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  1. Wait…Jimmy Olsen’s in this? Literally had no fucking clue.
  2. I have to watch anything over an hour in chunks as one kid’s getting up at 5am every morning and the new one’s breast-feeding through the night. There’s only about 90mins a night we have time to ourselves. First two times I tried watching it were on long-haul flights.
  3. I know this is pretty much universally loathed but been watching it over a few nights and am quite enjoying it. Got twenty minutes more to go tomorrow. WW’s just turned up for a fight. I think Affleck and the bloke from Playaway do a better Batman and Alfred than Christian Bale and Michael Cain too. Feels much more Frank Millery. Quite surprised as I’ve tried watching it before and fell asleep during the first ten minutes. I’ll do Snyder’s Justice League over a week next.
  4. The Ultimate Edition of this is a hundred quid. No statue or anything, just a season pass and some DLC. Considering these Ubi games have dozens of hours in the standard edition anyway, not sure who’s crazy enough to go large.
  5. Not tried this with the English voices but the French voice acting is great.
  6. Having Gauntlet and Gauntlet II is the thing that’s finally got me wanting a second controller. So many great memories of the arcade, C64 versions, and Dandy on the Speccy which was a phenomenal take on it.
  7. Midway Arcade Hits currently free on Gold. Think this is the most excited I’ve ever been about a game on Gold.
  8. Next of Kin (1982) - 5/5 This is one of those bonkers Aussie arthouse/exploitation movies from the early 80’s like Patrick. I’d never have heard of it but saw an interview with Quentin Tarantino where he sang its praises. Was not disappointed. Currently free to watch on You Tube.
  9. Dark Waters 5/5. Blew me away. I went in thinking this was about the flammable water from a few years back, but it busted open the complete immorality of big business, the toxicity all around us and how stuff like this is rarely given the coverage it warrants.
  10. Multiple comic sites seem to be confirming that He Who Remains is Kang. Marvel Unlimited also have a Kang promotion to coincide with the last episode of Loki.
  11. I had my old PS4 in an AV unit and you could’ve fired pottery in there. Open shelf all the way.
  12. I find the increase in lore puts me into the games world more. I mean, there’s always been some dumb background story in every Doom, but Eternal’s the first time I found it ever added anything.
  13. After going from 2016 Doom to Eternal it can be a bit jarring as they’re very different, but Eternal has so much more depth, more variety and is more beautiful. It all at once reminds me of a perfect arcade game, but with D&D elements and weirdly it sometimes reminds me of a Platinum game. Doom 2016 is merely amazing. They’re both essential really.
  14. What he described seemed to be If Infinty War showed us anything it’s that the MCU version of events in the comics is no more than a loosely based echo.
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