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  1. I don’t think either of them made a particularly good fist of it in the lip sync but would have preferred Scardey Cat to stay. Baga Chipz was pure gold!
  2. For real? I enjoyed it a lot. I loved the western influences and the caper narrative. Not at all what I was expecting, a much tighter, compact story, but all the more satisfying for it. The super-widescreen photography made the whole thing look gorgeous, especially the expansive shots of nature. Highlight was clearly... Two thumbs up from me, but then I like Better Call Saul more than Breaking Bad itself.
  3. I played the Switch demo and really enjoyed it, it jumped to the top of my must own list!
  4. Same, but if you pull up the search menu I’m seeing it as a “popular search”. Bizzarely, if I type in “El Camino” it doesn’t find it! Maybe they’re trying to make it difficult to find until it’s a sensible time in America? Im watching it now, it’s definitely there.
  5. This video is kinda brilliant! The X-Men theme still sends a shiver down my spine every time I hear it, TV themes are definitely a lost art.
  6. I forgot this was released today - surprised I didn’t get any notifications, Netflix normally fires off at least one a day.
  7. Popo

    Google Stadia

    I’m not a Google engineer, just playing devils advocate.
  8. Popo

    Google Stadia

    Unless it leverages the computational power of data centres?
  9. Counterpoint - how long will Patrick Stewart be able to carry this? Last of the Picard Family Wine.
  10. Popo

    Megadrive Mini

    Who’s tongue?
  11. What’s the thing he writes down into his notebook at the comedy club? “Sexy jokes = ALWAYS funny”, something like that?
  12. I agree up to a point, however... His evil persona is forged in the fires of revenge and by the end he emerges a complete psychopath. One last spoiler:
  13. Make the groundskeeper love you.
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