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  1. There's this ethernet adapter: http://us.codejunkies.com/shop/product.asp...&ProdID=425
  2. UK Wii connected via component to Polaroid FLU-2632: 26" HD LCD. NES & SNES - don't work at all MD - only when save state not created N64 - works fine TG - works fine
  3. I've got a component cable - couldn't get the official cable, so bought a gameware component cable from game. Strangely, this problem only started today, after I downloaded Castlevania from the VC. Before that, the VC games worked fine with the component cable. However, I have found a workaround of sorts, if you delete the savestates from the memory, and restart the game, it works without any problems, however, as soon as you hit the home button to go back to the Wii menu, it creates a savestate, and next time you try to load the game you get the same issue of flickering/out of sync. Only way of going back to the menu is powering off the system. This solution doesn't seem to work for castlevania though.... Strangley, the issue doesn't appear to effect Mario 64 or R-Type....
  4. Has anyone had any problems getting the virtual console games to run in 576i on a HD TV? Both Ristar and Gunstar Heroes were running in 576i without any issues up until today, when I downloaded Super Castlevania IV, now they all flicker and are out of sync when they go from the default 480p that the system is set to by default to 576i. I've tried deleting all 3, and re-downloading them individually, but they still flicker. Mario 64 runs in 576i without any issues, so, it can't be the TV (I don't think). Anyone got any idea what has caused this and how I can fix it?
  5. I'm using the DS Wifi dongle with the Wii and it all works without a problem, have found I had to deactivate my norton firewall before it could work though...
  6. First ever Post !!! Anyway, if anybody wants to add me, my code is: 7032 3714 6010 3710
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