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  1. Devilish is on the DS & it's currently £11.97 on Amazon at the moment. Can't find any reviews for it though...
  2. Off the top of my head there's Break 'Em All on the DS, Block Buster (Playstation) Cool Bricks (GBC) & Alleyway for the Gameboy. I've got all three of them, but haven't given them much playage yet so can't really comment on how good they are. They only set me back a couple of quid each though & they were mint fresh.
  3. I keep visiting Orbital Media's site in the hope of any news on Pirate Battle, but there doesn't appear to be any updates etc. As for Bit Generations, are they likely to be a short print run ? I can't decide whether to get on & order them or hope that they might get a Western release.
  4. Stupid question, but on eBay I see that the game ships with an English manual. How come ?
  5. I think there was a forum member called beemoh who had an archive with all the scores etc. Had a quick look at their forum & he's a registered user, but with no posts. So, um, that probably didn't help.
  6. Eh ? I've just preordered it from Gameplay for £49.99.
  7. 1978 Merlin handheld 1982 Grandstand electronic tabletop game called Scramble 1982 Nintendo Game & Watch 1982/1983 ZX Spectrum 48K 1996/1997 Apricot PC 1997 Playstation 1998 Nintendo N64 14/10/99 Sega Dreamcast 24/11/00 Sony PS2 20/6/01 Nintendo GBA 7/7/01 Packard Bell PC 15/10/01 Sega Megadrive 6/11/01 Sega Victor Saturn (JAP) 15/1/02 Neo Geo Pocket Colour 15/3/02 Microsoft Xbox 3/5/02 Nintendo Gamecube (PAL) 15/8/02 Nintendo Gamecube (US) 25/12/04 Nintendo SP 21/04/05 Nintendo DS 1/09/05 Sony PSP Spectrum highlights for me: Manic Miner Jet Set Willy Starquake Commando All Ultimate Play the Game titles Finders Keepers Bruce Lee Booty Match Day Lords of Midnight Heavy on the Magick Way of the Exploding Fist Trashman. Saboteur. Colossal Adventure, Adventure Quest, Dungeon Adventure
  8. Just ordered a copy as well (using Paypal). Any chance of getting it to me by the weekend ? Thanks.
  9. Play have just shipped my copy of Michigan, so I should know in 3-5 days time. I'm quite interested in Demolition Girl, especially for £8.99.
  10. That's alright then. Goodness knows where they all arrived from - must've been a couple of buses that dropped them off all in one go. And the 'smell' was also present in my store, so if I did venture inside, I probably would've passed out within 5 minutes...
  11. I've yet to buy anything in the sales, although I did treat myself to Animal Crossing DS, Mario Kart DS, Kirby Power Paintbrush, Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan, Gripshift & Tokobot just before Christmas. I did visit my local GAME, but the crowd of roughly 1500 people made me do a u-turn in the doorway.
  12. I've been wondering the same thing. I was in GAME yesterday & was halfway to the till with a copy of it in my hand before I turned back & put it back on the shelf. There are a few impressions on Gamespot I think, but other than that nothing. It's getting a US release in February 2006, so maybe we'll see a few reviews of it early in the new year.
  13. Harvest Fishing & Harvest Moon A Wonderful Life SE are also now available for pre-order at Play for £14.99 each. Has anyone actually played Demolition Girl as I'm quite tempted by it ?
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