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  1. Archive of 100's of 90's Rave & Jungle mix tapes https://www.electronicbeats.net/the-feed/download-hundreds-of-90s-rave-jungle-cassettes
  2. TheShend


    New issue of Berserk is out.
  3. TheShend

    Nintendo Switch

    In. I'm on that free year of Nintendo online with Twitch Prime. I'll hit you up for a friend code when the pad arrives for some sparring.
  4. TheShend

    Nintendo Switch

    I remember some forumites getting mileage out of the 8Bitdo 6 button Genesis/MD controller for Switch earlier in the thread. Worth a punt? It's be for 3S. OBVS. Although I would prefer if they did the actual Saturn pad.
  5. Not an April Fools after all. https://www.forbes.com/sites/olliebarder/2019/04/02/r-type-final-2-has-been-announced-for-the-playstation-4/
  6. @Singho on mic!
  7. It's just singles today. Teams tomorrow. You'll have missed registration but you'll still be able to go down and get some casual matches in.
  8. 108% and 66hrs on the clock. Stupendous game. I'm going to spend the rest of my time in Godhome trying to finish the challenges. Edit: Any good links to a definite lore video?
  9. Finally managed to pass Trial of the Fool in the Colosseum. Damn that was hard.
  10. Existing owners of Xbox MCC will get Reach multiplayer gratis but campaign & firefight will be additional premium DLC. Gamepass MCC includes it all.
  11. They're occasional drops from Lynels. If you have yourself a safari of them I'd reckon you pick one up quicker than waiting for a star to drop.
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