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  1. Given the fact Sony keeps harping on about "value" rather than "price", I would guess that it's more than we expect. I'm sure they're keen to avoid the $599 price point though for obvious reasons: PS5: £499 (diskless) / £549 (full) XSX: £499 It sounds like Microsoft have already agreed on an aggressive price they can achieve with Satya's agreement. I don't think they'll go too crazy though hence the £499. I also don't think they want to go first so they can change it accordingly based on what Sony is doing. I think it's likely that both companies will take a loss but look to make that up with services etc.
  2. In addition to the above, these were posted too: I've got used to not being an Alpha invitee... *sobs*
  3. Spotted this over on GAF which is the patent for the PS5 devkit (click to make bigger): What's interesting is 15 and 17. It's got 6 fans as cooling! Now obviously this isn't the design the actual PS5 is going with, but I guess it shows Sony is serious on cooling with that and the massive chunky heatsink.
  4. Yesterday was the first time I decided to actually but something on the Epic Store. Saw Control in the sale and thought why not as £23 was actually quite cheap and I wanted to play it. Went through to the checkout and it knocked another £10 off Maybe it was to celebrate my first purchase or something, but securing the game for only £13 is an absolute steal. As someone else has mentioned, no doubt it will instantly be uploaded to Game Pass, but for the money I paid I can't really say I've lost out on much.
  5. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    Why is Xbox Game Pass on PC so utterly useless at downloading anything? Now I know this probably won't affect everyone, it's in beta and, well... first world problems and all that. I've got a 1GB connection and I struggle to download at any decent speed. If I enable Delivery Optimisation (Windows 10) I get 1-2mb/sec. If I disable then I'll get 6-7mb/sec (as in direct from Microsoft). Now, normally this wouldn't be an issue but add the 0x87e00013 issue into the mix with Gears 5 and the only fix seemingly uninstalling / reinstalling the bloody thing, it's driving me up the wall and really tempting me to cancel my subscription. You can see how many people are having these issues if you type in "xbox pass pc slow downloads" into any search engine. Lots more people are also having the "gears 5 0x87e00013" with the only solution being "uninstall / reinstall". ...and yet, go onto Origin (I have Origin Basic Pass) and download a game on there and it gives me 115-120mb/sec where I can download a game in 5 minutes. No issues with updates and it just works. How can a company like Microsoft screw up their app so badly?! The only thing I can hope is that it's something to do with my specific PC and when I get a new gaming PC (in the next 6 or so months) it will fix itself. Other than that, it's a great service but they should have really bug tested it first and fixed the issues before releasing such a shoddy app. [/rant]
  6. I loved Mafia back in day and although I might be looking back through rose-tinted glasses, the graphics were amazing at the time (PC) and it had an excellent story and was dripping with atmosphere. Sure, the race was an absolute pain in the arse but I mostly blamed that on the cheating AI. The ending of Mafia has stayed with me through the years as one of those breakout moments in video games. Games up until that point were ride off into the sunset happy-type things and it was so far out of left field to really leave a lasting impression on me. This will be a day one for me...
  7. Looking at this objectively, this could mean that the PS5 will have the advantage in detail levels using UE5, but XSX could have a performance advantage. I think I read somewhere that the demo in its current state is only possible on PS5 due to the fast SSD streaming those assets in at full detail. I imagine the XSX is no slouch in that field either, but I'm guessing to get it running with the equivalent speed they might need to slightly knock down the asset quality (not in any visible way mind!), but it could benefit using the extra horse power in res and possibly framerate. After all, for those models with 8(?) million triangles, how many of those are having a meaningful visible effect vs say one with 4 million (based on SSD bandwidth differences). All good stuff though and got me more excited for next-gen systems.
  8. @Stevie Unfortunately I am not part of the Alpha... but even if I was, I couldn't share anything that was not pre-approved by Asobo / Microsoft due to the NDA. We just have to make do with what they show us at the moment Saying that, there was a video posted last year which shows 9 cities with some low flying included. Well worth a look if you haven't seen it (skip to 10:19 for some low level UK action):
  9. @Meerman The watermarks are there to prevent anyone under NDA publishing a screenshot which isn't known about by Asobo. Given it's still in Alpha, they want to control what is shown when things are still in their early form. I've no doubt this will be gone once it's released. Playing with a steering wheel is not too far out of left field. Given most modern flight sticks look like this: The only thing you're missing is pushing back and forwards. Controlling that with the throttle would be interesting though
  10. Another update (although I'm a bit late on this one - was posted on the 7th). Firstly a couple of videos - The first one looks you would be dropping some bricks if you were in that plane! No thanks to the flying: And several nice new shots: This really is looking better and better with each passing month.
  11. Sorry to drag up a dead thread for an old game, but I've been playing this a lot recently. Sunk about 26 hours in all and really enjoying it. I did play it originally when it first came out but really struggled with the super mutants and rage quit. This time I find them surprisingly easy though and have powered through most of the quests. Saying that, I've recently got to the point where I've made contact with all four of the "factions". I started with the Institute until I got told to go and kill some railroad synths and so decided to do their missions instead. Unfortunately, whenever I do a mission which now involves institute synths, they just ignore me. It's quite hilarious infiltrating the existing railroad base as the guy who asked me to do the mission is tagging along and being butchered whilst I just walk through like I don't exist. It sort of feels wrong to kill any of them as they don't target me. I know part of this is about morality, but it's like the game really steers you down a particular path. The institute comes off as a bit evil with the others a sliding scale. The brotherhood, railroad and minutemen can co-exist whereas the other one does not. Has anyone else struggled with this part or did you choose the good / evil part on purpose? I don't expect too many replies as it's likely been a while since anyone has played.
  12. Well, to be honest that was much better than I thought it would be. I half expected a bunch of people to talk around a table with one or two trailers slotted in, but they hammered them out thick and fast. As for the games themselves, I thought some of them looked good and others less appealing to me. I'd probably rate the show about an 8 but maybe drop that slightly to a 7 for getting the definition of "gameplay" wrong. Still, reading around on GAF and ResetEra, you'd have thought that Microsoft majorly dropped the ball. Given the fact that the majority of time at E3 shows has usually been filled with these "gameplay" trailers, it's strange to see the reaction. As has been said many times before, this was an opportunity for 3rd parties to show what they've been working on. Some people really are blowing it all out of proportion, but given now is prime time for console warring, I guess I'm not entirely surprised. I imagine it will just be a bit depressing for MS and these 3rd parties to delve through the comments reading all that crap trying to get a feel for how their efforts went down.
  13. Best to keep your expectations low. After all, isn't this one of those "inside xbox" sessions where they have a bunch of people at a desk and talk for most of it? I'd be very surprised if it was just a barrage of gameplay footage and dev talk. I'm expecting it to be not great and anything else will be a bonus. On most forums this is being hyped up to crazy levels (almost the equivalent of an e3 show), but I think most will be disappointed. Not to say that it might not be amazing, but always go in expecting the worst to be pleasantly surprised.
  14. That was weird, I thought I'd give it another go and it restarted me after the vault part. There must be a bug where it doesn't restart you from the checkpoint. Maybe they didn't anticipate anyone being that rubbish that early Breezed through the part where I died last time and didn't get hit once. I'm really liking it so far, but the only minor thing I would say is sometimes the enemies are always perfectly placed to cover the entire area in the defensive firing move. You can't help but getting hit sometimes unless you don't do anything your turn and do it in kind. Getting back to the checkpoint system, I definitely prefer having saves! Would it really take that much away to save the state of the game and resume as-is? Still, a solid 8/10 so far.
  15. I liked the game... just came out the bank vault, came across the first emergence hole and played it very badly and ended up losing. Thinking I'd go back to just coming out of the vault, I'm dismayed to see I have to start from the very beginning including cut scenes again! I just rage quit I know I died on an easy bit but man, put in some more bloody checkpoints. I think I'm really going to have to force myself into playing that whole starting bit again.
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