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  1. So what's the deal, is a Shenmue 4 happening?
  2. If that's the case, it'd be nice if Nintendo weren't doing their traditional cooling down of first party titles as if it's the console's last years. I'll be gutted if the last hurrah games come as soon as BotW 2.
  3. Hah! We're in exactly the same boat.
  4. I get that you did it for money. There's a whole boatload of people who find each thing easier to write than the other, of course.
  5. Such a subjective thing, what one finds easiest writing. Is this just based off your personal experience, with some peers who agree?
  6. R0b

    Nintendo Switch

    Yeah, I'd snap up a Split Pad 'Proer' that had the missing joycon features.
  7. R0b

    Nintendo Switch

    The percentage of joycons that get to drifting is shameful. 3 out of 5 pairs of mine have gone and it's not like I exclusively play my Switch. Their evasiveness on the matter is pretty poor. Split Pad Pro going strong.
  8. I was really surprised in the first moments to see that this wasn't a 3D Donkey Kong adventure. Bit gutted.
  9. Have the update vids previously been called Directs or is this upcoming one unique, implying the update's more substantial?
  10. R0b

    Nintendo Switch

    The 3DS was made miles better with folders.
  11. Get A Short Hike played, @Calashnikov. You'll love it, and its time commitment is in the title.
  12. This is a game where the reward (and point) is the progressing visuals, with the mechanics just being a delivery system. Halfway in and the 'platforming' has been meaningless as a game mechanic but fine as a way to navigate, which is all it is. A thatgamecompany-style game where either the visuals either are or aren't enough for you. Whatever genre the gameplay fits into is just an excuse, it being a competent and challenging Mario platformer would break what it tries to do.
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