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  1. One indie game about old-man feelings.
  2. Hell no. Didn't hang around. When's later @Nequests? (Diff time zone iiirc)
  3. Went to a time traveller's village for the first time today, felt a bit spoilerific/ hollow.
  4. Stone walls, at long last. Thanks to @NexivRed.
  5. Someone spoiler the final Easter prize, please. I expect it's a terrible egg kettle or something. Edit: finally found it. As terrible as predicted.
  6. @Nathan Wind's entire island looks like that.
  7. Got! It's fantastic, top tier.
  8. https://www.rllmukforum.com/index.php?/topic/271827-the-untold-history-of-japanese-game-developers-book-kickstarter/page/4/#comments Top of the page has the link to the second side of the story, whole thread's worth reading from page 3 as it's from the time.
  9. Got the oarfish figurine in the post today.
  10. Gates closing in 25 for a few days; got lots of building to do with a bit less time.
  11. That'll be someone in a shop menu probably, and annoyed with having to cancel out of it for the sixth time. The arrival system is chaos but the game's clearly butting against its data abilities with people having to be out of inventories etc.
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