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  1. That’s terrible! MS need to sort that out. It’s like they’ve come round your house and nicked your stuff.
  2. Was gonna wait for the next-gen patch but just buckled. Started off as some kind of cyber American Psycho type. Was really tempted by cyber street-urchin though. First impressions, more lens-flare than a JJ Abrams lens-flare festival.
  3. Miles Morales, Returnal, God of War, TLOU2, Last Guardian and the Demon’s Souls remake. Because I only have a Series X.
  4. TxK’s the only reason I own one of those PS TV things.
  5. I find bog standard soy milk fine in cereal, which is good as it’s cheap in comparison to most others. I use Oatly Barista for frothed milk in my coffee, but the regular one is fine for everything else.
  6. We’re ranking them now? Ok, but I’ll give them a score too as they were all good. The Twins at the bottom of the list had one of my favourite bits… 1. Duel 10/10 2. Ninth Jedi 9/10 3. Village Bride 9/10 4. Akakiri 9/10 5. Lop & Ocho 8/10 6. T0-B1 8/10 7. The Elder 8/10 8. Tatooine Rhapsody 7/10 9. The Twins 7/10
  7. Kids love Rey, Kylo and BB8. Not sure many could name any others, although the whole cast do appear in Lego cartoons pretty often. So does Cara Dune, which is odd considering she’s persona non grata for all live action stuff. I guess Lego figures don’t post on Twitter.
  8. My 3 year old son, like Malcolm Tucker, thinks all Star Wars is Lego. He saw a picture from the Phantom Menace and proclaimed “Lego!”. Tried him on the Freemaker Adventures and he just said, “Don’t like it. Want the Rey one!”. Good boy.
  9. Also Harrison Ford is a huge draw, Jon Boyega lovely as he is, not so much.
  10. I’v been using the closed-caption subs with no bother, except on a couple it’s obvious that they’re the subs for the English version not the Japanese one. One of them even has narration in Japanese which is completely absent in English.
  11. No Sequel sequels until they’ve filled up the 30 years of non story between RotJ and TFA. Thrawn’s back, young Luke’s back, Force cloning’s beginnings are in Mando and Bad Batch, Mount Tantiss is back, Ahsoka’s back and looking for Ezra and Thrawn. Dudes, we’re getting an Heir to the Empire-esque Thrawn saga.
  12. I thought some of them were more true to Star Wars than most of Star Wars. Duel is a Kurosawa Star Wars homage, going all the way back to the fact that Star Wars is a take on Kurosawa in the first place. The story of a ronin is reminiscent of the Mando Ahsoka episode as well, which it also resembles. Village Bride didn't seem to be very Star Wars at all at first, but then when it becomes a great little story of how life under occupation must have been. This is something that's not really touched at all in the movies and I've only ever seen it in Doctor Aphra, Bad Batch and now this. Also was pure fucking mic-drop. Tatooine Rhapsody was a nice little vignette Jabba side-story. Ninth Jedi was pretty epic and you'd have no problem expanding that into a series, book or comic. Very reminiscent of the Tales of the Jedi comics from back in the day. Really loved the Astroboy Need to re-watch The Twins as I had a baby screaming in my ear. Still got three more to go!
  13. Of the five I’ve watched so far, blown away by Duel, Village Bride and Ninth Jedi. The Twins is very striking and even the youngling romp Tatooine Rhapsody is a lot of fun. Absolutely light-years ahead of What If?.
  14. All I want to know is whether the new console also has the dog-whistle whining.
  15. I’ve just started Volume 1 and am loving it. Not read any new Dredd for decades and this is making me wonder why??
  16. @Darren I can’t get on board with the non Gillen Aphra at all. It just seems very formulaic and nothing special. Gillen’s run is so perfect and complete, and actually adds to the universe. Likewise his Vader, although somehow they’ve managed to maintain the quality there over three different writers.
  17. I’m a sucker for some Halloween schlock, so ordered the limited run Ghosts of Vader’s castle for Halloween. Chucked in Soule’s Darth Vader omnibus too as the shipping was the same.
  18. Outer Rim is finally getting an expansion called Unfinished Business. Love Outer Rim. Great fun and nice and accessible. https://www.dicebreaker.com/games/star-wars-outer-rim/news/star-wars-outer-rim-expansion-unfinished-business-announced
  19. Ok, I thought it was buggy as hell and ran like a flick-book.
  20. Thinking about it, I’m probably most excited for the Witcher 3 and Cyberpunk upgrades on Series X. Managed to resist Cyberpunk for a year, so hopefully will never experience the full disappointment it was on launch. Played dozens of hours of Witcher 3 on PS4 but never ever came close to finishing it. More than happy to start from scratch with a buttery-smooth, ray-traced 4k version. It might just be a happy Christmas after all.
  21. Now Autumn’s creeping in I’m starting to finally get into Valhalla, but for the longest time I just couldn’t face it because I loved the characters and settings in Odyssey so much. And yeah, Kassandra all the way.
  22. Having an Xbox with Gamepass I am default excited for Halo Infinite and Forza Horizon 5. Even though Halo might be shite.
  23. I’ve paid stuff off early with Klarna before but the All Access payyent page doesn’t seem to have a Pay Arlo or Pay now option. Similarly annoying, you don’t seem to be able to use a credit card for payments.
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