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  1. As an Xbox Series X owner I was disappointed to be honest. There was nothing shown which really made me sit up and say wow. Most of the trailers were console “launch” exclusives and were “well, it looks ok for a last gen game”. The majority of what they showed seemed like smaller third-party studios / indie games rather than heavy hitters. There were no graphical showcases barring MSFS or Forza Horizon 5. Halo infinite has me interested to play it just to see what it’s like, but I wouldn’t say it’s a must have. Maybe I just had the wrong impressions going in, but I expected this to be a first
  2. To be honest, I was a bit confused with getting it working on the iPad. I actually downloaded the Edge browser thinking I needed that and whilst it did work, the experience was awful as it wasn't full screen and it was laggy as anything. Thanks @HarryBizzle as I've just done it and works really well. Considering how well it works, it really impresses me what MS have managed to do and it is a nice two fingers up to Apple with with they were asking from Microsoft. Seems like this could really open the door now for more apps / streaming services on iOS. It's ridiculous they apparently
  3. I got my invite this morning and decided to try it out quickly on my MBP before work. It works well... in certain games I'd say. First booted up Morrowind and after adjusting the controller sensitivity, it felt really responsive and I couldn't honestly tell that I was playing a streaming game. Thing is, Morrowind is hardly a fast action paced game and it is quite forgiving. I next tried Doom Eternal and the controller lag was very noticeable. I also found it very difficult to aim as my brain just couldn't adjust to the lag I was seeing on screen by overcorrecting massively. There was also a p
  4. Well, my new PC which I splurged a crazy amount of money on has finally arrived. I've been promising myself a new PC since my old PC (780GTX SLI setup) broke and I've been using Shadow to tide me over. Forked over £3,750(!) and am now in possession of a 10900K, 32gb RAM, 3090 FTW3 OC, 2TB NVMe SSD machine. It was originally supposed to be a 5900X, but I was 460th in the queue and after a couple of months of no arrivals got fed up waiting for the thing and went with Intel. I think the only real difference is in multithreaded performance and improvement in certain games. It also originally was s
  5. Played this for today and it is one stunningly good looking game. I just can't get over the fact that London is now depicted accurately. I've just spent an hour touring around the places I've walked around. Seeing how long it takes me to fly the 18 miles I walked once from Piccadilly Circus to Heathrow just for a laugh Certainly saves me from my local area and being cooped up over lockdown. Yep, I am hovering around 20 fps but it will have to do until my new PC arrives. It's worth it playing at ultra just for the eye candy. To hell with the framerate!
  6. You're not even providing any arguments or putting your viewpoint across as to why you consider it a spoiler. I guess I couldn't expect anymore though with your last comment resorting to childish insults. I've hidden it so let's just leave it at that.
  7. @Thor @Floshenbarnical I've gone back and hidden my original post, but really...?!? I stand by my original point and say this isn't a spoiler because it gives nothing about the story or mission away. I can only presume you consider it a spoiler as you find it a valid option for game completion. In which case I presume you don't complete that many games.
  8. Keep your pants on. I've not spoiled anything in the game aside from some bizarre choice which noone interested in the game would choose anyway. Nothing about the story or the mission to which it relates. The only thing I'm ashamed about is wasting my time accidentally finding it in the first place.
  9. Yeah, i thought it was a bug. It kept going though into the next mission! I really hated the thought that I'd forever be stuck with this 10 second guitar riff playing through the rest of the game. Fortunately though once I saved and reloaded the music had stopped.
  10. So I've just finished watching it tonight with my wife. We pretty much did a marathon session through season 2. Overall I really liked it and certainly beats anything else output set in the Star Wars universe in a long while. Although I'm sure this has probably been discussed to death, there is one thing about the series which bugged me. That is how invulnerable all of the main characters are. I think the final episode would have had a lot more weight to it if they battled to the bridge, several of them taking hits and regroup only to be faced with the onslaught of the bots. They c
  11. Been a while since I posted in here. I keep dipping in and out with the new updates which are released. I'd love to play more but just find I'm a bit restricted with the performance I'm getting on my current machine (30-40fps on sub-par resolution ). As such, I am planning on buying a new PC in the new year which hopefully will perform better. I'm aiming for an RTX 3080 if they ever come back into stock. Saying that, on the performance front... What kind of future machine will we need to be able to handle VR in any half-way decent resolution?! Maybe in 5 or
  12. Thanks for the heads-up. I thought it was necessary to do it... me being an idiot
  13. Sorry, I haven't been following this thread because I wanted to avoid spoilers (not sure if there are any). Does anyone else find hacking infuriatingly slow for no reason? When you hold tab (PC) and perform a hack, it takes anywhere from 30 seconds to what feels like 2 minutes to upload. There's no reason for this as time seems to stand still whilst you're doing it. All I can do is wait and stare out my window. I could understand if this was a subtle way to "load" a bit of the game, but it isn't as it usually results in someone dying or being hijacked. Is this a bug or did they intentionally s
  14. It's been such a transition for me to move over to a console experience. I've found myself playing a lot more games and actually wanting to complete them too. I've had a Shadow PC and play with friends on the odd game here and there. I find it so much more of a hassle to start it up, wait for it to connect, boot into windows, load up a game, faff around with the graphics settings etc. It's been so refreshing to just start the thing, run a game with it being smooth and looking amazing from the get-go and just drop straight in. I've been playing Battlefield V, SW Jedi Fallen Order, Darksiders: G
  15. Ah! You are indeed correct. I completely forgot they came with a cable. Yes, in which case I can forgo the wireless aspect and use that instead then. Thanks!
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