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  1. There are so few of the many games available I actually want to play, but Gamepass is amazing for trying things you’d never have bought with a limited budget. Currently switching between Children of Morta, Plague Tales and Gears 5. CoM would probably have been my GOTY last year if I’d played it sooner. Just completely bewitching.
  2. Gah! My PS+ sub just auto-renewed at £49.99! Any way to get it refunded??
  3. Coming soon! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1243243962/pax-pamir-reprint Reprint of the 2nd edition of Pax Pamir. For those of you who didn’t take the plunge with Oath, this is an excellent alternative from the same developer, who also did Root. Tried and and tested, much loved and a great solo mode. Oh, and cheaper too. Probably. A really beautiful game.
  4. I’d rather wait until I’ve rinsed TLOU2 on PS4, forgotten about it and get a properly remastered version a few years later than the same game a few months later with the sliders turned up to be honest.
  5. So, The Mandalorian that everyone watched already, A Scarlett Witch Called Wanda sometime in the future and a load of films you saw as a kid. Er....
  6. Even though it often makes little difference to me, I still find DF pretty fascinating and love that they do what they do.
  7. Playing the ‘inferior’ version almost always makes no bloody difference. I don’t remember having any less fun with GTAV or TLOU on PS3 than I did on PS4, or with Resi4 on a PS2 rather than a GameCube, or Witcher 3 on a PS4 rather than XboxOneX. If it’s just a truly shite conversion then that’s a different story, but a few frames here and there and some dodgy textures? Couldn’t give a bollocks.
  8. Went out yesterday to test-drive a new game some friends of mine have developed called Theurgy, which roughly translated means “the influence of the Divine on humanity.” Nice! It’s a domination game for two to six players played on hexes. You start with two acolytes and a few followers and the idea is to convert the heathen masses and build temples, performing miracles and summoning monsters along the way. There are several ways to win but most involve building a certain amount of temples. There’s also a capital city in the middle, build a temple there and the overall number you have to build shrinks. Also everyone has a unique attribute and unique alternative objective. It looked a bit overwhelming at first (don’t they all) but literally after ten minutes it was zipping along at a great pace with everyone summoning monsters, firing off miracles and spreading the faith with ease. End game resulted in a crazy spectacle of dozens of everyones worshippers crammed into the Capital in a frantic bid to build a temple. At this point my Wraith unleashed a blight which meant every single piece in the Capital got booted out into adjoining hexes of my choosing. I didn’t win, but that alone was worth the experience. Best thing is that despite the snappy play It’s really strategic and you always have to think several moves ahead. Anyway, I think they’re putting it on Kickstarter next month so I’ll give it a heads up in that thread then. Loved the art, particularly the box which has a real 80’s D&D vibe. https://ministryofmeeples.com/theurgy
  9. So this is the problem I’m having. I need a 4 metre hdmi cable as it passes through a chimney breast. The first ones I tried ended up with sparkles and screen blackouts after a while. Since then I’ve been trialling others without installing them through the wall to see if they work. The first lot were completely fine for a while (4k certified) but then started doing the same screen sparkles as the old ones, so I sent them back. The new ones are fine so far, but I’ve just started getting these scaling issues at start up and the 4k disc playback issue if you pause the movie. 4K and HDR are all fine though, so I’ll give them another week or so. PS4 Pro is fine with them too. Honestly, I wish you could get longer officia Sony and Microsoft 4kl hdmi cables. The hdmi cable market for 4k devices is a minefield.
  10. So I’ve had a my One X booting up into 640x480 several times now, not just when it’s been playing an old game. Only a full reboot fixes it which is really annoying. Also had an issue where I was watching a 4k disc, paused it, and when I tried to start it up again I got the “your hdmi cable may not support...” whatever it was. Rubbish.
  11. Those 3-2-1 streams are amazing. I’m not sure if I have four and a half hours to watch the next one, but I’ll give it a go in chunks. Limmy’s one of the most talented comedy writers and performers out there. Why he languishes on shoestring commissions while cringey talent-vacuums like Jimmy Carr and Michael McIntyre rake in millions is a total mystery. Just saw the sketch where DeeDee goes to Yoker. Fucking brilliant.
  12. Yakuza 2 is the greatest Yakuza. Maybe it hasn’t stood the test of time, but it has such a great story.
  13. Two volumes at least. You’re in for a surprise!
  14. 640x480? It’s downgraded itself to an original Xbox.
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