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  1. womblingfree

    sega just announced outrun for switch (10/01/19)

    I remember Outrun being mind-blowing, particularly in a hydraulic cabinet. That was in 1986. These days it’s aged about as well as Jackie Stallone.
  2. womblingfree

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    Child of Eden's great. And can't believe I forgot about Sin & Punishment 1 & 2 which are classics. In fact the classic-to-release percentage for on-rails shooters seems incredibly high compared to saturated genres like open-world games or platformers.
  3. womblingfree

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    They're like Australian hit movies, you get about one great one every ten years.
  4. womblingfree

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    Negged for liking games.
  5. womblingfree

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    Star Wars arcade, the original Starfox, Rez/RezVR are some of my favourite games ever. Last years Polybius was insanely good too. More please.
  6. womblingfree

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Having grandparents by the seaside in the 80’s meant my entire childhood was spent in arcades. I probably spent most of the time at the arcade in Littlehampton, which had the full roster of classics. My Dad would just give me a tenner in 10ps and go off for ages. Occasionally I’d go to Brighton or Worthing which had the more expensive hydraulic stuff like Space Harrier, and the laserdisc games. Also spent loads of time down at the arcades in Westward Ho. in terms of local places I was limited to the local chip shop, which had Donkey Kong Jr and Amidar. Spent hours in there every week on the way home from Cubs. The main computer shop I went to was one opposite Epsom station. I remember they had a ton of Spectrum stuff you could play. Years later they moved to the now defunct market there, and finally to another shop round the corner. It was like a prototype CEX. Shame they didn’t franchise it out and expand. Think it was run by a husband and wife team, and she was from up north?
  7. womblingfree

    Ever been totally hooked on one game?

    Advance Wars. That little cartridge took over my life for at least two years. I'd go out but find myself just staying on a train platform or at a bus stop not getting on because I was so engrossed. Got stuck on one level for months, but would still play it (unsuccessfully) all day every day. Think there's still loads more I could do on it, an barely even touched the level designer. GOTF. Similarly addicted to Goldeneye, but the lack of portability meant it wasn't quite as all consuming.
  8. womblingfree

    Panzer Dragoon I & II Remakes 2019

    Wonder if they'll do a PSVR version ala Rez? Saga next please.
  9. Burnout Paradise and Wipeout are last gen games tarted up, although in Wipeout's case VR makes it into an all new thing admittedly. I don't feel like there's much in the way of pure arcade racing either. No decent Need for Speeds, and most importantly no Ridge Racers. Thank god for Mario Kart 8 on the WiiU Switch.
  10. womblingfree

    Resident Evil Revelations 2

    Raid mode on this is still my go-to for a quick arcade buzz.
  11. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Trying to catch up with pre New Wolverine Wolverine stuff now. I think it's Wolverine Vol 5, Death of Wolverine then Wolverine in Hell. Also I'm presuming the Wolverine
  12. womblingfree

    The Watchtower - A thread for all comics

    Loving All New Wolverine. The mass market artwork’s a bit too kiddie for me, but the writing’s very good.
  13. womblingfree

    2000AD & The Meg

    I picked up the Steve Dillon memorial sketchbook from the 2000ad store the other day. Nice tribute to Steve and comes with various art-cards you can frame. Costs ten-pounds with profits going to charity. https://shop.2000ad.com/catalogue/MERCON017
  14. womblingfree


    Not been to KFC for years, but they always had the most disgusting chips.
  15. womblingfree

    Daredevil - TV Series

    Seems obvious that they're either moving the entire lot back to the new Disney channel (why would they let a rival have all that IP now?). and/or moving the characters into movies for Phase Whatever, re-cast I'd guess.

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