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  1. And in other co-inkydink news, this week’s episode of the Backpage podcast is their N64 draft. Im not going to kid myself - I’ll go up to the next tier of the online service, and buy the controller. The NES, SNES and Megadrive controllers don’t appeal, because I’ve got 8bitdo replicas - and in the case of the Sega style controller, one with six buttons - but the N64 pad is a no-brained. They have to add Waverace to the service though. Have. To.
  2. Bayonetta with frickin’ kaijyu everywhere.
  3. This is off the charts crazygonuts.
  4. Shiggsy’s got something to say…
  5. Nintendo: never knowingly not fleecing their customers.
  6. Cunts want more money for N64 and Megadrive games?!
  7. Oooh, The Roost, a new room in the museum in Animal Crossing. What could it be?
  8. The Last of Kirby Part Two.
  9. I take it back, looks rubbish.
  10. Ohhhh I hate that they do that! I want all the games!
  11. Sky have got it, so it’s available though Now TV.
  12. Looks like they’re doing a crossover with Naughty Dog. Wonder what powers you get if you eat a Clicker?
  13. Little Nightmares 2 available for a cheeky wee discount. I rather suspect the Switch port suffers in comparison to the PS5/Series version though, for which it seems to have had an upgrade recently.
  14. Sounds like the militant wing of the Bronies community.
  15. Spiritual sequel to Where in the name of Christ is Carmen Fucking Sandiego?
  16. Wind Wanker & Twiglet Princess HD bundle for Christmas, surely? Theyve been entirely conspicuous by their absence in this supposed year of Zelda celebrations, and it’s a re-release Nintendo have somehow not yet tapped.
  17. I thought the expandable storage had to meet a certain spec, otherwise it wouldn’t work?
  18. That’s… actually not a bad idea!
  19. Yes, but from the way he worded his post, I didn't get the impression TehStu realised that.
  20. I had a distinct sense of dejavu reading your post - isn’t this feature already available? And yes, it is, this is something you’ve been able to do for a while now - the current beta is for bluetooth Xbone controllers. If you’ve got an SX controller you can do this now! It’s extremely handy, say, when you want to do a bit of Gamepass steaming on your laptop.
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