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  1. Nice, how do you reach Godhome? I was put off by tales of its difficulty so never bothered.
  2. Should have used the home address of the real Ann Coulter, would have stood a much better chance of evading trouble.
  3. Surely Microsoft are positioning this as a long term proposition, in line with the core concept of Series X as a continuously evolving system. If I understood correctly, Microsoft want us to still be playing Series X in 10 years time; it’ll just be the 3rd or 4th iteration of Series X.
  4. This is exactly what I think will happen. This is good for publishers because there’s an incentive to price high, to offset against the perception they’re doing consumers a favour. Which they’re not, but it’s a win for the consumer nevertheless. And a win for the publishers, developers and Microsoft. It’s a pretty smart move. Got me wanting a Series X now, frankly.
  5. Im sure things are more equal these days but that one had a design flaw in the hinge that would cause it to jam in the open position. The only way to get it to close again was snap the hinge! We are talking 13, maybe 14 yeas ago. But in console terms that was the Wii, 360 and PS3 era. Windows 7 had been out for a few years. Well shady that you could buy a game that should have been compatible for your computer, find out it wasn’t for reasons beyond your control and be told nothing was going to be done about it.
  6. Has happened to me. I remember a game-breaking bug in Tomb Raider Underworld (Underground? Underwear?) that was specific to the graphics card in my laptop at the time, one that was well known because it affected loads of other people. The developers response was that they wouldn’t patch it because the number of people running that card wasn’t significant enough to justify the effort. £40 wasted, it left a pretty sour taste. I know that’ll never happen on Xbox or PlayStation because a bug for one is a bug for all.
  7. Popo


    I think that’s exactly what it is, a new episode of Friends. Unscripted sounds incredibly risky though. I just don’t think that’s going to end well.
  8. I know it’s not thought of highly but I even loved Seven Psychopaths in spite of its glaring issues, so chalk me up as excited for this. Brendan Gleason and Colin Farrell play a couple of feckin eejits living on a remote island off the west coast of Ireland. I know it’s not Father Ted : The Movie but wouldn’t you like to see Gleason and Farrell take on the roles of Ted and Douglas?
  9. @robdood did you watch the Mossbag video? As well as explaining the lore it also mentions what’s needed to get the good ending.
  10. I feel the same - 7 of 9 too. These characters don’t really behave or react like the characters we know. Some may say that a lot of time has passed, people change over time - and that’s true, but they still need to be anchored in who they were to be believable as who they are now. Having a rag-tag crew who are strangers to each other only works when the dialogue is snappy and the actors have chemistry and these guys just aren’t much fun to watch, unfortunately. The show started off promising enough but it’s meandering off on boring tangents with little to say.
  11. My finger has been hovering over this one for a week, I think you might have just guided my hand down with this post.
  12. Thats a dark but interesting thought - how many console generations have you got left in you? With the way things are plateauing I don’t think any of us are going to survive into the holodeck age, but I’m hopeful I can get to PS10 at least.
  13. Thanks for the recommendation - I just watched it and it turns out there’s even more stuff I missed... and I missed a lot as it was! This game has a perfect approach to lore. The sparse, cryptic nature only serves to make the player crave more - there’s nothing worse than a game with pages and pages of stultifying text that leaves you bored. The fact that Team Cherry started with no story and somehow weaved a narrative through-line through the game is impressive enough - that they did such an engaging, entertaining job is the cherry on the cake, pun intended.
  14. I haven’t really been following things in close detail - if my friend and I, who each own a Switch, buy this, what kind of fun things can we do together?
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