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  1. I think moral compasses is a tricky direction on this subject, as most rllmukers in support of these vids are turning a blind eye to the slurs within them - presumably so they can more neatly champion the side against that infamous shithound, TopHatGaming.
  2. I had an epiphany that I'm not invested in a single character in this, and that's probably why I find it such a slog. Impressively produced but with no heart for me, bit of a shame. These latest weeks I've had to go back to the episodes that I killed halfway, bah.
  3. Without spoilers, where does this sit in the series in terms of quality for each of you? I adore 1, 2 and Torna. No interest in the battlesystems; I love the games in spite of those complex barriers to the good characters, story and landscapes.
  4. I'm so worried about all the generic stereotype characters, but I have trust. 1+2+Torna are pure loves of mine.
  5. Personally I love knowing the actual date it's going on preorder.
  6. It's often assumed to be an anti-piracy measure but I find it just as likely that it's another one of Kojima's many fourth wall breaking tricks in that game. Who knows, maybe both.
  7. R0b

    Nintendo Switch

    Only speaking for me but I'm bouncing off a list of 100 games with zero context - it barely acts as recommendations.
  8. Any room here for not loving the art style on its own merits without being lumped in with the weirdo angry internet boys, or do I have to take a side and champion the aesthetic to support my creative principles on RG being free to make his own thing how he wants to? I've never been fond of the segmented Broken Age-esque style in games.
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