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  1. Thats exactly where I see the story going. Regarding Pietro: Another great episode. Totally primed and ready for the finale next week.
  2. I didn’t think sister Sister deserved to be in the bottom 2, until I saw her without the giant rose prop - and it suddenly became obvious how arts and craft it all looked. A lot of great looks on the runway though, it was a strong week.
  3. Super Mario 3D World: Bowser's Fury (2021) Although I've still got some more shines left to get, I saw the end credits earlier today - this was a great addition to the main game, very fun and with all the trademark Nintendo polish and imagination. The Bowser appearances do grate a little towards the end, because it's just rinse and repeat without variation, but becoming gigantic and romping around a tiny version of the level still raises a smile every time. Time to get on with the main game now!
  4. I enjoy a drink and a game as much as the next person. But as the evening wears on and the bottle drains beyond the 2/3 mark, I tend to find my appetite tends towards a particular type of game. After midnight, there’s one game I find myself going back to time and again for the past 10 years, and it’s the 360 version of Daytona USA. A couple of others get a look in, like Pac Man and Virtua Racing, but yea, mainly it’s Daytona. If I think about why that is - I think it’s because it’s a game I know inside and out, and can almost play blindfolded - yet, it’s twitchy enough to a
  5. At a guess, probably two reasons - the first, and most likely, is that they don’t believe it would sell sufficient numbers to justify the work necessary (remodel all the cars, up-res all the assets, covert to modern platforms). Then you have to to consider - who is going to do the work, and would Sumo have any say in that? There may be further wrangling involved in that decision.
  6. I’m new to the wonderful world of PS+. Is it like Gamepass, where games appear for a period of time before leaving the service, or is it like Live Gold, where games are available to claim for a period of time, but remain available to you so long as you claimed it?
  7. Arrived today. Classic rllmuk. I guess I can now hook up the PSVR to the PS5, and put the PS4 out to pasture. Goodnight, sweet Prince.
  8. Buying a PS5 is easy. Your algorithm just needs to be faster at detecting stock availability and auto-purchasing all available stock on a given website than the hundreds of scalper bots doing the same. Piece of cake!
  9. Anecdotally speaking, I can't help but wonder if it's a more desirable feature in this generation because so many of us have built up large collections of games over the past 7 years but have lacked the free time to get on with them, thus making back compat a far more important feature in the eyes of consumers and a useful feature on which to sell new systems.
  10. For those having issues yesterday - an alert came through at about 2am saying they’d been fixed.
  11. The icy climb was merely ‘bastard hard’ compared to this boss. Im going to try again in handheld mode - I swear down I’m getting input lag on the 3m between my sofa and the Switch (which isn’t really a problem for most games, but is a real problem on this one). My timing on hitting those quick red balls, or sliding under the unblockable ones, is shocking.
  12. Still playing 0, but man am I pumped for when I finally get to 5.
  13. New episode available for purchase, suckahz!
  14. It’s gonna be really hard to squeeze in a Ridge Racer announcement into the next ten seconds.
  15. I actually can’t get on with time loop games. Majora’s Mask, Outer Wilds. Will Deathrproof be the game to bring me around? Probably not.
  16. The PS1 retro announcement the world needs right now. Are you not entertained?!
  17. Five Shites at Freddie’s, amirite? Nah, game looks good tho.
  18. Solar Gash, amirite? Nah, game looks good tho.
  19. I like this but it is hard. Any advice for the bullet hell section of the floaty face boss in the mountain convent?
  20. Now the Xbox has crashed to a black screen. Is this Sony’s big reveal for tonight’s State of Play?
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