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  1. I'm in unless you've tagged up someone else?
  2. Is there a decent place to get physical TPBs/manga in the UK as an alternative to Amazon? I want to get my Dad a couple of things.
  3. @joffocakes let me see, I may brake out the saturn USB pad now the election nonsense is out the way.
  4. I'm not crying! Why are you crying?
  5. TAS. 1st round is int he replies.
  6. It's much simpler. The 'adults' are ants with knitted costumes and they're farming those animals Promised Neverland style.
  7. Never skipped the opening or ending for Space Dandy.
  8. My dock seems to have stopped connecting to the TV. Now, I remember a dongle being shared in here which you could throw HDMI and ethernet into which was a decent alternative to the dock, but I'm drawing a blank trying to find it. Does anyone in here have one you could share the details of? Thanks
  9. You in that Necro Discord Joff? @ mutantxp with Q's, he's got the knowledge. And now for some culture
  10. Established 2006 https://www.youtube.com/theshend
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