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  1. tronied

    Google Stadia

    How did this go so wrong? I can’t believe that a small company like Shadow can come up with a better implementation than a multi-billion dollar company. I play on a WiFi connection at my parents-in-law-law with a 30mb and play battlefield 5 with it keeping pace just fine. I guess they’ve been in the marketplace a lot longer so have nailed their streaming tech. Saying that, whilst they’ll soon be updating all their hardware to RTX 2080’s, it’s still not going to be as smooth as playing locally regardless. I’m still planning on investing on a gaming PC at some point in the future as a streaming 4K 60fps can no way match up to 4K 60fps+ locally.
  2. Although it might have already been posted. There's a new trailer for MFS from X019: There's also an IGN video showing 9 cities in 4k: I mean... we already know it looks amazing. What really stands out for me though is just how good some of this looks. If you skip to 9:29 in the 9 cities video, it shows off Southampton and it just looks incredible. There's a bit where the plane is coming into land flying over some houses and my brain had to keep telling me it wasn't real. You can see cars driving around housing estates. I've driven on that motorway at the end of Southampton runway! I literally can't wait for this. I may have to buy two 3080 Ti's for it and my internet connection is not going to love me, but just being able to think of a place on earth and fly over it with a more or less accurate representation blows my mind.
  3. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    Have the PC game pass and for a couple of weeks now Gears 5 has been showing there’s an update. It wouldn’t download because of an error. Tried restarting many times but eventually got frustrated last night and thought I’d uninstall / reinstall it. It said it uninstalled and went to install. It showed me the drive I wanted to download to, click ok and it instantly switches the button back to install. Doesn’t attempt to start downloading. The uninstall option is still there but it doesn’t do anything. I now cannot install it as it’s just broken full stop. Tried restarting PC / game pass app but nothing. When they say beta they weren’t kidding. It’s pot luck if you can download anything and patch without an annoying error. I think I’ll have to start wiping registry keys or uninstalling the Xbox app to see if that does anything. Thing is, I have the outer worlds installed and that plays fine Don’t want to wreck that one just because I want to play Gears...
  4. Yeah, the £14.99 is for the 1080 equivalent. Those prices are on a monthly basis. They get cheaper if you go annual but that ties you in for a long time. I've gone for monthly as I like the option of cancelling and at some stage I might get around to buying my own gaming PC. Possibly when the next generation of graphics cards is released possibly Q2 next year(?). I've been using it though steadily for my gaming PC for quite a while now. Connection is good as I'm on ethernet but I have tried it on my MacBook Pro via wireless and got fairly decent performance. It's obviously not as good as sitting right there on a high end gaming PC as usually the bottleneck is the number of frames which can be transferred from them to your PC. Even with my 400mb connection running @ 1440p, sometimes there are dips from the 60 down to 45-50 but it doesn't affect my enjoyment and it isn't related to what's happening on the screen strangely. Overall, fairly happy with my experience. It's good that they're upgrading the hardware to RTX 2080 for the same price but it's a bummer about the extra price for storage.
  5. They've just updated their hardware config options. The current setup will (from February) set you back £14.99 for a GTX 1080 equivalent. There are two new options which are £29.99 for RTX 2080 or £49.99 for an RTX Titan. Bit miffed as at the moment I'm paying £2.50 extra for a terabyte each month, but they are now looking to charge that per 256gb. As such, for an extra terabyte they are set to charge over £10/mo! Still, I guess it means it will force me to choose my game selection more wisely using the included storage. I've gone for the RTX 2080 with 512gb for £29.99 as that's pretty much what I'm paying now. Seems a bit much to pay £20 extra per month for 15-20% extra performance at most. Plus, since it maces out at 4k @ 60fps with their streaming, it's unlikely you can really get the benefit from it in all but the most punishing games.
  6. Hasn't been long since I posted the last update, but it seems like they invited some people in to play the alpha and now they've posted their videos. All I can say is wow!! This looks absolutely amazing. Parts are in Dutch and it is quite long (15 minutes), so to sum up they talk about how they get full 3d world coverage. They've completely re-done the physics system with wind / turbulence. They've used CAD files given to them by the airline manufacturers for accurate modelling, fully controllable aircraft systems (switches, GPS, VFR / IFR). They also talked about ATC and it looks like they're using voice recognition to interact. Can't wait to fly around my local area
  7. The latest video which is a preview of the upcoming discovery episode showing the flight simulator world. I must say, the forests in this looks absolutely incredible. Having that level of object density though does make me wonder what kind of frame rates I'll be able to get without a supercomputer though Can't wait for 10th October! This game / sim is really shaping up to be something amazing from what we can see so far.
  8. tronied

    Gears 5

    I'm still making my way through act 1 but... these graphics! This is the first time it feels like I'm playing a next-gen game. It really does look amazing in places.
  9. Fantastic Creatures - Crimes of Grindlewald: 4/5 (Now TV) It’s not as bad as many of the critics make it out to be. I absolutely hated the first film and wanted to punch the main character in the face every time he spoke. I think the director must have told the actor (can’t remember his name) to tone it down as whilst it’s annoying, at least it’s watchable this time. Also concentrating less on the creatures and more on other things was definitely an improvement. Overall pretty good but it still surprised the heck out of me that theyre planning 5 of these things
  10. tronied

    Dungeon Crawls

    I try to avoid dungeon crawlers now as with a family I just don’t have the time... as much as I’d like to Two games for me which really stand out and caused me to lose so much of my life were Neverwinter Nights and Dungeon Siege. The latter was for me still the best dungeon crawler (with the addition of multiplayer) and I must have sunk over a 1000 hours into it. Crazy if you think about it and what else I could have been doing with my life in my teenage years, but it was just so damn addictive and satisfying. No regrets... well maybe a bit
  11. So having watched it all now (and cancelled my free 7-day NOW TV subscription), I really did like it. I found it actually improved for me in the later episodes. In the first couple I was always comparing it to the BBC Surviving Chernobyl episode and whilst I did like this, I found the former had more impact during those initial critical moments and immediate aftermath. Saying that, this goes into much more detail and I appreciated it for going into the role of the miners and liquidators which the BBC skipped entirely. I also really liked the side story of the conscript tasked with shooting animals and how that would effect someone. The acting was top-notch and found the Valery and Boris relationship worked really well. Finally going into the detail they went into with explaining exactly how it happened brought new light to the event for me which I was unaware of. Definitely recommend it, though be aware this will expire in a day on Now TV so no point in subscribing if you're after that. Much like Game of Thrones which also disappeared
  12. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    I was having similar issues. Initially when I started downloading Metro I was getting my full speed i.e close to 50Mb/sec (400mb), but I made the mistake of cancelling it and then deciding to download later. It seemed to lose the plot and even thought it says it cancelled, it always started from 9% stage (where I cancelled). From that point on, downloads on the Windows Store (for everything) started crawling where the speed would go up to a few mb then crash back to 0 again. I did a whole bunch of stuff like clearing the Windows Store cache, playing around with windows settings regarding bandwidth throttling, but in the end after a few days it seemed to sort itself out. I'd recommend clearing the cache though and giving your PC a restart. Other than that though, just wait and see what happens.
  13. tronied

    Xbox Game Pass

    It's PC only (PC game pass)
  14. Just going by the figures, it makes sense for Sony to go all in and maintain their position even if it means making a loss in the short term. Looking at it, the Playstation arm equates to 33% of Sonys total revenue. Microsoft on the other hand equates to just 9%. Obviously both want to win but Sony has more to lose, so it makes sense for them to take a risk which I'm convinced will pay off for them. That's not to say Microsoft will fail as to me they seem to be looking more to the future with their game pass and cloud solutions. I also think they'll make a good console which will bring in some healthy sales but not enough to threaten Sony's dominance (at least in the near-term).
  15. I agree especially if Microsoft go with an aggressive pricing strategy and link it in with one of their game passes. At the moment I'm paying £30 / month for this, but if I could get GamePass and streaming for £10-15 / month with rotating games on the platform then it will be worth a look. The only thing I would say is that Shadow offers the feature of not being tied to a specific platform i.e. Windows Store / Google Store. I can install whatever platform (Origin, Steam, GOG, Battle.net etc) on my shadow instance with my existing games and no restrictions. The is a massive bonus especially if you've a large backlog of games which you actively play. Still, I guess I'll wait to see what Microsoft come up with as Google Stadia didn't win me over with having to buy all my games again on their platform.
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