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  1. Indeed. I distinctly remember going to the effort to look for Murray's tweet that allegedly went viral over E3. Plum.
  2. Grubstakers has 3 episodes on him as well: Part 1
  3. He's always on top of the others shenanigans and then pulling them up for it. I think it's because he's projecting his own deviant brain ethics. Poor show, but is making for a great 'bonus' show.
  4. Solid TCGS extra podding over e3. Love it.
  5. Sission Muccess. Sheffield GAME also had Series X's in, but in their usual 'Bundle Only, Serf' scarcity package as per.
  6. Thanks everyone. It is an official one so I'll keep hold of it
  7. Anyone know if Xbox One play and charge kit will still fit the new controllers for Series S/X? Debating whether to throw it in when I attempt this GAME trade-in deal or keep and use again.
  8. I think I'm going to try my hand at this GAME trade in deal tomorrow. I'll check the branch actually has Series S in stock before traipsing down but, do you think this would be a problem at trade in? I've a got one of those Xbox One Elite 1TB (box etc) jobbies but no Elite pad, just a regular pad. Do you think that'll be an issue considering the box advertises the Elite pad? Edit: Another thing, I do intend to get an X at some point in the future and I've a good few physical games. I can't 'install' them to the current xbox so they register on my profile, then appear as playable on the Series S once signed back into my profile can I? Or do I have to suck it up until I get the X which'll obviously play the physical disc.
  9. There's a few side quest items that unlock extra traversal in the environment. One which makes bloody platforms appear midair. Another which makes a large root grow that you can wall climb to higher platforms. Lastly, an item that let's you survive falls offscreen to areas below.
  10. A lot of fun to be playing it again it but by christ am I rusty. Had a lot fun at Danisen last night as well, so hopefully I can make that every other Saturday and whatever you're doing @Singho Also a very tense FT5 with @Jonster post Chip Chop.
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