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  1. Forgive the patent bragging (isn't that what this thread is for nowadays?), but putting the time into recoil control on those damn 7.62 rifles is starting to pay off. I honestly never thought I'd get even a little bit less terrified of the Groza but the AK grind helps a lot: Last bullet:
  2. Rob Rule

    Insurgency Sandstorm - PC September 2018, Consoles 2019

    Top marks for linking Aculite, Dave.
  3. Get outta here! I'd cleared and rescanned my left, was hidden behind the hill and was fixed on the one point of danger, the distant ridge at 75, which I hadn't received fire from during the exchange.That super-safe milli gear helped me tank the last guy. That little jump over the snipe shot timed for when he stopped moving to take aim is what saved me. Whatever, Dad, I'm my own man now!
  4. Here it is. Not great aim but I had about three pints of adrenaline pounding through my system. I'M SORRY.
  5. Old Man Swagger seems like a good guy - he's one of chocotaco's duo partners. I got my first (FPP) Solo vs Squads game this year just now - five kills, and took out two level 3 monsters on high ground toward the end that had me pinned downhill. They knew roughly where I was because I'd just killed SLR'd their teammate and missed a shot on them. I only had an UMP worth using so had to close the distance between us using a slim path of trees along a defilade, a nade through the tree, some messy prefiring and a quick relocation after the first knock.
  6. CEX isn’t surprising, it’s run by droves of employees. Strangely the indie places - some of them run by one person - are equally big offenders.
  7. It’s such a waste. The amount of stuff I see degrading in the windows of places is mildly astonishing - games that were put there because they were some of the best (and most profitable) things the place have to offer, only to be carefully displayed to depreciate and become unwanted to those that would actually buy them. I understand that the window is the most powerful pos for the store, but really, display a catalogue of photos of the more precious stuff or put it behind UV blockers or... something. Don’t have Earthbound waning away to a useless pastel while the price tag remains oblivious to its diminishing value. They’re in your window because you know their value in the first place. What long-abandoned, window-ruined treasures do you often pass by knowing they’re utterly dead? Example from Bristol include a PS2 chainsaw controller, Mario Dance Stage on the GC (fully boxed!) and a few Pokemon GBC games in otherwise incredible condition.
  8. Rob Rule

    Okami HD

    What! I’ve been reading here that you can press a button to make each dialogue box autofill in this version, making it tons faster. No? Ffs.
  9. Rob Rule

    Monster Hunter: World

    This game is Monster Hunter finally realised. All through the years of playing I’ve thought the environments were way behind the life of the monsters and have held the series back. The conceit and original inspiration of the game was that they were trying to make a living, breathing, grounded world, but that’s always been undermined by relatively barren landscapes for me. Now though, at long last, I feel like I’m in an actual jungle. The wildlife seem to interact with each other more. Carrion birds come down to eat after a kill. There’s enough processing power for the air to team with insects as it always should have. Foliage sways, roots run thick, the canopy dapples the ground level with sunlight. A world at last.
  10. Japan grinds to a halt upon a Dragon Quest release; its an institution while Square have only recently started considering the West seriously for DQ releases. I took this English statement as one from an impotent Western branch that manages Tomb Raider and Deus Ex. I’d bet anything that Square back home isn’t anywhere near kicking out this elder statesman and their Western counterparts/employees know it.
  11. Rob Rule

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 2018

    Music from a certain classic third party franchise was uploaded, delisted, onto the Smash YouTube channel yesterday. Looks like we’ll be seeing a stage and presumably character from
  12. Rob Rule

    All things Yakuza!

    What a joy it’d be to have the entire series come (and be preserved on) PC.
  13. Rob Rule

    Minecraft - Better Together update now available

    Yes, and it’s wonderful. I bet they’d love to ditch and be done with the Java version, though.
  14. Rob Rule

    Venom - October 2018

    They've absolutely nailed Venom's look. Very impressive.
  15. Rob Rule

    Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - December 2018

    What is the right cable? Should the Switch have four USB ports in it...somewhere? The Smash audience demanded original GC pad support in the WiiU era and Nintendo uncharacteristically responded well. More to the point, they officially licensed the GC mold to folks like Hori - when the Wii left with its GC ports, the WiiU had GC controller-alikes that plugged into that gen’s ports (in this case, Wiimote attachments). No doubt wireless GC molds with the simplified guts of a Switch Pro controller will be along this time. Lastly, they’re not exclusively usable on the Switch - I use my WiiU Smash branded controllers on my original GC and Wii for all sorts of games. To summarise: there’s a demand for wired rumble originals but wireless stuff is always green lit by Nintendo, too.

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