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  1. Gridrunner, Goat Up 2 and all the others became unusable and effectively self-destructed once you updated iOS. No warning. No chance to back up hi-scores or saves. I’d buy them all again if I could.
  2. I can’t decide between Nausicaa, Laputa or Spirited Away.
  3. Amazing news. I can hear the shrilling of the cicada already.
  4. Any JRPG where it takes ten hours or more before you’re done with learning how to play and what the fuck is going on. Best game of all time FFXII is guilty of this. In fact most FF games are.
  5. What’s the best Switch bundle deal at the moment? Friends kid wants to get one asap.
  6. Ikea are, knowingly or not, selling a bargain Hexcrawler table. https://www.geeknative.com/66718/dd-players-discover-that-ikea-are-selling-a-hex-crawl-table/ Available for £60 in the U.K. . https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/desks/table-tops-legs/glasholm-table-top-glass-honeycomb-patterned-art-30353745/
  7. I’ll give Poe a go as I need something to flesh out the character. He’s easily my least favourite thing in the new movies. Pretty much loving Vader so far. Only thing that grates is the referencing back to the Prequels. They exist, Disney are running with them, so I guess I have to lump it. Wish they’d trash them out of existence though. Even the sight of Jimmy Smits in Rogue one stank up the atmosphere for me.
  8. Punisher is the only good thing in Season 2 but in no way mitigates the ninjas dressed from an Ebay fancy-dress seller using sub-Fisted man techniques. Season 3 gets just about everything right. Bullseye, Fisk, Joanne Whaley, some good choreography and a decent Born Again-esque script. I thought it was the best MTVU thing by a country mile.
  9. Daredevil Season 3 pisses all over Daredevil Season 2 in every conceivable way.
  10. The Season finale of The Society got me so mad. Not content with the realities of Trump and Brexit, the fucking alt-right are now screwing with my Netflix! I remember the days when dystopian fantasy wasn’t playing catch-up.
  11. Wait, Luke Cage season 2 is good?? Didn’t bother with that one at all.
  12. Most surprising thing about Vader so far, Don Henderson becoming a main character! Poor bloke only got paid £300 for a days filming and they’re still milking his performance over 20 years after he died.
  13. Actually I saw Casino Royal at Secret Cinema last night and enjoyed it more than when it was released. The other Craig David films all jump the shark mid-way through, but this one sustains at least a modicum or consistency and plausibility.
  14. @Monkeyboy That’s hilarious! It was dated in the 60’s!
  15. It’s been dated for at least thirty years plus! I remember Timothy Dalton being the supposed modernisation of Bond In 1987. But yeah they’re still popular, and daft, as hell.
  16. Re-playing Mankind Divided on Deus Ex mode and I think it might be the most RPG-y action RPG going in terms of combat. Mass Effect 2’s was too simple and Witcher 3’s whilst expansive really involved a lot of getting used to the clunky bits to really enjoy, although like Deus Ex the harder the game mode the more you get out of its systems. I’m hoping Cyberpunk can really nail the mix of action, strategy, player agency and development.
  17. Just started Vader on Marvel Unlimited and I’ll go on to Dr Aphra. They seem to be the high watermark, so think I’ll stick with those.
  18. Batman Chronicles is £140 delivered, minimum, but you can pick up Conan for thirty quid. So there is that.
  19. I cancelled my Batman Chronicles pledge. Another £100+ giant game that demands multiple plays to understand that I’ll probably never get time to use with billions of mini-figs just ain’t going to fly. The Shut Up & Sit Down review was the final nail in the coffin. Think I’ll get Conan instead.
  20. Restoring licenses totally worked. Amazing! Thanks!
  21. My Plus Handsome Collection is saying it can’t verify the license, so won’t let me play. Weird as every other Plus game’s working.
  22. I have a mint unopened Star Wars: Outer Rim that I’d swap for any of: Star Wars the Role Playing Game 30th Anniversary Star Wars: Rebellion Star Wars: Imperial Assault or Star Wars: Armada Used but complete is fine.
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