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  1. Thanks for the answer, but for some reason, it won't let me pick up the box. Edit: Just tried again, still won't let me pick up the cardboard flap, either before putting in the charcoal or after, don't know why.....
  2. Still don't have a clue what to do, it won't let me pick anything else up......
  3. Only at the start of chapter 2 and I'm stuck already
  4. I got a TE stick from game delivered today, so add me to the list
  5. W1llM1ll I'm up for a few games online, I'm not that good though, think I've managed 6 wins out of about 30 so far....
  6. From the few games I've had online today, there doesn't appear to be any chat on the PS3 version. Even though I'm not that good at SF games, have been enjoying this so far. Don't know if it's because I bought a stick, but pulling off fireballs seems a lot easier than it did with a pad. I'm sticking with Ryu at the moment until I get to grips with it, managed to win a couple of player matches earlier, since then got my ass handed to me every time If anyone fancies a few games online later, my PSID is W1llM1ll.
  7. Apart from U2, Coldplay and Kings of Leon, show was terrible. Chris Lowe doesn't appear to have aged very well, he looked like Phil Spector in that pink wig
  8. i've just bought the Hori Fighting stick 3 from amazon for £30 which seems to be pretty good, works well with VF5 and Soul Calibur 4, so hopefully, will be good enough for this.
  9. I've decided to delete Home, it's not something I'll be using very often, so, as there is limited space in each club, you can delete my name/account and pass it on to someone who might use it.....
  10. Just sent a request - username W1llM1ll
  11. My scores on expert - Hier Kommt Alex has to many quick chord changes - fingers can't move quick enough Orange Crush Guitar 76,492 77,778 Bass 86,935 Wanted Dead Or Alive Guitar 73,081 Bass 47,675 Hier Kommt Alex Guitar 52,915 Bass 111,533
  12. You are all to good, but here's my lowly scores, all on expert Lead: When you were young: 101,741 Ten Speed: 63,402 Seven: 92,235 Bass: When you were young: 135,586 Ten Speed: 70,695 Seven: 65,939
  13. I'll add everyone here, if anyone wants to add me, code is: 4253-3641-8060
  14. Well, my second 360 died last night after 8 months, took it back to game and got it replaced this morning. Worked fine earlier, just tried to turn it on and this one has the 3 RROD as well. Time to take it back again and hope number 4 works without any problems.....
  15. I'm just starting level 7 (on Normal), and so far, have enjoyed every minute, which is a suprise because I was never that keen on 1 or 2. Only problem I've had is I can't get matchmaking to work, just says unable to connect to Halo 3 servers. I think I've only managed it twice, but I assume its because the servers are busy....
  16. Acording to Bungie website, my average life in game is 27 seconds so, if you want to get your average kill ratio up, add me, gamertag is: WillMill
  17. Well, add another one to the list mine has just died (3 red lights) after only 9 weeks. Have to try and take it back to game and see if i can get it replaced....
  18. Is this a new update? Over the past 2 days, the game has been freezing when playing any song. I had to delete the cache from the drive and then refuse to download the update, which now seems to have fixed the problem. Has anyone else noticed this?
  19. Adding everyone on the first page, if anyone wants to add me, code is: 043050 451561
  20. willmill

    GDC 2007

    New gameplay movie here: http://www.gamevideos.com/video/id/9807
  21. willmill


    There's another page where you can view the Wii version here: http://www.codemasters.co.uk/videobox/ Or you can see it at ign: http://uk.media.wii.ign.com/media/858/858377/vids_1.html
  22. Ignore me, didn't realise you were talking about VC games - just tried it and your right, doesn't work
  23. I've got a Game own brand gamecube controller and it works fine on the Wii.
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