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  1. And the great white one's rubbish. Strangely inconsistent, but that's AC, I guess.
  2. If that's true, that's...
  3. Why must they tell you all of the failures at the end of each chapter? It's torturous. Some way through episode 1 (which is free on Steam for those interested) and I think it's a compelling game. The character models are so oddly gargoylesque - even the one that are supposed to be attractive - it feels like it must be an intentional stylistic choice. A cartoonish, exaggerated sort of style that sees everyone really wrinkled and ill looking. And a little less trustworthy. I'm getting a sense of its depth through story beats I've obviously missed and there's so much choice under the hood it's actually quite freeing. It allows you to be free of any aspirations to be a completionist and instead flow with the conversations, which bolsters the game's intention.
  4. This is an easily accessible online file, not a VHS. Useless!
  5. I think it's fine to judge other playstyles positively and negatively, from min-maxing to time travelling. It's not automatically personal to whoever's playing 'x' way. We'll all just have different ideas on how best to preserve the magic (anyone who's flirted with cheat codes or cheesing a money-making feature can attest to sometimes accidentally breaking the value in a game).
  6. ??? I've just checked, it made it to DVD and bluray (unsurprising, given the cast). Under £4 used on ebay.
  7. He's tested them, though, and knows them to be working half the time.
  8. Buy a code from cdkeys etc?
  9. DrDisrespect, Ninja and Shroud would all break recent multi-million dollar contracts with their respective platformers to start a new, unproven streaming service in which they have no experience and would cost them millions - millions they'd just defaulted on. Sounds very likely and not at all a little story made up by online teenagers. No idea if Brime is a real thing or not, but come on.
  10. Sure? I found holding A does a light treading of water that makes you move around slowly, rather than the (faster) breaststroke. I've found a nice, slow rhythm to the A button to get the arms moving correctly, you just press A each time they're fully 'back'. Spamming the A button doesn't hasten the animation or your character. My guess would be, as holding A only uses the legs, that'd be the flippers 'run' function if it came, yeah.
  11. I do wonder whether 'flippers' will become a thing, to increase swimming speed.
  12. Also, be careful with rucksack space when you're diving, as you can't swap/drop less desirable land-based stuff (anything not sea creatures) into the water. I had to let something excellent go because I didn't make space first.
  13. I'd kill for a freecam in the museum.
  14. How'd you get this day one? I could only order one through Nook shopping (which arrives the next day, I thought). Edit: Ohhh, the shop menu, not displayed physically in the shop. Of course.
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