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  1. Can anyone confirm something for me - PS3 version of SFIV - does it have voice chat?!

    From the few games I've had online today, there doesn't appear to be any chat on the PS3 version. Even though I'm not that good at SF games, have been enjoying this so far. Don't know if it's because I bought a stick, but pulling off fireballs seems a lot easier than it did with a pad. I'm sticking with Ryu at the moment until I get to grips with it, managed to win a couple of player matches earlier, since then got my ass handed to me every time :)

    If anyone fancies a few games online later, my PSID is W1llM1ll.

  2. Well, my second 360 died last night after 8 months, took it back to game and got it replaced this morning. Worked fine earlier, just tried to turn it on and this one has the 3 RROD as well. Time to take it back again and hope number 4 works without any problems.....

  3. I haven't been on for a few days so I don't know when it was added, but I just got an update when I turned it on, what did it do?

    Is this a new update? Over the past 2 days, the game has been freezing when playing any song. I had to delete the cache from the drive and then refuse to download the update, which now seems to have fixed the problem. Has anyone else noticed this?

  4. One of the new white ones? If so, you're lucky. The NOE Forums are swarming with people who have them and they don't work.

    Some third party pads are actually causing Wiis to reset when you plug them in too.

    Ignore me, didn't realise you were talking about VC games :lol: - just tried it and your right, doesn't work

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