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  1. Spoilers abound. Decided to delete Facebook and Twitter every Wednesday morning until I’ve seen this. This is the way etc.
  2. A guy I follow on Instagram called JJ or JJ5145 has been having a rough time with cancer treatment. He’s a big Star Wars fan. When he got his signed copy of Fallen Star there was more than a little message in it from Claudia Gray. JJ’s now canon forever. Claudia Gray is the absolute best.
  3. So for Cat B I’ve put Carrion, because it came to Gamepass in 2021. No idea when it actually released on Xbox, but it does have an expansion also. So do I have to check it’s release date and that of the expansion and if neither actually premiered on Xbox, Gamepass or not, in 2021 then it’s not eligible? Also, Cyberpunk I presume isn’t eligible, but when it gets the next-gen patch it will be? Same with Witcher III and the incoming new content?
  4. ODST and Reach are both better than 3 IMO.
  5. Clocking Kung Fu Master in the 80’s three times on the trot with a single life for just 10p and hustling the bigger boys with my super-skills.
  6. Game of the Year A1. Halo Infinite The first Halo game to feel like a great Halo game since Reach. One complaint seem to be, it’s Silent Cartographer the game with a bit of BotW, which is bit like complaining that your orgasms are too intense. It’s at the same time the most familiar Halo since CE but also arguably brings the most new gameplay elements to the party. It’s not as epic as Reach, nor as varied as CE, in fact despite its scope the familiarity feels more like the boutique ODST in some ways. Whatever it is, it feels fresh, plays like a dream and is endlessly fun. I’m actually amazed that 343 have pulled it off. Sure you can say it lays the foundations for better stuff to come, but that stuff will have to be really special to match the freshness and feels of Infinite. A2. Forza Horizon 5 Simply the best, most fun driving game I can remember playing since Metropolis Street Racer. A3. Guardians of the Galaxy The best comic-book video game without Spiderman in it. A script to die for and I think this games Gamora is my favourite Gamora. A4. Psychonauts 2 Dripping with great ideas. A5. Scarlet Nexus A beautiful and original action-JRPG. Weirdly similar to Psychonauts in some respects. Game of the Year (premiered anywhere pre-2021) B1. Carrion The retro graphics disguise a game which is basically an incredible John Carpenter simulator. Play with headphones. B2. Cyberpunk Getting there… B3. Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Biggest Disappointment of the Year Z1. No next-gen Cyberpunk patch Ho-hum… Z2. No next-gen Witcher III patch I will start the game again for this. Z3. No PS5 Slim If it looks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it’s the current PS5. Sound Design of the Year S1. Guardians of the Galaxy Giving a successful pep-talk to your gang and then going nuts as some classic rock-anthem kicks in is hard to beat. S2. Halo Infinite Anthemic orchestral numbers, glacier-cool electronica, wonderful ambient sounds, great effects and snappy incidental dialogue. Well good. S3. Visual Design of the Year V1. Resi VIII The best looking Resi ever with the best character design ever. Shame the game doesn’t quite live up to the aesthetic. V2. Scarlet Nexus V3. Forza Horizon 5 Writing of the Year W1. Guardians of the Galaxy Fist pumping camaraderie with chuckles. W2. Psychonauts 2 Tell me about your mother… W3. Resi VIII Crazy bonks. Format of the Year F1. Xbox Series X Beautiful, quiet as a mouse and with a roster of the years greatest games delivered to your living room automatically via Gamepass. Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Xbox Games Studio The greatest cluster of releases I can remember. A year late but worth the wait.
  7. Got a bunch of points for renting a few movies over Christmas. Been trawling through the games sale too as you get 4000 points for spending £30. Pisses me off they round down 99p to zero on an eligible spend though. Witcher 3 £6.99 “You have spent £6.”
  8. The trailer for Detroit came out donkeys years before the game and showed zero gameplay. Wouldn’t expect this for at least four years.
  9. Tempted by the Vaesen expansion Mythic Britain, simply because the map looks fantastic.
  10. The UHD LOTR extended editions, plus an insane amount of bonus material is £14.99 in the sale. For comparison, that lot is £169.99 on Amazon.
  11. Is that the one by the mining laser? Luckily I had a ravager when he turned up and just spammed him with that and grenades. Still took a few goes and a lot of grapple swinging out the way. Love this game.
  12. Quite early on and got to a bit where there was steam everywhere in an area like something out of Alien, with grunts and baddies popping pit of the fog. Looked amazing. Enjoying the bosses in this a lot too. Not really found anything to criticise yet, but hearing people complain about the non moving trees has made me notice that. Apart from that though, most fun game I’ve played all year.
  13. Having Halo Infinite, FH5 and Psychonauts 2 out makes me feel a lot better about missing Miles Morales and Returnal.
  14. Been playing this on and off all day. Only just got past Tremonius and landed on Zeta. Thought the opening was excellent, real old school Halo stuff and a good introduction to the rappel thingy. The combat is wonderful and the Grunts have got their tragi-comedy personas back. 343’s combat has always felt weightier than Bungie’s but here they’ve made it feel like Halo again. Literally combat evolved. Looks amazing, sounds amazing, plays amazing. Just sort out the weird framerate drops in cutscenes and reloading. Right, now let’s go and have an explore.
  15. Just started. Very weird that the first impressions you get are of uninspired juddery cut scenes. Getting into the game proper is a blessed relief and looks so much better.
  16. Heard people online complaining this just looks like a giant open world Silent Cartographer/Breath of the Wild. I hate people.
  17. Managed to bag myself the Out of Print pretty cover Fallen Star + bobble-hat. Bit pricey but they are appreciating assets. The Star Wars book fandom are ravenous. They still have copies of this and The Rising Storm left if anyone’s a collector. No import duty on books either. https://outofprint.com/products/star-wars-the-high-republic-the-fallen-star-bundle
  18. I’ve spent more time hunting down reward points this month than playing actual games. Gone from about 2,000 to 8,000.
  19. @df0 I’m at a bit where it’s twin marauders plus everyone else. Struggling to focus on the strategy needed for them while getting pummelled by the hordes. Love it.
  20. Been finding this challenging but not insanely difficult. There’s a great flow to the gameplay and there’s not much on Earth more satisfying than the ka-chunk of securing yourself to a wall after traversing some gravity boggling leaps. Twin Marauders though. Jeez.
  21. Spent so long doing cross country stuff I forgot actual road racing existed. Feels great.
  22. This is so bad I thought I’d opened Games With Gold.
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