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  1. https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/15448970/ainsley-maitland-niles-car-crash-m25-arsenal-news/amp/
  2. I'm sure there's some truth in Villa making these bids for Smith-Rowe but can't believe we'd even consider it. £50 million shouldn't even be considered. Get him tied down to a new long term contract, like Saka & Tierney, and put an end this nonsense.
  3. My point wasn't that we are playing 7 out of the other 19 teams, surely you get that yeah? My point was that 7 of these games, out of the first 14 games, are against the teams I've mentioned (all the 'top' teams) and they look pretty tricky on paper of course. 5 out of these 7 are away too. And what I meant about Christmas, is if we find ourselves adrift in mid table or even worse by this time I can't see Arteta surviving. Hope that's cleared it up for you.
  4. Got everyone talking about Coca Cola so I'm not sure they mind so much. Also, I see Pogba has got in on the act and made sure we all know Heineken are the beer sponsors of the Euro's.
  5. Even more ridiculous, Sky are also reporting that we've rejected a Villa bid for Smith-Rowe I know his contract runs out in two years but if we don't tie him down to a long term deal we might as well pack up and call it a day.
  6. In our first 14 games, until 4th December, we've got Chelsea at home, City away, Sp*rs at home, Leicester away, Liverpool away, Utd away & Everton away. It's going to take some performances, and even more so results, if Arteta is still going to be in charge at Christmas.
  7. I agree with France being the favourites. I think they've got the best squad & team. Belgium could finally actually win a tournament however I've got a feeling for Italy.
  8. I think Foden has been handled perfectly at City by Pep. Everyone was on at Pep about why Foden was only playing a few minutes here and there, then disappearing for a month, then playing a game or two before disappearing again. Once he was 'ready' and Pep let him off the leash he's looked like the best youngster/player in the league. In Europe even. I just wish Saka and Smith-Rowe could have been protected in the same way instead of already being the main players everyone looks to at Arsenal. I suppose City having the squad they have helps of course.
  9. Lucky


    @Gotters The 3rd episode is good too. A lot about Jimmy White who was nuts too by the way. I thought a young Steve Davis looked like a young Rodney Trotter. This 69 break from Higgins they spoke about in Episode 1 is just insane. Some terrible positional shots followed by the most amazing pots. Shots that players nowadays certainly wouldn't take on. One missed pot would have been game over.
  10. Forget about Pep and his super tactics and false 9 and all that. We played with a false right back last night. And had three of them on the bench. That's what you call super tactics.
  11. Apparently the ref swore at a couple of PSG players a few times and they are crying about it. So is Poch. Players are only too happy to say whatever they like to each other, and the ref, but the moment he swears back they start crying. Maybe the ref shouldn't be swearing but don't give it if you can't take it. Didn't a ref square up to a player that swore at him or something recently in a league one game? I think he got in trouble for it too. The players all lost their shit then too. Also, how good was Dias yesterday.
  12. £34 reduced to £25. (Tesco clubcard price) Got one on the weekend. Hadn't tried it before. Would definitely recommend it.
  13. Imagine playing Balogun ahead of Nketia before he'd signed a contract only for him to leave on a free. That would be a bit embarrassing and a bit shambolic. Not to say Balogun is an answer right now but he should definitely be ahead of Nketia. If Auba doesn't start I would go with Martinelli up top on Thursday and Balogun on the bench. It's a bit of a gamble but the unpredictability and energy of these two up top has got to be better than Nketia who doesn't quite do anything. Xhaka to continue at LB or play Saka there is also another question. Or should we even go with Cedric at LB to not lose Xhaka in the middle and Saka on the right of the three? Thursday is a massive game. I've been Arteta in all the way but he's really on thin ice at the moment.
  14. Giggs would surely have been included but he's out now of course. Scholes is a certainty for me.
  15. So it's official, Balogun has signed the ting. Get him involved on Thursday? Might as well. Better option than Nketiah if you ask me.
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