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  1. Been reading an awful lot of Star Wars during this lockdown. There are two kinds of Star Wars comic, those that directly weave the disparate threads of narratives from different sources together and add to the canon, and those that just tell a story of familiar faces going on random adventures. The main Star Wars comics have been a mixed bag of both over the years. The last volume had its moments, Hope Dies was probably the highlight, but like Darren said the new one is knocking it out the park so far. Not only does it fill in the blanks between ESB and RotJ it also gives a nod to Poe’s parent
  2. It was a pretty shit deal, worse than the one we had through the EU, apart from they have now agreed to import a tiny amount of Stilton, which I presume they will put straight in the bin.
  3. This is the only place he’s not banned.
  4. So are Lucasfilm free to let anyone they like make Star Wars games now? No wonder EA made a last minute effort to produce half-decent games with Fallen Order and Squadrons if the exclusivity was on the line.
  5. We’ve had a pseudo X-Wing soft reboot with Squadrons, now give us a KOTOR reboot please.
  6. TxK is still my favourite album from 2014, and this banger from Polybius is great too.
  7. Horizon this year would be amazing. Please don’t be shit.
  8. @Uncle Mike I started watching Clone Wars and hated it. Skipped to the last four episodes of Season 7 and loved it, and then just dipped into what the Internet told me were the decent arcs, like Ahsoka being kicked out and the Mandalorian stuff. Did the same with Rebels. If I’d watched it all the way through without skipping any I’d have been pretty miserable. It has some really good arcs, but there is a hell of a lot of padding. I mean, if I’d watched it as a kid it would all have been amazing and I would have fond memories of it forever, but I’m nearly 50.
  9. This entire show has had almost exclusively completely new characters leading it from the beginning. Then it tied in a few much loved characters from the animated series who deserved a wider audience, and finally it’s brought a couple in from the OT, both of whom showed skills they’d learned from their fathers as shown in the Prequels. I’m all for stories telling the tales of people without shoe-horning in big names, but it’s been done so well in this and has actually tied together many disparate shows and movies into a coherent whole. Luke channeling Anakin was a revelation for me
  10. Spiderman: Far from Home 4/5 Great fun, a few genuine laughs. Loses a point for getting Mysterio wrong.
  11. After hearing how good it was I played it and dismissed it after a few hours and a couple of levels. Returned to it during lockdown and it’s now in the running for my favourite game ever, and I prefer the campaign to CE. It doesn’t just ramp up, it piles on innovation, new enemies and settings until you’re delirious. I’ve been thinking I’ve been playing the grand finale every level for ages now, and still not finished. The first level is grungy brown and has emus running around while you explore abandoned buildings, which couldn’t be further away from what you end up do
  12. The first bit doesn’t show off it’s greatness at all. Keep with it, it’s amazing. Never played the multiplayer.
  13. I loved House/Power of X but got sidetracked away from the continuing titles for a while. So back I come a few months later and fuck me, there’s a literal deluge of content across god knows how many titles. Trying to just catch up with the main X-Men line is a handful, but I really like it. The style reminds me of Miller’s Elektra Assasin a little, and I’m glad they’re keeping the high quality up. Empyre is great fun too.
  14. There’s no stock, which is crap, but in terms of fuck up’s it’s not even close to PS2 and 3 or the 360’s RROD. Not yet anyway.
  15. The final episode of Season 3 is magnificent.
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