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  1. I love this stuff Removing a step and saving a round: I've also seen the grapple combined with the sword i.e. grapple a player to close distance and slice. Reminds me of the old Halo 2? zoom in/sword glitch.
  2. Added a load of people. Mine is same as username.
  3. They're really charming.
  4. This thread is in the wrong folder isn't it? @mods!
  5. Do we have a thread for short bits and stuff? I suppose stuff like Limmys Vines and that carry on. Simon Day off of the fast show has been doing a short series called 'The Builder' and I love them. Share anything you come across.
  6. I'm surprised a search for Dragonslayer didn't turn up anything earlier. I really fancied watching that epic dragon again. I learned after a google the dragon is called 'Vermithrax Pejorative'! Epic name.
  7. Quick Q? If I'm using the Hori Split Pad, thus no Gyro, can you still play this game with motion controls off? I'm playing Mario Galaxy and there's specific levels I can't play as they use the Gyro (unless I'm missing something obvious in the options.)
  8. Ouch. I wonder what sort of £ penalty exists in those deals when MS pulls the plug with a delay?
  9. They're stupidly strong if you kite enemies to a wall and bounce them off it back into your fists. Everything just melts with the added wall damage and faster with wall damage buffs.
  10. That's 'The Enigma of Amigara Fault' It's the perfect midnight Halloween read to unsettle before bed.
  11. It should start at Track '3' but if not 02:11
  12. TheShend

    Clown Core

    Sweet lord the sax solo in this
  13. TheShend

    Clown Core

    A mixture of horror and awe. Track '3' at 02:12 is sublime.
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