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  1. A Kallax and the glass shelves (with drawers or boxes underneath for the controllers etc) is a great way to have consoles set up.
  2. What you really lose is the 'New' range's vastly better (i.e. working) eye tracking 3D effect, that I think is essential.
  3. R0b

    Stream Deck

    I own those pedals, and they don't at all achieve what the Streamdeck pedal does; which is to provide every Streamdeck function in pedal form.
  4. If Red Dead Redemption 2 hadn't come from a studio most famous for its laddish output it'd get double the acclaim on rllmuk. No, not by everyone obv. Rockstar San Diego crafted an absolute bona fide masterpiece, the world is the least open world generated feeling place I've ever played. Absolutely none of that Skyrim and Witcher 3 'empty canvas with assets' feel. Kingdom Come: Deliverance is a tiny place but a close second in realistic land.
  5. It's Nintendo, and it has War in the title.
  6. What, 4 weeks devtime for what we saw? Impossible. Maybe would've been scrapped/reworked if the reception was terrible but I can't imagine that being their decision this far on either.
  7. Timestamped an example I dug up for you.
  8. That's what the disparity in art style will likely do, yep.
  9. I have some good news for those worried about the preservation of the 3D elements of 3DS games in the future; news that I only very recently discovered. While I'm more optimistic about there being a clone console in the future than some, there's an alternative today that'll only become more everyday and accessible. Today's 3DS emulator Citra does 3D in current VR headsets, where you can play 3DS games in HD on your Quest 2, Index et al. So stereoscopic 3D is going to stay as a mass market option and by the time our 3DS's are dying, standalone VR headsets will be wildly ahead of today's and much more accessible/casual/light to pop on. If by some miracle no company tackles the 3DS clone console, we can expect to be able to experience the 3D of Super Mario Land 3D if we really want to. Incidentally, playing 3DS games in 3D on a large, hi def virtual screen is transformative and worth the effort for anyone with the setup to do so.
  10. Let's not forget SNES emulators were a huge part of soooo many peoples' lives - SM was always top of the lists.
  11. Deserves more posses.
  12. Absolutely. Ofc their roles are different over there e.g. their game producers are our game directors and their directors are something else and his accounts have been of influence far beyond the art style and... argh, that's me confused. I'm sure i used the wrong word.
  13. Tricky. This is very different and good but I think Sword is special too: it's A Pokemon game set in a fictional England, directed by a Brit (?!) Green fields, Pokemon sheep and foxes and badgers and wellies everywhere. Worth.
  14. I love how they let the music ebb away and rely on the sounds of nature. It's the most nostalgic non-remaster I've played on release. It'd better not be a one off.
  15. Nobody's talking about how this feels like a GameCube/PS2 era game - and I mean that in the best way possible. All the potential budget/time/skill constraints of the devs has resulted in a clean sparse world with basic textures but splashes of hi-res in characters and Pokemon, fade outs to audio only actions that'd be animated today, text only speech, music over everything... and more. It's charming. It feels of that time but with more modern mechanics and higher resolution.
  16. I'm annoyed that I got some figurine tat instead of the coveted Pokeball tat - I can't even find the separate amazon listing for the latter anymore.
  17. I had a quick peek and this seems like an awful source for impressions, in that if there are impressions, they're buried in lists of spoiler facts like which Pokemon you get, their evolutions with pics, and so on.
  18. Noice. Share them if you see them, this is a really uncertain release.
  19. It was probably hard to arrange a removal company.
  20. I don't buy much on here at all, but I got something like a 480 from him 100 years ago.
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