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  1. I’ve seen near identical to this from several corporations. Making up for not being able to milk Pride this year.
  2. ROTS needs to be a 12 part hour per episode series to have any hope of salvation. Even then, they should just have adapted the Thrawn Trilogy which is a million times better than the new movies. As above they should just have adapted the excellent comics instead of releasing the mess that was Alien 3. Seen the directors cut. Meh. Gotta say that I prefer the directors cut of Aliens though by quite some margin.
  3. I wonder if they will drop the MS/Xbox branding alrogether? If it an Xbox Series X with a little Sega badge somewhere there’s not much point.
  4. This is such an obvious move I can’t believe no one thought of it before. When I lived in Japan there were whole sections of department stores dedicated to Xbox, entirely empty. Giant billboards, constant advertising, schmups and rpgs by the Final Fantast bloke, nothing has ever worked. Came back to the office once with a new Xbox in a big bag. “What’s that? Asked a co-worker, “It’s an Xbox!” I said. I still remember the smile they gave me, loaded with pity. Like selling English wine to the French, but stick a Sega badge on it and all of a sudden it’s a not a national disgrace to buy one. Be interesting to see if it’s not too late. Ok, who wants the Sega one? Me please.
  5. Got rid of my N64 copies of Bangai-o and Sin & Punishment. At ine point I had a few copies of each. Also my modded Panasonic Q, which I think I sold to @Pavey? Apart from them, god knows how many boxed 70’s Kenner Star Wars toys I destroyed and little plastic guns I lost over the years.
  6. Didn’t come out for almost a year after the original Japanese launch and a few months after the EU launch. Came out a month or so after the US launch too in the US too, but near enough I guess.
  7. Has anyone seen the 4K77 and 4K80 versions of Episodes IV and V? They are utterly phenomenal. The original movies completely untouched by crappy CGI, taken from original prints and upscaled to 4K. You can get 4K77 with or without DNR, but 4K80 is only without at the moment. No Jedi yet, but it’s coming. Even Harmy has said that once he saw them he almost thought of giving up on his de-specialised project. Luckily he then decided to carry on. Get them here. https://www.thestarwarstrilogy.com/project-4k77/
  8. Roger Waters has released a suitably curmudgeonly video complaining about the official Pink Floyd channel. Referring to Dave Gilmour’s wife and family... ”Why do we have to sit through Polly Samson year after year??” “Why do we have to watch the Von Trapps reading from their novels before bed, but can’t hear what Roger’s doing?” Anyway, he’s kind of got a point, but this is obviously not going to lead to anything but more bad blood. It’s also completely blinkered as he’s accusing Gilmour of doing exactly what he actually did, say that he alone is Pink Floyd. A fact he lost in court, handing the name to the other three. This all seems to have been brought about by Waters recent lockdown rendition of Mother which got over a million views. He’s obviously been waiting for an opportunity to hit back since 1985, the embittered old fossil. Still, video’s a good un.
  9. So yesterday was the 40th anniversary of the theatrical debut of The Empire Strikes Back and it threw up, for me, a completely new bit of trivia. Now some of you might know this, but during the escape from Bespin an extra thought it would look cool to run around carrying an ice-cream maker. After gaining something of a cult following he was latterly given a name, Willrow Hood. In 2008 he even got his own figure. In a very cool-pudding move, the ice-cream maker was recently worked into The Mandalorian as the Beskar steel container. There are also annual running-of-the-Willrows at several Star Wars conventions. No one seems to have any idea as to the identity of this now semi-worshipped extra.
  10. Is there somewhere you can view a library of all the Games with Gold games you’ve got but not downloaded? I find Games with Gold rather bollocks at the moment, not just in the output but also the way the free games are hidden away, you can’t seem to add them without downloading and you then can’t view what you own but haven’t got installed. If any of the above are possible it would improve the service a lot.
  11. Comfort games for me are arcade games. Ridge Racer, Dariusburst, Space Harrier, Mr Driller to name just a few, are all games I return to endlessly. Timeless.
  12. @drmick That’s great! I’ll follow the list as much as I can stand. Funny that Disney themselves have done this.
  13. Still trying to force myself to watch Clone Wars but it’s a real struggle. The sight of all those Prequel characters rendered in PSone cut-scene-o-vision just makes me feel ill. Hoped I would never have to sit through a scene featuring nasal Battle Droids again. Apparently it gets better from Season 3 so will skip to that in a final effort.
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