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  1. A wonderful generation and console, with even the machine itself brimming with personality. Slow to start, with an awkward 'Ambassadors' flavoured apology, but so very good by the end.
  2. Don't worry, everyone: still in stock on ebay! Off to check the prices now but looking forward to my 3080.
  3. Yup. No caching here and it went in and out of stock upon two immediate F5s.
  4. I bet you're literally closer to the Virgin Media Bristol server up your way and beat my click, you absolute monster.
  5. Update on the G9: Amazon UK's got them in, and now so do I. Hubba.
  6. Very much within the sacred realm of possibility, when you consider how big the last game got toward the end.
  7. The 3070 or 3080 are fine for it. Pixel count.
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