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  1. I’m playing the story mode through, and got all the emeralds apart from Sonic CD, which I’m fine with, because I don’t really like that one, but to the point: I’ve had a particularly nasty bug happen on Sandopolis zone act 2, where all the checkpoint posts have already been activated, so I have to do it in one go. Not necessarily the worst thing in the world - although it probably is my least favourite zone of the lot - but it accentuates all the other ‘death by a low ceiling that the game initially lets you walk under until it realised the ceiling is lower than you are tall’ and other bug-related deaths. Really quite pernicious. The fact that this is still so big-riddled surely must add in a few extra months to Naka’s eventually jail time.
  2. Yea, good tracks. London is especially fun. Best game version of London since Watchdogs Legion.
  3. I believe they’re on at half past midnight our time. In the words of forum friend Nate Brown - fuck about. I guess I’ll catch the highlights on Friday morning (shortly after the live show finishes).
  4. I’ll be honest, the fact that this was due for release this year completely passed me by. Very nice!
  5. Oldman was on the Kermode and Mayo podcast and said he’s shooting the third series now, and going in to do the fourth next year. They’re knocking them out in quick succession.
  6. I was going to make a snide remark about spin-off never living up to their progenitors, but, well, Better Call Saul. Maybe this show too will buck the trend of terrible spin offs, like Better Call Saul did. Big maybe.
  7. I thought I enjoyed this, but it might have just been the awesome visuals and big ideas fooling my brain. In reality I found myself reaching for my phone quite frequently, and didn’t understand what happened in the last episode at all. Hmm.
  8. Me and 2 friends decided to give this a go yesterday and got completely mullered on each of our 5 games. Any advice for complete newbies?
  9. I’m struggling to recall such a comprehensive pile-on. The reviews aren’t even bad. The whole forum has been gripped by some kind of mania. And yet: The views of someone who has actually played it.
  10. Happy to report this is just as good as the first series! Interestingly, the gags Oldman was doing on the bus either didn’t land or went over the audience’s head; I was cackling like a greasy, ageing spymaster.
  11. Interesting @glb, because the concerns I’ve seen have done nothing to temper my appetite. Not one for the System Shock heads perhaps.
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