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  1. Popo


    What I know about martial arts would fill the back of a postage stamp; but this game looks incredibly cool and that’s all that matters.
  2. These are mad. Probably not the kinds of things I’ll be spending a great deal of time on, but I’m very glad they’re in there for those who want them.
  3. All evening screenings at my local are sold out (meaning I’ll be going to see The French Dispatch instead), so I’d say it’s set for a roaring box office.
  4. The stroller Ive found the show to be gently amusing throughout, but the finale is hilarious. You summed it up perfectly, it’s vintage Steve Martin.
  5. I suppose you have to go to IKEA to buy the IKEA batteries, so that makes it an easy choice as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Looks like the Game Pass app now actively tracks game install progress, rather than the “We’ll do our best…” message it used to give. Or it does this if the Xbox is on while you install something, one of those two things.
  7. Wow, file this under ‘stuff I completely forgot I ever watched’ ! Thank goodness! The All4 app is terrible. I’m not buying John Cho as Spike unfortunately. He looks like a slightly dishevelled Victorian banker, rather than a roguish space bounty hunter. I’m not sure if the whole show will lean into the 70s movie stylings of the trailer, but I liked that a lot. Looks cheaper than a sci-fi channel coproduction with channel 5, mind you. I can’t believe the original show is from 1998. I don’t need to be constantly reminded of how old I am like this! I don’t think I ever watched it through more than once, look forward to remedying that come the 21st.
  8. Thanks for the heads up. We watched Squid Game tonight, so OMITB tomorrow. I don’t think the show is especially well written or scripted - it’s just really nice, in a gentle, harm hug sort of a way. Seeing Steve Martin’s beaming smile should be prescribed as a cure for depression on the NHS.
  9. We had to do this eventually... There are many reasons why Hollow Knight is the better game, but I'll give just one example - there's almost no exploration in Dread, it's very linear. Hollow Knight is a beautiful, intricate labyrinth, with exponential different paths through the game.
  10. Finally, a month with nothing I’m really interested in, where I can get back to finishing the games I’m already playing.
  11. From the map - the room will have a boss icon in it, after you beat them. If you highlight it, it tells you the boss’ name. Yea, that kinda make sense. A bit like the Galaga mini game you got during the loading screen on (I think) Ridge Racer. Just something for your hands to do while you wait.
  12. I’m not sure the EMMI counter really works. It’s too narrow a window for it to feel earned, or anything other than luck really - so it doesn’t make you feel skilled or powerful like, say, a successful Dark Souls parry.
  13. Superman is great, and could be easily made relevant in today's world with the right creative talent behind it. Henry Cavill's grimdark edgelord Superman is trash.
  14. Or Chicken Run: The Game.
  15. I beat Z-57 earlier without countering him. Took a couple of rounds, but no, doing the counter wasn’t essential.
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