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  1. womblingfree

    Edge #323 25th Anniversary Edition

    This has to be the first Edge thread ever where no one’s bitching about the scores.
  2. womblingfree

    Dune - Denis Villeneuve to direct!

    I never understood the slating the movie got. It’s very faithful to the book for the most part.
  3. womblingfree

    Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    This is great! A proper old-school family drama with 21st century visuals. An idealised off World, multicultural adventure where the goodies pull-together to tackle adversity and baddies in order to escape a doomed Earth. Where do I enlist for the Resolute??
  4. womblingfree

    Star Trek: Beyond

    Hopefully this wanky JJ non-re-imagining will die, take Discovery with it and they can ge back to making something good with characters we give a shit about.
  5. womblingfree

    Episodic gaming: Has it worked?

    It hasn’t worked too well so far as the episodes are usually months/years late rather than weekly as they’d be on telly. Well, pre-Netflix telly anyway. I remember when Siren tried it and the shoe-horned episodic bits were by far the worst thing about it, especially as most people played it as a complete game. In fact I guess that’s how most people play eposodic games, when the run has finished and they can get the lot in one go. The whole idea is out-dated now anyway, we binge our content to order, we don’t wait yonks for it.
  6. womblingfree

    Okami HD

    You can speed-up/skip most of the dialogue as far as I remember.
  7. womblingfree

    Okami HD

    I put over 70 hours into this over years, even transferred the save from my PS2 to PS3. Never finished it as my PS3 YLOD’d. The save is still on there but the machines in a thousand pieces after an aborted attempt to install some new heat-pads.
  8. womblingfree

    Star Trek - Jean-Luc Picard returns

    Season 2 of Discovery more likely.
  9. womblingfree

    Thor: Ragnarok

    Much as Ragnarok was effortlessly fun, I thought GOTG2 was a much better movie.
  10. womblingfree

    Star Trek Discovery

    Discovery still has potential, even though I hated the spore-drive, midichlorian-rip-off, Klingon male-rape and most of the parallel universe stuff. What pisses me off most is the fact it’s basically a prequel, which seriously hampers a show about looking to the future. That it looks like they’re crossing timelines and roping in the Enterprise just looks bollocls. Having said all that, it still has potential.
  11. womblingfree

    James Gunn fired for old paedo jokes

    Gunn didn’t just direct the Guardians of the Galaxy films he wrote the bloody things. This is a disaster.
  12. womblingfree

    The Last of Us Part 2

    Oh yes, it’s Grounded I’m playing (not playing) through on. You’re right! It is the DLC. Been stuck on it so long I’d actually forgotten.
  13. womblingfree

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    34 years later I can now dock thanks to the tutorial. Maybe in another 34 years I’ll figure out how combat works. That’ll be a good 80th birthday present.
  14. womblingfree

    The Last of Us Part 2

    Is that the hardest level? I’ve was playing through on that until I got stuck in that bit with the trucks in water and you have to get petrol out of one of them. Must’ve tried it hundreds of times, but from my age-point I have 2 bullets, so unless I get some lucky drops from anything I’m lucky enough to kill it’s bloody impossible.
  15. womblingfree

    Elite Dangerous - Krait Mk II is excellent!

    Picked up the Commanders Pack in the sale for 15 quid. Been playing for a few days on and off and still don’t feel ready to take on the main game. Docking, dogfights, bounty hunting are all I’ve done in training. The bounty hunting one’s particularly difficult. How do you lock on or manage to even find opponents in a fight?? Remarkable how similar those things are to the original. Took me back to my incompetence at the original BBC Micro version. While my mates were off exploring the galaxy I was trying to figure out how the hell to dock.

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