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  1. Whilst I agree with their reasoning, I just wish they could do it without making us use yet another game delivery platform. How about just providing a good old fashion single-use game downloader as that always seemed to work? Origin, UPlay, Battle.net, Steam, Bethesda.net etc... It's getting difficult to remember in which platform a game resides. Saying that though, yes... ploughing millions into a game with hundreds of thousands of man hours, only for someone who distributes it to take a massive 30% cut of your hard work must be soul destroying. If you can distribute it yourself and take a bit more profit, they certainly have my support.
  2. tronied

    Removing content you've already paid for...

    Not really the same, but I noticed an app on Android I had both paid for and bought an in-app purchase for was removed and replaced with a subscription model. When I installed the app again they said "as you bought the last one, you get 3 months free". Sorry, but I bought the last one which I THOUGHT would last forever. I may as well have just thrown that money down the drain as now I have nothing and not taking their crappy 3 month balls. If they do that then they should allow me to keep the older version and not force uninstall it from my device.
  3. I like UT and Q3 in equal measure. Both hold a special place for me
  4. tronied

    Manhattan TV Series

    I've been working my way through this on Amazon and it's really good. I'm surprised I never heard about this when it was out at the time, but the story is really engaging, production qualities are great and it's one of those I can just blitz through. Unfortunately it was cancelled because there just weren't enough viewers at the time, even though it was a critical success. For those that don't know it's about the race to build the first atomic bomb (Manhattan project), with two competing teams with different ideas pushing to get their made and all the underhanded backstabbing and drama that goes along with it. Anyone watched it and if so your thoughts? I've still got about 8 episodes until cancellation time but am enjoying every minute of it while I can as it ticks a lot of boxes for me
  5. tronied

    Star Citizen, a new era of gaming?

    Hmmm... that good eh? I see there are some pretty low opinions of it on here. Well, so far it's not too bad from my own experiences. I only managed to play it for an hour before I went to bed but it seems good. Just some people playing in teams with some of the larger ships. Visiting stations and do a bit of FPS action. Is this project doomed to fail then?
  6. tronied

    Star Citizen, a new era of gaming?

    Ok, reading the last couple of comments haven't exactly filled me with confidence but I've signed myself up for Star Citizen and am downloading now... I've been watching some videos over the last couple of days and it looks good to me. It did confuse me though the whole thing between SC and the single player campaign being split. I think I would have preferred it if they would have kept it as one, but I guess they want to get all the money they can I think my main fear is that this never gets finished and it just turns into something which goes on forever and then updates eventually stop. Still, if the gameplay is half as good as it looks like in the videos then I can't wait. Being able to walk around space vehicles while they're flying with your friends has always been something I've wished a game would be able to do.
  7. tronied

    E3 2017: Microsoft - Wrap Up

  8. tronied

    Samsung Gear VR

    So I bought myself on of these yesterday and so far am very impressed. When you initially sign up you're given 5 free games so I downloaded one or two. I tried one which is supposed to be scary but just came off as boring. Something about a ghost jumping around the room and hiding behind things. Maybe it works better with headphones, but I just felt very detached. Another one was where a robot takes you up on a roof while things are shooting at you. I didn't get any sense of "Oh no I'm really high up" as the graphics severely let it down and reminded me of a tech demo from the early 2000's. Tried out a couple of videos and was impressed by the headtracking. Some are better than others though as the ones which should really have excelled (like Discovery VR) looked like a blurry mess and compressed to hell which didn't make me feel like I was there at all. On the other hand there was one with voice narration on a glacier which was excellent. I think the Discovery VR is more of a software issue though as they just don't set the stream quality high enough. Other videos prove that it can be done well so they really need to look at this. So... after reading several forums, a lot of people mentioned that... ahem... porn was amazing on this thing, so to make I got the full experience (innocently of course) I went to pornhub and found that you could stream the vr videos via a dedicated button for gear vr in the website. It was... actually quite scary how good it was! When they leaned in close to the camera, my brain was sometimes struggling to grasp that this wasn't real. If they got too close though the illusion was wrecked and it just blurred and hurt my eyes. Aside from that though, I think other vr experiences in the Samsung store / library could learn a thing or two from this on making the experiences seem more real by playing with the camera more. Getting back to more high-brow matter, overall the resolution was ok. You could see the pixels but given the fact that this was a phone and not backed up by a mammoth pc, it is understandable. I really do think though when 4k screens come in with the s8 / s9, it's really going to push it to the next level. Overall really positive for my first foray into VR
  9. tronied

    Diablo III - Switch announcement inbound

    So I re-downloaded the game after getting my lost battle.net authenticator removed. Installed it and I have 5 old characters, none of them I can remember creating. My main character seems to be called "clunge" It's a level 70 with some obscenely powerful stuff. Still, I think I'll start playing again from the beginning and see how I get on Haven't been keeping up with all the patches so it will be interesting to see what's changed.
  10. tronied

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Nope but will take a look, thanks! Just noticed that the new album is on amazon prime music so just listening to it now
  11. tronied

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    So do I, all you want... I've got all the albums so will definitely be picking it up. Apologies for my late reply too. Rllmuk is classed as "social networking" at work now and is hence banned
  12. tronied

    What Song Are You Listening To Right Now?™

    Song off the new Feeder album. I really like it It seems to hark back to their heavier days...
  13. I watched this episode a couple of weeks ago too. I didn't really get how real kirk seduced the android woman, only for the android woman to try and kiss android kirk who then rejected her resulting in him being killed?! Was that real kirk's plan all along? Unless he just wanted to try and seduce an android woman for fun (because he hadn't done it before?) and that was an accidental benefit. Otherwise he had some phenomenal foresight.
  14. Am I the only one who mistook that for an Arma 3 screenshot at first. Yes? Ok then...
  15. Wow, that looks a lot more polished than I thought it was going to be. I thought they were just going to stand out in a dusty field with a crowd around them and a camera rather than having a mobile studio with an amazing backdrop each weekend. Fingers crossed that this will be good

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