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  1. Fine thanks Milko, I’ve kind of given up with the racing, I had 8 weeks last season when I was on nightshirt when I didn’t touch the wheel and when I came back to it, I was back to square one, spinning off the track, slow, so decided to give it up. Wheel is now in a cupboard gathering dust, now that the winter is coming in, thinking of getting it back out and trying again, so you may see me at the back of the grid at some point (probably at the start of the next season)
  2. I'll go for a track I don't remember us ever racing on before, so I'll go Laguna Seca in the afternoon and evening, clear and no variability.
  3. Was a terrible race for me last night, firstly, wheel decided to unplug itself just at the start of quali and had to reboot the PC, then during the race was racing with @mrben09 until I managed to spin and put myself in last place. Was trying too hard to catch up and caught the kerb and spun into the wall resulting in a 3 minute pitstop for repairs. Then on my outlap, managed to spin at the exact same corner and hit the same wall, so decided enough was enough and rage quit. It's only lucky that the mic is on push-to-talk otherwise you would be amazed at how many swear words you can fit in one sentence I won't be racing for a while - going on to nightshift next week for 3 weeks or more, but I'll look forward to the highlights on a Friday.
  4. Well that went better than I had ever hoped for, quali I only managed a 1.54 and was at the back of the grid, but when the race started and I could follow everyone else round the corners, managed a 1.50.? Managed to stay out of the crashes for the most part and due to having a long first stint managed to end up in 4th. Pitted and almost immediately spun and ended up 6th just in front of Meers. Coming into the last corner, he looked like he had run off the track, then appeared behind me again, then I ran wide and ended up 7th (which I think is my highest finish in any race so far)
  5. I know how you feel, I'm the same only slower past couple of practises, I've been only 1 or 2 seconds slower than the guys at the front (which is amazing for me) but I can't do it consistently, so come qualifying, I'm slow again, then I usually screw up the race and end up driving round by myself. This week I'm way down the list, just cant get a feel for this circuit, that's when the rage kicks in and I end up spinning even more than usual. What keeps me coming back is the times when I put in a half decent time and it feels great, also, I don't even bother looking at Count Buffalos/Santooos/Daves times anymore, I just concentrate on beating the next person's time (usually mrben09), he's become my competition - if I beat his time in practise/race then its all good
  6. I’ll be there, although my load cell pedals have died so I’m back to using the standard pedals, so will probably be a lot worse than I usually am...
  7. Apologies to @Meers - I royally f***ed up the start, thought I was going to run into the back of @davejm so moved to avoid him and didn't realise you where there.
  8. Thanks @SANtoOos its a ts-xw racer which I believe is similar to the t300, I've read that this is a common occurrence with these wheels, so will take it apart this weekend and superglue in anything that looks broken. Edit: Doesn't look like anything was broken, but I think the spring wasn't centred on the little plastic cross, so was pushing at the side of the spring rather than in the centre. Repositioned spring and seems to be registering each click.
  9. It’s the thrust master tlcm pedals, have tried changing brake force in the software and different spring configurations, but still doesn’t feel like I can stop in time. Most likely it’s me that’s the problem...it’s just infuriating that it won’t stop when I’ve got my foot flat to the floor
  10. No need to apologies @mrben09 - that was the only highlight of my race tonight. For whatever reason, the car felt totally different than it did in practice. Also, think the downshifter on my wheel is not working properly, will need to take it apart and have a look. Still can't find a setting that feels comfortable for me for the brakes/wheel - I still can't brake , so after next weeks race, I thing I'm done with ACC for a while.
  11. Braking is one of the main problems I have, watching a lap by counts buffalos in the same car as me and he seems to be able to brake later and harder than I ever can, have tried my default pedals and my load cell pedals, but still can’t seem to find a setting that can let me brake as late
  12. Well, that was a total disaster from start to finish...managed to run into @valver at the first corner, then spun on the 3rd lap into the barrier and had to sit in the pits for 1 1/2 minutes for repairs, putting me last on the grid. When I pitted for repairs, I forgot to remove the fuel and tires, so ended up coming back out with about 140 litres, think I ended the race with 40l of fuel remaining. The steering still didn't feel right after the repairs, so I tried to stay out of everyone's way as best as I could. Let's hope next weeks better for me.....
  13. Looks like I’ll have to miss tonight’s race, internet down at home. Trying to reboot, but not looking likely. Have a good race, look forward to the highlights
  14. Was an eventful race for me last night, was going fine at the start then spun and hit the barrier, carried on and managed to get up to 4th as everyone started to pit, then pitted and went back down to 10th. A few apologies to make, came around turn 3 to see @Valver and @Speech had spun at turn 3, managed to miss speech, but went for the same bit of road as valver, and spun him out. Also @SharkyOB (not count buffalos as I thought last night) after you overtook me, I was trying to get back passed speech and totally over-estimated my ability to stop the car in time. I saw I was about to slam into the back of you, tried to avoid it, almost made it, but managed to clip the corner of your car by about an inch. After that the car felt terrible, but managed to limp to the end.
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