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  1. So I’m thinking about going for the XSX All Access option. I’m just worried though that by the time it takes signing up (credit checks etc?), all of Game / Smyths stock allocation would have gone. I just hope that firstly they have sufficient stock and secondly they allocate me one and keep it locked while I’m signing up.
  2. Thanks @Pockets Just seen that. That's a great deal then and provides me with a clear choice on purchase
  3. Quick question: If I buy an Xbox, can I play online games with just the GamePass or do I need to pay for Gold? If that it the case, it does seem a bit crazy to me that both consoles still require you to play online I guess £50 in the grand scheme of things for 12 months isn't too bad, but it's still something I'd rather not have to worry about.
  4. It really is a difficult one. Games: PS5 (seriously MS, what are your 20 studios doing?!) Console Prices: This all depends on what you're after. For a full fat experience it's pretty much a draw. For the cheaper variants, each has its trade-offs. The Xbox is cheaper but then is a lot less powerful. It also runs the risk of being treated like a second-class citizen by other games companies. The PS5 Digital on the other hand is a good price, but you're locked into paying PS Store prices which at £70 (€80?!) is insane. This brings us onto the third point which is... Services
  5. What the... €79.99?!? That would be £74.99 for a single game! Screw it... might be gamepass only moving forward with a special game purchase once a year if I've got the money
  6. Good show. Some of it was more impressive than other stuff. Having not played Spiderman on the PS4, this new one just seemed like most of the action was a bunch of QTE's Demon Souls gameplay looked absolutely gorgeous, but what were they thinking with all of that one hit kill rubbish for what seemed like an age?! It looked much better once they moved onto the bosses and I could really get behind that. Prices are good and I think £359 is very competitive. I don't think Sony would have gone as aggressive on the UK pricing without MS there to give us a £250. Pretty crazy if you think about it fr
  7. Certainly an appealing price point for a "next-gen" console. I guess it all depends if they can offer the same graphical fidelity at 1080p than the XSS does at 4k. I guess this is why they've been putting so much effort into the AI upscaling.
  8. My old gaming PC died a week ago but have been gaming on my Shadow PC for the past year so it hasn't really been an issue. The shadow is not perfect though as loading times are definitely one of the things it struggles with. I'm guessing this is more to do with the NAS storage than anything else but it's become a bit of an issue with MSFS. I have been waiting for ages to build a new gaming PC so this might just push me over the edge to buy one. I imagine rumours about the top-end model being £1400-1500 accurate Anything less would be a bonus but will just have to see.
  9. Can definitely recommend Peru as a destination in MSFS. Although it might not look at it from these compressed images (click to get a better idea), the scenery and autogen is staggeringly good. Took off from Cuzco and just headed in a direction. Was flying at about 18,000ft to clear a couple of mountains and then went exploring in the valleys
  10. Working in Electronics Boutique (now GAME) back in the day as a teen, I remember having an urge to go and buy Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball. I'd read some reviews and thought it looked interesting... oh, who am I kidding As I was a member of staff I knew when the shipment was coming in. I was not working that day but went in and unfortunately got served by the manager. After going a bit flush... I said "So... has the Dead... or Alive volleyball game come in yet?". He stared and with a bemused look on his face said "yes". Getting more embarrassed by the second I asked "Can I buy one?".
  11. Had a quick fly around London and whilst I do appreciate OrbX's additions I purchased, the choice of what they've added and what they've ignored is bizarre. They've modelled my old office building next to the tower of london, they've also modelled something as small as the Albert Memorial, but they couldn't be bothered with the natural history museum? It is pretty iconic! Instead we get... um... well... I'm blaming the AI for this one. How does such a grandiose building / roof deserve to be made into what looks like an Amazon distribution centre Bing really
  12. Not sure about the GPU, but the CPU is being used for decompression.
  13. @Graham S Ever since they did the spec upgrades, they're not accepting new people onto it as I'm guessing they had a flood of interest. The only one you can "PreOrder" is the GTX 1080 which was the older version. They were originally quoting Ultra and Infinite options to be available from 2021, but now they're not even doing that I wish I could say go for it as it's a brilliant service... but who knows when more capacity will become available. To answer your original question though (if you do ever get it), yes it's just a gaming PC with Windows 10 on it you connect to. Install Ga
  14. Apologies if this has already been posted, but they released another promo video: I'm glad they provide the names of where it is so I can visit myself. It looks spectacular, plus the music...
  15. Last night I did a flight from Kashgar to Jalal-abad using a Cessna Longitude. I set the time to early in the morning and used a head torch to go through all of the pre-flight's and start-up sequence, learning the aircraft as I went from a cold start. Got it up and running, dialled in the flight plan, requested a pushback and... wow the pushback functionality is pants. Trying to steer yourself using the ATC is rubbish. By the time you've said "Request pushback steer to the left" and the tower has responded and confirmed, you're so far off-line that it may as well not have bothered. Anyway, cal
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