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  1. Better Call Saul is miles, leagues and fathoms better than Breaking Bad!
  2. Blight Town is gaaaaash! And it’s got cunting poison flooring at the bottom - I hate poison flooring! So yea, I got through Blight Town and made it to Quelaag’s Domain, but I’ve also smoten the big butterfly, explored the Darkroot basin (and found a lovely shortcut) and defeated the Bell Gargoyle. A very busy day - time for a break!
  3. Yea, they repaired the same joy con at no charge once before, while it was still in warranty. This time they wanted 40 notes.
  4. Dude, is that a veiled ‘git gud’ ? I had a great session this afternoon. I discovered how to make progress into New Londo Ruins and met a lovely chap dressed in red. It’s a bit brutal in there though, what with the swarming enemies, so I’ll go back there later to see what’s behind the alluring white mist doorway in the distance. I decided to go back to Undead Burg and explore more of the lower area, that I unlocked with a key I got from... somewhere. Found the Frank Capra Demon and explained to him that it’s a horrible life. With my sword. Next up was The Depths
  5. Gosh, I thought this was really boring - 2 episodes in. It leans into the 50s sitcom heavily, to the point where there’s little else going on, but unlike Life on Mars it’s not funny or witty and the characters aren’t interesting.
  6. I’m level 26, I think - should I be able to beat the gargoyle boss? He’s sapping my will to live. Maybe I’m just doing it wrong.
  7. @spanx the guys with rapiers are really fast, my advice (and I’m not much further than you) would be to equip a lighter weapon like a long sword, so you can quickly get in a hit after blocking his attack (I've got an axe and a mace with better damage but slower wind-up, so he always sticks me before I can land a blow). Coming from Bloodborne, which is all about quick dodging and aggressive play, I’m finding it hard to get a good rhythm going in Dark Souls. With the character class I chose, dodging isn’t very useful except for avoiding attacks - it’s not quick enough to then get a cou
  8. Is that where you keep your PS5? I suppose it fits the description of white goods.
  9. Not only is that literally what the Wii U was, but Switch has gyro, pointer and waggle built into the joy cons - Nintendo have actually been building on what the Wii did for several generations now, as well as incorporating new, unconventional ideas like HD rumble.
  10. For those who claim the GameCube was not an innovative piece of hardware - I draw your attention to the carry handle and storage compartments at the bottom; it was actually designed to be a dual console-handbag, the first and only example of this.
  11. I think, as time goes on, this decision to delay so for so long will condemn the movie to insignificance (it's already halfway there), but what seems most strange is that the produces appear to have take the decision that, in this blameless and unforeseeable situation, the people who should be made to suffer are the movie-going public.
  12. You could say it was... much bettah!
  13. I’m halfway through season 3 now and it’s right up there with the first in terms of laughs. So relieved they decided to play to their strengths here again. Also, the fight choreography is as good as ever - and whoever is in charge of the sound effects deserves a medal, every punch and kick is wince-inducing. Thwack!!
  14. I couldn’t agree more. The show had already proven what a fun, original Star Wars story looked like - it didn’t need a crutch to walk, it’s been running and skipping along for two seasons. The ending was entirely deserved.
  15. Perhaps they’re harking back to OHMSS - we have all the time in the world.
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