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  1. I've just encountered Theseus under a certain condition* and it put a huge smile on my face seeing the gobby nobber run about as supremely made up as he was. Genuinely happy for the guy. *
  2. One Piece chapter 1000 is out in rough translation. Quite a milestone.
  3. I'm pretty much at a 100% catch rate, but I ignore the lure bobbing entirely and wait for the white flash, then strike.
  4. @Broker Chimera Ant arc is the best arc, bro. Stick with it. Then watch the 2011 Hunter X Hunter anime.
  5. TheShend


    May be of interest to some here.
  6. There's.... there's just no way this is seeing release on other consoles, right? When it says other consoles, it probably means PS4 or it's maybe like folks have mentioned, a cock up?
  7. Ah man, base.com have said they've cancelled my pre-order because: "We have just been notified of our allocation of Super Mario 3D All-stars (Nintendo Switch) and it is woefully short." Bah.
  8. Total Middlecore. Where's the passion and disregard for life? This is the bare minimum expected @Siri
  9. I wonder if my TV aerial dongle from my One will work on a Series X?
  10. What!? Are you saying you don't want that launch excitement that can only come from queuing at midnight while coughing into each others mouths?
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