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  1. It's Shovel Knight amiibo day, if you didn't get them yesterday. My first gold/silver amiibo, given it's not a lazy respray.
  2. I know what you mean; those twilight releases where studios have really got to grips with the console and know how to get the most out of it. I think notable technical achievements should be noted too where it's warranted as that's part of it, even if it's sometimes harder to define. The Last Of Us, GTA San Andreas, Twilight Princess, Snake Eater, GT6, Conker's BFD and SOTC come to mind. Nintendo might end up falling comparatively short here as they tend to know their hardware inside out from day one.
  3. Funny, I opened this thread to talk about my renewed hope that an Ishin translation will happen, as the subject just came up in conversation with @Bennytoday. With 3, 4 and 5 being ported/tweaked and SEGAs trust in the series clearly cemented I hope we do see it. But hell yeah, I'd like to see a Kenzan Kiwami-esque overhaul first, to play them in the right order. My one concern is that the PS5 is out at the end of 2020 and I'd like the PS4 live long enough to see that Ishin translation actually be released, as I could see it being delayed by a Kenzan remaster existing. At least it'd only need a translation and no massive rework.
  4. Rob Rule


    2d retro games seems to be ahead of that with CRT filters and the like. Hopefully image 'softeners' for the unexpectedly higher-res 3d games may come more into fashion. The PS3 does it for PS1 games, for example, with some sort of smoother. I wonder how difficult it'd be to make them better than 'fuzzy'.
  5. Arrived. The purported delays weren't too bad, then.
  6. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    You might be underselling it a bit to the uninitiated there, bum - I've never played one of the games in that genre but a quick look shows it's actual video footage of the route, and not in-game graphics or photographic stills. Pretty cool.
  7. I'm 32 and Star Wars 4, 5 and 6 came out before I was born so obviously I only know about the later films because I was alive then. The earlier films were on every single Christmas along with Jurassic Park for most of the 90s to early 2000s.
  8. Big shift. Ep 4 was suddenly extremely...TV. I was trying to elaborate to myself on what the feeling/atmosphere of that ep was when it came to me. That was essentially just a late 90s episode of Stargate! Edit: Wrote that post before echoing the comments above. Personally I'm still interested, one duff ep out of four isn't bad.
  9. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    I expect a Super Metroid remake will suffer the same thing the Abe's Odyssey and MGS 1 retreads did: dirty, rusty, muddy, unkempt environments with age and history reborn into glossy, clean, high definition new-build environments with shiny metals and fresh concrete. I don't know why higher definition remakes keep causing de-aging but they really do. And it's not just that the originals' lower res, fuzzy pixellation and more suggestive textures merely implied age and a soily detail; all three games' environments were specifically designed as that.
  10. If you don't resurrect that youtube channel at least annually just for the passion of games you're doing yourself a disservice. It was very good.
  11. For the true Wiper feeling you must don a panto cape and twirl a moustache when you enter the thread, and speak: "It's me everyone, with my unpopular opinions borne of my unique and critical mind. Doth my reputation precede me, doth it, doth it?" before you see some criminal has already gone full heresy on page 1 and claimed Mario Kart is crap; your whole identity now redundant in the face of such high-tier contrarian horror.
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