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  1. Sweet Jesus, better start deleting stuff.
  2. Had my first go on this today and loved it. Did about twenty minutes which whizzed by. Best thing is the variety of stuff you can do , whereas I would usually just spend 30 minutes on an exercise bike, bored out my mind. Looking forward to getting competitive with the wife on the leaderboards.
  3. Prankster101 thread out of the crypt just in time for Halloween.
  4. And twice as loud on a Pro.
  5. Just sprang for Volume 1. Gridrunner is adapted for consoles well enough but as I suspected can’t hope to replicate the iPads replication of a trackball. Bit annoyed we get Goat Up 1 rather than the far superior Goat Up 2, or preferably both. Would’ve been nice to get some banging tunes going also. Still, it’s all good fun and can’t wait to give them a go in VR. Good to see Ox Wars coming to Volume 2.
  6. Yeah it was a smart character study that needn’t have had anything to do with Batman at all. But it’s pretty cool that it does. Imagine a rebooted DC Universe with this as the beginning. If they could maintain the quality that would be pretty great.
  7. Been looking at a few reviews of this since watching it and it’s funny how hung up and confused most reviewers are that it’s directed by the bloke who did the Hangover movies.
  8. Gonna cancel my pre-order of Modern Warfare: Men with Guns and get Ring Adventure instead.
  9. Saw this today and thought it was excellent. In fact the weakest bit was when it did (only once) blatantly reference the comics. By separating itself from comicdom it actually added to the Joker mythos for me in a way no comic has ever done, while still working as an entirely standalone movie. Reminded me how forced I always thought Killing Joke was in fact. It was like Scorsese meets meets Gaspar Noé. In fact the knowledge of cinema and the character study on display was far more interesting than its twist on a comic franchise. But nevertheless even that element brought some really jaw dropping moments for me. In a league of its own as far as comic book movies goes, with Logan being the only other one that gets close. Certainly the best DC movie since the fluffy Superman II. Zach Snyder, that’s how you do dark mate.
  10. I hope my PS4 Pro makes it to the PS5 launch. Bloody thing sounds like an apache helicopter when playing HDR stuff.
  11. True, in my case it’s just a good idea. I would rather just eat susages.
  12. As someone who is supposed to do 30 to 60 minutes of cardio a day but who happens to hate the gym and live in a country where it’s always raining, I am well up for this.
  13. This makes the McG movies look like stone cold classics. which the actually aren’t.
  14. I’d love to see Jeff go right back into his catalogue for this. Iridis Alpha and Batalyx would be amazing.
  15. While I’m sure these will be great, the iPad was the perfect platform for Gridrunner.
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