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  1. Out of interest, how are you watching episode 8 when I'm stuck with only 3 episodes? I don't mind so much as the stories are self contained, so it's not like I'm desperately waiting to see what happens in the next one. Still, it would be nice not to have to wait months to see the whole series. One thing I really hope they ditch is the "Last time on Star Trek: Strange New Worlds..." as it just feels really out of place.
  2. Guess they didn't anticipate the level of demand as it seems to be down [Edit] Back up now
  3. It took me a while to realise that: is not... If you didn't know that's Camina Drummer from the Expanse in the second one. Yes and I realise that they all don't look alike - make-up and hair really make them look similar though. Anyway, absolutely loving this and feels like a true Trek show. I feel this is the first worthy addition since Enterprise finished (yes, I know people hate it but I still count it).
  4. Yeah, as I mentioned earlier there seems to be no app on the LG app store for it yet. As even paramount say you can download the app on an LG TV on their support page, I can only think it's not passed approval or been submitted in Europe yet since it's still so new. As a stop gap measure I just navigated to it from the browser, bookmarked it and added to home screen which gives the same effect (sort of) until they release one
  5. Seems pretty comprehensive:
  6. I signed up yesterday and happy so far with the selection. Watched the start of Halo Episode 1 and I thought the acting was a bit ropey considering the budget they had. Started watching Star Trek: Strange New Worlds and really impressed so far with the episode Seems like they've gone back to classic trek and not the absolute dross of Discovery / Picard (apologies if you like that). My biggest issue though is that I've got a LG OLED55B8SLC TV and I checked on the support page and it said that all LG TV's from 2018+ were supported. Well mine is 2018, but the app is not available through the app store. Does anyone else have an LG TV and is the app available? I can't believe they're being so picky to add it for specific models and not others. At the moment I'm having to view it through the browser (which seems to work fine) and add the bookmark as an icon on the home screen. Not great as the UI is a bit janky this way. [EDIT] Just had a look at this and it seems like the app is not available yet on any LG TV's: LG Content Store - Paramount+ Maybe because it was only released today it takes a while for the app to go through. Guess this page is for the US only at the moment.
  7. It just clicked that Diablo 4 is coming to game pass I know the activision / blizzard purchase is in the pipeline but wasn’t expecting that. One less thing to purchase, though like MSFS may go and buy one of the premium versions anyway depending on what’s included.
  8. Highlights for me were: 1) Flight simulator helicopters (I’m a flight sim guy) 2) Forza Motorsport 3) Diablo 4 (been ignoring everything so far but that looked really good) 4) Starfield obviously 5) Plague Tale: Requiem Love the fact that these are all coming to game pass. It’s insane we can play all this without spending an extra penny* *besides the subscription. Overall a solid 8/10 from me. I realise some people will be disappointed with no Fable / Avowed etc, but that just means more to look forward for next time.
  9. The only thing I worry about is that it takes itself too seriously. Part of the appeal of the original was the comedic aspect with Willow being completely out of his depth, only succeeding because he joined up with a memorable cast cast of side characters. Obviously he’s got older / wiser now but hopefully it’s still leaning toward not taking itself too seriously.
  10. @jonathanhoey Ok, thanks for the explanation It is unfortunate when someone who has brought enjoyment to so many decides to use the popularity to push their own agenda or ideas of morality. As I said, I still like the series and will still buy this game but can appreciate why you and others would be opposed to it.
  11. Has JK Rowling said she hates and despises trans people? I haven't really been keeping up with it all. The last I read was her wanting a TV programme to acknowledge that people who menstruate are called women. After that it all got a bit confusing. If she's actively pushing hate and encouraging others to hate / be prejudiced against any group then absolutely she should be taken to task for that. As it is I just haven't looked into it enough to understand what she's supposed to have said so can't make an informed decision one way or another. At present it certainly hasn't impacted my wife or my appreciation for the films / books though. Again, maybe I just haven't read enough into it... *not wanting to derail the thread away from the game itself!
  12. Looks good so if the reviews match up I'll give it a go. Harry Potter is still such a huge thing so I can see this doing very well.
  13. Great patch! Downloaded 42gb and now all I get when I try to start the game on PC is: It's not like I can even uninstall the patch in Steam either as it was working fine before. Looking at the crash details, it doesn't exactly clear anything up so it's not like the devs have much to go on: Error reason: Unhandled exception Expression: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION (0xC0000005) Message: The thread attempted to write to an inaccessible address at 0x48. File: <Unknown>(0) Well, I guess I'll wait and hope for the best that they fix it then
  14. Like the Microsoft acquisition I'm not exactly sure how I'm supposed to feel about it. I never really got into Destiny but maybe they've got something else up their sleeve which will be a winner for Sony. I guess with Microsoft's massive FPS roster now, it's good to see Sony having a foot in that door and it adds some diversity to their lineup. I guess my reaction was somewhere between surprise, frown and a worried smile (if that's possible).
  15. Come on Microsoft, do the right thing now and make a new Interstate 76 game
  16. I imagine they'd really struggle to get this one past the competition and mergers commission (or whatever they're called). Microsoft can't just hoover up the entire gaming industry as I'm sure there are rules in place to stop this happening. What with Microsoft's own gaming studios, Bethesda and now Activision, surely this accounts for a sizeable chunk of the gaming industry. I imagine eyebrows will be raised and potentially a hammer might come down on the deal. Will be interesting to see how it plays out though.
  17. I liked that Better than I was expecting
  18. Fortunately I'm not seeing the framerate issues that others are who have 3090's. I'm running 4k all maxed out with balanced DLSS and raytracing on and getting 70-90fps. I did notice one or two drops initially into the low 60's, but then it just went back up again and seemed pretty solid. This was on the ice map. Saying that though, I crashed with the following error after 10 minutes so hope this won't be a running theme until a new graphics driver is released: If you were wondering, no I didn't pull my graphics card from my machine whilst I was playing. Also, if that happened I wouldn't be able to see the error! An interesting issue anway.
  19. I find the best things for landing are: 1) Make sure you give yourself enough room. Line up with target runway at a decent distance (couple of miles) 2) If you're using cockpit mode, I always find it helpful to "sit up" a bit (press space) to increase visibility. 3) Use the flaps and power to control the glide slope. You can land without flaps, but then it's all down to controlling the power. Decrease the power to see how it affects altitude and use that to control your approach aiming the downward trajectory for the start of the runway. 4) Once you reach just before the runway and are at a lowish speed and altitude, cut power to near 0 (if not using flaps) and slightly flair the aircraft. Eventually gravity will do the rest. Just takes some practise but you'll get there.
  20. Just got back from a screening and I loved it Didn't feel like it went on that long... even though it did. Obviously there were clichés aplenty, but the director was obviously a massive fan of Bond in general and it really showed.
  21. I would love to get this game but... being I'm an owner of an EVGA FTW3 3090, I really don't want to take the risk. EVGA have handled themselves very well and have replaced all of the broken cards apparently. Saying that, I just don't want to be in the situation where my graphics card blows up and I'm left without it for a time because of one game. I can play COD, MSFS, Cyberpunk, BFV for hours at max settings with no issues. Not playing a game I originally wanted to play, yeah sure it's annoying but at the cost of my graphics card it's a pretty easy choice to make.
  22. It seems the Azure servers they're using are being slightly overloaded at present. Half the time I am just seeing "Please wait..." before downloading a tiny bit then going back to that message again
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