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  1. The Films That Made Us is surprisingly good - what could have been a cheap, lazy and cliched piece of fluff is actually well made, full of interesting insight and presses all the right nostalgia buttons in the right order. Definitely recommended.
  2. Resident Evil 2 remake was different enough to the original, bar the scenario and plot, to justify its own existence. It was also, basically, game of the year. It’s not like it was a mere tarted up HD remake.
  3. YAAAAY! I am literally excited about this. Edit - clearly Code Veronica is most deserving of a remake now. Capcom, make it so!
  4. The librarian scene! A five year old?! Fuggedabowtit. Watching Ghostbusters 2 now on Netflix. Siskel and Ebert were partially right - a big part of what makes these movies so great is watching these three guys (sorry Winston) interact with each other, their brilliant chemistry. But they’re also really well conceived sci-fi action blockbusters with plots that hum, set pieces that delight and a high concept - ghost exterminators with nuclear generators strapped to their backs - that’s really appealing. The latter aspect may not be enough for most people but there’s clearly a reason why, divorced of the actors and writers, the concept resonates with people enough to produce cartoons and comics.
  5. Couldn’t agree more @cassidy. The first episode didn’t even make reference to the Watchmen I think, except maybe the raining squid. It’s got real confidence and absolutely is doing it’s own thing. That the plot which started with a racially motivated hanging in the south has now been tied so deftly into a proper Watchmen save-the-world plot - and done so in a meaningful way that isn’t just winking fan service - is just the icing on the cake.
  6. All three characters from Atlanta, like the actual characters but called Venkman, Spengler and Stantz, plus one token white guy please.
  7. With each passing episode, as the whole intricate web comes into sharper and sharper focus, and as the genius of the storytelling is revealed, this show gets better and better. Lindeloff has really done it - this shit will be remembered for years to come. First, the sublime: Then the... confusing:
  8. Master System, but the Megadrive was already out. I wanted the latter but it was too expensive so I was given the option - have the cheaper MS for my birthday or wait a few more months for the MD. As an excitable youngster, clearly I went with the ‘now now now!’ Option. Idiot! My friend at the time had both. And lived in a detached house with a car, so, you know.
  9. Yea it’s frequently on sale on the other formats. But as someone else said, the toilet is the best place to play so the Switch version will actually save you money in browned underwear.
  10. Alien Isolation, it’s a must.
  11. Popo


    I did the 8pico game in a game and... nothing happened. Am I to understand it’s optional? If so - fffffuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck! The rest of the game so far isn’t nearly as cruel as that thing, I’m adjusting my opinion and will crack on.
  12. Popo

    The Touryst

    I watched that video yesterday, love a good John Linneman review, and it’s gone from ‘looks like a generic Minecraft clone, why would I be interested in that?’ to ‘John Linneman says it’s good? I must own it!’. As nice as Fast RMX looked (as a launch game for Switch no less) I didn’t really gel with it - it relied too much on the kind of razor-sharp twitch reactions I don’t have; in short it was too fast! This looks like it goes entirely in the opposite direction. I like slow, contemplative games but the question is, is it too slow?
  13. Popo


    I did not know you could reduce the difficulty! I wrote that last night after trying and failing the game within a game section on the hotel chapter. The precision and reaction speed required was enough to make me want to fling the Switch out of the window. I’ll try it again with a lower difficulty.
  14. Played one of them with a friend in local multiplayer but we were both left feeling unimpressed. It felt tacked on. Regarding the aiming - the game locks on to the target once your aim gets close enough. It can be frustrating if you fight it and don’t let it work with you but once you get a feel for it, it all becomes too easy.
  15. Popo


    I really regret buying this. It makes Hollow Knight look like a walk in the park by comparison. Sadistic by design, not my idea of fun.
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