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  1. It's been such a transition for me to move over to a console experience. I've found myself playing a lot more games and actually wanting to complete them too. I've had a Shadow PC and play with friends on the odd game here and there. I find it so much more of a hassle to start it up, wait for it to connect, boot into windows, load up a game, faff around with the graphics settings etc. It's been so refreshing to just start the thing, run a game with it being smooth and looking amazing from the get-go and just drop straight in. I've been playing Battlefield V, SW Jedi Fallen Order, Darksiders: G
  2. Ah! You are indeed correct. I completely forgot they came with a cable. Yes, in which case I can forgo the wireless aspect and use that instead then. Thanks!
  3. Is it possible to use a headset like WH-1000XM3's with the XSX? I am just trying to figure out how that would work. If I was playing on my TV downstairs, I could pair it up with my TV and it would be fine. However, my monitor doesn't have that ability so I am looking at other options. I've seen that you can get an audio-out bluetooth adapters, but would that work with just the headset and automatically pairing itself? Anyone have experience doing this? For the time being I am using the audio-out on the controller and a pair of apple wired headphones, but it would be nice to upgrade
  4. I turned that off and went back to ECO mode. Although it was a nice feature to have it downloading and installing games whilst I'm away doing something else, the thought of it sucking down that much juice when I'm not using it was a cause for concern. Got a big enough house to warm and power over winter, let alone with something else adding on to the power bills with me not even using it.
  5. I've been meaning to play something else since Ive got my XSX, but I've just been working my way through the campaign of SW: Jedi Fallen Order. Great game! The only minor caveat to that is it's running in 4k @ 30fps and not 60. There is a performance mode but I don't want to gimp the graphics when it's playable at that. Hope they patch it though at some stage. This machine is an absolute beast though. After playing for a couple of hours on that and a multiplayer game of BFV, I only heard the faintest hum from the fan (its on my desk so very close). The air was not too hot either so
  6. Installed BFV and I'm blown away not just by how good it looks (as a PC gamer) but also how amazingly smooth it is too at 4k 60fps. Played a couple of levels of the campaign since it was taking ages to install the multiplayer features. Unfortunately GamePass has too many nice things to try! I'm now downloading Jedi:Fallen Order. Well impressed so far by loading, graphics and performance My last console was a 360 so am surprised by how nice the console experience is now. It's also just as they said... Whisper quiet.
  7. Yeah ☹️ Was just about to play my first game and it keeps timing out. You'd think Microsoft would be prepared for the influx of demand when everyone signs in at 6pm after work
  8. Mine has arrived, but it looks like it's taken a drop on one corner. It came in a loose bag which is pretty useless for protection (as has been previously mentioned). Hopefully it's well packaged enough to not cause any issues. I'll photo the box before I open just to back myself up.
  9. 20 minutes left of my allotted delivery timeframe!
  10. Ah, missed that. I typed in my postcode above and it told me when they intend to deliver: Just got a text confirming whilst typing this too
  11. Mine only got to the DPD depot at 8:13am this morning I hope that's a local depot! They've been pretty naff on locations so far... Fingers crossed they actually deliver it today
  12. Small? Great news either way This is from Curry’s.
  13. Can someone explain this to me? Why would older games be slower on PS5 when the raw SSD is so much faster given the 2.4gbps vs 5.5gbps difference. As it's BC, it's not using Xbox's Velocity architecture (or PS5 equivalent), so it just doesn't make sense Maybe it's something to do with the traffic priorities Cerny mentioned and BC by default is given a low priority. If that's the case then it could be fixed I guess.
  14. This is my first time buying a console since owning both the PS3 and 360. i'm genuinely excited for launch given the fact that XPass to me offers so much out of the box. I'm a PC guy, but I can't wait to get started and play this thing
  15. Yep, as easy as any other store. There is a strange option to start with where they want your postcode without asking for a house number and then state "We'll deliver your Xbox to <Street Name>" which made me worry I'd missed something, but you do enter your full address later on so I guess they're just checking first that you don't live on some remote island somewhere.
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