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  1. Do I have to do something special to access my PS3 save on the PS4? There’s nothing showing up. It’s definitely a cloud save.
  2. Asylum was such a complete surprise as it was actually good. Then you realise it isn’t just good, it’s bloody brilliant and GOTY. Dunno about anyone else, but I thought it was going to be shite at the time. Definitely the best one, although I do like playing as the other characters in the later games.
  3. Have EA got a picture of Disney getting a BJ from a hooker or something? Years of average as fuck titles with no depth, which do the brand nothing but a disservice, let alone make you feel part of the universe. This is the franchise that spawned KOTOR, X-Wing and Tie-Fighter for fucks sake.
  4. Where the hell can I watch this? WTF is DC Universe?? Or is it not out in the U.K. yet?
  5. Halo’s the only game I’ve ever come across that did this. I don’t even remember any other Halo games doing it. If I couldn’t invert the Y-axis I’d find a game unplayable.
  6. Gridrunner, Goat Up 2 and all the others became unusable and effectively self-destructed once you updated iOS. No warning. No chance to back up hi-scores or saves. I’d buy them all again if I could.
  7. I can’t decide between Nausicaa, Laputa or Spirited Away.
  8. Amazing news. I can hear the shrilling of the cicada already.
  9. Any JRPG where it takes ten hours or more before you’re done with learning how to play and what the fuck is going on. Best game of all time FFXII is guilty of this. In fact most FF games are.
  10. What’s the best Switch bundle deal at the moment? Friends kid wants to get one asap.
  11. The trailer makes me want to play Viewtiful Joe.
  12. Ikea are, knowingly or not, selling a bargain Hexcrawler table. https://www.geeknative.com/66718/dd-players-discover-that-ikea-are-selling-a-hex-crawl-table/ Available for £60 in the U.K. . https://www.ikea.com/gb/en/products/desks/table-tops-legs/glasholm-table-top-glass-honeycomb-patterned-art-30353745/
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