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  1. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    The Switch is going to be such a killer emulation platform come the end of its life. Loads of controller options and the small screen being kinder to older games while always having the choice of the TV. I'm sure those early adopters jamming forks into battery compartments to short the bios (science talk!) will say it's good now, but i look forward to reviving the console once it's previous gen and the emulators and features are more mature.
  2. I primarily collect curios on any platform with more complete collections of GC, WiiU and 3DS. By curios I mean those eccentric games like Opoona, Mr Moskeeto, Incredible Crisis, Chibi Robo, Chulip, Seaman 2, moon; stuff like that. The WiiU is a funny one - I may end up ridding myself of the Switch ports that havent been compromised but I think I'll always have those quintessential WiiU games like Nintendo Land, Starfox Zero and Game & Wario. The ports are a weird one, really: theyve usually lost some minor features like touch or second screen stuff and then gained a few extra levels or chars in the Switch versions.
  3. 2020 goals! I don't really listen to GB. I do watch the odd thing if it flashes up on youtube. They seem (as a whole, I must stress) like a bunch of bored guys who've grown past a previous groove/good time, muddling along with a comfortable listenership in the same boat that's getting gradually less tolerant of it all alongside them. Good in small doses when they're at their best/least jaded and of course I'm not accounting for the fondness and attachment that comes from being with these people for 10+ years, obv - nor am I poo-pooing it. By far the most enjoyable GB thing for me is the commentary in this thread and the Rory clips.
  4. It's three blokes, actually.
  5. Hi guys! Haven't listened to GB for a long while but looking to grab myself a sub and get back into it. What's the new guy Ben like?
  6. NathanWind wiped out danucd and littlebigwhale the other day in one devilish spray. Rllmuk represent.
  7. Is VeeRay the alternate universe non-evil deKay? I guess that would be our universe.
  8. The more I've seen teams suffer the consequences of buyouts the more I've grown to have equal time for people supporting big studios as they do indies, because so often unique, dedicated teams exist under and at the whim of an umbrella corporation. In my eyes there's nothing wrong with supporting the games of Psygnosis/Sony Liverpool because they're making less mainstream racing games that you'd still love to have around, even if perhaps you don't fancy that year's installment right away.
  9. Spider-man has lost much of his amateurish charm with this MCU version. Impossibly hi-tech, Tony Stark-invented suits with hidden possibilities that sidesteps Parker's own precocious invention, all of his cocky quips and one liners absent because he was a belated addition to an already established MCU leading man lineup made up exclusively of cocky quippers. I think I could watch retread origin stories of Peter Parker swatting school bullies and being a neighbourhood solo artist far longer than I could him having sentient AI suits and space stations at its beck and call. Or at least I wish those gifts/Iron man links had come in later once he'd been given more than a school year to breathe and grow and discover his own homegrown heroism. The films are well made and Tom Holland is a good Spider-man so it's all the more of a shame for me to see the character's rushed promotion. The script does include Stark's reluctance for Peter to get involved too early, but the plots as a whole work against these small concessions. Maybe having a Spider-man at the right age for once has just exacerbated this missed opportunity.
  10. Rob Rule

    Nintendo Switch

    Very cool. A special edition of a videogame plastered with infantilised sexy girls and grubby pink underwear merch. Stick the little panties stickers around your office desk, bum!
  11. Here's some more moon from the Archipel channel above.
  12. If I'm lucky this'll quietly come to the Switch eshop as one of those 'turn your Switch on its side to play' titles in a few years.
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