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  1. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    Weird, I've never heard of that and can't find mention of it now. Do you mean it has a Zelda faceplate? Or this one? A standard comes with that so it can't be (then again, this is PAL). There is a non-standard MGS silver one that has a Foxhound faceplate, a Resi 4 one, but not sure which one you're in possession of.
  2. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    Tales of Symphonia and a standard silver. For those curious, Japan got a bunch of GBPlayers for almost all colours, while we didn't.
  3. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    It's in use! My towering mental illness doesn't quite stretch to buying both another GC and GBPlayer just to add to this telamon totem.
  4. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    It's a little ostentatious but that's a load bearing GameCube tower so can't be removed.
  5. Rob Rule

    Videogame Art Books

    Finally took a snap of my artbooks to add to everyone else's.
  6. Rob Rule

    Guilty Pleasures

    Yes. My blitz is 4x Bacon Double Cheesburgers, 1x Double Cheeseburger. No fries, gassy drink or other nonsense.
  7. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Anything to suggest you won't be able to pair additional joycons as controllers as you can now? It's software side so I can't see that functionality going, in the same way that pro controllers etc would still be pairable. It'd just have permanent joycons built in too.
  8. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    How many games wouldn't work with a non-detachable version? Labo for one. Arms? Presumably 1 2 Switch.
  9. Rob Rule

    Dave Perry is back...

    Did she reject you or something?
  10. Rob Rule

    Switch - Too many ports?? (Ports Die Twice)

    That cancelled Kid Icarus port to WiiU really should come to the Switch, and therefore a controller, that suits it.
  11. Rob Rule

    Baba Is You (PC, Switch) - 13th March

    Another Hempuli gem. <3
  12. Apology accepted. If you get stuck on any of the reading I'm always on the other end of the phone.
  13. So up for this, one of the most special games that I've inexplicably never finished. Can't believe you haven't mentioned this, Nate! DX on n3DS for me.
  14. Rob Rule

    Idiot proof rice cooking


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