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  1. Wordle 215 3/6 Squeaked in, almost forgot to do it today!
  2. It’s very good! I particularly like the Panzer Dragoon stage, and the drifting is pure Outrun.
  3. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    This is it. The first sign of the coming of the Eye of Gold. Hark! The egg-shitting herald!
  4. I wonder how much this has to do with Phil's credibility within Microsoft, and their confidence in him and his vision.
  5. Can it be changed to hold, rather than toggle? I still found that a bit of a pain.
  6. The real Dark Souls really does begin now.
  7. Me too. I dare say this is the hottest Microsoft-related purchase we'll see this week.
  8. And on a fucking Tuesday as well. Like it’s not even a thing.
  9. Wordle 212 3/6 Firing on all most cylinders today.
  10. "Best of the Halo series" Definitely more a Ghosts of Mars take than a Big Trouble in Little China take.
  11. Backpage pod Wii draft chat:
  12. Wordle 210 6/6 Not a great streak for me over the past few days, it has to be said.
  13. Oh wow, I forgot this pad even existed, but I owned one! As bad as it looks, the analogue stick is even worse. This looks amazing. I struggle to justify buying a Retrobit Sega controller as I have an 8bitdo M30, and never use it, but I’d be all over this. It literally fixes everything wrong with the Dreamcast controller. I loved my Dreamcast, but coming off the back of my beloved Saturn, with its best-in-class dpad and 6 face buttons perfect for Street Fighter, it was a big disappointment. The DC controller felt very gimmicky, in a Homer’s Car sort of way, and very unlike the N64 pad which had clearly been built around the software. Speaking of which… Am I to understand you used the analogue stick while holding the controller by the left prong? This is madness! The N64 pad is wonderful, save for the shoddy analogue stick build quality. It’s like a jungle gym in pad form - it screams out “touch me!”
  14. Come for the insightful industry analysis, stay for the zingers.
  15. The Noclip documentary on Demon's Souls is very instructive in this regard - I had no idea the game was built in their own engine (i.e. the one the SotC remake is built in). Obviously all the creative direction and decisions are based on the original game, but discounting that, it's effectively like making a game from scratch. The word 'remaster' doesn't quite do justice to it.
  16. Sounds like the triology is coming to game pass next week. https://www.gamespot.com/amp-articles/hitman-trilogy-announced-coming-to-xbox-game-pass-january-20/1100-6499614/
  17. Popo

    Dark Souls 3

    Started this earlier in the month (couldn’t wait for Elden Ring to get my fix). Is it just me or is the guy on the box giving a thumbs up? Prepare to… have a some fun, dude!
  18. Finally, the joy cons are to be put to a new, innovative use.
  19. Happily done, you might need to edit your quote, too.
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