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  1. GameCube C-sticks are pretty weak compared to the main analog stick, it's generally the first point of failure.
  2. The Joycon sticks must be made of filo pastry, then.
  3. Ocarina, Twilight and in particular Wind Waker and Majora's were all hugely fiddled with in their ports.
  4. I'd love to see a non-crap fan texture pack of a classic one day, but as usual, this isn't it. It's just tasteless wood and sand photo textures replacing a strong art style, with little coherence or beauty.
  5. I do love him, but time and again Scottcr has been the worst for Nintendo spoilers.
  6. I wouldn't leak a plot a month early anywhere, either. Good call.
  7. If you only focus on the homogenised AAA games, sure. But why would you? Wild things are being done in games today and if you're missing the vast variety from a ton of indie offerings, more accessible game engines, Spelunky, Dreams, Labo, TLoU, Tetris 99, VR as a whole, Flight Sim, Yakuza and just one million other inventive twists every single year, you may well be lost to the 'good old days' syndrome.
  8. How dare you. Look what you've done, Pockets.
  9. 'At least' was a bulwark against the dekays listing the obvious other genre-besters, of course.
  10. I fawn over those games, if that's the kind of language we have to use, because they're the best adventure platformers made. That's at least two genres mastered by Nintendo through Mario, let's just celebrate it.
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