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  1. TheShend


    May be of interest to some here.
  2. There's.... there's just no way this is seeing release on other consoles, right? When it says other consoles, it probably means PS4 or it's maybe like folks have mentioned, a cock up?
  3. Ah man, base.com have said they've cancelled my pre-order because: "We have just been notified of our allocation of Super Mario 3D All-stars (Nintendo Switch) and it is woefully short." Bah.
  4. Total Middlecore. Where's the passion and disregard for life? This is the bare minimum expected @Siri
  5. I wonder if my TV aerial dongle from my One will work on a Series X?
  6. What!? Are you saying you don't want that launch excitement that can only come from queuing at midnight while coughing into each others mouths?
  7. I'd be happy if they added Richer Sounds to the retailer list.
  8. More good points. I suppose I wanted to spread that £45 around so it didn't all go to Nintendo and in some small part helped a smaller outfit. I'd probably be more willing to do digital if they were doing something along the lines of MS and their commitment of continuity of catalogue/library between generations. As it is, whatever comes next from Nintendo may be just another opportunity to buy them all over again, viva la shareholders.
  9. Cheers Also, Nintendo missed a trick here in that merch splurge.
  10. Cheers, went with base.com in the end. I get a little 1.5% cashback too, which is nice. I was intending to use TGC, but...... That link is now dead and I can't find the game for preorder at all now!!
  11. Yeah. I found one place but it was used only. They said the margin on new is like 5% so not worth the effort/risk anymore. Ho hum.
  12. More wanted to spread the wealth a bit. I initially looked for a bricks and mortar independent within an hour's drive but nothing doing sadly (unless my Google search is bobbins). There was a good one in Macclesfield town centre but it closed a few years back. Couldn't see much in Sheffield unless I've missed somewhere obvious.
  13. Who are the more ethical, decent retailers around if I'm looking to buy me some artificially scarce Mario? I just want to avoid Amazon and anywhere else I might not be aware is owned by some tax fucked Cayman Island based vulture capital outfit horror show.
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