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  1. Reminds me of the guy who did the Lovecraft word count, seeing how many times odd / Lovecraftian words were repeated. Without clicking the link, see if you guess how many times cyclopean, nameless and accursed were used. In classic click bait style... number two really surprised us..!!! Sadly 'gibbous' only slots in with nine mentions, but it does feel like a lot more... http://arkhamarchivist.com/wordcount-lovecraft-favorite-words/
  2. Here's how my year is going- JANUARY The Ritual - Adam Nevill 02/01/16 The Making of Return of the Jedi - JW Rinzler 19/01/16 The Watchers -Neil Spring 27/01/16 Adrian Mole : The Cappuccino Years -Sue Townsend 29/01/16 FEBRUARY Which Lie Did I Tell? - William Goldman 01/02/16 The Secret Diary of Adrian Mole - Sue Townsend 04/02/16 Jizzle - John Wyndham 21/02/16 MARCH The Making of Zombie Wars : A Novel - Aleksander Hemon 06/03/16 Girl In A Band - Kim Gordon 12/03/16 Season of the Witch : How the Occult Saved Rock and Roll - Peter Bebergal 13/03/16 Seconds of Pleasure - Neil LaBute 18/03/16 I went on a slight nostalgia trip to Sue Townsend's stuff- I had never read the Cappuccino Years and reading made me want to go check out the first one again- odd how much of it had stuck with me over the years, whole phrases and sentences. Also a lot of jokes I didn't quite get when I read it as a kid. And normally I wouldn't read a book on the making of a Star Wars film but someone had given it to me- it's a beast that goes into way too much discussion of budgets and special effects, but at least the early chapters dealing with the development and changes in the script were fascinating.
  3. Kim Gordon's Girl In A Band about her time with Sonic Youth. Interesting book as she's writing it after her marriage of almost thirty years has fallen apart to fellow band member Thurston Moore... it starts with a pretty bitter and heartfelt description of the anger and disappointment she feels towards them as they play out the band's last ever gig at a festival in Brazil. I'm not massively interested in Sonic Youth, I bought some of their early albums when I was younger which I liked a lot, but by the time Goo came out I tuned out of them. But I liked the book. She's got a lovely turn of phrase and even if the main section of her twenties in New York becomes a bit of a catalogue of this person and that person and this person, it's still pretty readable. But it's also fairly depressing- she's cut loose from a marriage she never wanted to end at the age of sixty, her band is over, her husband is with another girl... I hope she continues to write though, she's got a definite way with words and even if I couldn't whole-heartedly recommend the book, there's bits and pieces of it that'll stick with me for a ling time. Also read Season of the Witch : How The Occult Saved Rock and Roll by Peter Bebergal- which does exactly what it says on the tin. From the blues through rock n' roll, the sixties, prog rock, up to the modern day, Bebergal tries to trace the influence of the occult- either as a pose or a genuine interest- and how is helped shaped modern music. At times it feels like an extended magazine article, but it also tipped me off to a bunch of music I'd never heard of, like the moog concept albums of Mort Garson in the 60s and 70s. Bebergal's also got a nifty turn of phrase at times. ...'all he found was an infinity of meaning with no single truth on the horizon' feels like one the great cosmic horror lines of all time.
  4. The Complete HP Lovecraft Collection free on Kindle at the moment. By complete it means including the poetry, letters and essays as well. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01D3K19FS
  5. I really like We Bare Bears. Three bears, hanging out. Obsessed with social media and their failure to be popular. As well as being funny, parts of it are kind of moving too. This clip is from an ep where they've been trying to get bought from the pet store (it's a flashback ep). But the bear's mad dash for the friends he lost gets me every time- it's a combination of the music, the desperation, the barking... it genuinely tears me up.
  6. Yeah, if you want to change it go to Settings, Game Center, click on your Game Center profile name (which will be in blue) and then you can change it there.
  7. Yeah, they've done great work- the book is a work of comic genius, and this series was excellent from start to finish. Feels like they really get Alan while not being afraid to push that slightly despicable and petty side of him.
  8. I liked it- the world is great, it's got some decent jokes, some of the homages are genuinely funny (The Godfather) although some aren't (Breaking Bad) - but it's got an admirably twisted sense of humour at times (especially in the animal nudist section), it's gorgeous to look at- the only real bum notes for me was the Shakira bit and Idris Elba's voice work wasn't that hot as the police captain. But it's basically Chinatown for kids, with a happier ending.
  9. I've never had teletext so never read Digitiser, my sole knowledge of it sadly comes from Neg shouting WANK! in every thread for about four years as some tribute to it or something, so I don't have rose-tinted specs over the guy- but if he's under so much pressure to produce weekly articles that he comes up with shitty analogies like that abusive relationship one, then maybe he shouldn't be producing weekly articles. He's basically going all Littlejohn without the smart word-play- rambling on about "out of control political correctness", how victims deserve what they get by not running away etc- because harassment never follows someone. Ever. But hey, he's got black friends! And transgender friends! And because they don't use the internet as a political tool, nobody should! Everybody- know your place! He confuses the fact that people can both get on with their lives and post things on the internet, while acting as if extreme fringes are representative of entire movements as well.
  10. Dude, c'mon- spoiler alert that shit. I was halfway through the Bible as well, dunno if I can be bothered continuing now I know all the smiting is for nothing.
  11. At least the Doritos marketing tie-in is restrained and classy.
  12. It was alright, not as bad as the dark days of Intolerable Cruelty or The Ladykillers, but pretty far down the Cohen list. Felt almost like a pilot for a TV sketch show than a movie. It was alright, looked nice, some good moments, but a bit of a step-down after the brilliance of Inside Llewelyn. Although I could happily watch Ralph Fiennes do his comedy schtick for hours and hours.
  13. It's a shame if Jack Thorne's not working on it now- thought he was an excellent choice to write, a good match for the source material.
  14. "Pocket Mortys' on iOS is a Rick and Morty version of Pokemon. It's not too bad although I got a bit bored of it after an hour or so, other people seemed to enjoy it more though.
  15. But they wouldn't release that movie trailer today, because the language and style of trailers has changed. Not sure what you're point is- that people are slagging off the new trailer because it lays out too many story beats? Or that we're all just bitter, cynical and jaded and wouldn't know the bluebird of joy if it was perched on our shoulder?
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