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  1. If you were liquid metal, makes sense to have more arms. One which controls the helicopter and the other two for gun handling. Heck, I'd spawn 8 arms and have a minigun and rocket launcher on the go as well But yes, amazing skill to pull off that stunt
  2. Is this the best looking game of all time? Looking at that last video.... yes, yes it is! It's incredible what they're achieving here. I'm glad they've limited it to the 50 closest planes in multiplayer though. I can imagine you'd end up getting thousands congregating around particular airports and so it would be lag city. I don't think many people have more than 50 friends to fly with at any one time anyway. [EDIT] Above - Any Good, Bad and The Ugly fans?
  3. Nice @Herbalizer - How are you finding it? Do you notice much has changed from the existing GTX 1080? Mine will be activated in the next 48 hours so first thing I'll do is try a bit of 4k gaming and see how it copes. I imagine that even that config will struggle to run RDR2 in 4k, so will keep my expectations in check.
  4. No doubt they'll do a whole shedload of testing on this, but I'm slightly concerned with the clocks they're running on the GPU. 36 CU's at 2.23ghz is pushing it to say the least! That's going to be generating some serious heat. I guess at least Cerny made a comment on the fact that they've missed the target with their cooling solutions on past models. They're going to have to come up with something special to keep it cool and relatively quiet. If MS is opting for a vapour chamber with an additional 133mm fan, then they'll have to be doing at least the same if not better.
  5. I think this lends credence to Sony and Microsoft consoles being very close in power. I don't think they would have jumped straight in with this unless they felt they were in good standing. Of course TF's seem to be everything in the console war, so whoever has the bigger number will no doubt cause one side to be crowing loudly. To me, it's more about the implementation. I find it fascinating to hear the problems the designers faced and the solutions they've come up with. I'm hoping just like we just did yesterday with Microsoft that Cerny goes into detail on that and hear what makes it special It's a win win for everyone at the end of the day and really pushes innovation and technology to the limit.
  6. I think what's most impressive for me is that there is so much innovation going on here. They've not just relied purely on hardware but are doing so much to complement that with DirectX even down to rewriting 30 year-old IO routines to optimise resources. Watching the digital foundry video, they almost seem like theres a 3 stage plan for everything: 1) It's great because is has X 2) but when X isn't enough we've provided Y 3) but then when Y isn't enough we've also done Z! It's crazy purely on optimisation alone. I wasn't planning on buying one of the new consoles, but after watching the videos I'm pretty much sold!
  7. There's even a comment at the bottom there saying: Best to just wait for Sony then
  8. Whose to say that Sony would release their TF figure anyway? Is that usually what happens when a new console is released? I honestly can't remember the PS4 release and I know they talked about the PS3 tech in quite some detail during E3. I guess I just feel like it would be out of place for them to go "Hey... here's our new PS5, but screw the games... the most important bit is talking about how many floating point operations this thing does" How about they just let the games speak for themselves.
  9. I am... disappointed I know this may not bother other people so much, but if BG1 and BG2 are RTWP (Real time with pause), why would you break with that for the 3rd? It's like changing Age of Empires 4 to become more Civ-like. Don't get me wrong, I think turn-based has really made a place for itself recently with the Divinity Original Sin games, but changing this games mechanics especially for a well known franchise like this is pretty unforgivable. They should have just created another Sin game as others have said. Maybe I've been spoilt too much by Pillars of Eternity. At least I've still got the second one still to play...
  10. I realise I'm literally the only one who uses this service but for once I seem to have got lucky. I received their e-mail about a month ago basically explaining that we're not going to be activated in February (as promised). They said a very small percentage will be activated in March but the rest will be later (summer, winter) I'm guessing due to budget constraints with purchasing the new cards. Expecting the worst I had my e-mail yesterday and was told that mine will be activated next month so that's good. They basically ask permission to wipe your instance of all data during the transfer. It's going to come as a bit of a shock going from my current 1.25tb to 500gb, but that should still give me at least 256gb to play with. I end up just installing a whole bunch of crap that I'm not playing anyway so it will probably be good to just keep what I'm using. Although this obviously doesn't affect my play on the tablet, it will be interesting to see with the new hardware a game running on my 4k monitor. I tried 4k on the current build in Gears of War 4 about a year ago and whilst the connection wasn't a problem, the instance struggled to run the game above 10-12fps. When it's activated, I'm going to try RDR2 as that struggles to run at a decent res on the current build
  11. From what I've read, that comment about the cooling solution would tie up with the leaks and their chip having fewer compute units but run at higher clocks. They'd need a better cooling solution since they're pushing it harder from the get-go. I still find it hard to believe that Microsoft have gone for such a massive chip. Everyone is talking about how the BOM for Sony is $450 but with what MS is supposed to be using, it would be crazy expensive.
  12. This is going on the presumption that physical consoles no longer matter. A lot of companies are starting to explore that possibility. Even Sony signed an agreement with Microsoft for Azure services for providing virtualised game services. Whilst I myself use streaming services and can appreciate what they offer, we're not quite at that stage yet where he can dismiss the efforts of both Nintendo and Sony off-hand. I think that's being a bit short...(farsighted?). Who knows, maybe he is talking more in general terms rather than just purely for gaming (AWS, GCP).
  13. Great... obviously equal in portability then? I look forward getting a hernia trying to lug that around with me. That used to be an option for me when I was primarily at home. This offers me the freedom to game at home on my 4k monitor or on the go with my tablet. As I said this option is not perfect as £30/mo is obviously not cheap, but for what it offers me as an alternative to what I was paying periodically along with the flexibility for me can't be beaten.
  14. Where can you buy a gaming PC for £30 a month which gets hardware upgrades included? I paid £30/mo when I signed up for the GTX 1080 equivalent and I'll be paying £30/mo for this new RTX 2080 spec which gets rolled out next month. I used to drop a couple of grand on a gaming PC which would last me 3-4 years, but this achieves the same thing for less (£30 * 12 * 4 = £1440). Not to mention having the freedom to play games on the go wherever I am. I travel quite frequently and being able to game on a tablet by hooking up a controller to play some Gears 5 or RDR 2 is amazing. Heck, I can even stream on my mums connection who lives out in the sticks if I'm so inclined. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's perfect but it suits me perfectly which is why I've stuck with it. If something else comes along that is the equivalent for cheaper (like this GeForce Now if they sort out the games compatibility) then I'll switch, but for the moment I can't see a better alternative.
  15. Ah, ok. I guess the other thread got my hopes up a bit. Well, I'll keep an eye on it at least. Thanks
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