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  1. R0b

    Stream Deck

    Streamdecks are excellent devices. I didn't even use it for streaming for years, just a load of pleasant productivity, lighting and PC control tasks.
  2. MotionPlus was required to play SS.
  3. 100% this. Resi 4 is weirdly timeless, possibly because it was classic/outdated in its control on release. It just flows so well. Some proper pacing alchemy going on in that game.
  4. Something you guys might enjoy. 'PUBG' is becoming a franchise with other games under the title, so the game we're playing has been rebranded in Season 12.2 as PUBG Battlegrounds (those of you on test server will have clocked this already). Anyway, so I jumped into Photoshop for about 20 seconds and did a stupid tweet and, erm... oh dear. 19 DMs asking me for my source/how I knew is a sign that maybe it didn't hit right with everyone.
  5. The K2 is pretty normal, same TTK as the G36; nothing special. Maybe the recoil's just suiting you?
  6. You'll be matched with people within a certain range of your ranked level, yes - in fact you can't play with people who outrank you more than something like 3-4 ranks either way. I forget the exact number. No skill-based, technically, but you won't be thrown in with Diamond and Platinums. The 'sweats' don't hang out in normals to get their stats up, really - they're busy retaining their ranked levels, which degrade at the highest rank. A lot of ranked players only play ranked now. Public (normal) games are far less sweaty than ranked because there's nothing to lose. But the game's had campers since launch and I bet you camp sometimes, too.
  7. I kept myself in check the first day, but liked it from the first match. By day two it had really got its claws into me and I'm less measured. It's really, really good. Nice to look at, excellent driveability in geography all-round, some great hotdrops and I like the first tentative steps toward non-hostile wildlife with the startled birds. There are some breaks in the drivable terrain where it all gets a bit bumpy Sanhok 2.0, but this seems to be mostly in the South East and dedicated forest areas. The water-logged fields are a bit rough. IMO vehicular traversal is what makes or breaks an 8x8 map (unkind terrain is what makes Miramar too slow for a lot of players) and the DeLorean is an amazing vehicle straight off the bat. If you can drift a Coupe you'll enjoy the vehicle immediately. The new Mk-12 DMR is ridiculously powerful and the new K2 AR is rubbish. The underlying geography is so strong, and forests aren't too dense. It could potentially do with some more Erangel-esque defilades for when you need to be on foot, unsure. But then I'd complain that it compromised the vehicles. I've noticed they've been conservative in including many newer PUBG features to the map, which to me implies that they're eyeing it for ranked. No gliders, emergency pickups, emergency parachutes, spike traps, C4...some surprising omissions there. With the Gulag parachutists it'd be too much, though, so I get the removal of the emergency pickup (which, by the way, is excellent). No emergency parachute makes sense as there are barely any 5 stacks (again, refreshing). The Comeback BR (gulag) is objectively awful and I'd bet anything it's going to see some big tweaks. As an idea it's most valuable for those who drop and get RNG'd to death without firing a bullet in the first minutes, so cut that ridiculous 10 minute wait down and give them a chance to get back in the game or die doing so. It's also a campfest now as there's no incentive to fight (in fact the reverse is incentivised), so I think it should encourage fights by yanking you out of there as soon as you get a kill. Queue up a couple of gulag entries during Phase 1 rather than just having the one time event where everyone sits in fear. The self-revive is something different - a carriable item - and is perfect for the maturing BR genre in 2021. I've fallen foul of it a few times and I'm good with that - it's something new to learn and the vigilance kicks in quickly. It's a gift to solo squadders as long-range fights are transformed by the kits. They're rare, which is correct. The best thing PUBG could do is make people unthirstable in Phase 1 if knocked by an enemy within 20 metres.
  8. Crosspost from the PUBG thread: The first 8x8 map is out today on test server, I'm streaming it now. Rllmuk is my online home, while twitch is a strange place full of a big % of strangers, so I'd rather the forum isn't mentioned directly by its name, if that's all good. Come on by! https://www.twitch.tv/ghillieking_
  9. The first 8x8 map is out today on test server, I'm streaming it now. Rllmuk is my online home, while twitch is a strange place full of a big % of strangers, so I'd rather the forum isn't mentioned directly by its name, if that's all good. Come on by! https://www.twitch.tv/ghillieking_
  10. That's a longer release date timeframe than some of their games!
  11. It's an FPS in its 5th year, you have to embrace the fact the dedicated remain, gobbling up 10+ kills. The casual chicken days are over but with the right mindset of having great fights instead of wins (as you are), the game doesn't shine any less imo.
  12. God knows, but an old version. I don't know how they're going to revamp it but agreed it'll be a big job.
  13. Dip back into TPP, it's a goldmine of newer players. Orrr you could grab a new copy and be put into learner lobbies for the first 200 levels - but it looks like they might make those lobbies selectable from the menu soon (it already accidentally got enabled in one region last month) so you might want to wait for that to happen. I'll keep it in mind to give you a heads up.
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