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  1. So you pay £30 to buy Mulan, not rent it. But you can only watch it if you are an active Disney+ subscriber a well. You either include all films in the subscription like Netflix, or offer a bit of both like Prime. Good to see that Disney is still run by clueless imbeciles ignorant of what people want.
  2. Gold is hidden away and so clunky. it seems pretty obvious they don’t want you to find it. The games have been junk lately as well. PS+ is way better than Gold and Gamepass is better than Now, although increasingly less so.
  3. Rogue Ones a great film on its own merits. Easily one of the best Star Wars movies full stop, let alone of the new lot. Totally agree. Not only does she have the most no nonsense character of any woman in the Star Wars universe bar Princess Leia, but she also gave Finn a purpose and has the best line in the entire trilogy. There was some great chemistry between Rose and Finn as well, something seriously lacking with the other protagonists. In the final part we never got, Duel of the Fates, the two of them spend most of the movie teamed up on super-awesome adventures. A million times better than whatever the fuck Finn was doing in RoS, which was generally just hanging about looking a bit lost. The abuse Kelly Marie Tran got was the usual dumb as fuck Internet incel hate brigade, too stupid to realise they were attacking Star Wars for going SJW when the entire series has been about fighting space Nazis for the past 43 years, led by a strong woman who outranks her two male flunkys. Love to see a Rose Disney+ series.
  4. The new Housemarque game on PS5 is what I’m looking forward to most at launch. Those guys are as reliable as a Swiss watch.
  5. Making the Jedi a cohort of middle-managers from LA Law in a skyscraper was certainly thinking out the box. Like making King Arthur and the nights of the Round Table staff at a McDonalds drive-thru. I hear what you’re saying @Nick R but despite watching those films multiple times I’m struggling to remember any of the things you’re saying. The films are just noisy, boring, annoying visually wretched and terribly acted, edited and scripted amorphous blobs to me.
  6. Tried so hard over the years to see whatever it is you’re seeing in the Prequels that’s redeemable. Not found it so far. A real masterclass in bad everything. Not hyperbole, just blindingly obvious.
  7. Yeah, it’s the performances and more solid feeling World that I enjoyed, despite them being in the middle of a car crash. Babu Frik was good...Er...ok, I’m struggling now. Fuck me it was dumb.
  8. What good ideas? The mysterious Jedi as middle managers in a tower block? An annoying brat who builds a protocol droid for no reason and has an R2 unit, neither of whom remember him despite years of adventures? Younglings? Midichlorines? Nooooooooooooo? All clones are from New Zealand? Filming everything in one room on a green screen? Trade embargoes? Yippee!? Casting a small kid in the first place instead of a young man? Yoda not being funny, ever? Meesa poo-poo? Like the new trilogy, it’s been up to the expanded universe to cobble together some kind of cohesive narrative from a load of old bollocks.
  9. I can’t honestly say I think it’s as bad as any of the Prequels because while it’s a garbled mess I did enjoy bits of it. In contrast every five years or so I try and re-watch Revenge of the Sith (or whatever), because it’s supposed to be the good rubbish one. This time I couldn’t get past the garish initial space battle and then our boring corporate Jedis stuck in a lift before giving up. They are literally unwatchable. Every time I hear people say, yeah but x or y is good in AOTC or the others I look and just see a steaming pile of shit. I’m glad some people get something out of then, but to me they are eye-gougingly dreadful with no redeeming features st ala
  10. Yeah, he’s a clone, but you had to read some random RoS Encyclopedia to find that out as it’s not in the film. JJ Abrams giving yet another masterclass in storytelling.
  11. Also depends how long cinemas are either totally closed or people aren’t flocking to them. I’d take a guess at a theatrical release but then a home release at a very shortened time-frame. That seems to be the way the industry’s going anyway.
  12. Now that Mulan is going straight to streaming, wonder how long Disney can hold out before doing the same with Black Widow? Doubt we’ll see that many cinema goers in November when it’s supposed to release, but it would clean up as a Christmas movie at home.
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