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  1. Me neither. The only reason I’m even aware of them is because of the way they’ve promoted the technique all over the place. If I’d not been told I wouldn’t know. Looks incredible.
  2. Demon’s Souls and Miles Morales look to be the only next-gen looking games even being released! Even then Miles is cross-gen, so really just Demon’s Souls.
  3. Atari boxes. Gameplay may differ from box-art.
  4. Just finished this for the first time after never being able to get past the basement before. For me it’s the best Resi after 4, and the only one that’s genuinely scary. The back end can’t live up to the front end of the game, but those first few hours in the house are the best horror gaming around. I was surprised at the gameplay shifts. The more I played the more like Resi it felt. But it also gave major nods to Siren and F..E.A.R. at times. Sad it’s over really. Not often there’s a game as refreshing and unexpected as this. Makes the more recent entries a
  5. Is anyone taking pre-orders? Given up on getting one at launch now but be nice to get one before Christmas.
  6. Loved it for all it’s faults. It was so cringy I spent more time hiding behind a cushion than any horror movie I’ve ever seen.
  7. Abandoned getting deeper into the post Jedi Legends and have a reading order I think makes sense now. Darth Plagueis (reading this now for Halloween) > Revenge of the Sith > Leia: Princess of Alderaan > Lost Stars > Bloodlines, then the new Thrawn stuff if I haven’t run out of steam. All get generally great reviews. Got Ahsoka as an Audible book too, read by Ashley Eckstein.
  8. You’ll get Gamepass included with it I think so no need to buy anything! Download whatever has a Day One Series X upgrade and play Children of Morta or Streets of Rage while you’re waiting Although I think I’d definitely get Cyberpunk as well.
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