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  1. These surreal, anime inspired shorts are simply wonderful. Three more in the spoilered thread:
  2. It's Incincere Dave from Digitiser.
  3. I've inherited a Sony Trinitron CRT (KV-32WF1U) from my grandmother. No Remote though. I've already got a smaller Trinitron and a Sony PVM, so don't need to keep hold of this. I was going to sell it on, but I'm unsure what price I should be looking at? The lad gave it a run with the wife's NES I dug out of storage to test the TV with.
  4. I finished putting up the last Kuroda DVD. Vol.17 Urien. I added all 792 individual matches from all the DVDs into a match up sheet.
  5. TheShend


    Never heard of this before but thought some would appreciate it here.
  6. I'm really enjoying this. I went to a Roman Catholic school, so seeing Christendom full on gored up Gothic is great. The Cherub and Bull painting though. Man. Experienced a few interesting bugs along the way but nothing maddening bar the one time when viewing the map, it stopped recognising 'B' to cancel out. A purgatory I had to hard quit out of. I'd concur with @Goemon on the map. It annoys me I have to move the cursor about to highlight an area, even the one I'm in sometimes. I'd like to see the whole map and the new places populate as you discover them. Also a bloody pin system! Some of the bosses seem completely overwhelming on first attempt, but actually reveal their tells pretty quickly and fall apart quickly. I don't think it's taken more than 4 tries to do them in. But I'm up to a boss at the summit of the Cathedral Rooftops, which may prove more formidable. I'd like some gentle nudging on a couple of things, as I felt pretty clever working out the room with 3 paintings, but for e.g. the first room below, isn't becoming any clearer to me: 1. The room with 3 books in the Library. I know they're open on pages referring to parts of the body e.g. kneecap. Do I need to ensure I've collected those same bits which are used to populate the large room underneath Albero? 2. I found a room with 3 enemy portraits. I take it I need to kill these in order now I've collected the item in that room? Do I have to avoid the fast travel (even lifts?) ala Delicate Flower in Hollow Knight? 3. I've destroyed one of the statues which forgive guilt. Leaving an interactive point on the floor. Nothing happens yet. Should I destroy them all? I've used them twice in total, so don't feel I'd miss them.
  7. A nice documentary on the Jazzy Circuit.
  8. I thought Gordon Ramsay was streaming then @robdood
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