top relief when it came to 2. 

  3. I've spoken to Nintendo's store chat, after seeing some online retailers listing as expecting more in April: 



    Hi Craig, quick question. I can't seem to find Ring Fit Adventure anywhere, do you have public information about whether more stock is due? I see one or two online retailers have listed stock as expected in April, but, y'know...



    We don't have any confirmed dates for when we will have this sadly. Once it has been confirmed by our production facility we will add this to our website product page for the item.



    Understood. Presumably no confirmation that more are coming, is that right?



    We have been advised that more units are being produced, it's just a matter of waiting for our production facility to confirm when they will be ready



    Thanks Craig. A/S/L?



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  4. Going back to an Animal Crossing village is always bleak. The no weeds thing of New Leaf barely helps. The animals remark how many years you were gone (I.e. how much older you are now), half-finished home designs lie abandoned, the spoils from huge amounts of effort lie in your inventory and purse. Your absence has changed nothing in a world that starts right back up again, this time with you less invested than a version of yourself from a distant memory that used to play everyday. 


    But New Horizons will be different... we'll play that one forever...

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  5. 53 minutes ago, meatbin said:

    I also haven't played since the DS version, and I have one question...


    If I play this, and leave it for a few months (missing a lot of real-time time), does my progress or island degrade in anyway?  


    Not since the last one. New Leaf on the 3DS had a mayoral option for your village not to degrade, so I'd be surprised if they rolled back a feature that was so welcomed. They seem to be ironing out the niggling stuff, one example being the way the grass no longer dies under your feet.

  6. I'm far too pretentious to allow myself to watch a dubbed Ghibli, but I'm also so pretentious that I think reading subs rather than looking fully at every frame negatively impacts the viewing of something to a significant degree. Miyazaki's films in particular are made in perfect pauses, and if I had my way I'd even ban blinking so the timings can cast their intended spell. It's a hard world, sometimes.

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  7. I thought this might be about the battle system. Presumably Xenoblade's bedfellow FFXII isn't a 'True JRPG', with its similar masked turn-based battle system. You could slap FFVI into a huge open world MMO map and give it some MMO elements and it'd still remain a JRPG. Purists!

  8. Xenoblade 'isn't barely' a JRPG? Actual, factual madness. It's more ambitious and inventive than the strictly inflexible DQ series (11 is a jump forward, though) but it never strays from the JRPG genre for a second. 

  9. Ah yes, Race 'N' Chase/GTA 1 made by a gaggle of young men (a demograph known for hating Scarface and edgy stuff, particularly in the Duke Nukem-ridden 90s) was all a dispassionate, cynical financial decision because *mutter mutter private school mutter*


    Obviously they knew a naughty behaviour game would sell, their heart might have been in it, too. 

  10. Nintendo 'considered' multiplayer Gamepad support before the WiiU's launch in the face of substantial outcry. It's just their marketing damage control and probably doesn't signify the outcome either way for A.C. They're generally a slow, stubborn and inflexible company who are redeemed by their creation of gaming treasures.  

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  11. Fired up the 3ds again last night and toured some of my faves. The Switch is truly incredible but damn, do I miss the jolly, characterful Nintendo console interfaces of old. The Wii/U and the 3DS and the SNES Classic strike a sharp contrast against then the uniform dullness of the Switch. 

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  12. There's something else I really appreciate about the Switch that I don't often see mentioned. One of the first things to wear out on newer handhelds is the sticks, or the buttons, rendering the thing broken unless it goes for repair. Joycons mean that the problem is no longer inbuilt and, assuming Switches themselves stand the test of time, it makes a point of failure easily fixable by replacement. I like that. 


    This goes the other way, too: I've gone through three XBox360 pads over the decade before the rubber's gone, or the sticks have begun to drift, or the triggers lose their crispness. Modern controllers are a bit less basic than, say, that GameBoy that still works today, and I'm glad stuff like dodgy joycon sticks and intricate features like HD rumble aren't tied into the system. In fact, even the fact your controller is in two parts and if one breaks you only have to buy one second hand joycon is pretty good, too. 

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  13. 1 hour ago, snowbind said:


    This is good to hear. I got the game on launch, but bounced off it quite quickly for just that reason. 


    Yeah I only got into it last November, so have a pretty positive experience of the game. Here's a list of how it's grown since launch (ignore the 'patches only' entries, obv).




    And a specific good example of a free update:



    Not even a freecam? Yikes. 

  14. I think it's a really good game. I gather it's light on what often makes park sims great for that genre's established audience*, but Evolution just feels great to play and the dinosaurs are endlessly fun to reveal. Moving onto Zoo Tycoon soon probably, where the ability to decorate and create is a lot greater. Glad I played JW first. I'd say the Jurassic Park DLC is essential if you watched the films at the time. 


    *Importantly, the game has received a lot of support and a whole game's worth of free ongoing updates and features, and it seems like it launched pretty barebones. Reviews from launch are less favourable than today's. 

  15. What would have been the most effective way to make a rather superfluous character addition less superfluous? By making them markedly unique and interesting. Groan. 


    It's fine, though, it's not like another character makes Smash any worse, and I like the idea of a Pitted Lucina. 

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