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  1. I’m still watching this, but ever since they diverged from the books it’s more Eastenders than GRRM.
  2. The Netflix Marvel TV Universe was gritty in parts and had the chance of bringing all kinds of side characters into the frame; Bullseye, Shades, Nuke, Hellcat are the ones I can remember. Sad we might not see any of them developed further, and sad that Disney’s kiddie friendly ethos might see the end of anything remotely adult in nature. I’d love to see a decent adult Old Man Logan/X-23 crossover.
  3. She has a clear character arc, but the problem is the movie is quite poorly constructed and so it’s dispensed all over the place. This means her character is never actually seen to develop apart ftom unlocking her powers. All the stuff about overcoming adversity would have been far more powerful had we actually seen that adversity other than in truncated montages. Her performance is...fine...but again, I think she's directed poorly. The biggest disappointment is the total wasted opportunity to have some amazing female Top Gun flight scenes. Skrull and cat steal the show. Best friend is a waste of time, although I presume her daughter grows up to be someone of note in the Universe.
  4. womblingfree

    The first one is still the best one

    Gears of War. The more non pop-n-shoot stuff they added the worse it got.
  5. The Marvel villain problem is usually that the villain is just the hero with a different hat on. In this film the villain(s) were arsehole men telling her she’s wasn’t good enough. Oh, and I thiught that, and the Chumbawumba way she dealt with it all, was all quite refreshing. Weirdly I thought the soundtrack was pretty weak, and I usually love Marvels soundtracks. They had so many tunes to choose from and for the most part either chose poorly or didn’t implement them very well.
  6. Crispy Kree. Bloody spellcheck.
  7. Just got back from seeing this and mostly loved it. First three quarters were great; Skrulls, cat, 90’s, Fury, all good. It fell off towards the end and I felt it would have been better if we’d had some more time transitioning into omnipotent Captain Marvel and space battle, rather than yet more punching guys she could obviously obliterate in a second. No Guardians or Avengers. Better than Dr Strange. Much better than Iron Man 2. Ant Man/10. Oh yeah, and why are some Kreme blue and some not blue??
  8. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    After fininshing my initial read of the Fantastic Four/FF series I’ve now gone back to read all the earlier Secret Warriors and Dark Reign stuff, which are all brilliant. I should have listened! Determined to get through every comic on that list in order after that. Epic doesn’t come close to the scope of this stuff. Marvel Universe done right.
  9. womblingfree

    PlayStation 4 Console Thread

    I’ve had to keep my PS3 this entire gen due to the amount of games on the HDD, including my favourite PsOne and 2 stuff, I don’t want to lose. Now I have hundreds on the PS4 as well due to PS+. I’ve never been too fussed about backwards compatibility before, it with all the stuff now existing digitally the idea of it suddenly becoming useless is very annoying.
  10. womblingfree

    PlayStation VR

    Have you tried the anti-vom comfort settings? Closing off the sides of the cockpit is one thing you can do. I don’t get too much queasiness from on rails things like racers, just a bit of a dippy tummy from going up and down bumps, which I actually find immersive. Any 360 degree fully 3d movement in first person I find unbearable though. REVII in anything but flick-book mode (which I hate) makes me feel like I have decompression sickness.
  11. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Speaking of Hickman, I’m still ploughing through his Fantastic Four/FF run. After the initial story gets going in Fantstic Four, the title then changes to FF with the same plot-lines continuing. What I’ve only just realised is that a few months into FF, Fantastic Four then starts up again with expansions on the exact same plot-lines, so you have to read them alternately. Bizarre! Also, the whole thing is interwoven with the Annihilation mega-event, which I luckily read years ago over several titles; Drax>Super Skrull>Ronan>Silver Surfer, Ronan, Nova, GOTG and a few others. Fuck me, they don’t make it easy. The idea there’s a continuation of all this for another few years worth of material of Hickman’s Avengers is bonkers. Edit: I’ve Just realised that I don’t think this is part of Annhihilation after all. A quick look at Google indicates that Annhihilus at some point. I was wondering why he was so little in FF.
  12. womblingfree

    Stranger Things - Season 3 - July 4th 2019

    I hope this season doesn’t rely on Will being subjected to some agonising ordeal for its entirety again.
  13. I love Guardians 2 a little more than the first one, and I think the first one is amazing. Gunn being reinstated is great news. GOTG is his baby entirely.
  14. womblingfree

    The Umbrella Academy coming to Netflix

    Really enjoyed this, despite guessing most plot-twists at least three episodes before they happened. It definitely got better as the season went on. My only gripe... Fuck that! Although... ...won them enough goodwill that I’ll be back for Season 2 for sure.
  15. womblingfree

    Resident Evil 2 Remake - no spoilers pls

    Likewise Raid mode on Resi Revelations 2. I was surprised to see this was my second most played game this gen, all down to Raid mode. Also the multiplayer on Resi 5 is incredible. The single player modes on the lesser Resis hide some of the best gameplay modes around.

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