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  1. A bold monster design choice for a game chiefly aimed at children, I must say.
  2. If you can transfer Pokemon from previous generations into the last games, doesn’t that mean the Pokédex for those would have to include all previous ‘mons from earlier titles as well as any newly introduced critters? Did they make the entire Pokédex available to catch in the last games? I can’t think of a more daunting challenge to new players. An entire series of games so far up its own bottom only those who’ve played it for 16 years are able to penetrate? That’s a recipe for diminishing returns. I sincerely hope Sword and Shield are a more accessible proposition.
  3. Switch doesn’t do achievements, so that’s a no.
  4. Hope John liked it, he’s a big fan of the series.
  5. If this thread was a man dressed as the Krustyburglar and people arguing about Shenmue 3 being released on Epic or on Steam was Homer dressed as Krusty the clown, I would definitely tell those people, through tears, to stop, because the thread was already dead.
  6. Popo

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ve just given my left joycon a toot of contact cleaner to fix the drift issue, how long would I be advised to wait before using it again? Thanks in advance.
  7. I’d be interested in this depending on the multiplayer options - my friend and I struggle to find games to play on the line since we don’t live very close to each other. The treehouse video showed another local player being invited to the first player’s island, but the camera follows player one, with the second player being transported back to the first when they move too far away, so even this seems very focussed on one person - I’d have hoped for a more balanced approach. I guess we haven’t seen everything yet, but local play with each person on their own Switch working together on a shared, persistent island is where my mind went to - ditto for online play.
  8. Wilst thou rescue the girl, or literally play as one?
  9. Hmmm. If it’s the same world why not make it DLC? It’ll be interesting to see what they’ve got up their sleeve, but, erm, yeah.
  10. Released right on my birthday, thanks Nintendo! And the Megadrive mini comes out on the same day. Ulp! Better book some time off work.
  11. What was so fresh about BotW was that it didn’t have any nods to previous ‘canon’, just a few references to previous characters like Beadle. I hope the next game stays out of that territory I hope this game gives us a new world to explore, perhaps smaller in scale because I don’t think I’ll have even finished all BotW DLC by 2020, but with a developed skill set that allows the player to interact with the world in new ways. Swimming underwater was mentioned and I’d definitely like to see that. Exploring an underwater realm was a development I was waiting for in BotW but never came.
  12. As I said in the original thread, I’m more into the aesthetic and world of the game than the game play, but this is clearly getting bought and played a lot. Zwei is definitely better though!
  13. If it’s set entirely underground I’m calling an expansion for cooking to include vitamin D supplements to stave off the effects of rickets. Very exciting, but this has to be a couple of years away surely? Also - I don’t think it’ll be quite the enormous game BotW was. That was a once in a (console) generation achievement. This will surely by necessity be a smaller scale title - not to say it won’t be brilliant, which it of course will.
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