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  1. @Bushtopher You want to start with Darth Vader, Volumes 1 to 4 by Kieron Gillen and then Darth Vader: Dark Lord of the Sith by Charles Soule, Volumes 1 to 4. That’s about £120 worth of graphic novels, if you get the paperbacks. The cheapest way by far to read these would be to subscribe to Marvel Unlimited for a month or two and burn through the lot.
  2. In no particular order, and may push the boundaries of what we’re considering to be modern. Fantastic Four: 570-611 & FF: 1-23 Jonathan Hickman’s run on Fantastic Four is one of the most epic comic runs I’ve ever read. Sets up all kinds of plots for the future regarding Secret Wars too. Alan Moore’s entire run on Swamp Thing. Pre-Watchmen Moore at his peak. Seminal horror that puts pretty much every other comics attempt at the genre to shame. Kieron Gillen to Charles Soule’s Darth Vader run, two volumes, 25 issues each. Essential for any Star Wa
  3. Microsoft Series X|S wireless headsets are up for pre-order at Amazon. Delivered April 28th.
  4. Why are Frosty and the Winter Snowman even hanging out? I mean, I watch these dutifully, but it’s a lot of running and jumping around similar sets. Enfys Nest seems to be simply reprising Enfys Nest, along with her gang. Zemo is like a baddie from the 1960’s Batman show in the way he just slinks off and disappears while everyone’s having a punch-up. Why is baddie Captain America even in Spain/Italy/made up place? Seems to have been made on the cheap. First episode had some great SFX but it’s been more like SFX from The Sweeney since then. Still, it breaks up
  5. @moosegrinder There are many boomers with gigantic train-sets in the attic recreating entire towns. Not to mention the stamp collecting, train spotting, strategy board-games and jelly & ice-cream for pudding. My grandpa, almost a Victorian, would have been 120 now, and when he died he was still working on his train set, while my Dad, 90, still loves Airfix. Boys grow up to be grown men and then men turn back into boys again. We may have a wider range of toys now, but it was ever thus.
  6. Pink Floyd’s Delicate Sound of Thunder tour at Wembley Stadium in 1988 was the first gig I ever went to. I bought the VHS around 1990ish and watched it at my friends place with her step-dad. He was a real old hippy and completely welled up when this came on. Stunning rendition of a stunning tune. I still have the hots for Rachel Fury with the black-bob.
  7. So people are upset with Sony producing games like TLOU, Spiderman, God of War, Astrobot, The Last Guardian and Horizon? Despite practically every other game you’d want to play being multi platform? Who are these people, and where can I get hold of whatever they’re smoking?
  8. It does feel they need a new approach to how they handle their vast library. At the moment I’m trying to read a few recommended Dredd stories, but hunting down used individual graphic novels is a pain, also expensive. The digital versions aren’t optimised well for readers either, and some just look terribly pixelated. In the absence of being able to keep this stuff in print, the entire back catalogue is screaming out for a Marvel Unlimited style service so we can access everything from past decades easily.
  9. Finding the 2000AD online store pretty frustrating. The limited editioning of stuff means it’s hard to get what I’d like. Would love to get the Third World War books, but only Volume 2’s available. Would love to get the Nemesis Early and Later Heresies, but all sold out with no indication of whether they’ll ever be back. And if not, why are they on the store? Likewise Judge Dredd: Control hardback looks amazing, but the story that preceded it, The Small House, is nowhere to be seen. It probably makes financial sense to do this, but it’s really annoying.
  10. If they remake it I’ll rebuy it, just like I do with every improved Resi 4 and every identical Salamander, R-type and Nemesis.
  11. Going back to Frankie Goes to Hollywood, I can see how it wouldn’t stand up today, but imagine playing it during the Cold War with the actual threat of nuclear armageddon looming as an esoteric threat. In the days when Two Tribes was booming out the telly and radio all day long and Katherine Hamnett Frankie Says Relax t-shirts being worn alongside Say no to Trident. Amazing that you have this wonderfully weird mix of avant-garde design and mini-games doing the kind of social commentary and presentation usually associated with Eastern European animation. Also it came in
  12. So after 13 years it kind of runs properly but not quite.
  13. Just watched the Sabine tribute and found it very moving. They did a good job of it.
  14. womblingfree

    Simple Kid

    Simple Kid’s been writing songs in his attic and releasing them on his You Tube channel every few months for a couple of years now. There’s loads of new stuff, an album’s worth easily. But with seemingly zero interest in promoting himself none have more than a few hundred views. Regardless, many are really excellent. Spread the word. https://youtube.com/channel/UCIvc8qd7d7NmTbeQXYf3HJw
  15. I saw some other people having similar issues with apps on a Reddit somewhere. Seems to be to do with the way particular tellies are handling whatever HDR Xbox is using. Something like that anyway.
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