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  1. Been reading the High Republic comic and thoroughly enjoying it. Quite surprised actually.
  2. I have barely any time to play anything these days, so any game that grabs me needs to be played in short chunks or save very frequently. Quick Resume helps a lot with this, but anything requiring a constant online connection like Destiny can only be played when I can commit at least an hour or so. Spiderman was the best game for playing in short bursts. You can just as easily have a blast chasing pigeons for 5 minutes as spending all day on it going through the story. Shame I’m Playstaionless for the time being.
  3. Downloaded Senua’s Sacrifice for the first time. Not sure if I’m playing a game or watching a production at the Young Vic. Either way, it’s certainly interesting.
  4. I can’t figure out if this nicked the big armed whompers from Resi or visa versa?? At times it feels like a very sparse Destiny zombie beta. Quite fun though.
  5. In my experience of inner city parking, not being able to find your allotted parking space, or even be aware you have one, is pretty realistic.
  6. Can you store your cars and bikes in it?
  7. Been playing this on and off on Series X for a week or so. Perfectly playable and like The Witcher the rpg elements become more important and entertaining the higher up the difficulty you go. So also like the Witcher this transforms combat from your basic slash/fps to something you really have to plan for and strategise. Lovely. Plenty of pop-up, particularly on the highways. Framerate dips quite often and I’ve had weird instances of NPC’s just vanishing in front of me. On the whole though not too disappointed I’ve dived in before the next-gen updates. With talk of them being moved to “sometime in 2022” I just couldn’t wait any longer. Really is a great game that has amazing potential to be built on. Things I’d like patched asap, apart from the framerate stability, are playable arcade machines, a garage to store your cars and a hairdresser. Also some level of threat when you’re robbing people blind.
  8. In a very weird Twitter fight, Back4Blood is being trolled by, er, KFC.
  9. Looks like they just hired any TEFL teachers they could find who weren’t too drunk to speak.
  10. Been loving this but fuck me, the Western actors are atrocious.
  11. The High Republic is basically three trilogies, one for adults ; Light of the Jedi The Rising Storm The Fallen Star one for young adults; Into the Dark Out of the Shadows Midnight Horizon and one for kids; A Test of Courage Race to Crashpoint Tower Mission to Disaster I'm looking forward to reading the YA books most as they seem to be getting the best reviews so far. Got the adult ones on order from Out of Print in the States though, because pretty covers.
  12. Started The Medium last night and was surprised how much I enjoyed it. Has an obvious Silent Hill vibe but also feels quite Quantic Dreams in terms of character development.
  13. The only good thing to come out of Sutton was that comedy show about a phone shop. Do you know what happened to Games Room? Loved that shop. Used to go in there to play Mel Croucher games when they were based opposite Epsom station in the early 80’s too.
  14. The opening scene of Visage is spoiled somewhat by the derpy graphics.
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