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  1. @Venice Cull congrats on your big break, Uncle Clive!
  2. I didn’t see any other comments saying so, but click and collect services will be allowed - so that’ll include PS5 and Xbox preorders.
  3. Click and collect services were mentioned and will be allowed, so launch day collections should be a-ok.
  4. Having now braved a fight with a couple of werewolves on a bridge not far from the start, and having followed a different path through, I found the same lift but from the opposite side. I’ve opened up a previously locked door right in front of the central Yharnam spawn point, so I can now more quickly make my way through to deeper recesses of the map. Quite cool how it loops around and what begins as a sprawling maze of mystery slowly becomes more familiar.
  5. No I don’t think so. I did find a lift in the way to Gazza, but there were two big, burly bastards at the top, so I turned tail and crossed a nearby bridge instead.
  6. Twatted by some guy called Father Gascoine. Lost 4,000 blood-monies! Not that it matters too much, since I don’t really have anything to spend it on yet. I travelled a long way from the central Yharnam spawn point to get there, surely I must have missed one along the way? Edit - is it safe to run past enemies to get to where I’m going faster, or will they chase and gang-rape me?
  7. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    I may be less discerning than others, but REmake is still the same brilliant game it always was, but with some abysmal loading times on Switch. The only mainline Resident Evil game I’ve actively disliked was 6.
  8. So - having bounced off Dark Souls hard in the past, I’ve been very wary of trying any of the other games in the series. Nevertheless, Bloodborne popped up very cheap last week and, what with the excitement surrounding PS5 Demon’s Souls being high, (and it being Halloween) I decided it was time to give this seminal series - universally acclaimed by critics and fans alike - another chance. I don’t know if it’s because the style and setting is more Thriller than Lord of the Rings, or because I’m now more familiar/comfortable with this approach to game-making having fallen in love with
  9. I really loved and sympathised with Rich’s ’what am I doing?’ expressions of slight bemusement in the unboxing sections of that video.
  10. That was fun - but I had no idea Gunpei Yokoi died in an accident so long ago! Rest in peace, big yin.
  11. I’m being buried with mine.
  12. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    To be fair I hadn't checked how much it was on the Playstation Store, where it's £32.99. All very comparable, but the PS4 version nets you the PS5 version as well, and that'll surely be the ultimate edition of the Ultimate Edition.
  13. This is a good question - as a counterpoint: I started Paper Mario: Origami King and felt it was DULL DULL DULL - having persevered, though, I'm now in love with it's daft sense of humour and visual style. It also took me a little while to click with the battle system, especially bosses.
  14. Also - it's a Mario game, jumping on the shells of recently despatched Koopas should be instinctive!
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